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Saturday, January 8, 2011

FDM challenges Bainimarama's New Year speech


The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement would like to condemn and rebut illegal Prime Minister and Military Dictators New Year’s Message as silly and nonsensical. In essence, Bainimarama’s New Year’s message is just a lot of hot air.

Bainimarama is simply singing his own tune and continues to sound like a broken record while trying once again to brainwash the people of Fiji with lies and nonsense.

The Commodore again attempts to make the people believe that his way is the right way and the only way – which totally violates the principle of the rule of law and in fact denies any democratic and fair processes to be implemented and actioned.

Commodore Bainimarama starts off by commending how innovative his illegal government is. If increasing the hand out of food vouchers is his idea of innovation, then God have mercy on Fiji because we are going to need it.

Creating a welfare system (such as food vouchers) can be of advantage to those in need, but it can lead to people relying on handouts rather than being provided with resources (equipment, advice, education) to be able to have sustainable work and business opportunities. To have a good welfare mechanism in a county, the rights, and voice, of the people must be heard and not be denied.

The key issue is in fact, why have the Fijian people become so poor that an increase in the welfare budget is needed? It is because there is a low level of confidence from the people, the economy is barely surviving and young people, in particularly are struggling to see a successful future for them in Fiji.

To address this fundamental issue a democratically elected government is needed in order to give confidence to the people and to potential foreign investors so that economic growth can be stimulated and to restore and grow national institutions and control mechanisms like an independent judiciary and a thriving legislature and National Human Rights Institution.

In regards to Bainimarama’s comments on Fiji’s National Superannuation Fund FNPF and that ‘it pays to be honest’, this is an irony in itself when in fact every time he speaks he is just trying to cover up for his own illegal actions of treason and gaining power through the barrel of a gun.

The truth is FNPF contributors have been disadvantaged because of the coup and in Bainimarama illegally taking over the FNPF operations. How can he say ‘honesty’ has brought FNPF an increase in its net surplus when he does not act honestly in his own dealings? For example, nepotism in who he is appointing to key government and organisational positions and that he paid himself a sizeable amount with money that the nation could ill afford to use for such purposes in the difficult economic conditions.

The Chiefly system is an integral part of the social fabric of Fijian society. The Dictatorship’s decree that all lease monies shall now be distributed equally amongst all the members of the respective landowning unit brings disrespect to the chiefly unity that has long been understood and acknowledged by those owning the land.

A chief gains their status through hard work and the process of time. As it is now with the new system, basically anyone can just step up and have part of the money distributed to them – isn’t this like saying a Class 1 student is at the same level of experience and understanding as a Class 8 student.

This supposed ‘modernising’ strategy by Bainimarama is simply an attempt to destabilise the Fijian societal system – first it was the Great Council of Chiefs that was dismissed and now this New Year decree to further break down the Chiefly system.

It is also an act of revenge on his two biggest critics Ro Teimumu Kepa and Ratu Naiqama Lalabalavu who are chiefs that benefit from huge lease monies as paramount chiefs of confederacies and Turaga i Taukei to a large swath of land. 

In allowing equal access to lease monies Bainimarama is arguably appealing to young Fijians in an effort to ‘buy back’ their loyalty, but in years to come Bainimarama will see the repercussions of this ill-timed decision.

Many young Fijians want to complete their studies and get good jobs so they can contribute to their families, but lack of money to complete studies and then a very slow employment market makes it difficult for young people to become active and contributing members of their communities.

Bainimarama shouldn’t be talking about such things as increasing public expenditure (welfare, education etc) or decreeing how lease monies should now be distributed, but instead focus on when the elections are going to be held. How is he going to create jobs and when are he and his soldiers returning to the barracks and restoring freedom and democracy in Fiji?

The date of the removal of the PER (Public Emergency Regulation) is always being extended – how is this democratic if people cannot speak out against the government and the nation’s news is continually censored?

In conclusion, Bainimarama is still the illegal Prime Minister. Fiji is not a democratic nation – the majority still have no voice and are being silenced. Therefore his recent criticism of indigenous Fijians living overseas as not knowing what is going on is fallacious and wrong.

