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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

How long can Frank escape the long arm of the law?

WAITING: Qarase and supporters in last hours on fateful day.
A possible reason why Frank turned on Qarase post 2000. By a political boffin from that time.

PREAMBLE: The following statement intends to shed some light on the souring of relations between the Commander Fiji Military Forces Frank Bainimarama and the Prime Minister of Fiji, Laisenia Qarase, shortly after the elections in 2001.

BACKGROUND: Following the overthrow of the Labor Coalition government of Mahendra Chaudhry in the year 2000 by the George Speight Group the military then proceeded to install an interim civilian government to prepare Fiji for elections.  This interim government was led by Laisenia Qarase, a nominee of the military at the time.  To his credit Mr Qarase took Fiji to the polls within 18 months of assuming office in the interim government and along the way formed the SDL party which won 31 seat in the house of representatives.  The Fiji Labour party and Mahendra Chaudhry won 27 seats and the new Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua Party won 6 seats.  The Matanitu Vanua party formed a Coalition with the SDL party, which enabled Mr Qarase to become an elected Prime Minister for the first time in September of 2001.

Throughout the term of the interim government and going into the 2001 elections proper Bainimarama & Qarase enjoying a cordial working relationship so the question is what went wrong.

Bainimarama is on record of accusing Mr Qarase of being soft on those who were involved in the 2000 uprising.  However, there is an issue which will be exposed here as to why Bainimarama began to agitate against Laisenia Qarase.

During the course of the 2000 coup various events had occurred and for which those who had broken the law were being held to account.  The actions of the military and its commander were also implicated in a series of unconstitutional and unlawful acts for eg, the abrogation of the 1997 constitution which was overruled by the Chandrika case, the removal of the President Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, and the deaths of soldiers at the military barracks in November of 2000.  For these and any other unlawful acts by the Commander and his soldiers a immunity Bill was being prepared by the interim cabinet of Mr Qarase in the year 2000 – 2001.

This same Bill was then proposed to be tabled in the Fiji Parliament for ratification in 2004.  Fortunately for Bainimarama the SDL party at the time did not have the majority in Parliament to pass the Bill outright and during the course of highly confidential meetings of a committee made up of members of parliament from the SDL and the Matanitu Vanua parties the Bill was set aside on the advice of the Matanitu Vanua party members who opposed it.  This opened the way for Frank Bainimarama and any other military personnel to be subject to the due process of law and prosecution for any crime or unlawful acts committed in the year 2000.

The failure of Qarase to ratify Frank’s immunity in the Parliament led to Frank turning against him.

It is common knowledge that the Fiji Police Force had been pursuing Frank for interrogation concerning various issues relating to the year 2000 and they were closing in on him in 2006 which led him to go over the line and stage  the coup in December of 2006.  The draft immunity Bill is attached as evidence. 

Following the rejection of the Immunity Bill Prime Minister Qarase then proceeded towards a more holistic piece of legislation which came in the form of the Reconciliation, Tolerance and Unity Bill which was rejected by the Fiji Labor Party and Frank Bainimarama.  Referring to the Reconciliation Bill, Bainimarama had stated that justice must be served first and Reconciliation later. These comments have certainly come home to roost in his case.

Frank had evaded the law back then and he continues to evade the long arm of the law at present but for how long?


Joe Pateta said...

In the interview with ABC's Philippa McDonald Frank openly admitted he came after Qarase when the police zeroed in on his part in the coup murders.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
its public document now.
i hope the problem can be resolved soon.
we all made mistake and we learn from it.
we cant let people and fiji suffer.

Who's behind him... said...

Anybody who believes others weren't
blowing in his ear are eitheir naive or fools - possibly both?

How long can he escape the inevitable? Only time will tell.

Immediate task lies in limiting the damage untill this occurs.

mark manning said...

And what of Frank's alleged implication and or knowledge of the torture and murders of the 5 CRW Soldiers in 2000, the threats of murder against President Mara's daughter and his impending arrest for Sedition by andrew Hughes, the Fiji Police Commissioner, in late 2006 ?

Also, wasn't it found that the Amnesty Bill was Unconstitutional and therefore couldn't be Tabled in Parliament?

I'm more inclined to believe that Frank Bainimarama's overall riding reason for the coup was his own impending arrest for his alleged part in the murders of the CRW Soldiers.

In any attempt at buttering things up to win Frank back into the fold, we must not forget his heinous crimes against unarmed serving members of the RFMF.

Jake said...

Mark Manning.

Where are you bum buddies when Qarase needs them.

Cowering under their mummy's apron I suppose since they are just full of shyte they opted to send out their fool to battle away.

