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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Has Bainimarama headed back to China for more treatment?

Word on the ground is that the self-appointed leader Frank Bainimarama has returned to China.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Baini was seen being taken to the airport on Friday morning and that he later boarded Korean Airlines for China, presumably for medical treatment.

We can't verify this information independently at this time and can only say that two sources have told us this is what has happened.

Baini's recent visit to China and state of health remains controversial. The regime insists the dictator was bolstering trade but we believe he was seeking medical treatment for a stroke. We have subsequently been told he has cancer like symptoms in his neck.

The illness of any 'leader' is a sensitive issue at the best of times but in the case of an illegally appointed military government, as in Fiji, the failing health of its El Supremo is a death knell.

Huge rifts (not to mention a planned protest march) have split the hierarchy, so conjecture (and ultimately confirmation) about his illness leaves him vulnerable.

Suffice to say, we are unlikely to hear 'officially' if Bainimarama has headed to China for a second time in less than a month. As with many things today, the nation will be left guessing and relying on the coconut wireless about something they should know as of a right.

Picture: Dictator Baini in the pic that is giving weight to claims he has had a stroke.


mark manning said...

It's perfectly clear in this photo that Frank Bainimarama's right hand is being supported by his left and that he is being used as a stoolie by the Regime, the same way he himself used the president in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009 !
Effectively, he has become the doddering old man and is now on show and in hiding, and being treated in the same way he treated the President during those years.
What sort of people are these that continue to take advantage of the sick and ailing to meet their own ends ?
What sort of people are Fijians, to continue to tolerate the intolerable and how much suffering must the poor endure before someone with the guts and the balls, stands fast and demands what rightfully is yours ?

VereBau. said...


M&M "What sort of people" incorrect - one person & one person only obstructing Viti's return to sanity - Bauan & Viti traitor Nailatikau.

Anonymous said...

bani is sick .he should step down for good of fiji and its people.ratu epeli should appoint intrim govt and call election in 6 months time.good for fiji and aid will flow in fiji from donor countries.

Anonymous said...

Could it have been he was being whipped out of the country for his safety????

Anonymous said...

VereBau - Nailatikau is NOT a Bauan - he is TONGAN!!
A true Bauan is the likes of the Turaga Roko Tui Bau!!
I had previously said that the Vore will die a S....L....O....W AND PAINFUL DEMISE!! MAY HE ROT IN HELL!!

VereBau. said...

Anon 12:35.

Read again? Never said he was a Bauan - wrote he was a traitor. Unemployable one at that.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know the circumstances of this picture?. looks like the other guy is ikbal janiff?.

Sa Rauta said...

@ Anon 12:22

All you want is AID to flow in. That's the problem with Fiji. Work for your money, go plant some vegetables and cassava, use the land. Stop relying on Aid.

Stop Aid and Fiji is on the verge of collapse. Nothing is free in this world. Are you ready to sell your soul for foreign Aid.

Not me!

Anonymous said...

VereBau = Go back and read what you posted. You said "Bauan and Viti Traitor" - hello.

Idiot Mark Manning said...

@mark manning - you are an idiot, pure and simple idiot that has no idea about Fiji or whats going on here. Why dont you fight as hard for your aboriginals as you do for the fijians, they are poorer and worse off than anyone in this country, go on, do something for australia and keep your nose out of our business.

All other idiots who subscribe to this blog, the PM has not had a stroke, dont you watch the news, he was on twice this week, didnt see much wrong with him at all, in fact he looked pretty good, not sick at all. Guess you got that one wrong as well.

And if you watched the news you would know that was a presentation of a check last week, but none of you watch the news because you are all living overseas and are cut off from the realities of Fiji.

lets see if your censors will let this one be published, normally they dont.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@5.49 Your last comment was pretty shitty - why would we run it? We don't expect you to agree with us 'idiots' but some civility is required, even if its thinly veiled.-C4.5

idiot Mark Manning said...

@ Pacific - and please post this also, 'civility' let me remind you that you name call every single day, you show no 'civility' and the comments on this site are always hostile and bordering on violent, its ok for Mark Manning to be abusive but not for others? double standards perhaps? I am simply taking the lead from your readers and giving back the same abuse they give the government. I think my comment was moderate compared to the others on this site.

mark manning said...

