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Thursday, December 16, 2010

It does not pay to oppose military coups!

A leading economist in the region has been denied a normal renewal of contract by his University management, on the grounds that he does not publish in international journals.

This economist is well recognized in Fiji and the Pacific as an excellent teacher of economics, as well as being prolific in solid research, consulting, workshop dissemination, and writing, that serve the wider interests of the peoples of Fiji and the Pacific, USP Member governments, and the donor communities, all of whom fund the University.

The unwanted economist happens to be also prolific, despite the military censorship, in publicizing reasoned opposition to military coups as a solution to Fiji’s development problems.

This particular University has recently been appointing expatriates at senior management level, while discouraging and making redundant, qualified, experienced, senior regional academics, some of whom have served the University for decades.

Coupfourpointfive will reveal further details in due course.


mark manning said...

Frank and Aiyaz are like spoiled little brats !
What bozos !

TheMax said...

@ Coup 4.5

Your new article headline should read “Tourism Australia paid A$6m to have Oprah Winfrey spend her holiday in Fiji”.

So much for paying $6M to help promote Aussie’s stagnant tourism industry, Oprah Winfrey still chose Fiji for her holiday and reunion with partner. Fiji is still the winner handsdown, end of story. Oprah said bye to Aussies with $6m in her pocket heading to spend the money in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Cant' see any valid reason why having stuffed up just about every other institution in Viti (RBF - FSC - RFMF - Police - Courts etc etc) - universities should somehow be exempt?

mark manning said...

The Max
You forgot to mention the 47 million in free advertising World Wide for the Australian Tourism Industry, not a bad investment !

There is no debating that Fiji is indeed a beautiful place and the people very engaging and friendly and it's this very same thing that all the anti Regime people are trying to protect Max.

It's sad that so many of you coup[ supporters just don't understand or see what is happening to your own society, culture and country, you must be one of those " glass half empty " people ?

But don't get too cocky, Frank didn't create Fiji as a destination, but he sure as hell is destroying it as one !

Let's hope the greedy, lazy, incompetent idiot doesn't get his hands on any of the Resorts in Fiji !

Anonymous said...

If I were to hazard a guess It's Dr. W. Narsey and I would assume that its USP? We already know that USP hires the nobody's from overseas, come home and make their names on the backs of our people. Like that kutu Croz... :(

Mazopayan said...

@ Anonymous 12.00
I think prof Narsey is retired, how can he be kicked out?

TheMax said...

@ Mark Manning

The anti--regime people are not trying to protect the "engaging and friendly" people of Fiji. What you guys are trying to protect is the hegemony Australia and New Zealand have over the countries of the South Pacific including Fiji, controlling the economies, mineral resources,etc,etc,etc.

Who are you trying to fool? Everyday I come around the blog I read the garbages you throw around as if Fijians are fools. I am an indigenous Fijian and I know exactly why the Australian and New Zealand government are doing opposing Frank Bainimarama's move to rid Fiji of the con that was done since Fiji gained independence. These countries including the US and Britain just want every country in the world to bow down to their hegemony.

Fiji needs to undergo structural changes to its old colonial infrastuctures and systems in order to become a truly democratic, multiracial, prosperous and peaceful country. Although the current RFMF leadership went about doing this in a rather odd way when they took over the leadership of this country in 2006, it is necessary considering that Fiji underwent a chaotic and tumultuous direction from the day coup 1987 was executed. Fiji has never been right ever since then even though we had the constitution changed a number of times and also had elections along the way. But those elections and constitutions keep institutionalizing the core problem that beset this country, and that is, RACE.

What Frank is doing is the solution to the core problem that Fiji has all these years. It MUST be done come hell or high.

I have a prediction for you. Although Fiji is being gradually put right through the changes the current RFMF leadership is doing right now up to election in 2014, Fiji will be fully restored to the best and tranquil country that it is supposed to be by 2027. Mark that year down. So another 17 years to go.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey is a NFP politician and ex-member of parliament.

What he says should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Jekesoni Saumaki said...

@ the nax, ok tell me where in the world you will never spend big dollars to lure celebreties like Ophra......there will be the finacial rewards that will be triple what Australia spent, so its a 6mil well invested. And by the way what is it to you....just curious.