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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Bainimarama shuts down all marches as talk of a protest rally to remove him persists

Fiji's illegal leader has acknowledged for the first time talk of a march against him that is believed to be happening at Sukuna Park tomorrow and being organised by a group calling itself Save Fiji Movement.

Voreqe Bainimarama has told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation that all public marches around the country have been cancelled and that it is 'just a precautionary measure.'

Bainimarama, who has been keeping a low profile since his return from China amid suggestions he has had a stroke, claims the "US embassy has warned all its citizens in Fiji to refrain from taking part in public marches around the country tomorrow." 
Until today, the regime has ignored persistent but unverified talk of a protest march against Bainimarama. But the Fiji Police Force this morning announced that all permits for any public marches around the country had been called off. 

The Fiji Women’s Rights Movement were supposed to march through Suva tomorrow in support of their work to stop violence against women. The NGO Coalition on Human Rights had also organised a march to coincide with World Human Rights Day. Both groups had permits.

It's unlikely Save Fiji Movement had applied for permit, considering the nature of what it claims it is organising.
The unidentified group revealed more than a week ago that it was planning the protest at Sukuna Park tomorrow at midday against Bainimarama and has been quick to denounce today's cancellation of permits and link it to its plans.

A frontman told Coupfourpointfive the group will not change its plans. In a statement the group says "we mean business and we will not be deprived of our rights to be heard by the President." 

The group has said the march will finish with the presentation of a petition to the illegally appointed president, Epeli Nailatikau, urging him to dismantle the Bainimarama government.  

We print here Save Fiji Movement's statement released a short time ago.

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TheMax said...

Save Fiji from what, let me ask this Save Fiji Movement? I am an indigenous Fijian and this government has been the best thing that ever happened to this country for a long long time. The level of government services to where it is really needed is very good compared to what this country was going through in the last 22 years or so.

Those of you who are thinking of marching tomorrow, think again. This time you will be surprised at the support this current government has from all races in this country. We are not going to be fooled or forced to accept racism again like before. This time it's going to be different.

What people need to understand is that Fiji has to go through a period of pain in order to right the wrongs of the past 22 years since coup 1987. A lot of institutionalised racism and infrastructures will have to dismantled first before real democracy and peace prevail again in this country. This country is on the right track to achieve true democracy and peace.

Let me say again folks, DO NOT BE FOOLED by this Save Fiji Movement. They are nothing but a front for creating instability in this country. If this Save Fiji Movement thinks it can hoodwink the ordinary citizens of this country to accept the corrupt democracy we had before, I guarantee you they will NEVER achieve it.

We are DETERMINED and we will PREVAIL.

Anonymous said...

Another backslap to SDL supporters but this time, a manifestation of the liu muri elements within it. Virisila and her crowd have genuinely and consistently been working and raising awareness on their work and the now cancelled march would've been a great opportunity for them to celebrate their work. They have afterall being doing this for ages (BEFORE THE 2006 COUP). Now, a group of unidentified opportunist numbskulls have to go and spoil it all, by calling on everyone to march - yet, not telling their invitees they'd be free-riding on a Human Rights awareness genuine march by hardworking NGOs. And what did you expect? Of course the US Embassy (whose officials also view this blog site)would send out a warning to its citizens! You should be ashamed of yourselves, you freeriding ulukau opportunists!

Anonymous said...

this will not be a march if it does happen, rather a bloody confrontation

Another one bites the dust said...

Tik Tok....Tik Tok....

mark manning said...

Either way, if Frank's goons touch one civilian, the soldiers will either begin to turn on each other or on that rat Aiyaz and his puppet boy, Frank Bainimarama !

Anonymous said...

Simply put, FRANK AND AIARSE KE GAAND PHAT GE. March, or, no march, these thugs are shit scared.

Joe said...

This clearly shows that the illegal govt is scared of "people power".

Round 1 to SFM (save fiji movement).

Whether the proposed march goes ahead or not, the writing on the wall is that a civil disobedience of a huge magnitude is possible given the reaction of the illegal regime. Perhaps Naivalarua can play the double game that Savua played in 2000. Oops!!! did I let the secret out??

Jekesoni Saumaki, Nausori, Tailevu said...

