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Monday, December 6, 2010

Two more DPP lawyers get the boot

The DPP deputy - Ratu David Toganivalu - and another lawyer, Ana Tuiketei, have been fired. 

Both were given termination letters today by the illegal solictor general Christopher Pryde.

Toganivalu was involved in a number of the regime's major cases, including that of the eight men accused of plotting to kill the self-appointed prime minister Frank Bainimarama.

Tuiketei will be remembered for the more recent case involving the Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Chaudhry. 
She last week opposed an application by Chaudhry to access his Sydney bank accounts but unbelievably decided not to oppose his travel plans.

Chauhdry was today granted permission to travel to Australia to seek medical treatment from December the 20th to January the 6th but has been put on fresh bail of $1,000.


Anonymous said...

Big Risk?

If Chaudhry fails to return - Daniel Goundar should face same fate as these 2.

Anonymous said...

ag is firing every one that doesnt listern to him.sad day.dpp no longer neutral.sad day for fiji.

mark manning said...

I'd love to meet Mr. Chaudhry when he arrives and ask him what he has done with the $2,000,000 and why he supported the illegal Regime !

so the Regime is now running around sacking its own ! Who's next and on whose say so ?

Anonymous said...

Mark M - you still intend coming to Suva protest march?

Jake said...

Mark Manning.

Should you not concern yourself with the abo's plight there in Australia rather than concern yourself with Fiji.

If you only muster 15 people for your disastrous protest than it would be your interest to don you gumboots and look after those sheeps.

For the majority of Fijian people have come to terms that change is a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Given Ana Tuiketei's appalling lack of judgment & common sense in this matter - good move.
Stated previously - remember this persons name if sometime in the future you need a lawyer?

mark manning said...

@ Anon 939 p.m. & Jake
Suva is the last place on earth i want to go to, it's a dump, like the slum areas of Calcutta, thanks anyway for the invite and concern.

@ Jake
We'll see on Friday won't we !

Joe said...

Dont forget to say bye to MC. Fiji will never ever see him again.

Anonymous said...

ag think he is the sadam of the fiji.
hiring and firing people .he should know his fate will end up like sadam.
david and anna can get a better job and pay in overseas.these young lawyers should stand up and fight for justice now.i hope all lawyers just have a big strike but it wont.bec most lawyers are liars/greedy like their ag taliban.

Anonymous said...

Chodori laughing all the way to the bank as usual... $1000 bail what a deterrent for a person like Chodo! This court system is a circus.

Capt. T said...

People didnt i soemtime back wote that AG will cut all Mara connections ... the Deputy DPP is related to Mara family ( cousion) and the Manager Fruad is from Lau.

The Lau connections are geting the boots !!!

Comw March - down with oppression !

Anonymous said...

After Goundar pronounced judgement, all present in court stood up to sing "Isa, Isa, vulagi lasa dina" as Chaudhry left to board Air Pacific flight NCB440 - No Come Back 440!

Anonymous said...

Oi @ Anon-mouse Dec 6, 9.59pm

You're sound like some sour grape bush lawyer... so clueless.. LOL..

Ana Tuiketei is a lot more smarter and did what was expected of her - of course, you wouldn't understand, being an arm-chair critic bush lawyer. Now go suck on a lemon over your obsession with Chaudhary. Sucker!

Anonymous said...

To critics of Toganivalu and Tuiketei and other lawyers at DPP, please note that these young people deserve our support and not ridicule. They studied hard, spent many sleepless nights to earn their degrees, then, they have and continue to work hard under challenging conditions caused by an illegal regime, under severe pressure, these young lawyers work knowing that one small slip will cause immediate dismissal. They have families to feed, mortages to pay and other debts. Ana & David, ex-DPP and current DPP lawyers - you are our real champions for working under conditions you didn't dream possible whilst you were studying for if you could tell your future, you would have changed courses then. I sympathise my angels and I pray for each of you. Stay blessed.

Anonymous said...

dont worry anna/david.one day yu guys will take pryde/ag taliban to icc.stay blessed.
we will pay for that great day.when we get all these bani and ag and the cronies in court.

Anonymous said...

Jake says,

And tghe winner is Mahen the-thief, my hero dictator Vore & Aiyaz, shameem & others....wow go dictator go. Aiyaz make sure remember me in your wealth sharing and money laundaring.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 3:11.

What is expected of lawyers is integrity and common sense.

Lawyers are not there to serve themselves - they are expected to reflect & support public opinion.

No matter how you look at it - public opinion & common sense is saying Chaudhry remains a definate flight risk?

Maybe you could explain her attempt to transpose local law onto foreign jurisdictions?
(AUS bank accounts).

Anonymous said...

Chaudhry is not one to run from a fight.
Qarase cam back and so will MC.
Sincere sympathy to Ana and David over this sham.

Anonymous said...

@ A-mouse 5.32p.m!

Nice try sucker...but best u put to task that pea-sized bushlawyer brain of urs & go figure. LOL.

Or perhaps try the learned Judge, who mite be kind enuf to spare a min or two drilling some basic "commonsense & integrity" into an armchair critic bush lawyer.

Blinded by your hatred for Chaudhary? Do what u do best will ya & keep sucking on that lemon SUCKER!

Anonymous said...

Btw @ A-mouse 5.32, your expectations of commonsense & integrity - reveal your name and it'll take me a minute to prove you hold neither!

All the best Ana & David!

Anonymous said...

Good to see Ana gone. Another native who did not know how to handle her drinks. BTW she aint from Lau. She is from Tailevu. Push! Tailevu!

Leone said...

wait for it people Frank takes things by the step just watch, I hope you will except whatever his decision will be, hahahha

CJC. said...

Anon 7:51 & 7:45.

Anthony Gates.

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