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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Key urged to ignore Leweni nomination

The Fiji and Democracy Movement has written to the New Zealand prime minister, John Key, in protest at the interim government's decision to nominate Major Neumi Leweni as its next envoy.

The group describes Leweni as a 'key thug in the Fiji coup' and warns New Zealand would be allowing a criminal to enter the country if it agrees to his nomination. 

The movement's president, Usai Peter Waqatairewa, dismisses Leweni as a former drummer in the army band, who profited from the suffering of his fellow countrymen.

Wawatairewa says Key needs to remember that Leweni is the chief censor and encorcer of the Public Emergency Decree, which has supressed freedom of speech in Fiji and legitimased the military regime.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leweni earmarked for NZ position

Fiji's interim Permanent Secretary for Information Neumi Leweni has been earmarked to head Fiji’s High Commission in Wellington.

It’s understood the nomination for the position of Fiji’s representative in New Zealand has been put forward by the Fiji Government.

But Leweni said it will be entirely up to Foreign Affairs and the New Zealand government.

The Government spokesman joined the military in 1974 and was one of two official spokesmen for the Military in 2006.

He resigned in August 2007 to take up a diplomatic post, as Military attaché to China - Fijilive

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Qarase's case adjourned to next month

Fiji's ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's corruption case has been adjourned until February 23. 

He is accused of abuse of five charges of abuse of office brought by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption in 2008.

FICAC told the High Court today it needs more time to consolidate conspiracy charges against him and Qarase's lawyer Qoriniasi Bale has asked for further clarification from the court as to what the consolidation of charges will mean for his client.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Decrees to overhaul justice system

The interim government has introduced three new decrees, saying it represents the first signficant reform of the criminal justice system since the Penal Code and Criminal Procedure Code were first passed. 

The Crimes Decree, the Criminal Procedure Decree and the Sentencing and Penalties Decree come into effect on February the First.

In a statement, the interim government says the Crimes Decree for the first time creates offences of crimes against humanity and of people smuggling. The offence of rape is now gender neutral and is defined in a new and enlightened way.

It says the Criminal Procedure Decree has special provisions for the taking of the evidence of vulnerable witnesses, and spouses are now both competent and compelled to give evidence against the accused.

The Sentencing and Penalties Decree gives powers to the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court to issue guideline sentencing judgments to ensure that sentences are consistent, proportionate to the offending and that they therefore lead to greater public confidence in the justice system.