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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

US ambassador next to go?

The US Ambassador to Fiji, Steve McGann, could be booted out if he doesn't bring back good news from Washington.

Frank Bainimarama has told the Fijian program Radio Fiji 1, that he is prepared to expel the US ambassador from Fiji.

Bainimarama said that if the US continues to hinder progress in the country and oppose his government, he will have no qualms about kicking McGann out.

The dictator said he is "letting things be" for the moment as McGann is in Washington discussing ways to improve the US relationship with Fiji.

He added if the US increased their opposition to Fiji’s progress – then it was best they move out like Australia and New Zealand and wait to re-engage with the government that would be elected after elections in 2014.

Bainimarama told Radio Fiji 1 it is best that these countries stand aside as his government is implementing a process and road map set out in the Peoples Charter, to remove once and for all the elements that brought about instability to the country.

Bainimarama has already booted out the Australian and New Zealand ambassadors from Fiji.


Lickspittle said...

We all (except for Croz) have our doubts about the dictator's state of mind. While his academic achievements (or the lack thereof) are on record, recent noises clearly indicate that he has gone mad. Asking the public for advise what he should do with the American Ambassador is more than just a lapse. It shows that Fiji is ruled by someone who does not even understand the most basic principles of diplomacy and international cooperation. If it was not for the dire consequences Fiji has to suffer from such simply idiotic mutterings, we could call him moron have a good laugh and move on. Increasingly, the international perception of Fiji (the cables that the EU Delegation sends to Brussels are interesting reading in this regard) is that of a total basket case, a people of unsophisticated dimwits ruled by complete idiots. Look just a little beyond the actions of foreigners such as Pryde, Smith Jones, Gates, Walsh and you can see the smug grin of patronizing. And the jokes that are traded at diplomatic functions in Suva are getting more acidic by the day. The French Ambassador's leg was pulled by a colleague who believed that his Fiji experience would eminently qualify him for a posting in North Korea...McGann remarked that he needed a psychology degree, a black belt in karate and a fat joint every morning to deal with the daily challenges in Lala land.

If Frank is indeed prepared to ask us, the public for our view and advise it would perhaps be not such a bad idea to call for elections in 2011. Then the people of Fiji could decide if they want their relations with Australia, the EU New Zealand and the USA destroyed by a megalomanic moron who insists that he must be called Prime Minister.

Joe said...

I strongly agree with "Lickspittle".
Frank is insane and beyond help. I dont know what else to say. There really is no hope for Fiji anymore.

USA said...

The government ministries from monday are going around consulting PS and Minsiters if the US ambassador will be kicked out.

Let me make it plain simple frank, you boot the US ambassador out, we immediatly boot our 400 soliders in Israel. That mission is scantioned and paid by USA not UN.

You have no money in your government system, FNPF reports for 2010 showing a 209 million profits is missin, your RBF chief has ran away- what direction are you taking Fiji?

Anonymous said...

OMG!! FB is crazy to mess with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Anonymous said...

Yeah do it!!! I bet u can't do it. You chicken shit. Murderer...

Anonymous said...

He should threaten to withdraw Fiji aid to the US. That will make them tremble at the knees.

Anonymous said...

Ulukau ga na ulukau.
Who gave you the authority to kick anybody out!
Which province in Fiji gave you that authority?
You have no authority over us here in Naitasiri.
I'm sorry but we don't know you.
So piss off and go and play your stupid game somewhere else.

Joe said...

"The US Ambassador to Fiji, Steve McGann, could be booted out if he doesn't bring back good news from Washington."

Good news for you theiving bastards or good news for the other 800,000+ people?

Fiji military wanker said...

Do it you mongoose maniac - go on girl - stop dribbling and DO IT YOU HUMAN RIGHT ABUSING COWARD!

mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama is a coward, short and sweet.
He is incompetent and can't accept blame and has no humility !
He likes to blame everyone else and accepts no criticism for his own failings and short comings.
In short, he worse than a teenage girl !

Does anyone know if he is actually speaking or if he is incapacitated after his stroke, because his rhetoric sounds very much like Aiyaz ?

Let's see if the coward of the Pacific is prepared to carry out his threat and take on the United States Government !
It's not called the " UNITED States " for nothing Frank.
In fact, I dare you Frank to expel their Ambassador.

curry coup farce said...

This indo Fijian supported coup has become a total farce. Nothing will change for Fijians and those morons supporting the failed coup have shot themselves in the foot.
Bhaini is nothing but posturing and tantrums - a bit like his dumb mate lord ha ha of horriblemanua!!!

Joe said...

@ curry coup farce said..
Get your facts right mate. This is not an Indo Fijian supported coup. It is actually the opposite when all tikinas are offering tabuas and asking for forgiveness. If you are making reference to indo businessmen, They will support whoever is in power for obvious reasons, and yes, they have supported all past coups, esp. SP8 coup in 2000. Dont generalise it. The majority of Indos DO NOT support this coup.

Anonymous said...

Go ahead quack...quack...since when you decide racism can be resolved in our country...it was there since the creation of the earth and for some reason a lunatic came a long and decide he can solve it!! Just get ready to face reality and make sure you hire a good lawyer..may be just hire AIYASSH...

Anonymous said...

Racism as always rears its ugly head in all the blogs that i read on Fiji. Anon 2.18 hits it on the head. So many tikina's including those from Naitasiri are begging Franky for forgivness and giving him tabua's etc. If this is not support of the coup then what is. May be it is just "Masipolo" hoping to get a piece of the pie. Big business people will suppport any government as that is the way of true businessmen. Stay a- political and make money. So please stop bringing race into the picture as we all have oportunists amongest us. These blogs are about democracy the rule of law, Human rights etc etc and racism simply doen not fit into any of these noble ideas.

Anonymous said...

It's time for America to save face. America should get on the front foot and discharge the Fijian soldiers from Sinai today! Then warn Bai that if he so much as to threaten kicking out the amabasador then all hell will break loose.
Sometimes the only message that thugs understand is to be thugged!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Joe for educating the "curry farce" 2:18. He cannot go beyond race. What does "curry farce" think that chiefs who are linning up up to give their aplogies to the PM doing? These are the same people who supported all prvious coups and for a time since 2006 were crying crocodile tears for democracy. Does "curry farce" think that these chiefs love democracy or love Cmdr Frank Baininmarama? No, my dear God's child, they love themselves. They are missing their privileges, money, Pajeros and the houses in Tamavua which they enjoyed under previous regimes and the think the the Prime Minister might restore these if they pretended to love him. Thes chiefs are hypocrites and not worried about the ordinary i-taukei in the villages and squatter settlements. These fellow poor Fijians remain poor and disadvantaged as they did under Rabuka and Qarase because the chiefs took all the best cuts, inclduing the best cuts out of the lease money; and they noow want it back. so don't play the race card. I am sure you love and eat dhal, roti and the goat curry or the jobs that gujeratis provide to all of us.