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Friday, December 3, 2010

Second march aimed at ousting Baini announced

A second march aimed at showing the discontent of Fiji people against the self-appointed military government has been announced this morning.

The march is being organised by the Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement in Australia and is scheduled for this Sunday (December the 5th) in Sydney to coincide with the fourth anniversary of the December 6 coup.

Yesterday, a frontman for Save Fiji Movement revealed the group is organising a march for next Friday in Suva, aimed at delivering a petition to the illegally appointed president, Epeli Nailatikau, urging him to dismantle the Bainimarama regime.

In a statement, the Fiji Democracy Movement says it wants members of the public who are concerned about what is happening in Fiji to join the Fijian Community in the protest march.

It says the people of Fiji are fed up with the lies and failure of Commodore Bainimarama and his illegal government.

Quote:..."Given that he has lost most of his supporters since 2006, Commodore Bainimarama should do the honourable thing and hand the power over to a civilian caretaker government that will take the nation to general election."

The freedom movement says since 2006 lives have been lost and thousands have been beaten by security forces. "Basic human rights has been removed and given the gagged media since April last year, people have been suffering in silence."

The statement goes on to say: "The illegal regime’s report card, after four years, does not reveal any hope that they are capable of governing. According to a report by Professor Wadan Narsey of the University of the South Pacific this week, since December 2006:

a) investment level has dropped 15%
b) National savings has also dropped dramatically
c) There has been negative economic growth every year since 2007
d) They have aimed to reign in fiscal debt and public debt but, as a matter of fact, they have been increasing it consistently with military budget blow outs and increases in national budget allocations since 2007
e) The Military has again received the lions shares proposed for next year’s budget with a further $8 million increase to purchase new weapons
f) Inflation has shot through the roof with a 20% and will further increase with the proposed 2.5% VAT increase next year
g) And unemployment and poverty is a major issue with 70% of those living in poverty are rural dwellers and it now stands at 38% of the population.

The freedom movement says it's believed the cost of the coup since 2006 is at least $2,000 million plus.

"The illegal reign of Commodore Bainimarama and his cronies has been a total failure and we are asking everyone out there with any sense of human rights, justice and human dignity to come join with the Sydney Fijian Community in protest this Sunday."


Anonymous said...

Who is this guy Jake? Clearly not a soldier as he is out of step with everyone else.

Jake said...

The dissenting voices of ignorance inveigh while the preponderance of good over evil remains unshakable.

I suppose its C'est la vie.

There is no hope in hell this or any other protestation would even dent the resolve of the new order.

The one thing this dejected crew ought to be mindful of is the fable of the boy who cried wolf for the Australian and New Zealand governments know of their deceitful intentions.

It time for these rejects to come clean about their intentions and the reasons why they want the status quo reinstated or is there something a lot more pernicious they are concealing.

Hail to the new order and the honest people of Fiji.


Liu Muri said...

Ha ha ha, what a joke-Human Rights, justice and human dignity. Where were these words during Qarase regime? Who will lead this i Taukei march, the Chewing Gum Chewing ethno nationalist Ted Young and the racist Kaitani who was Minister of Information in George Speight’s illegal Cabinet? What a bunch of spineless hypocrites, for whom democracy means perpetual indigenous rule. If majority happens to be with others, then democracy becomes a foreign flower in native soil. How come that native soil is now crying for that foreign flower when the M 16 are aimed at those who thought Fiji Army would never oppose the racist Fijians.
Those who danced on the burning effigy of democracy in 1987 and 2000 are now crying for it – CRYING WITH CROCODILE TEARS.... sob sob....

Anonymous said...

I for one am marching and I also opposed the 2000 coup. I was too young to remember the 1987 coup. My point is, no coup is good. The coup is not a way of achieving a peace loving democracy.

mongoose madness said...

Could you imagine the no ticker mongoose marching??

Anonymous said...


Look at countries where people have stood up in unity and multitude, they removed their self appointed and self serving leaders.

The i taukei have tolerated the foreigners too much that is why we are having all these problems in Fiji. Unfortunately the foreigners like the Indians (in Fiji) and the half castes (kai lomas) generally do not believe that the i taukeis deserve to rule and dwell in their own land called Viti or Fiji.

