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Friday, December 10, 2010

Bainimarama and Smith Johns used old security alert to justify cancelling marches

The anti-Bainimarama march at Sukuna Park at midday wasn't the only thing that didn't happen. 

So, too, didn't the US Embassy 'release' the illegal regime has been using to justify its decision to cancel the human rights and anti-violence marches that were supposed to take place today.

Frank Bainimarama yesterday cited a 'release' from the Suva based US Embassy warning its people not to take part in any marches today because there was likely to be confrontational behaviour. Quote: "The US embassy has warned all its citizens in Fiji to refrain from taking part in public marches around the country tomorrow."

Sharon Smith Johns later used the same 'release', dressing it up even more, attacking the US government for 'sowing confusion' among the people of Fiji by listening to an annonymous blog claiming that several groups may become unruly at the Sukuna Park march.

In her release, she said the US Embassy sent out an alert on Wednesday warning American citizens that "these marches may have an anti-government tone and it is possible that assembled groups may become unruly".

Smith-Johns chirped: "Government had given the permit for the march in October, this was a planned peaceful march of women, children and families to show their support for human rights .... it is most unfortunate Government has had to cancel the planned march."

Coupfourpointfive has been looking for the US Embassy release since the first Baini mention, without luck. The closest we've come is the existing security alert on the Fiji US Embassy site, which basically cautions US citizens about the P.E.R and public demonstrations. 

This information has been on the site for several months and we believe it's what the regime trotted out to stop so many people rallying in one place and the unidentified Save Fiji Movement from piggybacking on the other two marches. 

Let it be noted, too, the Police had told the NGO Coalition on Human Rights they were cancelling their permit to march before there was even any talk of American citizens being put at risk. 

We urge the Fiji Women’s Rights Movement and the NGO Coalition to ask the regime for evidence their marches were dangerous. They should also ask Baini and Smith Johns how can an alert intended for the safety of foreign citizens create confusion?

We note the pro-military organ the Fiji Sun has today repeated the story without question or investigation. It is the shabby work of the likes of the very average Peter Lomas led team at the Sun, that has helped revolutionise the delivery of information in Fiji today.

So while the regime likes to think it can dismiss freedom blogs (and the world of media is yet to give us our due), we are doing the hard graft the Fiji news industry is choosing not to do or can't do.


Anonymous said...

Freedome blogs are good, such as coup4&1/2, as long as you're responsible enough to tell us the truth and not lies.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:25.
Freedom blogs such as this simply report news & stories they are given + allow people too express their opinions - be they truth lies or gossip - not blogs role to censor (be responsible) - onus always on reader to disseminate truth from fiction.

Anonymous said...

And while the doomsayers bluff their way through this journey of ours,yet slapped in the faces by 2 failed marches of protest against this GOVT, Fiji meanwhile is hailed as top in fighting corruption in Asia/Pacific (having beaten NZ & Aust)by world renown body, Transparency International.It is easy to see how we have beaten Australia & NZ because some of our crooks have moved onto these 2 countries & further increasing their number of crooks - like SA TU NA DA Reddy, Ballu Khan, Ted Young and Simi Kaitani to name a few!

Anonymous said...

Sa rere tiko ko Pita sa tukuna me kua na march!!! WARAKA NAMAKA!!!

If the regime is so sure of itself and its popularity why stop the march or why even bother to address the march by cancelling the permits? Lol!

Only time will tell ...

Anonymous said...

Appropriate combination of words -"graft & the Fiji news industry".

Anonymous said...

Only conclusion can draw from Viti topping list for fighting corruption is that Chaudhry - Reddy & Bainimarama must have been on the voting panel.

Anonymous said...

It wouild be my guess the US Embassy will not come out and blast the regime for this bullshit. Vore and Kjaiyum well know for their vindictive behaviour. Fiji being taken for another ride

Anonymous said...

Anybody seen Fiji Sun today:
"United States Ambassador Steven McGann was yesterday summoned to a meeting with Foreign Affairs officials amid a widening rift between the Embassy and the our Government.

This followed yesterday’s cancellation of the annual Coalition of Human Rights march because of a baseless advisory to American citizens from the embassy claiming that “assembled groups may become unruly”.

"The outcome of the meeting between Foreign Affairs and Ambassador McGann is not known at this stage."

Is there any thruth to this - anybodyknow?

Keep The Faith said...

Really? Inoke Kubuabola "summoned" Amb McGann? hahahahaaaaaaaaa!!

Pull the other one Fiji Sun -- that IS SO NOT how diplomacy works. McGann is the face of Obama in this country -- and you don't "summon Obama" esp when you're an insignificant little island state with NO STANDING in the international arena.

It just sounds like Inoke has manipulated the Fiji Sun for his apple-polishing purposes a'la self-preservation. Any bet's the meeting was like "so tell me again what I need to do in order to apply for my US visa in advance to get through washington screening?".

In any case we can always wait for this meetings wikileak to update us as to what REALLY went down -- hahahahahaaa. Brainless MUCH 'o iratou qo man.

Anonymous said...

@Keep The Faith: I think first we confirm meeting actually happened as Sun has said...things have been smoke and mirrors or bull**** as we have seen this week and Sun is known for its cordial flavoured stories.

Stealth. said...

Fighting out of Division.

Regime will find US a more skilful difficult recourceful & determined opponent than previous contenders -Skippy & the Kiwi.

mark manning said...

Also, if you look at Frank's eyes and facial expression in this photo, you can see that he is child like and appears oblivious as to what is going on around him, this indicates to me at least, an inability to fathom and to comprehend, all clear indications of a substantial stroke.
the fact that he is kept in hiding and away from the prying eyes of the public, proves without a doubt, that he has been severely affected by this stroke.
The only way he can be paraded around is after lots of medication and rest !
If anyone doubts my appraisal, just look at his wife and children and see what their reactions and behaviours are !

Anonymous said...

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