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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Egypt's uprising and Lutunasobasoba's stone box

The Bure where Lutunasobasoba's descendants used to congregate, before the plague

Opinion piece by Suliasi Daunitutu

In the song (vucu) about Fijian migration, the leader and their chief who led the first settlers in three canoes arrived in Fiji and then settled there.

The song further tells the story of his children who later became the chiefs of different parts of Fiji. Rokomautu the eldest was the chief of Verata, Ro Melasiga, who also settled around the region but further northward from her elder brother, in Naloto, was later taken by the Naloto people to be the paramount chief of Burebasaga. Tui Nayau moved to Batiki, Daunisai settled Kabara.

The story goes on to explain that the reason for the migration of this very powerful group of people was the big plague that enveloped the region, including Tanganyika where they were from originally.

The journey met its fair share of bad luck during the course of this journey, encountering storms. There was a mention of a mythological stone box which was lost at sea during the storm; that led Lutunasobasoba to howl in deep emotional pain: “Isa noqu kawa era sa na vakaloloma.”

We all know that the Fijian race is still there to this day, and the closure of that very important stone box - and how precious it was, has now been revealed.

What was in that stone box, that caused this great chief to be distressed to utter such a powerful statement as he did even before they reached their destination?

What was so significant about his “kawa’s” (descendant’s) survival which could have been locked or stored in a stone box?

Well, the answer has just been delivered to us through the descendants of Nai, the wife of the great chief.

In his vision as a great leader, Lutunasobasoba knew that in running from a great plague, they had little knowledge of the land they will occupy, and if his descendants were to survive, he was to prepare something for his children to use if the dreaded plague does exist in their newfound land.

The plague has ravaged our land since 1987, and it has made Lutunasobasoba’s decendants turn against each other, they have killed their own and the deep hurt, that overwhelmed Lutunasobasoba then, is now justified when he knew that his “kawas” will encounter misfortune.

But there is a good end to this story and that is that the stonebox has surfaced, and it actually has surfaced in Eygpt, Nai’s country of birth, mother of Fijians, the daughter of an Eygptian tribal chief.

There was only one thing in the stonebox. FREEDOM.

That was what set them apart from the inhabitants of the African continent; it was the only thing that Lutunasobasoba knew would isolate his people from hurt, disease, starvation and death.

When that was lost in the storm, his heart went out to his children and he wept uncontrollably fearing that without the box, they will never again be free of any misfortune.

The Eygptians are on the streets, demanding their freedom, and if it is the truth, that God does work in mysterious way, then he must be trying to tell the “kawa” of Nai and Lutunasobasoba through their Eygptian relatives, that it is time to retain what is rightfully yours.

The stone box has surfaced and it contains your FREEDOM Fiji. Take it and never again be deprived of this possession that your “VU” accidentally forfeited in stormy waters.


The Oracle said...

I accept that the author, from his vantage point in Australia, is trying to generate support for an uprising in Fiji.
However, I fear his version of how Fiji was first populated and the related stories he tells lack historical proof.
In our attempts to overthrow Frank's dictatorship, let us not further compound the problem by promoting our own myths and personal views as historical facts - without the proof.
One fact does stand out and that is that the people of Egypt have been, over the last 30 years, fairly submissive towards their government- just as we here in Fiji have been generally submissive towards our governments since independence.
We should take the cue from Egypt and Tunisia and not wait too long before we attempt to remove Frank and company.
But please, let's not begin generating a maternal link to Egypt that we cannot prove.
Let us also learn from the Egyptian experience - while there are calls for Mubarak's departure from office, there isn't enough being said about what the replacement plans are. El Baradei has just entered the scene but whether he has the majority support of Egyptians remains to be seen. But at least - he has now shown he is a leader.
We have the same problem in Fiji - we all want Frank to stand down - but it's not all that clear or unanimous what or who should replace him. Qarase/Chaudry? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
fijian people have to act now before its too late.
God has shown us the way to fight and get back our lands.
Fijian and Indian will support you to bring down this taliban govt lead by ag aiyaz ,bani,aziz, shameem sisters,riaz,and others.
Where are the leaders to lead this freedom fight.

Leone said...

No No NO please,Its wrong..........! Frank had been answering the call of God in that he has come to our resurection by removing corrupt people and practices in which we are now experiencing.In fact the stone box has been unveiled by Frank,with this stone box we have finally seen light and it has shown us how to get rid of the evil within our midst.Soon the contents of this box will be shared to each one of us as a blessing from god as we have accomplished his dreams for that is to go hold hands with frank and build on his Empire just as God has allowed him to do

Jake said...

You tell these ostrich's Leone.

Its time for these people to pull their heads out thier rectum and start smelling the rose.


sara'ssista said...

@leaone, but this is the same guy sent form god that refuses any kind of civilian authority, and while claiming to protect the consitution, is quick to have coup to protect himself from investigation, or are you claiming that the police investigation was corrupt and the auditor egenral was corrupt after questioning the outrageous budget blowouts. (and this was before the coup) even worse since.This miltray thug doesn't beleive he was sent from God, he believes himself to devine and the font of all wisdom, unfortanely exactly like ost of the recent so-called leaders this country has had to endure, where the arrogance comes from i can't imagine , i think they forget where they live.

