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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Letter: dark days in rugby .... 'a war declared against Fijians'

THE FACE OF FIJI SEVENS: Rugby maestro, Serevi.

The raid by the Commerce Commission on the Fiji Rugby Union has prompted plenty of debate and lots of controversial opinion, including this letter from a former Fiji Senator (1999-2000) 

The raid by the CC on the rugby house yesterday is a full declaration of war against Fijians by Dr Mahendra Reddy (pictured right), Senior lecturer at FNU, and his Indian cohorts, like Premila Kumar CEO CC and AG.

Everybody knows rugby is Fijian culture and tradition. Fijians worship rugby like God. They sleep rugby, they work rugby, they run rugby, they meditate rugby. Look at Serevi, he is King of sevens. From Qarani in Gau in Lomaiviti. Serevi is not academically qualified like Dr  Reddy, but he makes Fiji known. 

Has Dr Mahendra Reddy made Fiji known? Serevi is still famous today. What is Reddy and Premila and Aiyaz famous for? They are famous for provoking Fijians to go war against Indians on this matter. They have done the most dishonorable and the most disgraceful acts against the Fijian people by running down their heart and soul by bringing disrepute to rugby. When you attack rugby, you are attacking the Fijians. 

Rugby has made Fiji the most revered team in the sevens code in the world. Why ruin rugby's image? The lottery is just a simple money gathering exercise to fund our boys in the build up to the world cup in NZ. The illegal govt is not supporting rugby in the 2011 budget. It is better to give to Rugby, than to the Military. 

Moving the value of the ticket to $10 is just a way to get the profit. This is doing the same thing as to other products being sold in stores. So what is the fuss all about? Can Reddy, Premila and Aiyaz tell us why didn’t they raid and report the Fiji Football for breaches of selling tickets, under fraud during the battle of the giant tournament last year? 

Why didn’t they raid FFA for game fixing, using price tags for referees and provincial draws? We know why;  they cannot do this because a Muslim Doctor, Sahu Khan, is a lawyer and adviser to the illegal regime. Has soccer placed Fiji in the world map? Never. Remember Reddy and your cohorts, there are many illegal activities happening in the soccer house right under your nose - why can’t you act on them? Are you afraid of the Muslim? 

The entire province in Fiji, you name it, all play rugby. From primary school up to secondary schools, rugby is worship. Dr Reddy and his cohorts must build some sense of nationhood in their illegal activity. 

How can Dr Reddy prove to us he is genuine and honest in teaching our students at FNU with the principals of true economics while he is engaged in politics in trying to correct the wrong of an illegal regime, who is ruling Fiji by Decree? We must be careful sending our children to FNU. If we are not careful our children will suffer post decree trauma thanks to fly-by-night lecturers like Dr Reddy.(Edited Opinion Piece)


Anonymous said...

ratu said.
well said coup 4.5.this readdy/ag is full of shit.
they should go and investigate ffa.doc shau khan and his cronies.rugby is our heart and soul ask bani he was former fru boss.
go and charge and clean up fiji football.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of racial equality ( which Bainimarama preaches) he should also raid FFA. If he doesn't then he is just full of shit like the rest of the Fiji Army.

mongoose madness said...

Goodbye Fiji military - totally rooted
Goodbye Methodist church - totally rooted
Goodbye Fiji rugby union - totally rooted
Goodbye Great Council of Chiefs and Fijian culture - totally rooted

All the legacy of the mongoose puppet bainimarama

Anonymous said...

has it occured to you idiots running c45 that a bunch of corrupt people are running FRU who are responsible for rugby's downfall? They should all be sent to jail where they will have a lot of time to play ball.

Anonymous said...

Rugby is not Fiji or Fijian -qualify for the world cup first then claim it to be a Fijian sport

Anonymous said...

Reddy & all his Indian cohorts are just front men, the real culprit is Voreqe, he is behind all this. This is just a disguise but a personal attack again on Keni Dakuidreketi & Bill Gavoka. That is the truth. The truth without Keni & Gavoka inside there, FRU would have been shared between the dogs who just want to fill their pockets. It is all a personal vendata motivated by jealousy and bitterness!!!

Racial politics and rugby said...

Shame on you, 4.5, for running the same tired old Fijian versus Indian line that's at the heart of the country's inability to function as a unified multiracial state. If you concerned yourself with issues of good governance in the sport, you'd have every right to go through the administration like a dose of salts. But turning this into a racial issue devalues the validity of whatever point you are making and makes it less likely that many people will be drawn to your argument. Rugby the game began on the playing fields of Rugby school in England. The i'Taukei didn't invent it. Following your logic, someone from Britain might say Fijians had no right to claim rugby as their game. It's a white man's sport so butt out. Qori. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

what ever happens , make sure these so called indians , AG , Premila , mahendra , shaheem sisters , should not leave the countries , I know Premila has PR to New Zealand , they have ruined Indian's future-: ( I am a Indian as well)

Anonymous said...