And like a loyal fool you do.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is an extremely accurate account of what transpired post 2000 and the very reason why this misguided 2006 coup took place.We must thank the members of CAMV that sat on that committee tasked to review the military's draft immunity bill as presented by Major Tuanaisara and Lt Cl Aziz at the time.Everyone is equal under the law.

I think a lot of military personnel were unaware at the time of the crimes which Bainimarama had perpetrated on the Presidency and the CRW boys. In order for the draft immunity to be presented the military had to list down all the criminal actions for which they wanted immunity from.There were many crimes which the public were unaware of.It goes to show that even the military knew they committing crimes in the name of so called law and order and soon they would have to face up to the law.

Why should Voreqe walk free when others who have committed the same crimes have gone to jail?? Is this the "savasava,donu and dina" this bullshit artist is talking about?

I am a young Fijian and I swear to God that if in the future,I meet Voreqe anywhere when he is old and helpless I will give him the beating he deserves...bastard!!!

Anonymous said...

@ M&M.

If he could - believe former Comm Hughes & others would & can verify last paragraph.

Some call it abuse of civil liberties - others torture & murder - personally prefer latter.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that people like the author of this article continue to be ignorant of the true nature of the Qarase Govt ... do you remember the agriculture scam ... millions lost .... the plan to release speight and his merry thugs ... the qoli qoli bill ... the office of national tressury billions that was to come to Fiji ... the ballu khan take over of NLTB through pacific CONnex... the systematic draining of FNPF fund ... the shameless politisisation of the methodist church ... and so on and so on ... open your eyes and see that this government has improved fiji in ways that were never imaginable ... amazing to see what can be achieved when cronies are not corruptly draining govt funds under the disguise of devwlopment ... god bless this government and may it continue as long as it takes to turn fiji into a true paradise

Anonymous said...

You ask how long will Voreqe evade the long arm of the law. The answer is; not long. It is coming. God is a God of justice.

Jake said...

Whenever there are uprisings within society the first line of defence are the police if the police are deemed ineffective the military than is justified to pursue such uprising or in this case mutiny to its conclusion by whatever means.

We have a fair knowledge of the truth on what occurred on that day however most anti regime supporters have concocted and or have skewed the truth it’s innate in most Fijians to tell lies.

It appears they will regurgitate useless information to justify their weaknesses they speak not of the wonderful advances Fiji is experiencing currently.

Most people felt Bainimarama have dealt them a very bad hand it’s time to earn your keep boys/girls.


Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
Its time all people who have committed crime should be brought to justice.
Start from rabuka,mpc,qarase,bani and others.
Than we can say .yes justice and law an order is followed.
No one is above the law.
no more immunity.
This will put end to coup in fiji.
if not coup will happen again.
people will run to president and ask for immunity.

Anonymous said...

If there ever was a murder committed on 2nd November 2000, it was committed by the CRW soldiers themselves because they were the ones that fired the first shots when they decided to mutiny against the their fellow comrades. For your information the CRW soldiers killed three loyal soldiers in cold blood, smiling all the way before pulling the triggers on the unknowing soldiers at point blank range. So stop discussing about the mutiny because you have totally no idea about what happened on the day and you were not there personally to witness it,and to summarise, once the CRW fired those first rounds, they had knowingly made war on the whole Fiji Army.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 8:49 - and what about those CRW soldiers who didn't fire those shots and were dragged from their homes and murdered!? Murder is murder, don't cover it up with that crap about war!...and even if it was war since when was it ok to torture, bash and buturaki to death those who have surrendered!? Last I looked prisoners of war were to be treated humanely. Thats the problem with you b@lls%it soldiers, and especially your chickensh$%t cassave sprinter of a commander, you can murder unarmed prisoners but don't have the balls to face up to a court of law and let them decide whether what you did was justified because you know very well that what you did was wrong and you're GUILTY!

Freedom said...

Tunisia has just issued an international arrest warrant for Ben Ali and the disposed dictators family. A month ago anyone who would have suggested that Ben Ali's 25 year dictatorship will fall would have been called an idiot. Perhaps Frank should watch a bit of CNN or BBC to get an idea how his future looks like. As far as his motivations are concerned, I never had the slightest doubt that the 2006 coup was purely driven by self preservation. When Frank pulled the guns, some opportunists such as Aiyaz and the two ambitious sisters jumped on the bandwagon. There is little else to the thing.

Jake said...

Bainimarama is a dead man walking. and his family and cowardly coup supporters know it. The bottom feeders are now looking for holes to hide in and ways to run. When the clean up begins they will be screeching like hysterical mynah birds....tik tok....tik tok...

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 8:49am

You are right. Unless you were there, it is disrespectful to speak ill of the dead.

But the question as to whether it was right for the RFMF to defend themselves from the CRW soldiers was not in question. Everyone who was in Suva can remember the day when we heard all that gunfire coming from the barracks.

