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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Regime uses US Embassy to show Bainimarama is still in control

Another day in Paradise and another 'show of strength' from Dictator Baini and his spurious followers.

Baini has told the Fijian programme Radio Fiji 1 he is prepared to expel the American ambassador, Steve McGann, if the US continues to hinder progress and oppose the regime.

The Dictator says he has no qualms about booting McGann out and that he is only 'letting things be" because the ambassador is in Washington discussing ways to improve the US relationship with Fiji.

It is interesting how the regime keeps fanning what very much looks to be a one-sided fight with the US Embassy.

We believe the regime is using the events of the last week and its supposed bad relations with the US to keep people in line.

More specifically, to show that: 
a) Baini is still in control despite claims he is sick
b) It can outwit the world's most powerful country so is therefore invincible
c) The hierarchy is united despite the recent resignations of the likes of Epeli Ganilau.

Dictator Baini and Co relished the publicity that came with its so-called brave decisions to expel several New Zealand and Australian diplomats and newspaper publishers and more recently, Fiji Water's David Roth.

Baini (or is it his handbag, the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum?) would love to appear tough to the world again after it last week looked like he had bent over by cancelling two marches for a third that didn't even happen.


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is sounding more and more like a desperate and misguided Chinese puppet(anti Fijian,anti Christain,anti democracy,anti human rights,anti Aussie,anti British, anit Kiwi and now anti American)

Like that other equally misguided Chinese puppet from North Korea, Bainimarama has to fight for Chinese aid and the best way to do it is to publically ridicule Fiji's important long time democratic allies like the US.

This regime has no class and no credibility and all of those falied individuals within its ranks must be hanged from the gallows.

Anonymous said...

The Commanding Officer Fiji Batt Sinai should by now, be making his plans for a disgraceful exit with his troops from the Sinai.
I sure that as soon as the US Ambassador here is "TOLD" to leave [Action], then the same will be done to the Fiji Battalion in the Sinai [Reaction].
The same course action was done to our troops in Lebanon under UNIFIL.
The saying that for "EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION" was true yesterday, is true today and will still be true tomorrow!!
Where to then from there Vore?
Will you then not retain them as your personal bodyguard of a Battalion strength of some 600 odd officers and men?

Stealth. said...

"can outwit - invinsible".

Gee - that's a big call - guess only time will tell?

Anonymous said...

ratu said.
frank will cut health budget and pay his armies.
so they dont coup him again.

United Front Against Fiji said...

The word among diplomatic core in Fiji is growing and most are now taking a much swifter and harder stands against the Franks adminsitration.

Today a Australian and NZ embassy had a meeting of further trade and economic sanctions against Fiji. Voicing inline with their views is the British Embassy.

The Dossier on frank is looking very red with coded messages from Kevin Rudd of possible collapse of Fiji economy by Jan 2011.

The Australian embassy is all ready talking to all their australian owned hotels for possible reactions by franks administration to levy tax on them to fill the empty fiji coffers.

Source: Insider at Embassy

Anonymous said...

The continuous expulsion of many expatriates from Fiji’s traditional trading countries and the harassment their diplomats may seem like the random acts of Fiji’s erratic tyrant but on closer observation will reveal a pattern that suggests the fruition of China’s clandestine and very public strategic projection into the Pacific region. This projected Chinese power is what disgruntled and corrupt Pacific despots call their,” look North policy” which is in reality, a personal insurance plan that hedges against public scrutiny and as in the case of Bainimarama, the hangman’s noose.

But what outcomes does China expect from their, “Pacific investments” like Fiji’s despot, Bainimarama? The answer lies in the country’s strategic value which is it eminent position amongst the island states, its international reputation, economy, infrastructure, intelligent human capital, natural resources and of course a strong military with a puppet at the helm. The term puppet is apt despite China’s exhaustive attempt to describe their relationship with the regime, as “partners”.

Beneath the facade of China’s “infrastructure and cash aid” to desperate Pacific nations lurks a deceitful and sinister puppet recruiting program which began in earnest during the late 90’s. This program has been very successful because they have managed to create a network of despotic leaders in the Pacific with Bainimarama being their latest and crowning jewel. The difference between aid from Fiji’s traditional democratic allies and that from communist China boils down to self determination and the basic human right of an individual.

