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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family of deported David Roth to join him in the next few days

The family of Fiji Water executive, David Roth, are packing, trying to get out of Fiji by Tuesday or Wednesday. Roth flew out on Thursday night for Los Angeles, after the illegal regime went ahead with its plan to deport him.

His wife and two adopted children, a 5-year-old from Ghana and 2-year-old from Fiji, hope to join him in the United States by Wednesday at the latest.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Roth's deportation order said he was a threat to national security and had to leave immediately.

The order came from the self-appointed leader, Frank Bainimarama in China, on the advice of the illegal attorney, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Sources say Roth was deported because Sayed-Khaiyum wanted Fiji Water to pay more taxes, something Mahendra Chaudhry and his government tried to do when in power.

Roth's deportation sparked the resignation of the acting prime minister, Epeli Ganilau from the roles of Defence Minister, Immigration and acting PM, widening the cracks in the regime hierarchy even more.

Fiji Water was embroiled in a court case with the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority in 2008, after FIRCA stopped any exports from leaving the country. A ruling on the court case was about to be delivered when the judge presiding the case was sacked.

Reliable sources say Fiji Water management are fed up with the illegal regime and could make a drastic decision to close the operation down and move to New Zealand, where it has also bought a natural water plant.

Fiji Water brings more than 150 million US dollars into the Fiji economy every year and employs about 700 people.

Picture: David Roth and his wife in happier times in Fiji.

Chaudhry fails to get Justice Goundar taken off his case

The Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, is trying to get one up on the illegal regime who charged him with breaking the public emergency regulations last month.

According to FijiLive, Chaudhry yesterday tried to get  Justice Daniel Goundar disqualified from presiding over his case.

FijiLive says the application suggested Justice Goundar would be biased "because he was a former Director of Public Prosecution lawyer and that he had his own opinion of the case that might have risen from the constant media attention."

But Justice Goundar refused saying that if he accepted Chaudhry’s request, it would encourage other litigants to make similar applications, all in the hope of getting someone who is sympathetic to hear their case.

Chaudhry is accused of breaking the public emergency regulations last month after he met with farmers in Rakiraki. Five others were arrested with him, including the farmer whose house the meeting was held at.

The case has been adjourned to 28 January.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Epeli Ganilau should be deported to Naboro Prison for treason and other crimes

When two dogs are left to lie side by side, they both develop fleas. In the case of the illegal regime, the power struggle between the recently resigned Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration, Epeli Ganilau and the illegal Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum over Fiji Water CEO’s David Roth was bound to surface, a classic example of the falling out of the thieves.

Both deserve no pity or support, except that when democracy and the rule of law returns to the country, the two should be locked up at the maximum security Naboro prison. 

In Ganilau’s case, Khaiyum has enough evidence to send his former coup conspirator to Naboro before him. He has, according to reliable sources in the A-G’s Office, evidence that Ganilau allegedly received nearly a million dollars from an hotelier to fight the 2006 general election. 

Some of the failed NAF election candidates have presented sworn affidavits to the effect that they never received the cash, for a huge amount was allegedly used to ward off the re-possession of the Ganilau family home. 

Not to mention the thousands of dollars the Ganilaus owe to the collapsed National Bank of Fiji. In other words, Khaiyum holds the trump cards, for the time being, at least. He can afford to defy and humiliate the defenceless former bullying former Minister of Defence, National Security and Immigration. 

Remember the bullying and deportation of the publishers of Fiji Times and the Fiji Sun. While the illegal ‘flea’ Khaiyum was jabbing his fingers at the media, it was his side-kick Ganilau who was using his treasonous fingers to sign off the deportation orders against Evan Hannah of Fiji Times and Russell Hunter of the Fiji Sun. 

In the case of Hannah, Ganilau said the Fiji Times publisher was removed from Fiji based on Section 13(2) (g) of the Immigration Act, 2003, relating to Prohibited Immigrants.  He said the removal order and the detention warrant were signed by the Permanent Secretary of Defence Malakai Tadulala with his approval and concurrence. 

Ganilau ludicrously claimed that Hannah was deported from Fiji for allegedly attempting to destabilize the military (illegal) interim government.He went on to claim that Hannah’s removal was done according to the law, in a humanly manner and it was not a special case of removal.

“Under Section 13 (2) (g), it states “that a person who prior to or after entry into the Fiji Islands, as a result of information received from any country, through official or diplomatic channels, or from any other source that the Minister considers as reliable, is deemed by the Minister, to be a person who is or has been conducting himself in a manner prejudicial to the peace, defence, public safety, public order, public morality, public health, security or good governance of the Fiji Islands.”  

Ganilau also claimed that Hannah’s actions were breaching national security. “The security interests of the sovereign State of Fiji at this point in time are of paramount importance. Mr Hannah was previously cautioned of the implications of his actions. He, however, chose to ignore this.” 