But that is not what should have been asked - the question is whether or not it was right to beat the CRW soldiers to death once they had been disarmed and captured.

I think not. You cannot justify murder. The right thing to have done would have been to trial them in a court of law - to bring them to justice - not carry out executions.

That is what Frank should have done and the investigation of those events was what spurred Frank to do what he did - there were no real lofty goals for the good of the country - he saved his own skin.

Anonymous said...

Great reading!And what did Qarase do to the coup perperators?Can you please highlight some of that please.I will jog your memeory.A key figure in the coup became a VP through Qarase.Others became part of the SDL and later the government.A disgreaced laywer became the Attorney General.These are only the tip of the ice guys.If you are so concerned about VB'S actions lets first clear the air about the actions of 2000 which led VB to act and behave in such a manner.Let the one who has not sinned cast the first stone.Isnt that what is in the bible.Once again the bloggers of this page please stand up to the entire truth and not the bits that suits your agenda.The false leaders of the Indeginous community are to be blamed for the state of affairs of our beloved Fiji.Please for gods sake stop this propaganda and lets starts something positive to build our beloved Nation.And that must come from the heart and without any prejudice.

NadroKid said...

To Anonymous @8:49

The CRW killing loyal soldiers in cold blood still does mean that you throw away your rules of engagement as a professional soldier. Once he has surrendered, disarmed and handed over to the police he should go through the due process of law.

Unfortunately, some of you guys decided to take the law into your own hands and removed these unarmed CRW from Nabua police station under gunpoint and torture and kill them.

You had an opportunity to demonstrate to the rest of the CRW, army, Fiji and the world that you are better than them but your professionalism went out the window and you demonstrated that you are no better than them.

I only wish that you all took your cue from Colonel Semi Seruvakula who I believe is one of the few people to show the highest professionalism throughout this dark hour in our history.

May God bless Fiji.

mark manning said...

Murder is not war, it's just murder and torture and murder in response, is illegal under the Law, both Military and Civilian.

Anonymous said...

While the people of Fiji continue to stand by and watch, Frank and his merry band of treasonous soldiers will survive.Fijians have watched for years,passive,waiting hoping but never actually doing.It is the order of things.If no one fills their pockets then no one has anything.They will wait and wait and wait

Anonymous said...

@ANON 8:49

Even if what you say is true, it did not give cassava patch boy the right to murder innocent CRW personnel who were not even at the camp or involved on that day, such as Sitino? to be hunted, captured tortured and brutalized by "loyal soldiers" on the pig's orders.

The TRUTH always wins, because God is Truth.

TheMax said...

@ Anonymous Jan 27, 2011 8.49 AM

I totally agree with you. What I see from the anti-Bainimarama and pro-SDL movement is a deliberate selection of historical events of the last couple of years to justify their narrow viewpoint. There's only one answer to this distortion and misrepresentation by the anti-Frank movement, YOU WILL NEVER WIN. FRANK WILL WIN because he has TRUTH, JUSTICE and HONOUR on his side. You blind people will never see this because you are consumed by hatred and stupidity in your heart. End of story.

The Oracle said...

Mark Manning (in his post above) hit the nail squarely on its head.

Frank's coup was to protect himself. We all know a conered cat can be a very very dangerous animal. And, that's exactly how it was --- Frank was cornered - he was heading for arrest and trial by the courts. He knew it and knew he had to make his move.

All those who jumped in to crew his ship were and are there for their own personal gain. They know they are as treasonous as he is and they will do everything in their power to ensure: (i) that the next elected parliament is a rubber stamp only for their policies and so-called roadmap or (ii) that Frank remains in power for as long as God allows him to breathe.

We all know that Frank has already mapped out the country's future to provide him the safety net that he needs for as long as he remains alive.

The next elected Parliament, he has already warned, will have to toe his line or he will stage another coup. So, the thought of an elected parliament is not very attractive because there is no guarantee that the new crop of politicians will stick to Frank's roadmap and may instead, turn on him. If that happens, Frank will have to stage another coup, as he has hinted, to protect himself and his crew.

The danger facing Frank and his buddies is that: (a) their military might won't be as strong as it was in 2006 because Frank has seen fit to weed out officers who stood by him in 2006 and (b) it's highly likely that the people of Fiji who are currently barely holding their heads above water will react violently to protect themselves from completely drowning.

So, it's more likely than not that Frank and crew will favour the second option (ii - above).

Don't be surprised when in the not too distant future we are told that Fiji will have to bear another five years of the current style of government. And we'll be told, in a very convincing manner, that it will be in our national interest. The fact that continuation of the current state of governance is in Frank and his cronies' interests rather than in Fiji's will be downplayed and anyone brave enough to point this out will probably be charged with treason.