China's" seemingly respectful quietly, quietly" approach in the Pacific is in reality a sinister attempt to project the values of the communist regime in China. Of course, these values grind against the democratic values we are attempting to cultivate for our children’s future. The Chinese solution for overcoming this “democratic problem” is to “strengthen” the hands of puppets like Voreqe as in the case of his North Korean counterpart. They do this by providing and guaranteeing the “personal insurance policy” previously mentioned through funding and massive personal perks in exchange for what we recognise as the ‘Esau option”.

The “Esau option” in international relations, is a multifaceted debt instrument that is sold by opportunistic major powers like China to desperate despots like Voreqe in exchange for protection from hostile foreign powers and in particular from a hostile local populace. When this occurs, there is a major shift in power within the contractual relationship because the protector who now assumes the brutal role of dictator and the dictator becomes the pliant puppet who literally receives many “benefits with strings”.

Anonymous said...

PART 1..continuation

The outcomes from these relationships are in contrast because they are dependent on whether the protector has democratic or totalitarian leanings. It is the populace who will eventually experiences the differences. A classic example of a Chinese puppet is their number one terrier in North Korean Kim Jong II. Bainimarama is China’s puppet in the Pacific and his role is to apart from humiliating the local population, humiliate Fiji’s traditional allies in return for those ‘benefits with strings’.

Who then is running the country? In reality, it is China who is now aggressively determining the evolution of Fiji’s national landscape and more so that of the Pacific region. Their “puppet recruitment campaign” has netted corrupt leaders within the MSG such as Somare who lends credence to Bainimarama’s coup and in particular the direction in which Fiji is travelling. We should expect the consolidation of Bainimarama’s puppet power over the military and country including a direct succession to leadership by his son. We can expect an increase in the size of the military who receives all their training in China. We should expect a continual purge within his ranks. We should expect a society which mirrors communist China’s values. We should also expect more Chinese participation in the economy and all aspects of governance. What we should not expect is an election in 2014 and a return to the good old days.

On a serious note, the future of the Pacific and in particular Fiji is in dire straits and drastic urgent action must be taken to end this dark period of tyranny in Fiji. Desperate times call for desperate actions and the ambitions of China must never be allowed to take root at the expense of Fiji and our future generations. There is no question that Bainimarama and his evil regime must go and to do this we must condone the use of armed resistance and acts such as the assassinations, bombings and the forceful overthrow of tyranny in order to regain our democratic freedoms and basic human rights.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz is an emotional child and cries when he isn't given attention and Frank is his Manbag !

Jake said...

Anon @ 10:42 PM

A lot more credence would be paid if only you had the balls to use your Christian name but then again it is to be expected from weaklings with pernicious motives.


Anonymous said...

What's amazing to me is how Roko Ului or Pita Driti do not seem to have the balls to get rid of this treasonous thug. Outside they dress up like Bulldogs but inside they're bunch of poofy poodles!
Ra dau tukuna mai Kadavu "Levu ga na fancy wate baci".
Perhaps these two are also unprincipled men enslaved to the dollar that Bai and Ayaz give them.
Morally corrupt is the word that comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Jake is like his katukatu hero Voreqe, they don't mind using the free media to express their views but forbid others in Fiji to express theirs...selfish bastards...I feel sorry for their children because they will end up being the same sorry little self serving rats.

Anonymous said...


This is a cyber blog - populated by Anons & Non de plumes' - its a place where people with a common interest(this case overthrow of current regime) exchange views & information - though didn't personally agree with most of it - that was a readable article by someone who care's enough about the subject - had the patience to present.

Sure all Anon'a of this blog will be more than delighted to show you our collective testicles - but
first you show us your brain?

Anonymous said...

Whenever Baini goes for a heart surgery in China, the Chinese implant a microchip which controls him.
The Chinese are worlds ahead of us and Baini thinks they're his allies. Tonga is bankrupt now and can't pay the chinese back very soon their country will be called CHONGA! Fiji might be heading down that same path..... God bless Fiji.