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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Email: Save Fiji Movement planning march and petition to oust military government

A group calling itself Save Fiji Movement says it's organising a nationwide march aimed at getting the president to dismantle the self-appointed government of Frank Bainimarama.

The group says the march will be held next Friday (December 10) and will end with a petition to the president, Epeli Nailatikau.

An email from the group says marchers will ask Nailatikau (above) to appoint a new commander, set a time for elections, address the financial crisis and appoint an interim government.

The march is planned for Sukuna Park in Suva at noon.

The email says "this move will go on regardless of any
threat. We have solid backing of “voices of people of Fiji”.

It says those involved "have passed today that this march will unseat Frank
and break the army apart and president will have “to listen."

"This march will be for everyone even army and police officers to save the country from going down the drain and for our children."

The group has not identified who is behind it or who its supporters are.


mark manning said...

Finally " A ripple of Hope " !
Robert F. Kennedy !
That's what the march should be called in honour of Robert.

Anonymous said...

Reliable sources confirm that Hon Prime Minister will ask the President to step down to make way for him. Then, as President he will dismiss Driti, Roko Lui who oppose Khaiyum as Prime Minister. Once Frank and Khaiyum take full control, by March 2011, Mahendra Chaudhry will be convicted and jailed for 7 years for tax evasion and fraud. Then, they Khaiyum will try to jail Qarase but may not succeed.Qarase may then be forced to retire to ensure only Khaiyum becomes sole contender for 2014 elections. Elections may be held earlier in 2012 if the above plan and path to getting legitmacy is clear with the maras, chaudhrys and qarase out in cold.

Anonymous said...

Totolo Mark rush to Mascot - you can still make (head) it.

Anonymous said...

Feb 2011, Fiji Times headlines:
Prime Minister and Attorney General Aiaz Saiyed Khaiyum has today announced that a commission of inquiry into Ratu Mara's Estate and wealth has been approved by Cabinet today.
" I think the vast majority of the people of Fiji want to know how the late President accumulated significant wealth"

The prime minister says that after mahendra Chaudhry $2m trial which saw him being jailed called for such an inquiry in the interest of justice.

Mr. khaiyum said that all former politicians will be probed before the country goes to poll perhaps in 2014 if not in 2020.

mark manning said...

All bullshit.
This is simply a delaying tactic by Aiyaz as he puts into place all his men.
Time to shoot this f**ker !

Anonymous said...

we do not want another series of riots and more fights than there already is. is this movement sure that this is a safe way to express their 'concern'?

Joe said...

I sincerely hope what I have read is true, and if so, a peaceful one. The telltale sign will be Aiyaz, Sharon and Pryde etc., trying to fly out of the country within a week under the guise of "official govt. business", although I hear that Pryde has already made plans to fly to Wellington to meet Temm because he renagged on attending the illegal AG's conference. It is about time the people had their say.

Anonymous said...

This is an extraordinarily bad idea.

Anonymous said...

i like that AG. investigate all of them including Charan Singh from Labasa .he was a joint venture with Ratu Mara in Vanua Air and lots of properties he got when in parliment,oops Khaium senior is the manager there for Charan so no investigation please .How about Tappoos and FNPF ,WHY IS fICAC QUIET ON IT ,Tappoos were renting FNPF NOW RB Patel supermarket for $5000 a month wheras RB now pays $35000 a month and whats the interest rate on their loan on my money

Anonymous said...

Who has the guts to Lead/Partake in this "march"? HoHoHo! father christmas? Pure rubbish i say.

Anonymous said...

So you take your petition to an illegal pussy/pressy and then what? He will probably take it to Vore and then they take it to their boss Ayarse. If he had any decency and gut in him he would not be where he is. In the first coup, he was gutless and could not carry it out as commander of the RFMF, now he is only doing what he is told. Think people think.

Anonymous said...

Now the whole world knows there is going to be a march-what a dumb fool-if you want to do something just do it-get ready to be shot in the head. NUTS!