If Frank is not ousted before 2014, then I invite Jake and his comrades (above) to come back in 2014 and re-read this post. And if they're still not convinced by then of the damage inflicted on our people, then they would need psychological help because there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Leone said...

You got it right mate.........! all orther killings that followed after that was sparked from those silly actions by the CRW,dont forget this is the army ur trying to take on and u can imagine what a soilder does when he is under seige,he is trained to kill and he will surely do that for the benefit of rage that has been installed unto him.We are only talking now when the situation has comed down,It would have been nice for people to go confront them soilders when this events were unfolding back than in 2000

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8:49

Funny how you said it 'as it is'. What transpired at the Base was declared a 'situation of war' as it happened at the height of the mutiny.If CRW soldiers lost their lives there and then, no questions would be asked.But, did the CRW boys lost their lives during or after the incident. Kindly confirm!

Most civilians will never understand it until that bit is told.

Note: My sincere condolences to all the families (From both sides) that lost a loved one during the mutiny - It must never happen again, ever.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Even in war there are rules of engagement...beating helpless unarmed soldiers to death whilst in custody are not acts of war, they are acts of murder.Voreqe will stand trial for it and so will those soldiers who took part.

The military BOI and subsequent court martial revealed that the non CRW soldiers that died were through "friendly fire" durting the counterattack.The CRW had long abandoned the camp by that time.

However,all that would not have happened if the Commander was present and took control of the situation before it escalated.It was not the intention of the CRW to kill him or anyone else otherwise they would have done so the moment they entered the barracks.Ultimately,the commander is responsible for the upheaval within the ranks.

The big question is where was Voreqe at the height of the mutiny????....Oh hell,I forgot that the lamusona was in full katukatu to save his miserable hide. I heard he broke the land speed for a soldier that day.

What a damn coward,coward,coward Voreqe is by abandoning his troops and for that he should be tried and shot for AWOL...bastard!!!

Anonymous said...

After reading all the above posts, the only thing I can say is the wonderful thing about truth is you can never suppress it. One day it will rear its head.
The truth is plain to see : Voreqe's government is doomed. With no more money in the bank, a dwindling Foreign Reserve and Negative Growth, we are heading for bankruptcy.
To accelerate the death spiral,he begins to gouge out the remaining money in FNPF. You watch my friends as in the next few months his nepotism will bring in more failures and more losses.
God is truly a wonderful God. He will always stand with truth and there is no rest for the wicked.
The wicked are already shaking in their boots. Bainimarama can't even sleep properly. He is running scared. His lieutenants are agitated and he knows it.
They are not happy and it's only a matter of time before they put the squeeze on Bai.
Keep praying my brothers because Aiyaz's time is up.He will go soon.
Once he goes, the death roll will start.
I'm praying to God to make it happen quickly.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget my kai Nimsy Nimacere. I know he was a crim but who were those who bashed him to death in the army lorry? And who ordered it? And who was the top army man at the navy base who was involved in beating those CRW soldiers to death? Truth will out you know. Sa voleka!

Anonymous said...

Voreqe can evade the law as long as he can. But will there ever be peace in his heart and a clear conscience in his mind? I doubt it.

His misery is already showing and his fears are ever increasing. These come about when we undertake to cover our evil deeds without transparent means. Voreqe now knows his future is uncertain and this knowledge is already affecting him. His punishment is beginning to be meted out to him mentally and spiritually and will not end......

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
I can only say that all those who break the law of fiji.
They should face the court of law.
No one is above the law.
We should learn from the past mistakes.
Yes racist svt,sdl, and flp leaders have used us for long for the personal gain and power.
fiji people need united fiji for all.no race,no colour.
Now we see the true clour of the leaders and the chiefs,church ministers and supporters.
Fiji need clean people with no personal agenda to lead fiji govt.
we all made mistake in the world.but we all can repent and move fiji forward.
god will bless fiji and its people on its own due time.

Leone said...

Anonymous you can talk real big hahahahha,you know your mouth shows how big your behind is...........You should know that the CRW started it all,shooting in cold blood one of those soilders sleeping in bed after knock off from duty, an officer sitiing in his office doing his work and even a women officer to name a few,do you axpect the army to stand back and watch helplessly at those events.I think those actions by the CRW are totally paid for unless you think they have not paid the price for being so hostile to its own family of soilders.After all, people like you should refrain urself from talking on this issue as it is sensitive and could even create further instability amongst people and might result in further CRW deaths in future,mate dont forget the scars of what happened since is still very much intact and that this fijian soilders will act swiftly to counter any suspicious intentions from people like you and will surely punish you.......Beware mate.....Kua ni seuta tiko na bure ni kadi

Jake said...

Annon @ 7.52.

All rules of engagement goes out the door when there is an insurrection.

The objective is gain advantage over mutineers by whatever means.

This includes part or total termination of people who are mutinous.


