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Thursday, December 2, 2010

More fall out over Budget

They were once suckers of the illegal regime. One was protecting the back of other. Now, they can't agree on the 2011 Budget. The illegal A-G Aiyaz sayed Khaiyum, who delivered the Budget in his capacity as acting Finance Minister while the dictator was undergoing medical treatment in China, has lashed out at his former treasonous partner in crime and dictator's interim Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry.
Khaiyum has dismissed statements by Chaudhry that the increase in Value Added Tax in the budget last week is a devastating blow to the poor, and the low and medium income earners.

Chaudhry also told New Zealand media that once again people are being made to pay the price for indiscriminate government borrowings.

Khaiyum said the statements are misguided as there are record targeted assistance programs for the unfortunate in the budget.

He also said that people should not forget the 9 percent reduction in the prices of many food items through the Commerce Commission price determination.

He said the fundamentals of the economy and financial systems are now being put right.

Khaiyum believes the political parties like the Fiji Labour Party are just trying to use the issue as a political point scoring exercise.


mark manning said...

Last sentence !
What would Aiyaz know about Politics ?

Anonymous said...

9% reduction was a farce, the food ended up more expensive after the announcement by the Commerce corruption, eh commission. What a liar. Ayarse, you do not buy and eat the poor's food to know what you are talking about becoz u are earning millions from your illegal position. All Supermarkets simply removed the food from their shelves and claim "out-of-stock" and the overall outcome is that the poor ends up paying for higher price items that are available on the shelf.

Joe said...

"political point scoring exercise" MY A**E. As if you gun trotting, thieving bastards will allow FLP and SDL to contest the 2014 elections if ever there is going to be one. Lift the PER and media restriction dickhead, and we will show you what point scoring really is.

Behind the guns said...

Who elected the muslim khaiyum? No Fijian I know. He snuck into power behind the Fiji military and their guns. What did Aziz and the shameem sisters know about this coup. Anywhere else this would undoubtedly be treated as treason and dealt with accordingly. But not in fiji where the rule of law is very suspect and where the illegal CJ is also a coup supporter!!

mark manning said...

@ behind the guns
there will be plenty of time to bring all the people involved with the coup to Justice !

Anonymous said...

I want to kick this bastard's ass and rip his face apart.

Anonymous said...

Yep me too!! I would however kick his face and RIP HIS ARSE!!
He will go to Mecca [HELL] and back for his own personal agenda, na SONA LEVU - SONA LEVU BECAUSE OF THE POLICE PRESENCE OUTSIDE HIS HOUSE - AT OUR EXPENSE THE BASTARD OF A PIG!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

But, Behind the guns...hasn't Fiji always been ruled by leaders who got there by suspect? Mara, Chaudhry, Rabuka, Qarase & Bainimarama were/are fed by business people, to the point, election results were allegedly rigged! The one with the last laugh is Bavadra may he and Mara rest in peace.

Susan said...

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