On the court order issued by the Fiji High Court, prohibiting Hannah’s removal, Ganilau explained that the order “had not been officially received by the Director of Immigration before Mr. Hannah was removed from Fiji this morning”. “The court order needs to be sighted first by the Director of Immigration before officials can act on it,” he said.

In Hunter’s case, it was far worse. On the instructions of Khaiyum and Ganilau (and a few others), the Fiji Sun publisher was kidnapped from his home and subsequently deported to Australia.

Like Hannah, Hunter was deported despite an order issued by Fiji High Court to stop his expulsion. He had only $20 in his pocket and the clothes on his back at the time.

A statement issued by the bullying Ganilau said Hunter was a prohibited immigrant: “This declaration follows a proper investigation by the relevant authorities, which clearly established that Mr Hunter was conducting himself in a manner prejudicial to the peace, defence, public safety, public order, security and stability of the sovereign state of the Fiji Islands. 

"As the recipient of a work permit from the Government of Fiji, it was incumbent upon Mr Hunter to be vigilant of his status as a foreign national resident and working in Fiji.

"Mr Hunter has clearly violated the terms and conditions of his status in Fiji under the immigration laws of Fiji, and the Department of Immigration, has accordingly exercised it statutory responsibility in getting him declared a prohibited immigrant.”

The High Court injunction prohibiting Hunter's deportation was signed by Justice Jiten Singh, who was later forced off the Bench. The injunction had ordered the Director of Immigration, his servants, officers and agents or whosoever and howsoever to restrain from removing or deporting Hunter out of Fiji. 

It restrained the Director of Immigration from acting in any manner in the purported revocation of Hunter's permit to enter and live in Fiji until a further order of the court. It said that if the Director of Immigration, his officers and the Attorney- General of Fiji and/or their servants or agents disobeyed the order, they would be liable “to the process of execution of purpose of compelling you to obey the same”.

The treasonous Ganilau arrogantly said the illegal State he was running was not obligated to divulge any information that would have an impact on national security. He said a foreign national was not a citizen and should always bear in mind it was not his or her right to be in the country.

“It is a privilege that should be always kept in the back of a foreigner’s mind in any country that he or she may reside or work in and if it is seen that he or she breaches that trust in this case the work permit, the State is obligated to do whatever it likes under the legislation,” he said.

He said the move to remove Hunter was not a warning to other expatriates. “It's not a case of we were making an example of Russell's removal. I mean this is a case which justifies that action by government should be taken with regards to what he has done and it is sad in a sense.  We don’t like removing anybody for any reason but if the state thinks there are reasons for the removal of any foreigner because of the breach in their status in as far as work permits is concerned then that prerogative must be left to the state.".

The illegal regime went one step further, and with a stroke of the pen it overnight amended the Immigration Act, prohibiting any legal challenge against decisions made by the responsible minister (at that time Ganilau) on any removal orders, which under the Act was final and conclusive. This meant deported Hunter, and others after him, could be prevented from mounting a legal challenge against their removal from the country.

The amended Act now reads: “Provided that and notwithstanding anything contained in this Act, the decision of the Minister under this paragraph shall be final and conclusive and shall not be questioned or reviewed in any court.” Also Section 58 of the Immigration Act 2003 is amended by adding a new sub-section after sub-section (7): "(8) No appeal shall lie from decisions made by an immigration officer acting in accordance with the directions of, or instructions given in respect of any particular case by the Minister.

But Ganilau’s actions could not fool the nation. Former Opposition Leader Mick Beddoes said the people of Fiji were “not so stupid” to believe the introduction of the new law was to stop Hunter from seeking redress through the Courts was “pure coincidence” to his deportation.

He urged Ganilau to truthfully make public the reasons for Hunter's deportation “as his actions are funded by taxpayers of this country. By slipping in new laws to cover his illegal track of unfairly deporting a human being in a most inhumane and undignified manner, what part of good governance is Ratu Epeli demonstrating?"

Responding, Ganilau claimed that as the Minister responsible for the administration of the Immigration Act of Fiji, “I am not at liberty to disclose those breaches of national security. Otherwise I will compromise my position as Minister of Defence and National Security of Fiji. My actions for the removal of Mr. Hunter is based on a legislation which I am responsible for, as the Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration of this country.  

That legislation is called the Immigration Act 2003. As the Minister responsible for this Act, I am required to take necessary actions, as I have done, when an immigrant has breached the national security provision of this legislation, as spelt out in Section 13(2) (g) of the Act.”

There was widespread speculation that Hunter was deported in relation to a series of articles that he ran by me in the Fiji Sun, exposing the then illegal Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry’s millions in Australian and New Zealand bank accounts. 

Beddoes said Ganilau was part of an interim administration that wanted to set new rules and guidelines for future governments through the Peoples Charter, part of which called for good governance, transparency and accountability.  “What part of transparency does Ratu Epeli’s declaration that he is not obliged to explain to the people, comes from?” Beddoes asked.

“By ignoring the calls from the people to come clean on Hunter’s treatment, where does Ratu Epeli demonstrate accountability to the people? And by slipping in new laws to cover his illegal tracks of unfairly deporting a human being in a most inhumane and undignified manner, what part of good governance is Ratu Epeli demonstrating?”

