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Friday, October 29, 2010


Oh, how quick how the winds of change - and fortunes - seem to be blowing through the Queen Elizabeth barracks of Suva at the moment.

We now hear from very reliable sources that Brigadier General Pita Driti and the 3FIR Commander Lieutenant Colonel Roko Tevita Uluilakeba Mara have made good of their sad situation.

We've been told they have apologised to self-appointed prime minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, and will be reinstated from today.

Driti and Roko Ului fell out with Bainimarama after his loyalists supporters spotted what they believed was a plot hatched by the senior officers to overthrow Fiji's leader. As is his way, Bainimarama sent them on 'outstanding leave' in what informed observers and those who have been there before believed was a path of no-return.

Two replacements were even named for Driti and Roko Ului as the regime continued to deny there was a fall out.

Coupfourpointfive has no doubt there were ructions but as has been the pattern of late within the regime and at the barracks, these messy break-ups of the military have become icky make-ups that even Hollywood would find embarassing.

Source: Fiji's Permanent Secretary of Information threatened cheating boyfriend and his new girlfriend retribution from military

The subject of sex has found its way to our blog pages.

First with the suggestion that Pita Driti was ousted because he was caught having a bit on the side and second with the revelation that the ousted Major Ana Rokomokoti and newly-appointed Land Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel, Mosese Tikoitoga, were caught shagging after their trip to Levuka early this year. 

This blog and others have documented the self-indulgences of this regime, so the extra-maritals along with the shameless nepotism and cronyism is well-known to us.

Still, more revelations this week confirm the questionable calibre of the people hand picked and annointed by Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to supposedly clean up the country and bring about Utopia.

Text messages from the mobile phone used by the Permanent Secretary of Information, Sharon Smith-Johns, have found their way into cyberspace and have been forwarded to Coupfourpointfive.

There have been rumours that she slept her way to the top, but if you think about it, she is not doing anything different from what most of those appointed by the regime are doing, metaphorically speaking of course.

But according to our information, the regime's mouthpiece tried to monster the guy she was dating and another woman when  she found out he was two timing her.

Our source says the incident occured in June-July and that the story is "known to party-goers like myself and others who love going to the O'Reiley's bar in Suva."

The source named the bouncer as, Tevita Qaqanivalu, saying Smith-Johns got him a job as a bodyguard for her good friend Judge John Connors but that "u
nbeknown to Smith-Johns, he was also dating other girls."

"Tevita went to Australia for a holiday and this was when Smith-Johns found out about his other girlfriends and she dumped him. But she told him in a text that the military would give him a hiding when he returned to Suva for what he did to her.

"Poor Tevita, of course, went running back to Smith-Johns, because he knew, just like anyone else in Fiji, that if the soldiers get their hands on you, you're a dead man."

The source says Smith-Johns sent angry text messages to both Qaqanivalu and the woman he was seeing in Sydney.

Coupfourpointfive has seen those text messages and can verify they came from the same number (9905558) that is used by media in the region to talk to the regime's head of Ministry of Information.

We can also verify that the messages from that mobile number promise retribution by the military.

Smith-Johns and others are being paid prime Fiji dollars to supposedly do the good work and use the country's resources to bring about a better life for all Fiji people not to bring to heel straying lovers.

Fiji taxpayers should demand better from their money.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The secretive Deloitte Report clears APRIL over Natadola Bay Project


The illegal Attorney-General and a serial tax dodger (Coupfourpointfive has obtained his tax file for the last ten years) Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is refusing to release the Deloitte Report to the public, whose $1.5million he stole to fund Deloitte, because the Report  has cleared the previous contractors APRIL of any wrongdoing regarding FNPF’s investment in the Natadola project.

A copy of the secret Report, dated 21 July 2010, and obtained by me, was divided into the following sections regarding Natadola: Investment funding; Payments made to suppliers; Term deposits made by FNPF;  Location of assets purchased;  FNPF governance procedures; and  Conflicts of interest. In its investigation, Deloitte noted that FNFP had spent $350,000 on its Natadola investment. However, the Report concluded that all payments were in order.

In its investigation, Deloitte drew up a long lists of what it classified as ‘lower risk payments’.  The Report, however, concluded that there were no payments in this category that involved APRIL entities. What about the payments relating to the Bures at Natadola? Again, the Report found that all these payments were in order, and there was no evidence at all of any inappropriate or improper invoicing, delivery or payment. Moreover, APRIL also never abused its position in relation to appointments etc etc, etc.

