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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fears frosty relations might hinder NZ search for Fiji killer

TV3 News has hinted frosty relations between New Zealand and Fiji might be an issue in the investigation into how a 28 year old woman from Fiji was burned alive.  

The police say Ranjeeta Sharma was burned alive on a rural road just outside of Huntly in the Waikato last Thursday night. Pathology reports suggest she was alive when set alight and that the cause of her death was the fire.

An international search is underway but Ranjeeta's husband is believed to have flown back to Fiji with their four year old son.

The reporter handling the story on TV3 said tonight the investigation has headed to Fiji where the couple came from but the frosty relationship between New Zealand and Fiji might be an issue.

Relations between the two countries have been openly strained due to New Zealand's decision to apply sanctions because of the 2006 coup.

Auckland police have released the above picture of Ranjeeta Sharma and have executed search warrants in South Auckland. They have also contacted Interpol. 

A TVOne reporter said Fiji police had told him they had been to the family home of Ranjeeta's home but there has been no sign of him or the child. He is believed to have a passport to Canada.
A police spokesperson says police are interested in sightings of Ranjeeta's  car - a silver Subaru stationwagon with the registration number FSD433.

It's been suggested the burning of Ranjeeta Sharma was an honour killing.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to Fiji Mr Sharma where murderers run free. Just ask Rabaka's mother.Actually if they put you in Naboro like Mr Percy Kean , you can be out in a few months. So welcome to Fiji Mr Sharma. You will be free here.

Anonymous said...

ratu said.
fiji govt should sent the husband back to nz .
he should be burned too.or locked up in prison for life.
feel sorry for the bhani and family.
sick husband bastard and coward.

Anonymous said...

TV3 and viewers and readers must understand that the Police is a global brotherhood regardless of country, politics or geography in times of war or in times of peace, the Police all over the world have a strong network and do not dwell in issues that often affect relationships between governments of the day. This is due to the nature of their work where it sharing of information and resources overides all for their protection of their respective citizens and their properties....POLICEMAN!!

Liu Muri said...

HEY Coup 4.5, what happened to my posting that was done on 24.1.11? In case you claim to not have received it, please see attached and post in name of media ethics, if you have any at all.


Who is the idiot who suggested this was an honour killing. What a load of hogwash coming from Fairfax's Stuff website, which is The Dominion’s website, which stuffed up this news coverage. This shows the shallowness of NZ mainstream media standards- a bunch of nuts who do not know the definition of "honour killing". What honour killing from a criminal son of a pundit from Rakiraki who used to beat up his wife, and this is in the record of NZ police. One Indian idiot claiming to be head of a Cultural organisation in Hamilton spoke about honour killing in India. The idiot does not know that this COLD BLOODED MURDER has nothing to do with this hogwash that you read in Fairfax’s Stuffed site. That is the problem with journalists who have their heads stuffed in sand and suffer from Ostrich Syndrome. I wonder what Michael Field, with his supposedly wise knowledge of Fiji, got to say about this Stuff -Up of the Stuff website and The Dominion news coverage is very hurting to the families of the dead lady who hails from a poor family in Balevuto, Ba Shame on Fairfax and Coup 4.5 site: A case of blind following the blind with stuffed -up stories..

Anonymous said...

Voreqe should deport him to India because he is not a Fiji citizen now.

But then again Voreqe owes roque countries like India and China lots of paisa so this is held as leverage against him so that Fiji is a safe haven for all sorts of undesirables. Terrorist groups like Al Queda,BJP, VHP,RSS and Chinese triads are operating freely and illegally in Fiji.After all, Voreqe and his misguided military machine are showing them how to do it....bastards!!

Anonymous said...

Burn the bastard alive like he did to his wife.

Anonymous said...

Liu Muri you dork the story says "it's been suggested the burning of ranjeeta sharma was an honour killing" is at the end and is not hammered the way you making out it is. story looking at "perceived difficulties" with the investigation because of strain between fiji and nz. get over your hatred of people wanting freedom and democracy.