“If Mr Hunter’s deportation had nothing to do with the million dollars Chaudhry scam, what major undertaking was he involved with that resulted in him becoming a ‘national security risk’?”  Beddoes said a ‘national security risk’ meant the nation was at risk.

“But how can the people take steps to protect ourselves against such a risk if they have no idea what the risk is? And Ratu Epeli as the Minister responsible for the people’s defence and protection keeps saying he is not obliged to give the people any details of this alleged risk."

Now, the same Ganilau has come out, partly revealing the reason for his own resignation from the illegal Cabinet. He said his decision to step down was in relation to issues surrounding Fiji Water’s David Roth. He said there were “some differences” over Roth, who reportedly holds a valid work permit for the next three years.

Unlike the lengthy press statements the bullying and lying Ganilau issued against Hunter and Hannah, in relation to his own case, he said he cannot elaborate further on the matter as he is no longer in government but confirmed that his resignation is linked to the Roth saga.

There are speculations that Roth (above) was involved in activities that allegedly breached the Immigration Rules. Roth has no one but his free chow “Kano Loto” Ganilau to blame, for his deportation for it was none other than Ganilau who treasonously conspired with Khaiyum and others to amend the Immigration Rules.

The amended Act was directed at perceived foes of the illegal regime; now it seems it has ensnared Ganilau’s family friend David Roth.

As to Ganilau’s departure, we should not shed any tears, for he should be deported to Naboro Prison for not only acquiescing in the amendment of the Immigration Act, but also in the amendment of the Great Council of Chiefs Act, which has helped Khaiyum to pursue his genocidal ‘Sunset Clause’ against the i-taukei race in Fiji. Lest we forget the obnoxious Media Decree. 

Ganilau should be treated with the contempt he rightly deserves. He should be, frankly speaking, deported to maximum Naboro Prison, for a litany of treasonous acts. 

VICTIMS: First to go Evan Hannah (top right), then Russel Hunter (middle) and now David Roth (bottom left).

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Collapse of the illegal Fiji regime: trickle of discontent now a raging torrent

THE FORMER TIGHT THREE: Fracas over Fiji Water has opened up wider gulf.

By Jone Baledrokadroka
The resignation of Ratu Epeli Ganilau as acting illegal prime minister seems to have taken most by surprise.  But as the English 17th Century political philosopher, Thomas Hobbes, once  said  “a political crisis is never a lightening in a summer day; it is always the consequence and the conclusion of a persistent bad weather”.
It's said Epeli Ganilau's resignation was triggered by the Fiji Water dispute with the interim regime over tax issues. The command came from China three days into our Illegal Prime ministers ‘trade talks’. If so, this is another well-established Bainimarama modus operandi - he likes to dish out unsavory orders for others to execute, from the safety of international distance. It shows the people that he and his side kick Aiyaz Khaiyum are in control.  

Family and politics
With the little that has come to light, one would think that Ratu Epeli took his principled stand based on the evidence before him. Or is it that the former Commander RFMF and chair of the Great Council of Chiefs had had enough after signing off on the illegal Attorney General’s previous illegal deportation orders the last four years,  and decided to make a stand for justice? Or could it be that it was the last straw, for being used to deport yet another close family friend, like Mr. Dugdale? Personal family agendas and political agendas, it appears, have intermeshed in this latest crisis.

I would argue, however, that the years of power struggle within the Bainimarama regime is coming to a head. Many military regimes have suffered a similar fate. And for a country that badly needs political and economic stability, more stormy weather is predicted in the weeks ahead. And that's not withstanding the damage that this crisis is doing to investors and security travel advisories; worse still, to a psychologically downtrodden people in limbo.
In one of my articles, I explained the military concept of the culminating point. The point at which a force no longer has the capability to continue its form of operations. Land Force Commander Brigadier Driti and the Fiji military, I argued, would have  worked out that the military regime had metaphorically reached that point months back and was seeking a way out.

In December 1942, Field Marshall Erwin Rommel after his defeat at El  Al Amein it is said, warned Hitler that victory over the Allies could not be achieved. Till April 1945,  the dictator’s Nazi propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, kept churning out lies to the German people that victory was imminent. Millions more died as a result.
The illegal Attorney General, Aiyaz Khaiyum, is now playing the role of Goebbels in the Fiji regime's dying days; trying to keep the whole shebang together, as the main players in the clique around the despotic Bainimarama are sacked or desert the ‘noble cause’. The list is long and why bother regurgitating it as there will be more to add in the coming weeks.

But what a Mickey Mouse situation the nation finds itself.  An acting Prime Minister resigning whilst entrusted with keeping watch over the state and another acting acting Prime Minister chosen in the flicker of an eyelid by an illegal Prime Minister on literally a slow boat to China!

