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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

US visa denials could leave pained regime twiddling thumbs

TWIDDLING THUMBS: Kubuabola and Saumatua
The wings of the likes of the widely-travelled illegal  foreign afffairs minister, Inoke Kubuabola (pictured left in this picture), may well have been clipped, if the US decision on visas continues. 

The ubiquitous Kubuabola has a habit of popping up in many places and was one of the last from the regime to be in the US this year (remember that staged picture of him with Clinton?), along with Voreqe Bainimarama.
But it appears the US has taken a stand with the dictatorship and is refusing visas. Three have been denied in the past two weeks - to the illegal chief justice Anthony Gates, the illegal Fisheries Minister, Viliame Naupoto, and the Minister for Local Government and Environment Colonel Samuela Saumatua (pictured above with Kubuabola).

The latter was supposed to leave for Mexico today to attend the 16th Conference on Climate Change. 

The regime, especially Sayed-Khaiyum, is taking the rejections hard, describing the US embassy decisions as deplorable.

The US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, said when she visited New Zealand and Australia recently that America would join forces with the two countries to persuade Suva to return Fiji to democracy. Let's hope the visas is the start of that campaign.


mark manning said...

I'm not making lite of this man's death today, but it's as if the Regime of Frank Bainimarama, is taking the same road as his Financial Adviser, Mr. Squiggle.


Stealth. said...

See no reason why State should treat illegal foreign minister any differently than other regime supporters who have been denied visa's.

mark manning said...

Boo Hoo Aiyaz, wasn't he the one who sulked when rejected by the Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer or Mr. Smith or was it one of the New Guinea Delegation who rejected him saying that he had no say and shouldn't even be there in New Guinea representing Fiji under false pretenses and with no mandate ?

Joe said...

Dont you just love this? It hurts when they are denied visas, but they have no hesitation in arresting and deporting people who dont dance to their tune. Serve the bastards right. I dare you morons to dish out the same treatment to Mr Steven McGann. No democratic nation should entertain these thugs. I urge the US to send all Fijian peace keepers, wherever they are, back home immediately. Just a little more pressure, and this illegal regime will crumble.

Radiolucas said...

"persuade Suva to return Fiji to democracy"?

How do they plan to negotiate with this band of idiots? What sort of incentives do you offer a dictatorial regime that already does anything it likes, whenever it likes, with no regard for law, good government or common sense?

I think it is more hot air for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Fiji does not need to visit these international organisations to tell them the outcome of her development programmes. Through the Peace Corps, America has been spying on Fiji since 2004 when it decided to re-introduce the Peace Corp so as to ease American spy movement to look closer into Chinese connection to Fiji and other vulnerable countries in the Pacific. Secondly, Fiji is just too dumb to notice that the very country (Australia) she does not like at the moment, in fact, controls her money market and has been doing so for almost 20 years. The Reserve Bank of Fiji, somehow has never picked this up or, if it did, some of its corrupt officials would not have been able to transfer their personal funds overseas as alleged recently re: SA DA Reddy's $850,000 to NZ. But, this is the way of international economic politics under the name of globalisation. Evil..evil..evil.

mark manning said...

Bill and Ben, flowerpot men !

Anonymous said...

Isa, what a sad and pathetic pic of the Illegal Ministers.Can you see the two with the HOLES formed by their two hands? A pic "speaks a thousand words" indeed!!
Why the HOLES I beg to ask? Any comments to enlighten one and all??

Anonymous said...

Rau taba tu e raua na Tui ni kana loto!!! SHAME ON YOU Kubuabola and Saumatua!!!

Drau qai nomudrau dui koro drau lai tea na kemudrau!!!

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