Anonymous said...

Frank Wank Baini needs to have his butt kicked.

Anonymous said...

All you sympathizers of the CRW, you really don't get do you. The cause of the problem is not Bainimarama, but the CRW unit itself. The act of mutiny conducted by these so called elite soldiers is the complete opposite of the advanced training and discipline of which their class of soldiering is renowned for. The CRW soldiers had sold themselves off to the highest bidder, and with them went the integrity and honor of their profession. Mutiny is punishable by death, and as Jake said, once a mutiny takes place, loyal soldiers must use everything in their means to stamp out and prevent the mutiny from spreading into the rest of the army.
In this case it was the CRW unit which was the cause of the problem. The description by Leone of what transpired during that fateful day is correct 100 percent. The CRW soldiers did shoot a loyalist soldier whilst he was sleeping in bed after conducting guard duties, innocent unarmed soldiers on their way back to work from lunch were mowed down by their machine gunners and snipers. Loyal soldiers playing touch rugby on the rugby grounds were also shot at by the CRW snipers and fire teams. The CRW fired indiscriminately blowing the brains out of a loyal soldier hiding in the base of a tree.
These shooting were off innocent loyal soldiers, put yourself in the same situation and see what your reaction would have been like. The CRW are not innocent, even the ones that were not present, the whole unit was guilty of the crimes they committed that day. You people do not understand yet you discuss as if you know everything and that they should have received justice in a court of law. I want tell you the only justice they got was that which was given them on the day. May our three loyal brothers who lost their lives that day rest in peace. Kua ni yavalata na bure ni kadi.

The Oracle said...

Jake and like-minded comrades have embarked on a strategy to confuse all and distract us from the real reasons behind the 2006 coup.
Has anyone really established WHY the CRW soldiers reacted in the way they did in November 2000?
Has anyone bothered to analyse the Muanikau Accord and how Frank manipulated that Accord to get a weapons hand-over and how he, immediately following the return of the arms reneged on the terms of that Accord?
In military parlance, Frank's actions were not those of an Officer and a Gentleman - it was a betrayal of trust. This led in large part to the CRW uprising in November 2000.
Frank was obviously stunned by the violence in the CRW reaction. In fact the whole country was stunned - how could members of the same military turn on each other so violently and with such blood lust?
There were deaths on both sides and we can only offer our deepest condolences to all those who lost their loved ones - on both sides.
We CANNOT, however, and we SHOULD NOT, be coerced into accepting that it is military strategy to specifically target and torture innocent by-standers - the CRW members who weren't even part of the uprising but who were killed so brutally that the extent of their injuries can only be attributed to people who had gone berserk and who had lost all sense of discipline.
Killing an unarmed person in so brutal a manner can never be accepted as anything else but murder. And, even if Frank did not order the murders, the fact that he protected those who committed the crimes made him an accessory and therefore just as guilty.
Frank's public threats against the Qarase government and its admittedly racist policies throughout 2006, were a camouflage to justify his coup.
We all know the police were closing in on arresting Frank in December 2006.
In the two coups of 1987 and 2000, the Fiji Police Force was left to perform their normal custodial duties. In the 2006 coup, however, the police tactical force at Nasinu was surrounded by armed soldiers and their armoury emptied out in quick time. Prior to that the army had also commandeered a container load of weapons from the Suva wharf.
The police tactical force operates like most other anti-riot squads around the world. Their weaponry and outfits are tailored to deal with riots NOT all-out warfare with professional soldiers.
But Frank couldn't afford to take the chance. He couldn't allow the very people who were on the verge of arresting him retain any form of weaponry, even if these were inferior to what the milityary had.
He was a cornered cat and he had to fight for his survival. And, sacrificing the welfare and the well-being of the people of Fiji was a small price to pay.
Now that's the background to everything that's happened since 2006.
Sayed Khaiyum, Chaudry, Sharon Smith-Johns, Elizabeth Powell and all others simply jumped on the bandwagon and became free-riders.
Some have since jumped Frank's ship since realising his agenda is not as straighforward as he has made it out to be. Others, like Khaiyum have remained because they have no option but to do everything possible to ensure they get a more concrete guarantee that they will not be tried for treason.
And, abusing and stealing millions on the side is just icing on the cake so to speak. For wannabes like Smith-Johns and Powell, the power they wield is an addictive elixir - a hormonal stimulant that gives them what they've lacked in real life - a real assimilation to their fellow human beings (let alone her late husband and his family in Smith-Johns case).

So Jake: Wake up from your stupor and see the difference between the real ceiling and a glassed one!!!

sara'ssista said...

let me get this really clear, it was Frank in his infinite wisdom who appointed Qarase. Gaol them all for all i care and start again with people are are not tarnished by this disgusting part of fiji history.

sara'ssista said...