This is crap. It's a continuation of the racist garbage we've been hearing all these years. While the Commerce Commission's raid and application of the law on FRU is definitely questionable, Premila Kumar is doing a wonderful job as public watchdog for Fiji consumers.
Mahendra Reddy's agenda needs to be identified - is he a puppet of the illegal government or is he a self-promoter? The fact that he is Indo-Fijian should not be an issue.
Premila's ethnicity should also not be an issue.
The former Senator should be ashamed for using the illegal situation the country finds itself in to further propogate racial hatred.
Let us raise awareness of the wrongs but please keep the attempts to fan the racial fire where they belong - in the crap heap.

Anonymous said...

The radical, illogical and presumptuous statements by this so-called former senator throws light on the kind of divisive leaders (which amongst other factors) provoked the 2006 takeover. Such leaders belong to the dust pan of history and would do themselves and their families justice if they simply shut up.

The suggestion that the raid is a declaration of war on Fijians is utter rubbish and an example of the race-politics that so many of our past 'leaders' (such as this idiot) employ for selfish agendas. No wonder government is hell-bent on changing the electoral system to weed out such persons. And with good reason!

This idiot also presumes that all ticket holders concur with FRU's unprofessional conduct in reducing the price.

Having spent $200 purchasing the tickets @ $20, i intent to sue the FRU for fraud.

Yes, we all love rugby - that is undeniable. And occasionally, it serves as a unifying factor! BUT what all right thinking citizens love MORE is transparency, fairness and accountability!

The FRU as a major sporting institution must exhibit these. the fact that they don't reflects on their leadership current and past!

FRU in my mind is a stagnant and parasitical organisation that needs some major soul searching. FRU all too often relies on government to bail it out from its financial dilemmas. Further, it lacks the creative, qualified and dynamic individuals that can make the Fiji Brand a sustainable and profitable one. In recent history, it has attracted many rejects from the political, public sector etc!!! FRU is a ship with no fuel that is sailed by idiots who are taking it directly to the reef outside Suva harbour!

As for the Commerce Commission, good on you! Your vigilance and industry will ensure that all organisations maintain their integrity and credibility!

Silly Sulu said...

Racial politics and rugby@6.38am Sounds like you would rather we all bought into the bullshit of Vore that Viti is one happy, united multiracial nation. Czn't be done because that's not the case ... divisions still exist between Fijians and Indians; no point blaming the blogs for printing people's opinions. Surely we adult enough to be exposed to such opinions without getting all hot between our sulus

Rugger hugger said...

Some truth in the Senator's opines about the Fiji love of rugby but I don't think Reddy is the devil incarnate, he is just doing his job. Seems to me this FRU stuff up is more about incompetency than corruption, and nothing like the corruption anyway by Bainimarama and his mates which the CC and other authorities are ignoring.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be worrying too much about the 'indian' takeover of rugby, these guys are just doing their job obviously spurred on by Vore's vendetta against Gavoka and Keni. I would be much more worried about the way Vore is selling Fiji to China. Looking at China's intentions -


and the way Vore is borrowing heavily from China there will be a request soon enough for a military base that won't be denied as we'll be knee-deep in Chinese debt. Vore's next grandchild who will obviously be named after himself will be Vore Lee Khaiyum. By the way no offence against the chinese who are as hard-working as our indian brothers but just don't want to see Fiji being dragged into something none of us want by an undeducated idiot dictator who can't see further than his nose.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another dumb effort by ex-Senator to divert FRU governance issue into a racial argument. It might've worked if Keni and Kenneth weren't so corrupt. Only this time, it won't and I have already text'd my contacts in rural areas to be aware of this false propaganda and to pass on to all grog buddies.

Liu Muri said...

What a bunch o whining racist bigots, hypocrites and SDL –sponsored Coup 4.5 ethno nationalists. No wonder Fiji is in such a big shit because of the likes of the Senator who wrote that logic-defying, racially divisive and nonsensical letter.
The person who bought $200 worth of TEN tickets at $20 each and this idiot Senator buying TWENTY tickets at $10 each FOR THE SAME PRICE makes a big difference in the betting world. The idiot buying TWENTY TICKETS AT $10 EACH WILL HAVE DOUBLE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. This has got nothing to do with race. It is just that those enforcing the law happen to be Indo Fijians.

Birds of the same feather said...

It wouldn't surprise me if this ex-Senator's letter is just another tactic for Keni's survival. His questionable dealings at FRU with sponsors just adds to a list of allegations of corruptive practices - FNPF April Project, NLTB Vanua Development Project, to name the obvious.
Additionally, FRU made a huge mistake in appointing Kenneth Zinck to manage the lottery. This is another smooth operator who abused members monies at the United Club and has FICAC to deal with. It wouldn't surprise me if he caught Bill & Keni off guard with the ticket discount proposal. But then, don't birds of the same feather flock together?