Secret talks

What would have triggered the resignation (from the kitchen some would offer) for Ratu Epeli as benefactor to abandon his creation, the Commander RFMF Commodore Josaia Vorege Bainimarama? Or is he doing an ‘Esala Teleni’ to be reincarnated as a diplomat, to the court of St James, perhaps?
The truth is there had been secret talks with the SDL party, other local political stake holders and certain senior military officers about returning the country to democracy and immediate elections. In the ever changing face of Fijian politics, those power brokers behind the plot involved an approach to Ratu Epeli Ganilau.

Their grievances stemmed from their dislike of a whole raft of Aiyaz Khaiyum’s policies through decrees and his hold on a mesmerized  Bainimarama. This struck a chord with Ganilau. This plot was sprung by Bainimarama’s embedded military intelligence nationwide. 

The fallout has been the suspension of Brigadier Pita Driti and Lt Colonel Tevita Mara. They remain on the periphery of power, no doubt watched by Bainimarama spies. What the President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau decides on their future careers remains another crisis point, especially with Bainimarama’s ally Minister Cokanasiga as Defence Minister.
Commodore Bainimarama has likewise positioned Lt Col Mosese Tikoitoga and Lt Col Jone Kalouniwai at Land Forces  and Major Suliano as CO 3FIR in union with  Commander Kean of the Navy and Lt Col Langman of the Engineers  to keep him in power.

Just desserts

Police Commissioner Naivalurua will play the waiting game. The roll of the dice may determine all their loyalties the next few days.
Aiyaz Khaiyum, who is clinging to Bainimarama and Brigadier Aziz,  and their hard core band of military supporters for dear life, has to be ever vigilant to keep the ship of state on course. It seems even those on the captains’ deck are abandoning ship with substantiated permanent secretary  at the prime minister’s office Lt Colonel  Pio Tikoduadua also tending his resignation. 

The joke doing the rounds was that poor Pio, when tending his resignation letter to the acting Prime Minister  Ratu Epeli, was told  “Vosota au sa liu!”“ (Sorry, I beat you to it!). The coming days will be interesting times no doubt with frantic phone calls between China and Fiji.  

To all pro-democracy advocates, may be it is time to pause a little and have a nice Ice cream cup of joy like they sell in Nausori town.

Breaking! Illegal regime to deport head of Fiji Water, David Roth, tonight

The illegal regime of Fiji has forged ahead with its plans to deport Fiji Water's, David Roth.

The director external affairs and development for Fiji Water will be put on an Air Pacific Flight tonight at 10.45pm, bound for Los Angeles.

The deportation orders were signed by the new acting Minister of Immigration, Joketani Cokanasiga, who was installed yesterday after Epeli Ganilua called it quits.

Ganilau, who is good friends with Roth and his family, resigned when he was asked to sign off the deportation.

Immigration officers took the papers on Tuesday night to Ganilau to sign, but he refused and went on instead to resign.

Coupfourpointfive believes Roth is already in Nadi in preparation for tonight's deportation to LA, but that his wife, Sandra, and children remain in the country.

Picture: David Roth and wife Susan in 2007 when he told Fiji Times: "Fiji Waters investment is quite strong and we have made significant investment in Fiji. We even have more significant investment coming. We are about to inaugurate the third line of production at the Yaqara facility."

Sayed Khaiyum's evil hand at play again

Epeli Ganilau has shown the illegally appointed government he's not one to be mucked with.

Ganilau has today confirmed, that as said by this blog, he resigned because the illegal regime was trying to interfere with the hugely successful, Fiji Water.

We revealed last night that Ganilau is close to the director of external affairs for Fiji Water, David Roth, and is a regular visitor at the Roth home.
Today he admitted to FijiLive: “We had some differences over the David Roth issue."

Other Bainimarama allies and military cohorts have fallen out with the dictator but Ganilau is the first to go public.

His resignation, coupled with the public revelation is proof, as freedom blogs have been saying for some time, that the cracks in this regime are wide enough for someone to drop kick Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum out of government.

Sayed Khaiyum continues to be at the root of much of the current malaise in the regime and is behind Ganilau's departure.

In the information supplied to Coupfourpointfive yesterday, it was clear Sayed Khaiyum was out to destroy another foreign owned business, the hugely marketable Fiji Water, just as he did the Fiji Times.

This at the same time as he is lining his own pockets via backhanders and business opportunities created by illegal decrees and such.

It must sting Ganilau to know that the deportation order for Roth clearly came from Sayed Khaiyum an had to have been approved by Bainimarama.

Ganilau has said he sent his resignation via email to Bainimarama. We keenly wait the development of this story.

Picture: Baywatch star David Hasselhoff just one of the many Hollywood stars who drink Fiji Water.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

More on Bainimarama's 'collapse' at Nadi Airport, Ah Koy, Driti and Roko Ului

It's a big story and one few are touching. But reports persist of the military dictator, Frank Bainimarama, collapsing at Nadi Airport before boarding a flight to China.

Coupfourpointfive has run a story about it and sources insist he did not go to China on a trade visit but to seek medical treatment after suffering chest pains.