The Report also notes that after April’s termination, serious defect’s in FNPF’s processes arose and were not remedied. Importantly, no competent (or any) Development Manager was appointed, and no replacement for a Suva accountant was made.  Crucially, the Report also found that there was no basis or justification for the former chairman of the Natadola Bay project Felix Anthony’s assertion that significant savings of over $100 million would flow from the removal of APRIL  in the development of Natadola.

Meanwhile, Deloitte’s governance findings concluded with a recommendation that a referral of FNPF’s practices be made to FICAC, the much vaunted but one sided persecution machine of Khaiyum, the illegal Attorney-General and Minister for Justice, Anti-Corruption, Public Enterprises, Industry, Tourism, Trade and Communications.

Editor’s Note: Stay tuned for a detailed account of the Deloitte Report and ‘The Khaiyum Taxgate’.

Other manouverings to follow departure of Fiji's Iron Lady?

A word to the doubting Thomases .... Major Ana Rokomokoti has been booted out of the military as reported by Coupfourpointfive on Monday. 

The former Iron Lady of Fiji (pictured right) was told to go three weeks ago but was officially fired at the end of last week.
She had lost her job as the Chief Registrar of Fiji's tainted judiciary earlier this year and was replaced by a Sri Lankan expatriate.

Her final ousting came after Pita Driti, the Land Force Commander, was sent on leave - Frank Bainimarama's favoured method of disposing the disaffected, on Friday.

Rokomokoti's depature, coming so quick on the heels of that of Driti and Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara (the deposed 3FIR Commander who was sent on leave before Driti), was not something the regime wanted revealed.

Coupfourpointfive sources say Rokomokoti has already applied for the position of Legal Officer with Carpenters Finance. 

Rokomokoti's case was pleaded by Driti who insisted she retain her rank and employment in the military, but her boss was actually her close buddy, Brigadier Aziz Mohammed, who we suspect will be next to find himself manouvered.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dictator's naysayer musings fail to hide the lies

DICTATOR: Things were not functioning before I came along!

By Jone Baledrokadroka former land force commander

My best critic and old mate the illegal Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama, has stirred himself to issue more propaganda after the Coupfourpointfive revelations about Pita Driti and Roko Ului Mara and their supposed leave.

Trying to step deftly over the cracks that have been exposed, he seeks to discredit the revelations and subsequent debate as coming from "the same group of people who criticize everything the government does."

Finding easy converts in local media and in particular a pro-military blog, me old mate continues to insist the country was going nowhere before he seized power in 2006 and seems incredulous that "many people, including the overseas media listen to these same old critics rather than making their own assessments on the situation on the ground in Fiji".

He also wonders whether "they really know what has been happening to the economy over the years." 

The PM Berates Naysayers piece trundles on: "Many things were not functioning and the country was going nowhere with the way things were done in the past. Roads were not being constructed, electricity was not being connected to rural areas, and not much development work was carried out in the past, but his government was now changing this."

And still: "Speaking at the launch of a new electricity power service at Natoaika Village in rural Naitasiri, he said people are being mislead into thinking "everything was okay in the past. He told the villagers that while his government is not an elected one, it is working hard and has a definitive plan to hand over a better Fiji to a new government in 2014. He called on people not to be swayed by the lies that are spread through by those working to undermine his government."

Well, Well, where is all this money for rural electrification coming from folks? It certainly is not accounted for. Maybe China? Read on, folks, and make up your minds!

The International Budget Partnership today rated Fiji at the bottom of its global list on budgetary transparency.

Radio New Zealand International says the organisation has recommended Fiji publish budget information on government websites as the country has plummeted to the bottom of a list of 94 countries in its 2010 report.

The organisation is  belived to provide the only independent, comparative and regular measure of budget transparency and accountability around the world.

Quote: "It says Fiji scored zero points out of 100 as it is virtually impossible for citizens to hold the government accountable for its management of the public's money."

The report notes that in the 2008 survey Fiji scored 13 points but since then, the interim regime has clamped down on information. It notes that there are no pre-budget statements, no year-end reports and no audits.

By comparison, the report gives Papua New Guinea a score of 57 and New Zealand 90. Apart from Fiji, the only countries with a zero score are Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome e Principe."

Here is something for the people of Fiji to ponder on as to who is really undermining their country and lying to them. The rural electrification has been going on since the Alliance government Bainimarama!

Parting Note: Trade unions in New South Wales announced today that they will be making representations to the ACTU and the Federal Government about the violation of human rights in Fiji.

