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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fiji not worried about NZ spying

Fiji's interim regime says it is not worried about Wikileak revelations that New Zealand is spying on Fiji.

The Wikileaks cables show New Zealand has been tapping Fiji phones before and after the 2006 coup and passing on this information to the United States.

Fiji had accused Australia and New Zealand in 2008 of spying.

The only reaction to the Wikileaks revelation from Fiji's dictator, Frank Bainimarama, was : “With friends like Australia and New Zealand – who needs enemies?”

The interim permanent secretary for information Sharon Smith-Johns says the revelations don't come as a surprise.

She said the interim regime has nothing to hide and New Zealand could go on listening if they want.

“Let them listen to what the government has to say. We’ve got nothing to say, we know where the roadmap is taking us, we know of elections in 2014, we know when the constitution will come into place, we talk about this openly so let the NZ government spy on us and pass that information onto America or to Australia or to whoever they’re passing the information to.”


  1. Bainimarama does not realise that our traditional allies in Australia and New Zealand are closely monitoring the activities of China in Fiji.He is happens to be the proverbial Chinese poodle.

  2. Wrong attitude Sharon Sh^t Smith & Bainidiot. You should be defending Fji's sovereignty and outside interference .

  3. Thank you Sharon, spoken like a true idiot.

  4. Sound more like Wikileaks leaks....hahahaha...Fiji got spied on? like we have a nuclear installation or something...

  5. sharon talk like the boss bani now.sorry you are not worried bec you not from fiji bitch.

  6. sharon talk like the boss bani now.sorry you are not worried bec you not from fiji bitch.

  7. Bula Joes

    Here is what happened on December 10Th 2010 - Fiji People Movemnt March

    Fran and AG were taken to nadi under heavily armed guards ( 30) and while AG went to the CAAF meeting, frank was kept secretly at raffles hotel room.

    Then during the day, there was a power black out in nadi and naturally raffles was affected. As soon as the power went out, Frank dashed from his room and his guards swarmed him. These are franks actual words :

    : fuck you guys never sweeped the area ? Where is the backup for power - hopeless ! He even growled at the management for not having a backup generator.

    Even the guests in the lobby were surprised to see frank running from his room to the open when the power went out.

    This story was narrator-ed by one of his bodyguards driving his FF: registered backup

  8. Marama S Jones you really are a case. Have u got a work permit for yr job?

  9. @ Body guard, that F.... word very much sounds like Frank, that is his usual vocab!!!

    Why he ran out - scared? hahahahahaha!!!

  10. Excavations with possible long term consequences?

    Digging yourself one big hole there Ms Johns.

  11. Hey Joe @ bodyguard, that is a very funny story. Reminds me of that verse from the Bible "There is no rest for the wicked"
    Isaiah 57:21
    He's afraid of the dark or what??? He's a little kid or what? Lol
    Isa lei sa qai rere ko Pita.

  12. Sharon the manly looking woman with wings as ears should shut her pie hole and eat alot of Fijian vudi.

  13. The road map that takes Fiji to Rome. The road map that tales all nations to Rome. So that the whole world is wandering after the beast.
    The end is already foretold. JESUS WINS. Yes people. THE LORD AND CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE WINS. Satan is building his One World Government, but Jesus wins. Then He will create a new world and a new government where none of these evil and wickedness will exist. Wonderful ending isn't it?

  14. The Vore and the Swine [Sharon]have by their comments, admitted defeat!! They have to swallow the bitter pill. It proves that as a third world country, there is sweet bugger all they can do to a BIG brother!!
    Any sane person realises and accepts that Intelligence gathering is an on-going process by both friends and foe. Intel is conducted by friends against friends and also against the percieved foe. It covers a very, very broad perspective; from political, industrial, financial, military, drug and human trafficking, border security to what have you. Because of this there is also the Counter Intelligence process. Do the Vore and the Swine have the Counter Intel capability? OF COURSE THEY DO NOT !!!!
    The only capability and capacity that they have is to ramble on and on like spoilt little BRATS that they are.
    Talk about having pea [pee] brains!!

  15. Having to run through the bamboo reeds at the back of the Officers' Mess, you are vey prone to overeact when things go wrong!! That is be expected and serves to be a constant reminder that it may happen again!!
    Give the Vore a break and accept that he is very unstable and very, very prone to such reactions!!
    I pity [with glee] the man!!!!

  16. Now and thena conman appears at opportune times to fleece the nations taxpayers by talking crap.Are we witnessing the female version of the con artist and Voreqe sidekick,Peter Foster..?????

  17. Look lady you'd be better off packing andbe gone..your idiotcomments show what an idiot of a person you are. you're scum. Comment edited- C4.5

  18. The'F' lingo is the Vore all over.That language is to be expected by a tyrant like him, who like other tryrants, rule through fear. This is the only language he knows and was brought up with. It starkly shows up someone;spea brain. As for Sharon, (unprintable) ...Comment edtied, C4.5

  19. The above comment was posted by Anon at 12/18/10 and was edited by C4.5


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