@ Idiot Mark Manning
we must be related ! lols
Why are you getting so hot under the collar if Frank hasn't had a stroke ?

severe stroke said...

Yes Mark
The signs of a severe stroke are obvious. Bhaini has always been a roti short of a curry but he now looks in a very bad way. He is a dead man walking....but who cares?
This coup has as much chance of success as the running away coward Reddy has of convincing the world he is not just another scum bag thieving mongoose!! Bye bye Reddy - Fiji gain is NZ loss with your dearture from Fiji to NZ.

Jake said...

Don’t read too much into that handshake for some their idiocy precedes them it is a known fact especially in the Islands when in this case it appears a cheque was handed over the recipient in acknowledgement handclasp with both hands.

Absolute power corrupts so they say but the most pernicious of all corruptions is the weakness that lies within each individual.

The common traits of a these ophidians is none other than to malign or have malicious misrepresentation of the facts.

Their hostility towards the Bainimarama led government is borne out of their weakness more so from a lack of competence, ineffectiveness and impotence.

All of the above describes our adopted Australian drongo.
Do not believe what you see or read for the most part 15% are factual with 85% non-factual.


Anonymous said...

Well Aiyarse is all we see in the news lately; that is testament to Bainimarama's ill-health!!

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@5.49 Was referring to civility towards C4.5 since it is our blog. Regime, of course, is a different pot of cassava. Let's move on-C4.5

Anonymous said...

@ Jake, pull the other one mate, he is definetly supporting his hand and please explain the blank look on the Pigs face.
Will have to use quote from an ealier response, "1 roti short of a curry" lol, this guy is a lost cause.
Soon the IG will be carting him around in a wheel barrow like the movie Weekend at Burnies.

tualeita said...

@Jake December 13, 8:37 AM

Does this mean that "The Fiji Sun" is only 15% true?

My view of photograph is that VB appears to have lost the healthy physical countenance he previously had. That smile on his contorted face appears to forced.

His regular non-appearance of late has prompted me to think of the strong likelihood that his sickness has overcome him or almost.

mark manning said...

@ Jake
you have just described the Regime and it's propaganda to a T !

If Frank is so fit, why not bering him out for all to see ?

Stop living a lie Jake, or you too will end up like Frank, drooping down one side and incomprehensible, mind you, Frank has been like that from day one !

Anonymous said...

One thing is clear when you see this picture - VOREQE HAS LOST THAT BOLD & ARROGANT LOOK HE USUALLY HAS ... it is like he is now being put in front of the cameras to show people that he is still well and kicking.

But notice the absence of the 'media reception' he usually enjoys??? He has gone quiet ...

My eye tells me that if you look closely on his right arm, notice the scar on the right wrist - what does that say (i hate to imagine that it was from the drips?) ... Giving it up Frank while you have time and make peace with everybody, yourself and God ... not worth it, if you have to lose your soul!!!

Anonymous said...

Where is his red neck tye? Red tye means he is the leader. Blue means obedience. To who? Who is now wearing the red tye?

Anonymous said...

You think he knows the meaning of colors of neck tie? he is just a copy cat, a no class one... sorry, but that is the truth!!! he never had it from the beginning ... na siosio ga kei na dokadoka sa qai sotava tiko qori!!!

Coup 4.5 said...

A second 'Anon' says Frank is still in the country; says he saw him playing rugby with soldiers at Albert Park yesterday. Coupfourpointfive source maintains Baini was seen boarding an Air Korean flight.-C.45

Anonymous said...

@ C4.5 a reliable source also told me that he went back to China - source is from within the regime.

Also heard that Aiyarse went to Nadi, after Voreqe board the flight to stay away from Suva just in case the march was going ahead?

People are under estimating their power of rising up against this illegal regime. The regime is cracking up and it is obvious, any amount of denial of the same from the regime and its alliances is 'living a lie'!!!

Jake said...

I have it on good authority my man Bainimarama was seen running through Nabua two days ago.

A bit wobbly but raging fit.


Anonymous said...

Good try Jake!!! Go find someone else to fool ... wobbly tiko vei iko!!!

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