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Monday, January 31, 2011

Ball with the IRB and new publisher lacking bounce

It's come straight from the horses mouth, or should we say the annals of  government in New Zealand - the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama will not get a visa if he tries to attend the Rugby World Cup.

That reassurance has been made by the Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, after a newspaper story over the weekend suggested New Zealand would be forced to allow Bainimarama to attend the tournament if he becomes president of the Fiji Rugby Union.

McCully told media: "New Zealand is a sovereign nation. The Government determines who is able to enter this country."

We say the real story continues to be what will happen after today's visit to Fiji of IRB officials and its chief executive, Mike Miller. The IRB has hightailed it to Fiji after the regime tried to push the current board out, threatening to withhold a $3 million cash injection if it doesn't go.

Miller is to talk with McCully on Wednesday in New Zealand according to the New Zealand Herald.

The outcome of the meeting and talks will, hopefully, kill any moves by Bainimarama to foist himself on the nation in yet another position, that of president of Fiji Rugby and to make it a family affair by installing his brother-in-law, Francis Kean, the chairman.

On other movements in Viti today, the Fiji Times has introduced its new publisher, the very grim looking Brian O'Flaherty (pictured right). O'Flaherty first served as Publisher of The Fiji Times between 1992 and 1996 and has returned to replace Dallas Swinstead who was only in the role for a blink of an eyelid.
According to the board, O'Flaherty will help take The Fiji Times to "greater heights and provide our readers continued enjoyable reading and re-enforce the adage 'Fiji without The Fiji Times is unthinkable'. "

O'Flaherty is quoted as saying he's privileged to be back at the helm. A more upbeat photo of the publisher would've served better. The poor chap looks like he's been given a death sentence.


Anonymous said...

- Good on NZ for taking a stand against these illegal nutters.
- Mr O'Flaherty, you are wasting your time.The Fiji Times has become the Fiji Army Newsletter.

Run Dallas Run said...

Keep running Dallas. You didn't last very long at the bollywood rag? As for your replacement 'O'Flaherty' - does he have a pulse? They really are scraping the barrel when they have to dig them up out of the grave.

Stealth. said...

If Bainimarama's serious about attending the RWC he should consider applying for a sensitive NZ goverment position?
One currently vacant at Defence Science Agency?
Given Stephen Wilce fiasco security clearence wouldn't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

Death photo.

In ethical journalistic terms he has. Things people we do for money - but then again looks like he needs it.

Anonymous said...

Welkom back Brian & Adrienne! Fiji Times is in good hands despite the negative comments.

Anonymous said...

I had made a prediction earlier about Voreqe ascending to the presidency of the FRU and how this could complicate matters for the NZ Government and the IRB if he chooses to go to NZ for the RWC as he knows he would be entitled to as he had done to Australia in 2003 for the RWC there when he was FRU President then.

I am glad that the NZ Government has clarified matters and that Voreqe would still be banned from entering NZ regardless.

But I will not put this past Voreqe. I am still quite certain that he will still want the FRU President's position when the AGM is held in April.

If he is indeed prevented from entering NZ then in his own childish way he may prevent the Fiji team from participating at the RWC. This could lead to Fiji's suspension from the IRB.

I want to bring this to the attention of affiliate unions of the FRU, as voting in Voreqe as President at their next AGM could be very destructive to their interests.

FRU members must wake up to be used as political football for one man's personal aspirations.

Daurai said...

Is this the same hobo I saw on a bench in Surrey Hills in Sydney only a few weeks ago? Well done mate. Your chance now to live it up on the stupid Fijians.

Anon. E. Mous. said...

Could somebody please clarify?

Fiji Times claims this dudes 53?

That days away from 75th birthday?

Or months sinced he last smiled?

Moustache beware - Beard be wary.

The Oracle said...

Dallas Swinstead left because he was over 70 and local insurance companies refused to insure him (for medical purposes). His request to Mac Patel to increase his salary to compensate for the lack of insurance fell on deaf ears (as expected)!!
In comes Brian O'Flaherty who, if aged 53, looks like a walking ghost. He might have ideas, like the Ghost Who Walks (Beranaliva) of doing some good at the Times but like Swinstead, will find that the current form of media censorship is not conducive to truth-telling. He is bound to follow Swinstead after six months.
The quick succession of Australian publishers begs the question: Is it because of Mac Patel's past managerial relations with them or, is there an agreement sitting somewhere in Australia between the Motibhai group and News Limited which allows for the Australians to resume ownership once Fiji returns to democratic rule and the Media Decree is thrown out the window? We have yet to be told how much Motibhais paid for the take-over deal. Was it cash or a simple paper transaction?

Anonymous said...

He looks like he's 93.

Anonymous said...

@ Oracle.

Correct. Motibhai never bought - doesn't own FT - Murdoch simply parked it. (comatosed).

Anonymous said...

Here's one for Q' Flaherty?

Try investigating the missing $200 million allegedy stolen from the Kings Wharf container? See how far you get?

Anonymous said...

@ the Oracle, very good question you pose. Unfortunately all the ulukau in Delainabua don't know what a paper transaction is. Funny thing is they are in the Fiji Times office everyday and can't even see it. Bunch of morons!

Anonymous said...

This Publisher has previously served Fiji Times between 1992 to 1996.

This makes him the publisher under who Fiji Times was known to be the news paper proxy to the "Government of the day" hence was running pro Rabuka and Reddy stories and anti FLP stories every week throughout his term as Publisher.

NOW he is back to run pro Govt stories.

All you democracy and media freedom campaigners, do you support the media freedom and biased stories of Fiji Times during those 1992 -1996 periods?

If you do then this is what you will see of Fiji Times here onwards. Don't cry fowl then...

Sa Sucu Sa Lutu...

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
irb should meet the minor and major union officials too.
they form fru.

Anonymous said...

Photo worth a thousand words.

Suggest you people back off - give the old fella the break he so obviously needs. Its pretty self evident he needs this job in order to obtain funds for an urgent medical procedure. (transplant?).

Anonymous said...

What?? Voreqe to be President of FRU and a trip to the world Cup??? That's the most ridiculous shit I ever heard of so far this year.O'Flherty, the Irish is here just to mark time to the drumbeat of the military censors.At the end of the day his reputation will be on the line but what does he car when retirement is looming.

Swinstead could not stand his gab being gagged so he has pissed off back to wherever he came from and we see how long the Irishman wil last.Maybe he could be more usuful by teaching citizens on how to make IRA bombs to blast that lamusona katukatu commander into space.

Daurai said...

I know now why he took the job. Its for all the old newspapers he can now use for free as his blanket instead of his meager open bench on Surrey Hills hangout for hobbos. Go on help yourself mate. Just dont light a match while ur sleeping. U dont want to become front page news, do you?

VeriBau. said...

@ Daurai.

Got that covered - keeps a couple of bottles of liquid handy as a safety precaution - benzine & orange juice.