POWER BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE - IT DOES NOT BELONG TO THE MOUTH OF THE BARREL (GUNS)... enough tolerating garbage, enough is enough, we should fight to the end for the sake of our grandchildren's future - we need fearless leaders right now, even if it means death, this is a fight to the end, LET US DO IT ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

sara'ssista said...

Has anyone recently smuggled in a snipers rifle during a boat holiday to Fiji? Or perhaps baini would do the right thing and swallow a land mine.

mark manning said...

I think Frank is too busy sucking on Aiyaz P*l* to swallow the land mine and why waste a perfectly good bullet on Frank when is is in his dieing days from his stroke anyway ?

Has anyone seen him, spoken to him, heard him speak since the collapse at Nadi airport ?

Has anyone seen his son, daughter and wife since then, or what mood they are in ?

Have any Military Officers seen him ?

Why is aiyaz controlling you guys ?

Anonymous said...

Very well put Liu Muri.

God bless you and Fiji !!!

Jake said...

When I first read this particular thread I was lightly taken aback then I realised the author for all the bravado he bared was lacking even the rudiments of courage.

He goes on to besmirch two other nationalities with no factual evidence to support his argument but what bothered me the most was his failure to use his real name, he for what’s its worth is an abject coward of the worst kind.

Rogoci au vaka vinaka kawa ni dau bili da, most Fijian chiefs past or present are half castes and most probably includes you forbearers.

People do not support this protest for the cracks are already appearing these drongo’s aren’t interested in Democracy each are out to feathers their nest’s.


nadina said...

E kemudou - au rogoca ni sa tiko mai USA on Timoci Bainimara [RT na SONA] to bury his wife.
May they all rot the bunch of blood suckers!!

Anonymous said...

this is to all FIJIAN-(KAIVITI) please please , when ever baini is brought down , never ever blame indians for the mess , no question that indian's plan , took part in coup ,army has 99% Fijian boys and you Fijian failed to protect your own institution ,so why blame others.

Anonymous said...

Fijians have no guts and there will be no march.

Commander and Chief Sir Khaiyum will give orders to shoot marchers on sight and this will be followed by the fiji military. The police will also be involved arresting protesters.

Get used to life under Sir Khaiyum people, sit back and relax unless you want to risk your life fighting for a lost cause.

K'huta said...

Yes she has been overstaying there for ages...so they can't even bring her rotten body to Viti.

Jieke said...

Jake you carawai...too much talk for someone who enjoys freedom in whiteman's land...the very country whose popocies he condemns.

You kawa ca.

Jake said...


Who the hell are you calling carawai! carawai o bumu luveni 626.


Anonymous said...

I chuckle when I hear people being called kawaca, kaitani, bokola or kaisi by other bloggers in this site. I was taught that it takes a bigger one to know the other.

Anonymous said...

And to indigenous Fijians who continue to berate Indo-Fijians with racisit venom, the Pacific was initially peopled by a group from India who brought with them their own style of sophisticated governance. This coupled with other migrations from China/Taiwan/Indonesia etc into the Pacific, developed into the Polynesians of the Pacific. These early (prior to 17th century) Polynesians, introduced cannibalism to the Melanesian Fijians whilst trading in Fiji. Although their latter generations of the late 18th and 19th centuries claimed otherwise. So, learn to know WHO U ARE and quit talking about Indians because their blood is in our veins. As for the present, if you care to look into I Taukei society now, you will find there is so much mixed marriages with increasing ITaukei/Indo-Fijian that in 50 years' time, there will no so-called full blooded native Fijian.

Taukei. said...

@ Anon 8:38.

Never been about race - blood or marriages - all about culture - and quite frankly Kai Dia leaves a lot to be desired.
Check out home model?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.23am. The mischievious claim you make, while grossly irresponsible is very, very dangerous. Since you call on people to support this march, be courageous and identify yourself so if someone is hurt, they may come and claim damage from you. Oh, and don't forget to add your contact address and phone number.

Anonymous said...

no march.waste of time .just get the bastard to naboro.or to hell.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that "JAKE" is someone who WANTS to impress us bloggers with his French,a wannabee, his kila ka [kila ga - va ya!!]
In summary, levu ga na viavia!!!!