Fijians living overseas are actively criticising his government because they are not subjected to the propaganda and censored media the people living in Fiji and subjected to and get first hand news of what is happening because they live in a world of free media, freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

They can see clearly what is really going on and a large proportion of them left Fiji after the 2006 coup in utter disgust at the suppressive life Bainimarama has illegally brought upon the Country. (FDM statement)


Anonymous said...

Never heard of this organisation. Where were the people behind this body when Rabuka did his not one but 2 coups!!

Enuf said.

Anonymous said...

If you can't go to Fiji to fight it then get over it.Talk and criticizing is boring and useless. Know today that your Fiji is gone forever. Get over it. What is happening is the rule for ONE WORLD ORDER. Everyone prominent in Fiji right now are in that secret cirle. They themselves are PUPPETS. They just don't know it. They can be dismissed without mercy if they become "USELESS". Their jobs are not guranteed.

mark manning said...

Chindia ?

Jimoni said...

The comment on distribution of lease money is way off the mark. The chiefs do not diserve the 25% they have been enjoying; in other words it was day light robbery. The land owning units never approved of it but it was forced on them. Add the other 5% to the turaga ni yavusa and the 15% to NLTB; the land owning units are left with approximately 50% to divide amongst themselves.

The new distribution regime is at the very least fair but the fact remains that chiefs do not own the land in their domain. Apart from their own mataqali land they do not have any say in any other land and should not be collecting any lease money from other mataqali's land.

Anonymous said...

Its been four years since the coup now. Lots of false prophets, conmans from within Fiji and NZ came to save Fiji.

These include former minister such as Mahendra Chaudhry, Poseci Bune,Lekh Ram and others such as John Prasad, John Sami, Fransis Narayan, Robin Nair Suren Sharma.

Please coup4.5 make a list of the people.

Anonymous said...

what a load of crap.There was nothing worse then sitting down to the 6oclock news and watching "our" parlimentarians,asleep.there was a running joke about the size of their gerth expanding the longer they stayed elected.Imagine the money being saved.think about it.

Anonymous said...

This article is by an arsonist dressed as a fireman. Were you and your esteemed membership part of the 1987 and 2000 coups. Where was your beloved democracy then or was it too real a demoicracy for you to swallow. The shoe is on the other foot now, we guess? One can onlhy speak without blood on their hands.

Anonymous said...

well,that's telling it like it is,except that the people of Fiji are accepting of this state of affairs.They do little to truly voice their dissent..the number of "warriors" in Fiji are few and far between.Is someone saying that the majority of the RFMF woulld turn their weapons on the citizenry???For too long the average Fijian has taken what has been served up.Little or no attempt has ever been made to truly improve their lot in life.

Case Study in Failure said...

Fiji under bainimarama's military junta is a classic case study in why dictatorships fail. History clearly informs us that dictatorships achieve nothing positive and most dictators end up being eliminated, or if they have any courage at all (like most bullies they don't) top themselves before freedom fighters get to them.
In four years of the repressive human rights abusing military regime in Fiji the economy has all but collapsed. The sugar industry will never recover and tourism survives (barely) by heavy discounting and workers on poverty wages.
Under bainimarama's misguided dictatorship the media has become so heavily censored that it is barely more than a travel monologue or stories of how wonderful the regime is. Public Emergency Regulations (PER) remain in place four years on since the disastrous 2006 coup mainly to protect bainimarama who has still not recovered from being chased down a cassava patch by loyal soldiers and peeing his pants. The public service has been militarised by total incompetents or positions offered to foreign rejects and carpet baggers. Under the junta there is very little future for the suppressed and those who can are leaving in droves. The one sad blog that supports the junta (run by a bitter old facist fool) is a good example of how flies are attracted to faeces.
Sadly, those most affected by the coup, and those that will suffer the backlash when the coup is crushed, are the poor indo Fijians.

Jake said...

Another inefficacious article disseminated by an insignificant group of people each with a personal agenda.

All one has to do is look into their past history to understand why they have become so desperate to succeed at hoodwinking unsuspecting people that people with a bit of nous have woken up to their pernicious idiosyncrasies.