Anonymous said...

Silly Sulu @ 10.20am. Divisions do exist between Fijians & Indians but, culturally, and not because we hate each other. Example, if you go to rural areas, the Indians there speak the dialect of their place of residence fluently. Example, met an Indian taxi driver, ex-school mate from Rewa who told me in the local dialect that he'd just returned from a 'roqoroqo' to his cousin. Likewise, Fijian sugarcane landowners speak Hindi fluently. The race/hate mantra is a creation of corrupt politicians desperate enough to maintain the status quo in national leadership so as not to be exposed for their corruption. As one of my cousins in the village said, "it is you people in Suva who make race an issue".

Lui Muri said...

We got rid of one slum dwelling Reddy (the corrupt racist from the reserve bank). Time to get rid of this next corrupt piece of shyte trying to attack Fijians in typical indo Fijian style - bring it on scumbags!

Anonymous said...

Keni is big time opporitnist. Despite having a Scotish father uses his mothers name to get Fijian support. Ask Peter Edwards in Naid. He will tell ya! Doesn't even look after his mother well who still has to sell at the Suva market. Shame on you Keni! You are a racist bigot and manipulator of money. Fiji doesn't need you! Francis Kean, please get rid of him at FRU.

Anonymous said...

Why are people in Fiji so negative and full of venom when Sir Khaiyum is trying to take the country forward to ensure that all people's of Fiji be it fijian, indian , chinese and other races benefit and live in racial harmony together.

Why should only corrupt politicians,chiefs, those in higher places and rich buisnesssmen continue to rob the people of Fiji.

I do not agree with coup but give my full support to actions being taken to move the country forward.

The SDL had so many chances to make bold decisions but could not as the POWERBROKERS called all the shots although QARASE was supposed to be PM.

God bless Fiji and all its peoples.

Spew Muri said...

hah the ugly natured liu muri aka thakur ranjit singh surfaces on coupfourpointfive what a turn off

Anonymous said...

Sese says;

Shameem sisters, premila & Chodo, AG should be sent to maximum prison for oil & greesing by the simede's in maximum cell.

Anonymous said...

I just don’t get what the fuss is all about. This stupid ex senator from a corrupt and impotent government of LQ simply misses the point. The commerce commission’s actions have nothing to do with Rugby, or the i-taukei or Keni and his side-kick Ga..coka (Mr. Tsunami). This is about the issuance of a lottery permit and the sales thereof of the tickets and the resulting rip off the customers have been subjected to. It’s the same as a supermarket charging $1 more for rice then what is approved by the PIB. The Commerce Commission will get involved if the public is being ripped off by anyone in Fiji. It is that simple. For those of you who don’t get it including this dumb senator go smoke some grass may be you will get enlightened. If only half this countries population were as passionate about working hard as they are for Rugby we would have a very different Fiji today.

mark manning said...

Many Fijians still don't understand !
It's not about Mr. Qarase or the illegal A.G. or illegal P.M. etc. it's about Democracy and Accountability to the people.
Under a Democracy, if your not content with the Leader, he can be voted out !
It's that simple.
Under a dictatorship, you can't even voice your opposition without fear of being detained and tortured for having an opposing opinion.

Anonymous said...

Is it not obvious? The VORE is trying, and sucessfully at that of destroying anything FIJIAN.
GCC, Methodist Church, Ministry of Fijian Affairs to a Department, well-educated Fijians, we are now all 'Fijians" etc etc. Are not the Indians proud to be 'Indians" [or Fiji-Indians?].
Race is a fact of life. Customs, traditions, languages, the way we dress/talk and think will always, and I emphasise, ALWAYS, tell others our true origins. I for one am proud that I have a Fijian father and a kailoma mother.
Sometimes, my friends joke to me that at times my 'kailoma blood' has once again shown itself. I just simply respond by saying 'so what/ Proud to have kailoma blood!'

Viti Viti said...

Our children will probably suffer from post decree trauma anyway.

Viti Viti said...

Anon@12.46pm I for one welcome the opportunity to express my opinion and if it's 'nonsense' so what? We are hardly likely to get chance to voice our opinions elsehwere in Fiji at present. Bloggers here offering more sense than the inert Fiji media at the moment, in case you haven't noticed.

Anonymous said...

Vijay Singh, the golfer put Fiji on the world map,

And yes, he is an Indian.

Full stop to the venomous bullshit.

Anonymous said...

@ Marking Manning the aussie lover of democracy!!

IT IS YOU WHO DON'T GET IT! As Qarase himself said "democracy is a foreign flower!"


Anyway, what good is a democracy where less than 40% of eligible voters participate, and where the party that wins can have only 20% of that vote and predominantly from one ethnic group! WHERE IS THE LEGITIMACY HERE?

Anonymous said...

Go down Cumming St, Marks St, Waimanu Rd and you'll see all the rip off from the cunning gujis!