Text Books , what Text Books ????"We don't have any idea what is happening. We have not received any authorisation from the Government to begin printing and we are swamped with complaints daily. It is very embarrassing for us," said Mr Bulivou.

The Education Ministry referred all queries to earlier statements made by Minister Filipe Bole who said textbooks should be available by the end of the first term.

He also said that "getting the textbooks ready and printing was going to take a lot of time and as such, parents should not expect textbooks in schools from day one of term one...

Welcome to the brave new world of a 'military regime reformed education system' that appears to run worse then when they started. Heaven forbid you actually get the have the text at the beginning of the schoool year. No word from Croz on this... perhaps all too negative and impolite to even mention it ...but at least we have a rarotonga flight to distract us.

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

"The objective is gain advantage over mutineers by whatever means."

So does this mean it is RIGHT to kidnap the CRW soldiers from the Police station, then torture and murder them?

Disgusting. They should have been trialed and held to account for their actions like Speight. To suggest that their cold-blooded murder was justified is another bending of the truth to suit yourselves - something that the military are getting very good at.

Anonymous said...

@anon Jan 27, 11:35

You have argued agaist your own point.
A kettle calling the pot black, except Qarase was legit as was most of his acts, but traitor Vore was illegal and all he is doing now.

Anonymous said...


The process of bringing those CRW soldiers to justice was already eventuating. They were in custody. But later they were tortured and then murdered. That was not an act of war but an act of cowardice.

Your commander Voreqe is a failed soldier.

Leone said...

Anomymous and radiolucas,dont come out of the fact that they have to pay the price of instigating a mutiny against your own family.It was after the Muanikau Accord when Frank had given them the Olive branch and that was for them to hand in all their weapon to armoury and return to camp and that they will sit for tanoa of grog and forget all that had occured.Dont forget that them CRW did not act in good faith untill to date as some of those weapons are still missing as they had orther plans at stake,The rest is history and I think they rightly payed the price for their actions,whether its during that time of incident or otherwise it is still has merit.After all it was a state of emergency period that the army acted on and it was only right to do so.Right now its normal and people are just uttering words that dont hold water

Radiolucas said...

@ Leone

Sorry. I have to disagree. If they were there, gun in hand, in the heat of the moment, I could understand it - hell, we were there, I remember how we all thought Frank was a saviour - but beating the unarmed ones to death? After they had been arrested and were in jail?

Its not normal. Its not right. I would call it a war crime, but their was no war - it was simply murder.

Anonymous said...

Yes,Voreqe is a cold blooded killer and a coward.The CRW is a part of the army and he should be held responsible for the failings under his watch.Be a man Voreqe and say that your leadership was weak because you stuuffed up.

The country holds you responsible for everything that goes on up at camp and if your troops start shooting at each other then you have to stand trial. Who cares what side they aree on? The damn question is how did it get to that point and where the hell were you when it all happened??

What kind of lamusona commander are you for bloody running for your life and leaving you troops to shoot it out?? No wonder crimes were committed?? I am sorry but no damn explanation in the world forgive your bloody AWOL when the men and country needed you there to take command of the situation.

And all those idiots talking about the soldiers being shot in cold blood by the CRW should shut up because they were not there nor were they at the court martial where all the facts came out to refute all those bloody bullshit claims in the media.The fact is those soldiers dies through friendly fire from the back and that is the truth and sorry if it hurts.

What people do not realise also is that Voreqe took part in the beatings and killings of the CRW in the cells after some, who were not even at camp, were taken from their homes and even from their classroom at FIT.To confirm this they murdered Rabaka, Verebasaga and others and tortured many citizens. The murder trend is there for all to see and Voreqe has to carry out thise stupid coup to hide those crimes.If he was not gulty then why do a coup???

And here we are in 2011 with the bloody ulukaus up at camp and their lamusona commander stuffing up the country.They all smart to talk tough when facing unarmed citizens but when weapons on both sides they tabetabe like a bunch of poofters.

The Fiji army is now a criminal organisation carrying out organised crimes against the citizens of Fiji. Their lamusona commander is a common criminal trying to be a statesman. This army should be disbanded and all the uniforms flushed down the toilet or burned.The whole camp should be bulldozed to the ground so that no trace whatsoever be left around to pollute the country again.....bastards!!!!

Anonymous said...


The CRW personnel who carried out the mutiny are serving their sentences in jail. The soldiers who murdered the CRW soldiers with such brutal actions are walking around free - what kind of soldiers murders another soldier by removing their tongues, removing their private parts, bashing their heads with cement blocks??? The intensity and gravity of such actions reveals a level of hatred that is beyond human comprehension. A FACT REMAINS, VOREQE DRUGGED THE KILLERS AND SENT THEM OUT TO DO THE KILLING!!! Voreqe knows, that's his cowardice styl, and he knows that some of us know!!!