We know that he was previously getting medical check-ups in New Zealand but these stopped after he wrested Fiji away from the democratically elected government of Laisenia Qarase in December 2006. 

Similarly, we have been told that Fiji's Ambassador to China, Jim Ah Koy, has no immediate plans to return to Fiji after being succeeded by former police boss Esala Teleni. Ah Koy reportedly has a home in China and plans to settle there.

On a note closer to home ... the QEB, in fact, we've been updated about the out-of-favour military goons, Pita Driti and Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara (Roko Ului), who are still military officers despite falling out with Bainimarama.

Sources say the regime's President and military's Commander in Chief, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, has so far refused to sign the papers to discharge Driti and Roko Ului from the army.  If Nailatikau signs, both officers will be de-commissioned and lose their ranks.

What Nailatikau does with Driti and Roko Ului in the aftermath of Epeli Ganilau's resignation, remains to be seen.

Ganilau 'refused' to deport Fiji Water boss

We can confirm tonight that the regime's former Defence Minister and military dictator Frank Bainimarama's one time army commander, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, refused to sign orders to deport Fiji Water boss, David Roth.

Sources have relayed to us that the regime's Attorney-General and Bainimarama's blue eyed boy, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, insisted that Roth be deported and wanted Ganilau to declare him persona non grata - similar to the orders Ganilau gave to deport two Fiji Times publishers and one Fiji Sun publisher in 2008 and 2009.

Our sources have not been able to establish why Sayed-Khaiyum wanted Roth's head on his platter. But they have confirmed that the Mara family is extremely close to Roth and are frequent visitors to his home in Suva, for lunch and dinner almost every week. 

Even Adi Koila Mara Nailatikau  - the wife of the regime's illegal President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau - is a regular visitor.

According to sources, Ganilau visited Ratu Epeli (both are sons-in-law of Ratu Mara) at Government House on Tuesday night urging him to take a stand against the policies of Bainimarama and Sayed-Khaiyum.

Ganilau reportedly told Ratu Epeli that things were turning for the worse and completeley opposite to what they were initially told by the dictator. Ganilau told his brother-in-law (Nailatikau) that he was going to resign.

Sources say Ratu Epeli urged Ganilau to wait for  Bainimarama to return from China but Ganilau said he had had enough.

They say if Ganilau's resignation is not a publicity stunt like Esala Teleni's (who is Fiji's Ambassador designate to China), then it raises serious questions about the relationship between the Mara family and Bainimarama.

Sources point out out that it was Ganilau who used his influence with his father-in-law Ratu Mara (the then President and army commander-in-chief) to appoint Bainimarama as his successor when he, Ganilau, resigned as military commander to contest the 1999 elections, along with Adi Koila and Poseci Bune, for the Ratu Mara sponsored Christian Democratic Alliance.

At that time, Sitiveni Rabuka who was Prime Minister, preferred more senior and capable officers. Bainimarama went on to become commander, despite being from the navy.

It appears the Maras and Bainimarama have crossed swords. Only time will tell who will be the victor and who will be the vanquished.

Ganilau out Cokanasiga in!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Illegal regime great manipulators of Fijian traditional thinking

By Jone Baledrokadroka 
As we approach the fourth anniversary of the 2006 coup, why are Fijians quietly acquiescing to the illegal military regime? Have we sheepishly gotten used to the curtailment of our rights and freedom by the monthly extensions of the Public Emergency Regulations? Or has the regime really delivered to warrant widespread local acceptance?

Professor Waden Narsey’s revealing Diwali article has put paid to the latter sentiment which is beyond doubt except for regime apologists. Backing Fiji’s outspoken academic are the United Nations, European Union, Commonwealth of Nations, United States of America, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands Forum in their call for a return to democracy given the socially and economically tattered state of the nation.

Much as we try to understand the complexities of Fiji’s coups by comparative studies of other coup prone states, the answer to disengaging the Fiji military from politics may well literally be, in the minds of the Fijian indigenous people.

There is a deeper pre-colonial traditional role that the military in Fijian society plays that appeal to ordinary and, indeed, village bound Fijians that need to be understood.

The guardian role of the Fiji military regime being mandated upon the nation by the President strikes a close resemblance to the benevolent dictatorship exercised by chiefs of old.

In addition, underpinning this autocratic guardian role seems to be the subtle exploitation of the old chiefly diarchic relationship symbolized by the mutually exclusive role of the war lord (Vunivalu) to the ancient Fijian ritual king (Tui) as articulated by anthropologist Arthur Hocart. This chiefly dualism was widely accepted in balancing Fijian hierarchy and traditional society.  The Fijian traditional idiom of “me veitabani de kata na qio” translated as, “all things go in pairs or the shark will bite” conveys this thinking and is often still used today.

In 1972, prior to Fiji’s first  elections, Ratu David Toganivalu, the deputy speaker of the house in a speech at the 18th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference in Malawi, said that a benevolent dictator could be appropriate for Fiji. He meant the paternalistic chiefdoms of traditional Fiji. This Fijian traditional yearning occurs time and again in modern Fijian political thought and action.

