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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bainimarama's Kaba looming as Nailatikau statesmanship set to be tested

By Jone Baledrokadroka

Emperor Napoleon met his defeat at Waterloo. The victory of the Duke of Wellington and Prussian forces at this decisive battle heralded the end to the tyrant's rule.
In Fiji, the victory of Christian forces at the battle of Kaba can be said to mirror the battle of Waterloo in the course of history. Both 19th Century battles shaped modern politics in Fiji and the western world, respectively.

At Kaba in 1855, King George of Tonga’s forces aided the vunivalu of Bau Ratu Seru Cakobau’s forces and soundly defeated rebels sending the rest fleeing through the mangroves.

A modern Kaba type showdown is looming. History repeating itself. As at the battle of Kaba, once close allies have bizarrely aligned their forces against each other in the past week. Unfortunately, for Fiji more instability seems to be on the horizon and have been heard in recent days from within the regime.

The old Tonga-Baun elite have again aligned against the sick ‘Napoleon’ from across the Kaba point in Kiuva and his core of military officers and brain, Aiyaz Khaiyum, struggle for power that began with Police Commissioner Esala Teleni’s resignation and the taking of ‘leave’ of Lt Col Rokolui Mara and Brigadier Pita Driti is coming to a head. 

The split in military ranks in the past week have been shown with an $8 million military budget increase going $6.1 million to the Navy and $1.9 million to the Army.
Some have, judging by the direction of the wind, changed tack, Ratu Epeli Ganilau of note. Perhaps blood is thicker than his best mate and dictator’s promises it seems. 

Soldiers from Naitasiri and Tailevu – the last traditional warrior resort of old - have been bought off by promotions to prop up the ailing dictator and his crumbling regime.

President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, like his great ancestors at the battle of Kaba, literally has the future of Fiji in the palm of his right hand. His chiefly royal blood, military forbearance and hopefully statesmanship will be tested over the coming week.

The big question then is, will our ailing dictator meet his Waterloo by Christmas? Or to paraphrase, will he meet his Kaba before Kirisimasi namaki?

Ironically, with history being made by Tonga’s first  liberal democratic elections this week, an iliberal zombie of a nation will be hoping the Tonga-Baun alliance  prevails.

An old alliance that gave Fiji, Christmas may well shepherd the nation back to democracy.


  1. A Kirismasi of mixed fortunes for the people of Fiji

  2. Fiji's future and that of its children in one mans hands !
    Again !
    Let's hope that he is courageous and righteous enough to make the correct and rightful decision.

  3. Napoleon only ended being exiled; let's hope VB's punishment is more befitting his four-year crime. But wait, I speak too hastily - we are no there yet.

  4. The curse of the land,chief's and the people's blood are crying out loud and bearing heavily upon the dictator.The book says what you do to others will be done back to you.So all the killings,abuse etc,etc will one day come to haunt the dictator and his bunch of criminals at the barrack.I think if somthing bad happens this time,which I hope not, it will be the last time the Hon Commander will sprint down memory lane.This time around you will not be able to run Mr Prime Minister as death will come to you knocking on your door.

  5. hole digging, cassava patch running practice and jumping at shadows.....like croz 0.5 this is all a roti short of a good curry.

  6. But first celebrate with us at the old tradewinds hotel in Lami to mark the marriage of Voreqe Bainimarma's girl child this Saturday Dec 4 all are invited to attend

  7. You have spoken with a lot of "punch" this time JB. Tell us more. What exactly is to be expected? It sounds scary, but someone has to do it I suppose. Might be a good idea to keep a close eye on the 2 international airports. I hope it is a peaceful one. Enough is enough as they say.

  8. Ratu Ului and Driti have been served with notice to vacate their govt quarters and have been seen cleaning their personal homes to move out,they cant even fight that how would they be expected to fight for the nation.The band master signed the eviction notice

  9. They cant leave their homes RATU AND DRITI I MEAN ,rent it fROM AZIZ as he has a few new homes in the last four years,he NEARLY bought a new one at bayview on mortgee sale but the bank refused to give him as he was just trying to assist his partner SANJEEP PAL ,NEWS another set up from haulage company pressured by Firca was forced to purchase bayview prop and rent it back to PAL and his tax matters put away.Come on all investors come to Fiji like EXTREME BUSINESS and buy govt and fijian business at a song

  10. The red whiskered bulbul sits perched above the mango tree whispering into this fellow’s ears the words thinking is but easy acting upon your thoughts is very difficult.