People I know you all have seen or have family on the ground tell how Bainimarama is turning Fiji around for the better do not pay these rejects any credence.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:15 what have you ever done for your country except to hide or feed off racism. If you can name individuals so bravely and defame them, why can't you identify yourself. If the solid and fearless advice of these your so-called conman and prophets from within Fiji and NZ had been accepted, we would all be living in the paradise that Fiji was once and can be again. Who wrecked our beloved Fiji? You don't even want to know the answer or do you know the truth but prefer lies and mischief making. You will never recognuse a "prophet", kemuni, if you ever saw or had the fortune to stumble into one. Help our country and not create mischief out of something you don't understand and will never understand.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 2.01. Could not agree with you more. A Military led government any where in the world has never worked for any country no matter how good the initial intentions are. There is a simple reason for this. There are very few men born on earth who are able to resist the trappings of having absolute power. In my estimate i think the world in recent times has only had 2 people born like that and they are Mandela and Gandhi. When you have power derived out of fear visa vie the gun you will abuse it and all the classic mistakes that you have outlined have been made by dictators over and over again. Maybe someone should write a book on how to become an affective dictator. The irony is that mankind does not like being controlled and yet the individual men likes being in control the more absolute the better. The only dictator who i think pulled off running a country with some measure of success in the ensuing years was that of Rabuka in 1987. If you look back into history you will note that most of the mistakes that Frank is making like the extended PER decree etc was not done by Rabuka. In fact to a large degree Rabuka was listening to his critics via the media and that was allowing him to make changes as he went along and hence the 1997 constitution. Contrary to popular belief i still think that given a chance Rabuka may be able to pull enough of the right people to fix this country from where we are heading. Although many despise him for the cycle of coups that he started i think towards the end of his period in office he had realized the error of his ways and was starting to become a genuine statesman. We also have to put blame on the Mara family for the first coup and accept that Rabuka was just a puppet at the time. May be it will be fitting for him to end this cycle that he started once for all and bring Fiji from the edge of the chasm that we appear to be heading into.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:01, the only thing left is get rid of the Fiji Army forever. Hopefully this pooftah regime will become totally bankrupt,then the Other countries can come in and disassemble the army forever. That is why I have always advocated that the UN send every Fijian soldier home now and get this madness over sooner rather than later.

Anonymous said...

Why are we all geeting so parnoid about the 2006 coup.Where were the supoorters of democracy from 1987 to 2000.
The tides have now changed so please get on with your lives.
Those who sowed the seeds of 1987 and 2000 are now reaping the aftermath of it.

Anonymous said...

I'll go along with Rabuka for PM again.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 10.25 I did not support this coup or any coup for that matter. I have enough grey matter in my head to realise that any coup no matter what the reasons are is never good for any country. Just look and countries in Africa. The fact is we have been the victims of self serving lunatics for over 40 years post independence. We as a society must learn to say enough is enough and start voting in the right people when we have the chance. Nothing lasts forever and this government will one day be gone. The question for all Fiji nationals will be do we get rid of our personal and petty prejudices and accept a truely Multiracial government and thus unify Fiji or do we go the way we always have votes based on race.If we choose the later then we have learnt nothing since 1987 and we deserve what we get.

Anonymous said...

I would encourage you young folk to watch the documentary "war on democracy" and compare the commentary to what Australia and New Zealand are doing to Fiji where the US is the silent partner.

Use torrents to download the documentary or do it the legal way and pay and download.

I am definately not making excuses for the crimes this government has committed.

All I'm pointing out is the good they've done/doing in our rural places. Look at our infrustructure; roads being maintained, Fijian schools being maintained, land being used.

What was happening before was that foreign investors would come, Austalian and New Zealand investors, under the guise of providing a service but infact trying to make a quick buck and leaving when the going gets tough.

Again I reiterate that I'm not making excuses for the current government but I can't but admire their focus. Which is to develop the Fijian people, against all odds and advice. My only hope is that you all see it and realize the potential for this county to be great under this no nonsense keep you bullshit and tell it like it is government.

Please try to see past Franks school boy remarks and see that he is investing our money Fijian money where it is highly needed, in the rural areas where they've been neglected year in year out by past governments; including SDL, SVT and FLP.