On the LaborNET site, they denounced the "circumvention of human rights" saying it is a problem for all citizens but particularly to those involved in civil society, such as trade union officials."

The regime's continued stranglehold on ordinary citizens was well noted. Quote: "Consequently the people of Fiji are now subjected to 'Public Emergency Regulations', draconian regulations imposed by the military regime that curb the rights to freedom of expression, freedom of association and the freedom of the media.

"The circumvention of human rights in Fiji is a problem for all citizens (abridged) ..... and must stop immediately."

Monday, October 25, 2010


Major Ana Rokomokoti, once considered the iron lady of the Fiji Military Forces, has been terminated as a military officer. Sources have confirmed she was given the boot today.

Early this year, Rokomokoti lost her job as the Chief Registrar of Fiji's tainted judiciary and was replaced by a Sri Lankan expatriate. She was recalled to the Queen Elizabeth Barracks and has been holed up there today.

According to our sources, Rokomokoti would have been dismissed as a military officer back then but retained her rank and employment in the military on the insistence of Pita Driti (the deposed Land Force Commander) and Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara (the deposed 3FIR Commander).

But with both Driti and Roko Ului now essentially given their marching orders by dictator Frank Bainimarama, Rokomokoti's axing as a military officer became a formality, which was completed today.

Our sources have established that Rokomokoti has already applied for the position of Legal Officer with Carpenters Finance. The position was advertised in recent weeks.

Our sources add that Rokomokoti and newly-appointed Land Force Commander Lieutenant Colonel, Mosese Tikoitoga, were having an affair. This was discovered after their trip to Levuka early this year. Rokomokoti was still the Chief Registrar of the judiciary at that time.

While civil servants, employees of statutory organisations and some military officers were dismissed on the spot after their extra-marital affairs were exposed, both Rokomokoti and Tikoitoga maintained their employment and military ranking.

Rokomokoti has been booted out but Tikoitoga, who was basically a pen pusher doing clerical work at QEB before his elevation as Commission Eastern, is now the 3rd most powerful military officer behind Bainimarama and Mohamed Aziz (ironically, a good friend of Rokomokoti's), by virtue of an appointment that reeks of nepotism and cronyism.

'Replacements' announced for Driti and Roko Ului

Fiji's military regime has announced that Lieutenant Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga is the new Land Force Commander replacing Brigadier General Pita Driti, as it tries to shut down 'rumours' Driti has been sent on leave pending an investigation.

The Fiji Broadcasting Corporation says Major Amani Suliano is also now the Commanding Officer 3rd Fiji Infantry Regiment better known as 3FIR.

It says the appointments were finalised today, quote:"... as both Driti and former 3FIR Commander Lieutenant Colonel Roko Tevita Uluilakeba Mara are on leave."

The announcement (and the use of the word 'replacement's were those of FBC) comes as self-appointed prime minister Frank Bainimarama and his spokespeople try to close ranks about information revealed on Coupfourpointfive about Driti and Roko Ului being suspended.

We revealed yesterday that Driti and Ului's 'leave' is a result of them being implicated in a plot to topple Bainimarama.

The regime has tried to pour scorn on the information because it doesn't want it known that there are big cracks in the ranks or that there were ructions on Friday night at the Queen Elizabeth barracks as a result of them trying to despatch Driti.

But it has today announced that Tikoitoga and Suliano are replacing Driti and Ului, maintaining the old guard are just taking outstanding leave.

The regime must think people are thick. The former land commander before Driti, Jone Baledroka, says there is no coming back from leave and the trail of 'leave takers' prove that.

What is it that Hitler said? If you're going to tell a lie, make sure it's a big one. Well, that's certainly something Bainimarama and his Final Solutions partner in crime, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, know how to do.

See Baledrokadroka's informative piece for more on the demise of those who fall out of favour.

Bainimarama's spin doctoring double talk for more shafting

By Jone Baledrokadroka former Land Force Commander 

According to Bainimarama his once annointed and die-hard partners in high treason, Commanding Officer 3FIR Lt Colonel Roko Ului Mara and my  successor as Land Force Commander, Brigadier Pita Driti, have simply ‘taken all outstanding leave’ and have not been suspended from military duties.

So goes the regime’s official media release. Sounds quite familiar as the dictator’s axe dropped, oh, so close to him again. The succession plan that we all thought had been so  meticulously put in place by our self-installed strongman Prime Minister, seems to have back fired in recent weeks. 

