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Monday, December 13, 2010

Intel source: Decree being adjusted to give more power to Gates in absence of President

A source inside the military claims the illegal attorney general is amending the Executive Authority of Fiji (Amendment ) Decree 2009 to give the illegal Chief Justice, Anthony Gates more power.

Coupfourpointfive can't independently verify the information other than to say it has come from an intellingence source, who claims the amendment is aimed at empowering Gates in the absence of the illegal President, Epeli Nailatikau.

The suggestion is that Gates will replace Nailatikau.


  1. How ridiculous, an Australian taking the Presidency and an Indian Moslem Resident of Australia as A.G.

    Even Arnold Schwarzenegger can't become president in the U.S . because he wasn't born there !

    Time to string these two up before anymore damage is done to Fiji's reputation !

    That Gates is an embarrassment to Australia and makes me feel ashamed !

  2. Well Nailatika has exec authority so if he chooses to act and stop all this now is th time or he will be left by the roadside.

  3. Can't see it happening - not plausible - then again when you think back past 4 years? They are certifiable dysfunctional...

  4. You mean Gates, the crooked judge, who gave a biased judgement against Ratu Inoke, the Naitasiri high chief, according to a legally, and consitutionally appointed, Court of Appeals?

    Even Australia (his own country, NZ, and the US have lost credibility with regard to this guy.

  5. Welcome to Micky Mouse land.

  6. Nailatikau has no guts, he won't do anything!!! He has achieved his mission to make his wife happy as first lady, she feels it is her right to take over what her parents had!!!

  7. Swinging Gate living a giant legal fiction.

  8. It is interesting that Mark Manning can stir racism in Fiji through blog sites. He would be committing a criminal offence if he did that in his own country. Fortunately, there are many who find such remarks from Mark abslutely abhorent. Pls leave us alone.

  9. why don't someone with balls, shoot these bastards as in Aiyaz & gates & Shameems.

  10. The only racism stirred in Fiji is from the indo Fijian supported coup? Or perhaps you mean the racist blog by crosbie walsh? In his racist anti Fijian blog today there is a boney butt entry from some racist coward called 'Savage Watch'.
    There is nothing racist in Mark Mannings comments.
    And as for the muslim indian AG - he has not been elected - he is temporarily AG becaUSE HE IS STanding behind military puppets guns....but not for much longer...tik tok...tik tok...

  11. ratu say.
    all gays running fiji now.ag/gate/peter maizey fsc/others.
    ratu epeli nailatikau should sack all of them now.
    if not he will end up in bau or lau.
    the poor indian shouldnt be blamed for this.
    but surely all the taliban muslims running fiji now.

  12. @ Anon 405 p.m.
    your a dick head, no matter what your ethnicity is !


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