In the 1977 elections crisis, reinstated Prime Minister Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara humbly offered that it was his duty to controversially accept the wish of his high chief and Governor General, the Vunivalu of Bau Ratu Sir George Cakobau, to form a minority government. President Ratu Iloilo’s January 7th 2007 acceptance speech of Bainimarama and his illegal December 2006 coup is quite similar. The modern  dualism at play.

In 1987, Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka, in traditional fashion, offered Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau to be first President of the Republic after deposing his high chief as Governor General. The illegality of it all did not matter to Fijians and their elite, so long as the chiefly status quo was in office.

The close relationship and reverence that Bainimarama held with the office of the President, formerly Ratu Josefa Iloilo the Tui Vuda and now Ratu Epeli Nailatikau a chief of Bau, reinforces this traditional exclusive relationship.

An investigation by Commissioner Andrew Hughes (pictured above) into the manipulation of the President’s office by the military was snuffed out by the 2006 coup and would have substantiated this idea of mutual and exclusive political manipulation.

This traditional exclusive  autocratic psyche is engrained into the older Fijians’ mindset. Bainimarama and Nailatikau as they illegally play the modern leadership role of Prime Minister and President pander to such subtle traditional connections.

Another past traditional Fijian idiom of “keda nai i Taukei e rauti keda ga na veiliutaki kaukauwa kei na kana kuita”- “we Fijians respond to authotarian rule and the fear of punishment”, currently the rallying lore of the military elite, strikes a chord with a people whose elite often reminisce of the ordered colonial Fijian society.

The late Ratu mai Verata and disciplinarian Ratu Ilisoni Qio Ravoka, a known mentor of Bainimarama, in a speech at the Great Council of Chiefs in 2000, championed such a strict stance to keep erring chiefs and rebels in check. Bainimarama and his regime cleverly exploits this native mindset in the campaign against ethno-nationalists, prior to and after the coup of 2006.

The subtle connection being, that it is only through the military and chiefly benevolent dictatorship that true democracy and development can be achieved for Fiji. One without the other will fail. Previous governments including high chiefs, Bainimarama argues, have failed in this respect.

Christina Torens, in attempting to explain this modern enigma of Fijian culture, one of hierarchy and equality, states, “Equality and hierarchy are the warp and woof of traditional Fijian village life. There is an attempt to make hierarchy contain relations of equality and a simultaneous recognition that this hierarchy itself depends for its very continuity on the dynamics of relations of equality which cannot in their nature be ultimately contained by chiefly ritual but only by raw power”. 

Again, as the following news piece of one of Commodore Bainimarama’s rural visits shows, “He[ Bainimarama] told the people of Koro this is one of the reasons why they took control of the government in 2006 because politicians were lying again. Commodore Bainimarama reiterated that only the military can change the political leadership. He said his government is not in place to please anyone in particular but to carry out the development work which past governments have failed to deliver.”

Jon Fraenkel succinctly explains the phenomenon thus, “Through early 2010, Bainimarama toured Fiji’s provinces and far flung islands, soliciting indigenous support with promised roads, piped water and rural electrification projects. What became the standard response in ethnic Fijian villages was to apologise for past hostility and embrace the ‘Peoples’s Charter’ which few have read but which many regard as symbolic of acquiescence under the new order. Bainimarama has been welcomed as the conquering warrior chief, to be granted ceremonial recognition by the people of the land (now officially called itaukei).” 

This subliminal message plays on Fijian cultural sensitivities and the use of authoritarian power backed by an all Fijian military. This lends credibility to the regimes shrouded efforts in trying to bequeath to the nation ‘true democracy’.

This flawed thinking has been debunked with the onset of the third wave of democracy into the 21st century. Fijians must learn to accept that liberal democracy and freedom does not entail a relapse to our traditional authoritarian past what so ever. This has been the case the last four years as the regime continues to exploit Fijian traditional thinking. We can never mature as a free society by backing a dictatorship.  

As famous political theorist Jean-Jacques Rousseau asserted, “Force does not constitute righ t... obedience is due only to legitimate powers” through the people’s choice. In essence man is born free. He is born in the image of our Maker and for his highest expression of human organisation - liberal democracy to mature in Fiji then the fallacy of authoritarianism by the manipulation of tradition and custom has no future. Unshackling our minds may be the first step back to democracy.

Jone Baledrokadroka is a former member of the Great Council of Chiefs.

Tikoduadua quits as permanent secretary to Bainimarama

Pio Tikoduadua (pictured) is said to have resigned as permanent secretary to the illegally appointed prime minisrer, Frank Bainimarama.

Coupfourpointfive has been told he has handed his resignation to illegal acting interim PM, Epeli Ganilau, and is expected to finish at the end of the month.

Tevita Uluilakeba Mara is also said to have resigned as chairman of Fiji Pine, Tropic Woods, Fiji Forest Industries.