To close military regime watchers, the media release gobbledegook masked the Commodore’s double speak for shafting his once two most powerful lieutenants before sending them off to Coventry, just like his former best mate Esala Teleni.

If there is one thing Bainimarama is consistent on, it is his despotic and crafty way of despatching senior military officers, all in the name of power!
Bainimarama’s favoured method of booting out  a whole generation of  officers from the year 2000, has been to suspend those he suspects of being  ‘disloyal’ by ordering them to take up all leave entitlements,  pending investigations.

The list is long and some might even venture to say noble: They are Colonels: F Tarakinikini (pictured right, with George Speight) U Vosabalavu, J Kadavulevu, A Tuatoko, J Koroi (N), Raduva,J Koroi (Army), A Buadromo, J Baledrokadroka, S Raravula, S Vatu, E Caucau, M Saubulinayau, Majors: Vosaki and many more.

Once leave is taken, and with doctored investigations conducted, none of these officers have ever returned to duties or, similarly, have ever been charged. All have quietly disappeared from the RFMF payroll with no redress of wrong.

In the past, all of these ‘suspended’ officers have been nonchalantly discarded with the final nod from a pliant senile President as Commander-in-Chief and in consultation with a conspiratorial Colonel of the Regiment, Colonel Paul Manueli (pictured left).

Many other senior officers resigned quietly in disgust at the unprofessional leadership on display from 1999 onwards. This batch included: Lieutenant Colonels:  L Korovavala, V Seruvakula,M Manulevu, P Hennings, S Pickering, S Senibulu, O Rabukawaqa, J Pickering and Majors: Waqabuli, M Bulivou, M Nawaqaliva D Chang,Captains: R Narayan, M Dreu, Lietenants: B Hong Ty, E Tuivanuavou and many more.

It seems the only officers now capable of replacing  the nervous dictator is the over eager Police/Prisons Commissioner Ioane Naivalurua, his brother-in-law, Commander Kean, and a gullible chief of staff/CO 3FIR Lt Colonel, Jone Kalouniwai.

The only other plausible successor(s) the El Supremo is banking his legacy of decay and deceit on, is Brigadier Aziz Mohamed or Attorney General Aiyaz Khaiyum judging by the recent axing of ex military officers: Director Public Prosecution Captain  S. Rayawa, former courts registrar Major A.Rokomokoti and former deputy director FICAC, Lieutenant colonel  G. Langman.

But it's a move that would not go down well with the 99% Fijian military.

The reality of the dictator’s situation is that his only political constituency - the military - will need to be well-fed and purged, simultaneously, to keep him in power everyday he awakens.

Because no doubt he will need eyes at the back of his head or sleep with one eye open in the weeks to come. It goes with the territory, they say.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Coupfourpointfive has confirmed that the Land Force Commander of Republic of Fiji Military Forces Brigadier, Pita Driti, has been sent on leave from Friday evening and could possibly face charges of treason over failed attempts to overthrow the treasonous Bainimarama regime.

Our sources say Driti's leave effectively means suspension from the military. Sources have established Driti has not been allowed to enter his office but is staying in his quarters, which is within the Queen Elizabeth Barracks compound.

According to sources, some other senior officers who are believed to have been members of the Military Council, have also been suspended. Their identities have not been established.

But we have been reliably informed that the suspensions - and orders to go on leave - arise out of a text message that was found  on the mobile phone of former 3FIR Commander, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara or Roko Ului.

Roko Ului (right) was sent on leave last month. It was announced at the time that he was taking about 6 months of outstanding leave. But his leave was effectively suspension.

Sources say a text message from Driti to Roko Ului was found on the mobile after Roko Ului returned it to QEB. The text message prompted initial investigations by dictator Frank Bainimarama's loyalist officers and it apparently confirmed a plot being hatched by Driti and Roko Ului, along with a few other military council members, to overthrow Bainimarama and his side kick, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Our sources say an attempt was even made by some officers to take control of the QEB Armoury on Friday evening as tension rose to almost boiling point over the suspensions. But sources could not confirm if the officers who attempted to take control of the Armoury were Driti's men.

But Coupfourpointfive has been told a major investigation will soon be launched to try to pin attempted treason charges on both Driti and Roko Ului.

Driti's forced leave comes as Bainimarama and Sayed Khaiyum attempt to consolidate their dictatorial power on the face of social and economic decay of the coup ravaged country.

We will try and establish further developments t
hrough our sources in the next few days.

National Provident Fund announces raft of changes