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Friday, December 10, 2010

Regime's explanations about cancelled marches ring hollow

It seems the protocols of New Zealand, Australia and the United States have their uses when it suits the illegal regime.

After telling tourists to ignore travel advisories posted by the three countries for the past four years, the regime is now urging people to heed a warning by the US Embassy about its people getting involved in any marches in the country today.

In a statement released yesterday evening, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Information, Sharon Smith Johns, backed Frank Bainimarama's earlier claim the permits for two major marches had been cancelled because of the US travel advisory.

In her release she says the Embassy sent out a alert on Wednesday warning American citizens that "these marches may have an anti government tone and it is possible that assembled groups may become unruly".

Smith Johns said the cancellation of the annual Coalition of Human Rights march and the Fiji one planned for in Suva today is unfortunate. 

"Government had given the permit for the march in October, this was a planned peaceful march of women, children and families to show their support for human rights."

She says "given these circumstances it is most unfortunate that Government has had to cancel the planned march."

"It's understood the US Embassy was reacting to an anonymous blog suggesting the march was not going to be a peaceful one."

She  said it was unbecoming for one of the most powerful countries in the world to be reacting to statements which originated from a blog-site.

"As you know we do not react to this type of information because it has proven time and again to be inaccurate and detrimental to the country. However, on this occasion for some reason the American Embassy has chosen to take heed of gossip and rumor rather than confirm the facts with the Fiji Government."

She stressed the reason for the cancellation was because basically the American Embassy was causing confusion among the people of Fiji.

"What was supposed to be a peaceful march in support of Human Rights Coalition, is now not happening", and why, " all because the American Embassy decides to advice US citizens of the possibility of violence and riots based on a blog site.

But Smith Johns failed to say the regime has for years been telling tourists to ignore the travel advisory of the three countries. Its explanation for the cancellation is ridiculous and is already being torn to shreds by people who say the regime is running scared from an anti-Baini march. Picture: Baini and Smith Johns.


mark manning said...

Tik Toc Tik Toc indeed !

Joe said...

US, Aust & NZ must have done a data matching of the intelligence available to them, hence the travel warning. The likely scenario is that there is a considerable split in the military and things can turn nasty. On the contrary, if the military had total control, unlawful and illegal though, like in the past 4yrs, then safety is guaranteed except for diplomats and business executives of course. My little $0.02 worth of advice to the marchers is to wait for the dictator to go overseas, then make your move, but keep up with the ground work. Wait for the right time. The liberation of Fiji and its people is definitely in sight.

Joe said...

So, the proposed march is on the agenda now, is it? When will Steven McGann be deported? If no direct flights to US are available, what about a connecting flight through China? My apologies, it is Xmas time and all flights are full. OK then, arrest him and let him spend Xmas with the grass skirt poofters at QEB, in transit.

Anonymous said...

this is another liar and delay tactic of ag/bani/sharon to stay in power..
they lamu .they know in the past history.
when march happens .coup/riot will happen in fiji.
start counting your last days..

mark manning said...

they look like 2 tubby teddies !

Tik Tok said...

Cassava patch dash coming soon. Run khaiyum run .....Tik Tok....Tik Tok....

Anonymous said...

March or no march, no amount of water or rain can refresh this withered plant...they are going down the drain one by one...Just keep an eye on the IAG...he might already started his exit plan...he also know how to fly a plane.

Anonymous said...

What happened? where are the marchers ? How many gathered at Sukuna Park?

This group did not need a permit so what went wrong?

Where are the supporters or were the organisers really out to sabotage the other permited march by coinciding with the permited march. And then say those who marched were marching for IG to be out!!!

Lets Cut Out The Rhetoric. said...

First public barometer test (straw poll of both commender & president - direction Drua Viti's currently heading.

Interesting? March on a Sat - not traditional Fri. Interesting also who shows up? Fired up Kai Naitasiri + Others with traditional axes to grind alongside Church would make an interesting mix?

Anonymous said...

I heard Voreqe was flown out to china this morning due to an emergency - he had a relapse. Can someone confirm if this is true? Or is it another rumour?

Coup 4.5 said...

Not sure. We were told when he came back that there was a chance he would return to China for more treatment but we have been unable to verify this independently.-C4.5 Editor

Susan said...

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