Hunger strike at Naboro still going

Alarming news from Naboro Maximum Prison (pictured) where it is being reported a hunger strike has broken out.

FijiVillage and Fijibroadcasting Corporation say the police have confirmed the hunger strike and are looking into the grievances of prisoners.

FijiVillage says some of the inmates have ended their strike and that just a few prisoners are continuing their action. 

The grievances surfaced during the court appearance of a remand prisoner who told the court prison officers were mistreating inmates.

The Fiji Prisons and Correctional Services has denied trying to cover up the hunger strike at Naboro, where  the jailed coup leader George Speight is, of course, being kept.  

Dictator Frank Bainimarama medically evacuated to China

According to highly placed sources inside the bossom of the Prime Ministerial Office in Suva, the self-styled Prime Minister and military dictator Voreqe Bainimarama was medically evacuated to China last week after complaining of serious heart pains, a sympton he has contracted after cowardly fleeing through the cassava patch following the 2000 mutiny at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua.

The muntineers had rightly concluded that the dictator had betrayed George Speight after promising to let him walk free following the signing of the Muanikau Accord, which had brought to an end the parliamentary hostage crisis.

The statement issued by the illegal regime that he is on a visit to China is a pack of lies, according to the sources in the Prime Minister's Office.

The same sources also claim that Jim Ah Koy is in no hurry to return to Fiji from China given the financial mess the country is experiencing following the treasnous 2006 coup.

Sources in the Prime Minister's Office also claim that the illegal Attorney-General Aiyaz Khaiyum is nervously watching and praying for the health of his master puppeteer, for the betrayer of the i-taukei race is the only one who is blindly and heartlessly supporting Khaiyum's gendocial 'Sunset Clause' against the i-taukei since the 2006 coup.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Open letter from 'Cabinet' ferret

Read and decide for yourselves, people:

Sayed Khaiyum Corruption

As I have always said and will reiterate again this information is from inside cabinet (well in fact most of these things were not done in cabinet) and these beans has been spilled from inside sources:

Where would we start?


By adding the civil aviation into his portfolio Aiyaz has added an extra 7000.00 per month salary into his pocket.
Civil Aviation has been taken by him so that he can get the deals on the theory of the free air space policy and rake in millions of dollars by negotiating deals with UAE and other countries airline companies.
Next to that as he is the Minister for Public Enterprise – sales of Air Pacific airlines is next together with FEA ( 49% shares).
Interesting as it seems the FEA shares are being floated because of there is no money for the government after rejection by IMF so they are likely to raise a handsome 400 million from its sales.

Education sector corruption
By moving all education tertiary institutions like FSN, FSM and Advance College under FNU, the next reform to be TPAF (a body formed under the parliament of Fiji).
Why? – because TPAF earns more than 30 million a year and has a bank balance of 15 million plus – so this money can be used to invest into AG’s investments like buying of resort Tokatoka ( opposite nadi airport).

The police and FICAC files on Muslim friends of Aiyaz (owner of Ecstasy in Nadi) have been removed and destroyed from the offices and the lawyer that came to prosecute the case was told by AG never to return to Fiji even to holiday. 

In his speech this year in Sigatoka (as I was also there) – AG told the Muslim gatherings that we thank the government that it supports freedom and prayers of Muslim but not only that, “this government is a Muslim government”. This part was never published in the newspapers.


80 million dollar loan for road upgrades was given to Fiji and AG and PM signed a deal to the Malaysian company without any tenders or consultations of the cabinet. They only returned to tell the cabinet that the tender has been awarded and they are to comply and endorse PM decision as the money has been transferred.
Sadda Reddy was told to transfer the money whole 80 million to the Malaysian account while PM and AG were in Malaysia.
Commission from this deal was 10 million dollars to PM and AG.
Also as a part of the deal the Commanders house has been rented to this company in Suva.

ADB loan to Fiji was USD 25 million dollars, but the announcement in Fiji was that it was a 25 million Fijian Dollars loan. 25 millions was deposited into a foreign bank account in UAE by AG and PM.

Last year AG presented a paper from the total upgrade of the FBC (Fiji Broadcasting Corporation), and the total cost to be 17 million dollars. This loan was given by Fiji Development Bank and straight way transferred a New Zealand radio station account Operated by AG’s brother.
- Cost of renovations of FBC was around 4 million dollars and the reminder of monies has disappeared into AG family account.

So where the inspirations of such things are is coming from:

There is a team of Muslim advisors who are continuously planning for AG next move to move Fiji more towards a Dictatorship Muslim state. Where Muslims will be rising to power and as you can see that most board appointments are of Muslim people.
Next move is to move AG to the position of the Prime Minister and Frank to move up to become President of Fiji.
Right now all decrees and movements of government assets whether its sales or devaluation is coming from AG office who has successfully gained control of Frank and his military puppets.

Currently AG in his offshore account has more than 20 million Dollars in cash that he has swindle from the people of Fiji.