    The weakness that lies deep within the hearts of man is unfathomable wishful thinking is delusional and gives people false hope.

    The majority of Fijians have given their full endorsement to the man.

    Fiji is systematically returning to the way world ought to be and we ought to be thankful we have a true and just leader in Bainimarama.

    The functionality of government is well and truly under control.

    Do not believe everything you read.


  11. What JB has somehow overlooked is that would be Vunivalu Nailatikau is encamped with the rebels.

  12. Sorry JB I do not agree with this parallel. The Duke of Wellington was a man with a set of very large brass balls. I don't really see anyone around Fiji who fits that category. This is a nation of cassava patch sprinters.

  13. Unfortunately I don't think that Nailatikau has the guts to take on Aiyaz and Frank especially since Driti and Ului are pretty much washed up. If these two can muster up support from within the military with the support of not only Nailatikau but as many chiefs as you can get as well as those other traditional fijian institutions that have taken a hammering frome this regime (GCC, Methodist Church..even New Methodists, etc) and get former political parties and their supporters together (cane growers etc) there might be a chance to turn things around. Even getting half of those listed above should do it and if people have had enough they will put aside personal differences to ensure we get back to democracy, even if it means facing up to the military.

  14. JB, This gang is more invasive than cancer. They have a lot to lose and will not go easy as you know. Whatever campaign is underway will have to involve people of real calibre taking care of business.

  15. Why do you have to let the world know about your intentions before you do it? Vakaqkoro? Just do it.

  16. The Embassy guys have met senior military group already and plan is in place.Do not take Ratu and Driti lightly,powerbase is at work and as for the Ai(y and Z)s and B special hole has been dug for them at the Lautoka barracks. We all will have a good christmas at last it seems

  17. Can all the gifts be recorded as i can see some big boxes being wrapped ,the cost of the function at Novtel Lami is charged to Tappoo Group who have a share in Nadi Novtel and Aiyass brokered this one. Tappoo had already talked to ANZ as to a loan to buy Fiji Water an addition to their brevrage business.Happy celebration Baini and enjoy your blue labels

  18. If there is a change can the leaders of this regime be 'caught in the crossfire'. I do not think this small damaged nation can afford the cost , however you measure this, of a long drawn out trial and the yellow ribbon campaign that will inevitably come after to all those sickly regime supporters needing their weekends at home and quickly seeking forgiveness only to reappear later as conspirators in the next coup. There are way too many vanities, ambition and greed for there not to be another one.

  19. It is evident that a LOT of people do not know what makes Nailatikau tick!!
    As a former soldier who served under him, I have found him to be a person who capitalises on his so-called chiefly status [he is more Tongan than Bauan, by the way], who lacks depth, who thinks EVERYTHING is a big joke, an opportunist, a wannabe playboy and a heavy gambler via Grants Waterhouse. So much for being "An Officer & a Gentelman. Like the big pig Vore, he is more comfortable in the company of the ordinary soldiers than amongst the Officers. He too, like the pig has a pea [pee] brain!!
    As for Driti and Ului, they have now met your MAFATO 'Head ON'. Remenber that Xmas eve in 2006 when they rounded up the freedom fighters and made abused them at the QEB top ground even though one of them was heavily pregnant?
    Mai Driti, mai - welcome to the real world. I would suggest that when you leave the safety and comfort of QEB, THAT YOU ALSO BRING YOUR BODYGURADS WITH YOU!!

  20. Anon 4;35 - Not the Lautoka barracks please and thank you very much.
    That would be blasphemy!! Not even the Vunato rubbish dump!!

  21. Writing yourself into history...

    Here you go Jone B - what's stopping you getting on a flight and leading your Kai in Suva march?

  22. Thank you for the invite to Vore's daughter's wedding.
    At least I can have my draunimoli tea and toni the bread with out pricking my conscience!!

  23. Vinaka JB.
    Rau sa qai mai tau e vuravuara o irau na i lala oqori - Driti kei Ului.
    Na cava na 'INT" regarding their bodygaurds? I think they will need it in the REAL world. Da qai SOTA tiko Driti/Ului!!!!! Be careful!!!!

  24. Taukei Writings.

    Jone B - see Quraniqio - note Veidovi.

  25. .....no guts ni glory....at least Voreqe has the guts to take over the SDL Govt....JB, PD & RUM could not weigh how much support they had, were confused and a little tadola i liu....MURI !!


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