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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bainimarama uses New Year speech to boast of illegal regime's success

"... It pays to be honest. It pays to be upfront. It pays to have unity as a nation and focus on the future."

"We need to be constantly vigilant about those who are interested only about themselves, their pockets, their positions in organizations or their political survival. 

"These individuals will corrupt, these individuals will undermine the developmental process, these individuals will undermine Fiji."
Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama
CF(Mil), OStJ, MSD, jssc, psc Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Strategic Planning, National Development and Statistics, Public Service, Strategic Framework for Change and Progress, Information, i-Taukei Affairs, Provincial Development and Sugar Industry

New Year’s Message 2011

Ni sa bula vinaka and a good evening.
Season’s Greetings and Happy New Year to all who call Fiji home and those visiting our shores.

2010 was the first full year after the appointment of my Government by His Excellency the former President, Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu Uluivuda, on April 10, 2009.

The Mandate that was given to Government which is premised on the principles set out in the Peoples Charter and detailed in the Strategic Framework for Change continues to be, and, shall be, the driving force of my Government.

As I said in my 2010 New Year’s message, modernizing, reforming and being innovative must be carried out to empower all Fijians – the poor, the marginalized, the land owners, the farmers, the businessmen and women, the small traders, potential investors, employees, rural dwellers, city dwellers, those in the islands, women, the homeless, the disabled and our youth.

It is this national approach to empowerment that will help us all as individual citizens and as a country to become stronger and become part of the modern global world. It will lead to long term sustainability of livelihoods and build a strong economy.

Empowerment by its very definition requires sensitivity and it requires the Government to care and for all of us to share. It means no discrimination. It means a recognition that policies for the sake of announcing them mean nothing, unless there is a practical application, there is implementation and there are tangible benefits. It means sustainability of policies.

You would have noticed and as we have been commended, the policies of my Government have been and will continue to be consistent.

Through the 2011 Budget, in the New Year, 10,000 more Fijians will receive food vouchers, in addition to the approximately 23,000 already on the program. The increase in the welfare budget and the focus on providing opportunities to potential investors, existing businesses both local and foreign, equal access to all Fijians to resources and governmental services, rectifying anomalies in the treatment of employees and a national approach to infrastructure development, will also result in the creation of employment opportunities and economic growth.

The vision as I have stated before my fellow Fijians, is to have you all participate in the building of Fiji into a modern state which capitalizes on our different strengths and richness.

In this process we all must combine forces. We cannot simply do things with the view to today or only tomorrow - it must be for the long term and it must be for all.

This will require taking steps together, difficult or unsettling as they maybe, to tackle the ills and mitigate the risks brought about by the mismanagement of the past and even the current practices of some. It will require an appreciation and understanding by all citizens in whichever capacity they serve.

It will also require prudent financial management and accurate accounting not only of Government finances but of all public institutions and Government entities. It will also require full disclosure, transparency and adherence to the law by the private sector.

Transparency and accurate accounting will always be beneficial in the long run. As we have seen in the past, Governments and Boards of various institutions were driven by political imperatives or narrow economic interests. This created economic distortions, social disparities and corruption.

Only last year when Government ensured that the new FNPF Board write down to record the true position of its assets, many berated this honest and essential move. There were many doomsday merchants.

Yet within a year of the write down, FNPF, given the confidence shown by the market and the general public because of the honest move, has now a net surplus of $209.4 million compared to a net loss of $181.5 million in the previous year. The balance of the member’s funds, your funds increased to $2.85 billion.

There is a message in this, it pays to be honest. It pays to be upfront. It pays to have unity as a nation and focus on the future.

Over the past year Government has effected a number of legal changes that have not only modernized our laws, brought about gender and social parity but has ensured that Fiji will become more compliant with international conventions. These changes include, but are not limited to the Crimes Decree, which for example similar to the laws of enlightened countries, removes archaic rules of corroboration and the ability to introduce sexual history in respect of rape trials.

We have implemented for the first time a law against domestic violence which women and children are overwhelmingly the victims of. We now have child welfare laws which compel the reporting of violence against children or suspicion of abuse of minors. 

We have and will through the 2011 Budget implement a number of upgrades to the public health system including the purchase of new and much needed technology. A modern health system means empowerment.

Education is the key to developing any country. Education is empowerment. Through knowledge enhancement, through critical thinking and questioning, we not only grow as individuals but we contribute to our society, to our country.

Through education, innovation and acceptance of change and adapting to change becomes the norm.

Many a times however, education is only the privilege of a few. This is an untenable situation.

It is also precisely for these reasons that we will continue in 2011 to provide direct assistance through subsidized bus fares and free text books. The expansion of the food voucher program will ensure that our children will have increased opportunities to attend school without financial constraints.