For that comrade shot while asleep, nobody in his right mind endorses that, IT IS WRONG AND THAT IS MURDER, but again those who did that are in prision now... and for you (mascarading as Leone) to think you can come into this blog and unanimously inject lies and propaganda against the truth, GOD KNOWS WHO YOU ARE, do yourself a favour, take out your brains, super clean it with JANOLA BLEACH, put it on and start thinking straight, for you and Voreqe's days are numbered. The reality is you can run for as long as you like, the Almighty divine creator, unfortunately you cannot run from his wrath, He said in His words, "The wicked will have no peace ..." That is your portion Leone (you, Voreqe & all those supporting the lie), LEONE DON'T COME INTO THE BLOG AND ANONYMOUSLY THREATEN PEOPLE ... remove the guns then we will see the real you e? YOU COWARD!!! The Muanikau Accord & everything else that happened was not Voreqe's doing, he had no clue, all he was and is interested in is HIMSELF ONLY, as some have said in this forum, to save his skin!!!

Leone, stop trying to be Voreqe's agent to spread his lies & cowardice behaviour techniques, JUST TRY SAVE YOURSELF, because voreqe won't be there to save you all the time. Go exhaust your energy doing something good for yourself... I just want you to know that any amount of blogging lies in this forum will not do you good, we don't need you to inform of us the TRUTH, WE KNOW AND IT IS HAUNTING VOREQE & COHORTS (eg. you)!!!

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
Fiji people have to fight with guts like other overseas people.learn from tunisia./others.
they all seems to be lamulamu.
leaders and chiefs all yes man for ag taliban and bani.
no guts no glory.

Anonymous said...

@anon1244pm, You think Qarase is legit, wake up man, Qarase is the most corrupt extremist Fijian leader that the world has seen. You think just because he was democratically elected into government it means that he's legit. All the decisions made by his cabinet was bullshit. The agriculture scam, Fijian Blueprint, Reconciliation Bill, awarding of government contracts and tenders to family relations, acquisition of leases to offshore oil drilling sites in Bua (Mavana Holdings), family company ( Qarase and Qoroniasi Bale) securing partnerships with overseas oil companies for drilling contracts for the next 100 years,etc,etc.
At least Frank is trying to ensure that everyone in Fiji, irrespective of race must have equal opportunities in the above mentioned examples. Indigenous Fijians have a saying that Indo Fijians are always trying to steal everything from them, but alas, it is the indigenous who are doing the stealing from their own kinsmen.
And that's what Frank saw post 2000 to 2006. The elite Fijians were getting richer whilst the lower classes suffered. Promises made during the elections campaign in 2001 were soon swept under the carpet once the votes were secured and again in 2006. Qarase's insistence for the passing of a reconciliation bill made us the laughing stock of the world.
And if you still doubt Frank's legitimacy, the United nations has accepted Fiji's stance and it's plans for the nation. The United States has also recognized Frank's plans and has assured its support for what his government wants, respecting Fiji's sovereignty as a nation and member of the world community.
So whinge all you want because at the end of the day the Army runs this country and as a lower class Fijian I hope they do for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

@anon 12:05

Get over yourself, what Voreqe and the army did was illegal and criminal of the highest order. Trying to do good will not wipe away your crimes for a million years. Recognition by US and others are conditional because they want to return Fiji to democracy where people decide who they want as leaders and not be led by a treacherous army and its commander. They have their own agenda and its not because they want to embrace your treacherous leader. Your turn will come. God is the ultimate judge. You will be judged by HIM. Your gun or Voreqe will not be able to save you.

Anonymous said...

I support Frank( but not opportunists like Kubuabola)

Start justcie with Rabuka and hang him for treason.

Then all 2000 coup conspirators.

Then millionaire Mahendra Pal Choudhary, the crook PM

Then corrupt Qarase !!

Carry on Frank and Gos is with you.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon Jan 29, 12.05pm - you admitted that you are a 'lower class Fijian' no wonder you think the way you do!!! Who told you that the UN & the US has accepted Voreqe's illegal dictatorship? You make me laugh!!! If the UN & the US did - why were visas not given to some of the illegal members of the regime??? Just keep your low down Fijian mouth shut and go worship Voreqe!!! Moce boko e?

mark manning said...

Whatever ones personal views, I think that it's natural for a Soldier to side with his Commanding Officer.
but equally, one would hope, comes the responsibility and courage to carry out that said Command, along Lawful grounds.
It's not one individuals nor a handful of individuals, affected by rage and the lynch mob mentality, to decide the fate of such things, but the Courts and the Judiciary.
Lose sight of that fact and chaos will prevail and run supreme.

there is no question however, as to how profound it must have been for Serving Members of the RFMF and Fijians in general.
I can't even begin to imagine how people in fiji must have felt at that bleak moment in Fiji's history.