Mo jO said...

He's trying to make a spiritual link - via the Bible - and it's an acceptable one. As is the allegory that freedom is a gift and one that has been treasured since Fiji's birthing and its pioneers leaders. Freedom is something a bigger, older civilisation like Egpyt has come to this week reclaim, Fiji younger and smaller nation doesn't have to wait three decades to enjoy democracy. The world today has technology to facilitiate change and usher in justice, truth and might ... we've seen this -- facebook, Twitter etc.

Fair Dinkum said...

sara'ssista@11.16am I can't understand where that arrogance comes from as well but here's a thought. More and more women in Fiji are apparently becoming lesbians and it's being said that it's a trend but one wonders whether it has something to do with the recent disapora.... the brutal male violence of the army and the male arrogance of the likes of the illegal regime hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

@Leone and Jake. I don't think you two are holding Franks hand. Take a close look cos you two are holding something else. lol.

Leone said...

Yes Sarras Sista what ever you say or think, keep in mind God has allowed him to do all those ortherwise God will cross his path and punish him,I,m afraid God will turn to you and punish you

Anonymous said...

When all is said and done, the only thing that will stand is the Truth.

Anonymous said...

Rest and Relax Fiji.When the dust settles the only thing that will be left standing is the Truth. Jesus said I am the...Truth..(John 14:6)

sara'ssista said...

God is speaking through me too Leone...........nut.

Anonymous said...

multiracialism is a failed model.

believing still said...

Ratu@10.12AM i've heard these leaders you've identified mutter and curse about the frustrations of not being able to do much in fiji today without the permission of the regime - but, yes,i would agree that they have yet to do anything about their oppression.

some have taken the risk and tried to 'organise' people but guess what, there have been divisions and traitors who've betrayed the cause.

we need unity and some of us are working hard for this precious gift. let others join us before its too late.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
I am ready to die for my country.
Soon as you have the date to march i will join in.
I agree we have people who are double face agents.
Gods day will come soon.
when all those who have harmed his childrens will be taken to tasked.
United we stand and Divided we fall.

Jake said...

It is "lialia" to say we came from Tanganyika. Did the idiots carry their canoes from the interior of Africa to the atlantic ocean? Nai from Egypt: yeah dream on, it is just plain dumb and stupid.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7:46.

Not allowed to say Multicultural society's a failed concept - politically incorrect.

Like a boat with multiple oar's - all rowing to a different beat - all heading in a different direction. Sounds good though - makes politicians sound warm & fuzzy. Reality being there are deep insurmountable divisions between Indian & Taukei culture.
Most recent examples of division being Sri Lanka - Cyprus.

Anonymous said...

Nice story Suli but I do not buy into the "settler" theory which is a deliberate campaign to give equal status to recent settlers in Fiji, like the Indians and other Vulagi. This idea was put into the preamble of the last stupid 1997 constitution and was a long term plan hatched by Chaudary to give Indians equal status to i taukei land and resources.

By brainwashing the public and Fijians into accepting that they fit into the "settler' category of citizens it removes the notion of "i taukei" or "indigenous" to Fiji.

Besides,ira no qase mai Uluda will tell you that when the kawa nei Degei11 dui se from Ra they settled at Vuda and beyond. Ni rai yani e so,sa kuvu makawa tu na buka mai delai Uluda.

These "migratory settler" stories should be rubbished because the Lapita model which extends back to 30,000 years ago indicates Fijians were in Fiji well before that.

The proven "settler history" encompasses those in Fiji who have migrated from the US, Britain, India,China and still coming,but the indigenous population are local and will always be.

UK for the English,Irish and so forth, India for Indians,Pakistan for the Pakistanis,China for the Chinese...and thats how it will always be,,,but...but...hell yeah...Fiji for the Fijians!!Long live the i taukei and indigenous race!!!

BTW,who cares about Commander Katukatu?? He has too much Scottish and f..ked up Kean blood in his veins,thats why he is anti Fijian..He cannot be Fijian because at the height of battle he ran for his dear ittle sorryA'ed life..bastard!!

Beware Voreqe, the i taukei will swallow you up just like the Taliban have done to all aggressive settler invaders who try to steal our property.

Anonymous said...

@above Anonn. I disagree with your rubbishing the Lapita migration theory. What evidence do YOU have to suggest that we came from Taganiika accept for its Acronym that has similarity with the Fijian language and that is about it? Evidence so far PNG people were leaving in Papua for about 40,000 years ago. Fiji 3,000 years ago and not 30,000. Evidence from radio carbon (C14) has suggested as much. Unless you have "factual evidence" to suggest another theory than so be it. Apart from that your theory is actually "Rubbish". And will never be good enough to be published or even regarded in the mainstream media and academically. Your Opinion is just that your Opinion with no facts or evidence to give you substance to your argument.

