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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

85 jobs to go at Pacific Sun

Air Pacific is having to restructure its domestic airline, Pacific Sun, just three years after buying it.

Pacific Sun took to the airways in 2007 when Air Pacific bought the small planes off Sun Air. The planes were rebranded with the Air Pacific colours of red, dark blue and yellow.

But the makeover failed to pay off. Despite being bought for 44 million dollars, it quickly accumulated 18.5 million dollars in losses.

Pacific Sun General Manager, Jim Samson, admits the airline has been losing six million dollars a year since Air Pacific bought it.

He says the company has been forced to restructure and that 85 jobs will go with 25 new positions to be created at Air Pacific.

Pacific Sun says its management will be meeting with staff over the next few days and that consultation with affected employees and their elected labour representatives will start after Christmas on the 31st.

It says while not required by law or any individual or union contracts, eligible employees will be offered  three months’ severance pay.


Anonymous said...

All 15 pilots going home are locals, expats paid at 3 times the salary will still be working.
Word is another 100 - mostly cabin crew of Air Pac will be the next to go...

Anonymous said...

wow makes you wonder what pflieger's family is doing renting the RBF home in Suva, his children attend International Primary School, his wife drives the air pacific vehicle while the man himself lives at Denarau, drives rented vehicles and brings in consultants at the expense of local workers.........frank better start thinking in order to protect the lives of Fijians who he claims to be protecting!!! Pflieger is also looking at "releasing" B747 pilots who have served Air Pacific loyally for over 25 years...come on Fiji do you want to see your national airline taken over by some bullshit American with god knows where his qualifications come from.

Anonymous said...

This has been coming for a very long time - no wonder Franks' stressed out - chances are AP will eventually go the way of other failed national airlines.

Anonymous said...

we should give local the job.oversea pilot should find another job.

Anonymous said...

The OPPORTUNIST supporters Fiji Hotel Association through Dickson Seeto & Co wants to takeover the Pacific Sun as their own regional airline just like they are planning to do with Tourism Fiji...
The FEA is on their list of Corporate takeovers to extend their corruption and manipulation in Tourism to other areas.
They are all careless non Fiji residents who are manipulating the situation while Fiji is focussing on Khaiyum alone...far out

Coups bring prosperity? said...

Tik Tok....Tik tok....

Radiolucas said...

Don't blame "foreigners" for the failure of the airline - Frank is doing his level best at killing our economy, investment and consumer confidence.

The blame can be squarely laid at the regime's boots.

mark manning said...

Where is Frank ?
How is Frank ?
Why hasn't anyone arrested aiyaz and the military council and the Regime supporters ?
Why are the idiot Soldiers of the RFMF still following illegal Orders from someone they can't see or hear ?
If you don't even know where your Commander is, if you don't know your Commander
's condition, why are you then continuing to follow Orders which may well not be Frank Bainimarama's ?
Are the illegal Orders coming from the real commander of the RFMF, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and if yes, then that makes this his coup, not Franks' !

An Moslem Indian coup d'etat on the great warrior race !
What a joke !!!!!!!!!!

Jake said...

Radio GaGa.

There you go again passing on the blame instead of accepting you and the Qarase government were responsible for the currenrt state of Fiji's woes.

Dont you think its time for you to start putting some fibre back into your spine.

Marching there in Australia seem to be a waste of time channel your energy towards our beautiful Fiji.

Lets work for the people and not for our own personal greed.

Besides the majority of people have given Bainimarama their blessings some even has gone as far as saying he is the best thing since slice bread.

Now chew on that.

Long live Bainimarama.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jake,
You obviously did not read the first 2 @ anonymous comments. Your blind support for this illegal government is astounding. I didn't think someone as intelligent as you could be so blind. The saying is definitely true" "There is none so blind as those who refuse to see".

Truth Always wins.

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

"best thing since sliced bread"? Are you mad? The "people" can't say shit about the regime because, like all other dictatorships, they made it illegal - so you can't claim that as an example of popular support.

Also, the accusation that my criticism of the regime stems from greed is ridiculous. So too is blaming the Qarase government, which I may remind you was the last ELECTED government - Frank has had 4 years to deliver on his promises and failed in all respects.

This regimes legacy is a capricious and dysfunctional dictatorship that shifts all blame to others - from those they appointed, then blame, to foreign governments that they request help from with one hand and castigate like an impetuous child with the other.

What part of any of this is the behavior of a viable or responsible government?

Anonymous said...

This Jake sounds like that Wainikiti Waqa (former journalist)& gang, rewarded with her FNPF job - a loyal spy for Bainimarama!!! Her husband is army officer.

Lear Jet said...

Anon @5.43 and 7.09pm Thing I like about this blog is that you can always get the inside information on things, either from the blog itself or its readers.

Anonymous said...

Frank needs a new speech....tired old speech about roadmap, peoples charter (where are these now????) and previous instabiiity. Not much has changed in four years except country broke but regime's pockets full.

Anonymous said...

My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the staff of Pacific Sun.
Unfortunately, things have turned the way they have, simply because of the way the Interim Regime is running this country.
The small sum adds up to the BIGGER sum. Dedicated and innocent people like you all are the smaller sum - the sacrificial lamb if I may say.
But be rest assured, the Lord closes one door and 9 times out of 10 He opens another and better door.
Hang in there, God bless and all the BEST.

Jake said...

Radio Gaga.

Yes “best thing since slice bread” these aren’t my words but the words of the general populace, people who by the way are far better off under this regime than either Rabuka or Qarase.

No I am not mad but a person who accepts that Fiji as it literally is and deals with it accordingly besides anyone can stand atop a roof and shout out obscenities at this regime without being arrested or worst beaten up.

Yes I agree with you, your constant criticism of this regime is borne out of the greed that lies within your being.

There is absolutely nothing capricious or dysfunctional about this regime in fact the majority of people seem to like what they see thus far.

Yes Qarase was the worst leader in some ways Rabuka was twice the leader he ever was but as brilliant as our current leader.


Anonymous said...

@ Lear Jet - hears some more.

ANZ policy towards Fiji is currently dysfunctional - ANZ citizens who openly support this regime face no restrictions whatseever - NZ citizen Pryde was recently allowed unfetted access into AUS - where he bagged currently AUS gov - Gates - Sharon Smith Johns - Reddy etc enjoy same privilege - ADF personel have been died because of this coup - but that means nothing to Canberra or Wellington. No wonder US was forced to take over.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning back to his bigotry and racism. Who are you? Pls learn to love and care. The majority of the people know how to love and care for each other. People like you destroy not only our country but the decency of mankind.

Susan said...

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