Classic example is this:

This morning a staff of Ministry of Foreign Affairs told us that the announcement of Teleni’s as the Ambassador was written by AG quoting Prime Minister and just announced. Teleni was delivered a letter on the directive of AG on Monday morning. Even the minister of Foreign affairs was not consulted. Even PM is not aware has he is in china nor Teleni was advised as Teleni came into Foreign affairs asking who announced his appointment this morning.

Fiji's Bank Governor: has Sada Reddy gone or not?

Don't look to the illegal regime or its Ministry of Information for information, because they'll be the last to volunteer any details.
But it would appear, the governor of Fiji's reserve Bank is no longer on our shores.
Coupfourpointfive has been told Sada Reddy was given his marching orders last week during the farewell cocktail party to IMF, which was held at RBF Level 11.
The source says also present that evening at the function was the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
It's believed Reddy left last Thursday for New Zealand, where his wife lives and has resided for a long time, as is the practice with those who has permanent residency.
The question is - will he return to Fiji?
Coupfourpointfive was told last week that Reddy has been removed from his post, over allegations he funnelled $850,000 dollars to a New Zealand bank account before devaluing the dollar.
We were told the regime already has a successor in mind, Inia Naiyaga.

Gone Marama Bale responds to Fiji Sun

In response to the false reports recently contained in the Fiji Sun, please permit me to respond as follows.

On behalf of the Gone Marama Bale, may I advise all readers that her personal position and that of the Vanua of Rewa remains firmly in line with the stance of the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) adopted in December 2006. 

At that time the GCC confirmed its support for the 1977 constitution upholding the rule of law, firmly condemning the unlawful act of the military and the subsequent establishment of its government.  Rewa’s position as expressed by the Gone Marama Bale, remains unchanged.

In the Gone Marama Bale’s address to the Bose Ni Yasana o Rewa, appreciation was conveyed to the civil servants present, for the development work they diligently implement on a daily basis.

The Gone Marama Bale also commended the civil servants charged with looking after the province, for maintaining a professional balance in the delivery of their services under  difficult circumstances.  At no time did she express support for the regime nor indicate a change of direction. 

The Fiji Sun seems to have completely omitted the Gone Marama Bale also stated that development is the responsibility of every government that levies tax on its population.  

The Fiji Sun journalist and management must examine their reasons for choosing to publish such a slanted false report, which in effect compromises their own credibility, as most people will have been able to discern the falsehoods contained therein.

Two important points also included in her speech yet omitted by the Fiji Sun are:

i. Opposition to the regime’s Land Bank initiative that will duplicate the role and responsibilities of the Native Lands Trust Board, without the care of duty and the welfare of indigenous Fijian people with which NLTB is entrusted under its Act. 

The Gone Marama Bale expressed concern the Land Bank initiative will render NLTB obsolete without completely and competently fulfilling the roles required of the body entrusted with the stewardship of native lands for future generations of Fijians.    

ii. The establishment of casinos was also firmly opposed in her address.  From the Alliance government to the SDL government, the establishment of casinos has been vigorously opposed by the Churches, NGOs and many women’s groups and the Gone Marama Bale is of the opinion the peoples wishes should be respected in this case

Jese Sikivou
Private Secretary

Singh attacks Daniel Urai over trade sanction claims

The General Secretary of the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions, Attar Singh, has refuted claims by the Fiji Trades Union Congress President, Daniel Urai, that trade unions were opposed to trade sanctions against Fiji.

Urai told Fiji Broadcasting Corporation that the FTUC had called for trade bans after past coups but faced opposition from their own members and affiliates.

He told FBC that representatives of the FTUC attending a meeting with trade union leaders from Australia will therefore not push for a trade ban against Fiji.

But in a media statement Attar Singh said the last time Fiji unions called for sanctions was after the 2000 Speight coup, when the Fijian trade union movement was united and made a collective call for sanctions after the meeting at FTA hall.

Singh says there has been no discussion to consider such a call amongst all unions since 2006.  

Attar Singh says Daniel Urai therefore does not speak for all Fiji unions.

"Known 2006 coup instigators, supporters and beneficiaries like him should desist from speaking for Fijian workers."

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Teleni secondment to China just one of several key changes expected

One of the tips given to Coupfourpointfive in the past two days has eventuated - the former Police Commissioner Commodore, Esala Teleni, has been made Fiji’s Ambassador to China. 

The appointment was confirmed today by the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, which is headed by the brother of the illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum. It pays to be close to the throne, eh?

The appointment was revealed by illegal leader Voreqe Bainimarama himself, but was tipped to Coupfourpointfive on Friday.

We were unable to run it then but its confirmation today, suggests other information given to us is also credible.

We've been told changes are expected this week to the line-up of the illegal Cabinet and the word is that the Lands Minister, Netani Sukanaivalu (pictured above), is gone.

We also understand that Brigadier Mohammed Aziz is to be sent on leave and that Neumi Leweni will be put in charge of RFMF Nabua, among other manouverings by the illegal regime.