@the max, if you really are a Fijian than you havr your eyes closed...bau rai mada ni yalo vinaka, me kua ga ni mai vakamatavulo taki kemuni na veivakatorocaketaki e caka tiko. There is no money coming in from all those projects, but putting more burden on tax payers to repay all those loans. There are no new investors coming in, voreqe is not running the government its asshole, sa va araga qori na mata boko au sa qai druka. This movement has no ties to any political party its just concerned citizens who are seeing what is happening to their childrens future. Au sa qai druka sarga....me cakaga e dua na wavu sa totoka sarala na matanitu qo....uuuwii sa daba la na maqosa ni vosa. Na veiliutaki e sega ni mai vakatau tiko ena levu ni veivakatorocaketaki tamana, se na levu ni wavu....iiiyee sa qai lasa sara, me vakatau tiko na vinaka ni matanitu na tara wavu kei na gaunisala hahahahahaha. waikau na ulukau.

Anonymous said...

How can people not support this march!? At least there are people eating and breathing to stand up to these goons! I can't do it as I don't leave anywhere near there but I respect the people behind this march. Somebody somewhere is hungry for a new Fiji and a democratically elected one. How dare the 2nd writer even suggests that these are opportunists!They aren't these people are the ones standing up against the GUNS & they will be remembered in HISTORY! Too bad that the 1st 2 writers have their heads in their asses just like this so called GOVT! So so sad some people can't even support these gutsy people.

The Max's sister Jake said...

Welcome back SDL. A real government again at last.

Anonymous said...

Lamu Sona is all i can say!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.36am, I'm the second writer you refer to and I just want to apologise for my generalisation. If these people who plan to march are really genuine about their cause, that is, a democratically elected government but, a corrupt free Fiji, then I am behind them. My fear is that those who're charged for corruption like Chaudhry, Qarase etc will capitalise on this disturbance as a way out for them, subject of course, to whose side the new leadership will be on. Anyway, my sincere best wishes to you and those who want a corrupt free Fiji.

TheMax said...

@ Jekesoni

Vacava mo dolava mada ga o iko na matamu?

Kevaka o sega ni taleitaka o iko na veiliutaki e caka tiko qo ena vuku ga ni ca tu na lomamu, ia sa rauta mo na sega ni raica se vakila na kena yaga na veivakatorocaketaki e caka tiko qo.

Sa dodonu me da lako curuma mada eso na dredre ena gauna oqo ni bera ni da qai vakila se yacova na veigauna vinaka.

E sega li ni ura me damu nikua?

E dodonu me ra na vakarusai mada eso na lawa se veitiki ni gacagaca ni matanitu ka ra kunekunetaki ena vakasama vaka veivakaduiduitaki vaka kawa tamata me rawa ni kua ni vurevure tu ni yavavala ena veigauna sa tu mai muri.

Na taro ga mo taroga o iko vei iko ni o Tailevu e voleka toka la qo i Suva, ia me tekivu mai na gauna eda tu vakataki keda kina, na cava mada a sega kina ni vakatorocaketaka vakatotolo kina na vei matamanitu sa oti na vanua qo me rawa ni dolava mai vakavinaka na vei qele ni teitei era tu kina ka me rawarawa kina na kena tei vakalevu na kakana me volitaki i valagi.

Vakarabailevu taka mada nomu vakasama ka kakua ni iro tiko ga va na laqa ni sogo lailai o rai tu mai kina qori. Na qai qo sa na qai ga, o vinakata se sega. Moce Jo.

Anonymous said...

Max......You are a no brainer.

You must be one of those gobling Aiyazz soresore and VB's mainboy. rau vuki ga mai, rau dalasai iko...

moce jo

Anonymous said...

@ anony 12.03 - Now I see what & where you're coming from.... I just want to see the end to the coup lineage. The corruption yes, will always be around.

I don't see this govt giving up so easily as POWER has become addictive!

Anonymous said...

Joe @ 10 Dec 1.32am
It is not a matter of who won which round. It is 2 rounds of proof that more Fijians support this Government - esp. the increasing I Taukei. The 1st round Sydney march was a dismal turnout of 60, only 15 of whom were adults (out of a population of 10,000 Fijians).The 2nd, despite the bravado comments of 'never mind the gun just march' ended with a 'no show' - va'cava ya???

Anonymous said...

@ Max - I agree with Anon 12.50pm. YOU ARE TRULLY A NO BRAINER. We read your comments it is so shallow and typical of a lazy bastard who wants everything done for him.

Go ask your Tailevu reps in the past (the people you elected to represent you) - what did they do while in govt. Were they thinking of you or just busy filling their pockets?

Don't come vent your Tailevu failed infrastructure in this forum. Why is Tailevu suppose to be so important, is it the only province in Fiji?

You think Tailevu is the only under developed yasana in Fiji??? If Frank is developing Tailevu right now, then that is PURE NEPOTISM - it is not transparancy or good governance. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so self centred.

We are talking here about a true demoractic govt that should be chosen by the people and to lead the people honestly and answerable to the people.

Shame on Frank (a kai Tailevu) and you Max!!!