In addition, I am happy to announce this evening that as part of Government’s focus on education, educational items of erasers, text books, exercise books, pencils, sharpeners, rulers, ball point pens, highlighters, felt tip and markers, crayons, slates and boards and modeling paste will be zero rated from 4th January to 28th February, 2011. In other words you will not have to pay VAT on these items during this period. I urge all parents and guardians to purchase these school items in this period.

For many decades in Fiji in particular from World War II and into our post-Independence period, the valuation, availability, the use, and the distribution of lease monies pertaining to native titled land has been politicized.

This has meant that both native titled landowners and the lessees or tenants have lost out and overall the Fijian economy has stagnated or not realized its true potential. It has meant that disparities and differences have been created amongst members of respective land owning units. It has meant that the chiefly system has become tainted by monetary considerations.

Through the Land Use Decree and the reforms to be carried out at NLTB some of these issues will be addressed. However, a more fundamental measure is required to bring about economic empowerment.

Therefore, from 1st January 2011, all lease monies collected through the leasing of native titled land by the NLTB and through the Land Use Decree shall be distributed equally amongst all the members of the respective landowning unit.

In other words, there will be no distinction made between chiefs and commoners. If you are a member of the land owning unit you will then get an equal share as all the other members of your Yavusa, Mataqali or iTokatoka as the case maybe.

My fellow citizens, my message to you tonight is that the building blocks have started. These blocks will continue to be built. We must all work together, work harder, think harder and not shy away from taking tough decisions. If we have a national approach to empowerment we will all benefit – Fiji will become a better prosperous nation. 

We at the same time need to be constantly vigilant about those who are interested only about themselves, their pockets, their positions in organizations or their political survival. These individuals will corrupt, these individuals will undermine the developmental process, these individuals will undermine Fiji.

Fiji has now embraced reform and modernization. The clock cannot and should not be wound back. As a modern nation-state in which all Fijians are equal and are empowered, our future, our children’s and their children’s future is promising and bright.

Ladies and Gentlemen, my fellow Fijians, visitors to our shores, I know you are all celebrating the coming of the New Year with zest and vigor, in particular our youth. Please look after yourselves during the celebrations.

I wish all of you, the families, our elderly, those in the islands, the rural areas, the towns and cities, our soldiers and our people abroad and those visiting our shores a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Vinaka Vakalevu.

Source: Ministry of Information


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir Khaiyum for this well written speech and action to be taken for the implementation of your policies in 2011.

We thank you for taking FRU to task as they cannot continue to rip people off like the hardare companies.

God bless you and your family richly.

Manuqalo said...

Echo Anon/Ratu @ 10.24am and 10.27am. Great message despite the blogging doomsayers who will no doubt say otherwise. But, this journey must continue and those of us who live in Fiji must prepare it so our future can be better than the past.

Fiji Government said...

Bula Vinaka

at the meeting of all government accountants it has been discussed that the 1st quarter release of funds by the Finance is on hold as the MOF tries to look and borrow monies left right and centre.

Fiji Government has no money.

Anonymous said...

On the FNPF portion of the speech this is and OUTRAGEOUS distortion of the facts. The loss of $209.4 million was due to the coup. The combined profit for the two years was $27.9 million. This is in devalued $ by 20% so is only $22.32 million which is a return of less than 1%!

When is this Government going to stop deluding the people.

Manuqalo said...

Anon @ 12.02pm, do not delude the bloggers further with your bull-shit technicality, the FNPF loss was due to the write-off of loans to Natadola and Momi projects. The 2006 coup SAW this if not, we'd have been carrying these as assets in the FNPF books.

Anonymous said...

And Fiji Government @ 11.36am, why should anyone believe you. You could be a sacked civil servant, who knows the system and just trying to cause alarm. Yes, without doubt, there is a cash flow problem and this Government needs to look within its system rather than taking money out of FNPF. There is a way out, the problem is, the advisers and senior civil servants we now have lack the experience to think big. By the way, if you really do work for this Government, you're just as guilty as Rabuka and Bainimarama who as coup makers/civil servants were disloyal to their employer. You should be sacked!

We miss something here? said...

Mandate? What mandate?

Anonymous said...

His "great vision" is for more Fijians to go on Food Vouchers.
Wow! What a dickhead!

mark manning said...

The Regime must be desperate as they increase their propaganda on an unsuspecting and ignorant population !

The Regime has also it seems, planted a few Military thugs on the various websites, trying to justify their illegal coup and their own existence !

mark manning said...

I think Frank and Aiyaz have misunderstood their own agenda.
They want to make Fiji Affluent but accidentally are making it effluent instead !

Anonymous said...

Well put JVB. Despite the moaning and groaning of SDL, corrupt and chiefly types, Fiji is going well under Frank. Keep it up mate. I visited Fiji over xmas and was amazed how peacefully and lovely the place is. Military Govt, what military? Free books for kids...doesn't even happen here in Aussie.