As an Archaeologist, I disagree with the Tanganiika migration nor its links to Egypt. Look at the map and think about it. Look at the distance from there to Fiji and think about the technologies they had back than and take into account women and children even oldies. A Single generation can not make it that far. Generational migration yes. but not just a single migration.

I seriously hope that they dont teach that migration theory in Fiji school's as fact.

Leone said...

Sara,s Sista and anonymous,God will soon punish you for what you stand for,Ai'nt you freightened by what God is doing to Australia catergory 5 cyclone will soon come your way mate,Look what happening to the states, snow everywhere,look around the world a'int you afraid,....? at Gods punishment the world over.In Fiji its the opposite mate because we are cleaning up and see for yourself whats happened,cyclones have bypassed us,worse floods have not eventuated and our foreign reserve is very stable,development seems to be on the up and light has been experienced at the end of the tunnel.My concern is you seem to be acting on behalf of the devil and I am just warning you while I still can thanks

Anonymous said...

@ Leone.

Any doubts concerning your sanity
dismissed by lastest inane rant.

Stand by original suggestions - set fire to yourself - then blow yourself up - at QEB.

Anonymous said...

To the archaeologist 3.12pm... ahh..don't get your knickers in a knot and you should learn better English and improve on your reading skills to understand my writings.

The gist of my post is concerned with the image projected by others that Fijians are merely another "settler race" in Fiji similar to that of recent "settlers”. By legally classifying Fijians as a settler race, this immediately removes the notion that he is ingenious to Fiji.

This change in legal identity will have a major negative impact on the i taukei’s ability to legally claim his exclusive rights in Fiji. These exclusive rights include the right to be classed as indigenous to Fiji,right to maintain self determination, culture,traditions and ownership of resources.

Once again I iterate in response to Suli’s article,the sinister way Fijians were constitutionally labelled as a “settler race" in the preamble of the 1997 Fiji Constitution. This was done without scientific fact and without wide consultations with Fijians. All of he above facts need individual foresight and are true.

However since you appear to be emotional attached to your job let me remind you that the Fijian settler questions were first raised by racists in Fiji to disprove the claim made by Fijians to say they are indigenous to Fiji.
This idea was borne out in public by the colonial administration in a public essay competition hence the fictional Lutunasobosobo story. Real traditional Fijian history, traditions and even mythologies reveal no connections to the migratory theory except when the Vu’s dispersed around Fiji and beyond.

Today, "Fijian settler" theorists use the traditional sources of arguments such as eg....Lapita, Egypt and Tanganika to state their claims...fair enough people are entitled to assumptions.The last time I checked the dictionary,the word ”assumptions” was not associated with the words,true or factual...The problem with these types of assumptions is that they are not wrong until proven otherwise..sounds silly?? A good example is that some silly person assumed the world was flat and that was accepted by society as the prevailing “truth” until later proven wrong.

How does this thinking of (Cart before the horse) come about?? Yes,researchers use this method to prove assumptions by stating a hypothesis...e.g. “Fijians are a settler race”. This method holds that position to be "true" until disproven. Research is limited by the scope and sampling given the Lapita, Egypt, Tanaganika theories. With the help of public brainwashing the actual assumption as in the “flat earth” case becomes the “prevailing truth” until the so called “missing link” is found.

My advice to every "Fijian settler" terrorists and conmen out there is to refrain from spreading these "Fijian settler” innuendos and unproven facts. Those assumptions are rubbish in the eyes of vigilant i taukei like me.

Again, let Egypt be for the Egyptians, PNG for the Wantoks, Tanzania for the Tanganiks, India for Indians, China for Chinese but, but, but....hell yeah.... Fiji only for the Fijians...Long live the itaukei in Fiji and may our generations exist forever in the country God gave us..Emeni!!

And who cares about the Bainivuaka and his misguided corrupt coup..he is anti Fijian because he has been brainwashed and bribed by corrupt vulagi settlers in this country... kaisi bokola!!!

VereBau. said...

Anon 6:25.

Spot on - fight on.
Once our Vanua is gone so are we (Taukei)- note Maori - Australian Aboriginals - American Indians - list is endless...Take the unjustified insults - accusations of racism - fight on - you are not alone...

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
god time will come soon.
now the arab world is fighting for freedom.
fijian have to start the freedom fight for its people.
I am ready to fight and die for my people and country.

Anonymous said...

@ Ratu Singh...Die for my people?

What and give up your NZ PR?... Didn't know India was at war?

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said

Leone said...

Egypt and the world are only following what Fiji had done and that is a complete cleanup by all means.Get rid of all corrupt people and their practices,reform all that is against the will of God meaning the biggest Commandment which is love.frank is doing exactly that and is the reason why God is allowing him to do so,ortherwise he wouldn,t have been in existence as of to date

Unknown said...

Could someone out there explain to me in details the meaning of the sere vucu??? I want to make sure it is a good song!! So, could you please be really specific of what this song really means!

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Anonymous said...

Fijian brothers and sisters need to connect with African Americans, Caribbeans and the rest of the family in Africa.