As Chris Handy would say, go Frank, go you good thing, over!

Anonymous said...

Thanx Anon @ 5.16pm for an honest assessment of our situation in Fiji. Met some friends from Aussie who were also here for Xmas and they shared similar opinion to yours.

Anonymous said...

Manning, the stink coming out of your 'typical-white-Australian- trash-know-it-all mouth' must have contributed to the unfortunate flooding in Queensland. Suggest you put more effort into helping your fellow citizens, watch your breath though or they'll vomit.

Manuqalo said...

Manning @ 4.51pm. Such a closed mind which cannot accept non-military Fijian citizens just might support this regime depicts one who looks at the world through rose-coloured glasses.

Anonymous said...

Suggest Manuqalo look into the reasons for Momi and Natadola and go back to school to learn to read and count.

mark manning said...

@ Anon 516
If Australia is so bad and Fiji is doing so well, then please feel free to return to Fiji, permanently !
Nothing is for free !

@ Anon 812
The Aussies you met obviously are not aware of Frank Bainimarama's murderous history since 2000 !

@ Anon 833
Look whose talking !

@ Manuqalo

@ Anon 828
Well put !

Anonymous said...


Manuqalo said...

Many thanks to Mark Manning and other Aussie blogger taxpayers. Your Government has just increased its number of scholarship awards to Fijians from 20 to 40 - Fiji Times, 6/1/2011 - page 7. Australia must've realised its effort to put Fiji down has been wasted.

Manuqalo said...

Many thanks to Mark Manning and other Aussie blogger taxpayers. Your Government has just increased its number of scholarship awards to Fijians from 20 to 40 - Fiji Times, 6/1/2011 - page 7. Australia must've realised its effort to put Fiji down has been wasted.

Anonymous said...

Spies at work this blog people, be aware of their cynicism and undermining. They should go back to their real work and fix the country.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, because you know bugger all about the ITaukei, we're a murdering lot yes, but at least all get to know about it. You white arses are different. Your style is deceptive - much like the tip of an iceberg!

Anonymous said...

Anon/Ratu @ 9.46am - the previous management of course - ie. prior to 2006 coup. Coincidentally, ex-FNPF CEO spent Xmas in goal thru wrong advice by his lawyer.

Anonymous said...

joe says,

Where is Chaudary? he can answer all corrupt prac tices by the regime and answer to Fiji's economy woes given that he wanted to be Mr Fix it but ditched it.
Now Ass Yazz is following likewise who seems to be pretending to know everything thing.

Anonymous said...

Wow Wow.Looks like some of you guys need a ring with a ref. I just cant believe the amount of racial BS that is spilling out on this site. Peoples true prejudics come out when no one knows who you are.

This was once a upon a time a place where one could discuss Fiji and its problems.Not anymore.

Anonymous said...

@ Manuqalo 10.13am.

Most if not all scholarship recipients will remain in Australia at the end of their studies and take up employment there.

Comments by Kubuabola shows how naive he is, just like you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chodo must be enjoying his $2mill in Aus...Bye bye Fiji. India, here I come... again

No medal for this one. said...

Say what Vore will - but fact is FSC collapsed on his watch.

Manuqalo said...

Anon @ 4.05pm. Think deeper. The global trend is, developing countries provide labour for developed countries and receive remittances from labour's earnings in developed countries. So what if not all will return - the monitoring system however has improved greatly from the past.

In this instance, scholarship holders sign a bond where conditions ensure he/she returns to serve the bond. There is now more vigilence to ensure both donor and scholarship holder honour their respective agreement.
Who is naive, heh?

Anonymous said...

i think i should give Mr. Bainimarama my Form 4 Introduction to Economics- Textbook.

Just reading this, there's so many things that shouldnt be, economic wise.

and im not even out of high school yet.

Anonymous said...

as a indio-fijian i strongly feel that fiji is a lovely paradise to live in. given the fijian political turmoil, in my view that without indiofijians fiji will not move forward, indiofijians work very hard and they hold fijis economy, such as big bussiness and ect.fijians only eat and sleep and lazy to work like indiofijians do.as all indiofijians born and brought up in fiji,they all should be given constitutional rights. i support jairam reddy to change fijis constitution.fiji need to form multiracial party that is betterment of all indiofijians and fijians.so many land are taken away from indiofijians.i would like to question what is happening to those land? does fijians work on those land i doubt that, most of the land are left vacant. out of those lands indians are very rich people and they moved on with daily lives.they are highly educated and most of them left the country. i would also like to questions from where the ancestors for fijian people came from? thaks

Jioka said...

to anonymous @ 2:52am..
you can go back or migrate to where ever you want to go, we native Fijians will be here forever whether we just lazy to work OUR LAND but its OUR LAND you get that right and we are not going anywhere.. and by the way who are your ancestors????..