Perhaps if we can begin to accept each others points of view and stop laying blame, we may begin to understand the drastic mental state that many would have been in at that time, and understand that what should have happened, didn't !

Simply put, these CRW Soldiers should have been arrested and tied in a Court of Law.

Tragically, and this is a well known fact, at least one of the CRW soldiers who was tortured and murdered in 2000, wasn't even a party to the killings at the Barracks the previous day or so.

A Court would have found this out.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Army should have been abolished on 14 May 1987, Rabuka hanged for treason, and Mara exiled to Lau.

Fiji would then have continued to be the paradise it once was.

Jake said...

Mark Mendacious.

You speak of other people's mentality as if your mental capacity is worth of mention.

The truth is you are like a barking dog with its tail between its leg.

If you are so concern about the deaths of those treasonous soldiers than why dont you do something physical about it rather than spread your tripe across various blogsites.


Leone said...

No matter what u say fallas, Frank is the man for Fiji,see whats happened cyclones have bypassed Fiji solely because God has chosen it to be bypassed.At the same time look around the world, whats happenning,diasters everywhere,People beware what u say and think cause u'll never bit what God has in store for you.Dont forget all that happen s today is because God has allowed too

Anonymous said...

@Leone, Cyclone Yasi will hit Australia later this week, then hopefully no more AUSAID for Fiji. Frank will have to use more FNPF to pay for textbooks. More debt. More GST rise.Increase price for the tin fish. lol. We are all laughing at you Leone.
Guess what Leone, God will have the last laugh at you and the stupid Fiji Army.
The Fiji Army used to have men of loyalty and integrity. Now its just full of chickens like you Leone.
If you are really tough then call a general election and take the outcome like a man!
If you don't then you are just all QAURI! That's all you are , a whole bunch of QAURI in Delainabua.

Get your facts right... said...

CRW stands for Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit.
Its sole function was to protect
Gov (parliament)from exactly what happened. Hopefully one day these loyal soldiers will be recognised for what they are. They should be revered not reviled - how anyone can be misinterpret them as mutinous traitors staggers belief?

Anonymous said...

@ gets your facts right 11:34 am, they will never be recognized, they will only be remembered as cold blooded murderers who thought they could take on the whole Fijian Army. Very sorry, a company strength unit can't just fight an entire infantry regiment. They are mutinous traitors and that is how they be remembered.

Anonymous said...

@ anon Jan 29 7:07 pm, why don't you shut your mouth because it's the same size as your behind. Try and eat a lot of vegetables so that your grey matter can be able to absorb information and current events. Ever since the army takeover in 2006, the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has been going to New York to brief the United Nations General Assembly of the governments policies and its strategic framework for change which will take the country forward to 2014.
This in itself shows that the United Nations accepts Bainimarama has the leader of Fiji. The United States has also recognized Fiji when its Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton, met with the Foreign Affairs Minister, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola last year.
I don't know what world you're living in or you may just selectively choose information to put on the blog that suits your narrow minded empty headed grey matter, but Fiji has indeed moved forward and its you that should clear out from this country. As for the approval of visas for the government ministers, it doesn't dent nor spoil the diplomatic relations of the two nations, and I believe you wouldn't be able to understand that because its way above your pay grade and intellectual status.

Stealth. said...

@ Anon 1:36.

World I inhabit is called reality -reality being the US does not - never has - never will recognize
Bainimarama's illegal & incompetent regime - prevailing reality is this.
Only reason Bainimarama is allowed into the US is because under UN charter the US is forced to admit him - UN business only. Check this out? When was the last time any of these people(Bainimarama icluded) visited the US for any other reason than UN sanctioned General Assembly meetings? Tell you now - none. Same also applies to ANZ - EU etc - one reason is that certain countries have active warrants for his (their) immediate arrest(human rights abuse).
You want to talk recognition? Kubuabola is recognised in Taveuni as a Samoan vulagi - how he became a Ratu is a mystery know only to himself - possibly you & his patron Ganalau?

Trust this has in some way enlightened you regarding things you obviously know nothing about?

Anonymous said...

@Leone, Jan 28 2011, 8:48am.
OH! now I know u, you just like Bainimarama doing so much talking wanting to be looking dangerous, infact you both riding on a Taveuni bus.If u want to kill a CRW go for it but make sure when the hands of the law comes, be a man, have courage, stand up, raise your hand and plea guilty, don't try to hide or cover up yourself like your commander, fuck him, u bastard.

Leone said...

Anon Feb 1:6:17 you know, truth hurts I will not go back to realize what u have said, cause u have stooped so low in swearing.I'm happy I have nailed my point and it sounds as if it really hurts you,good on you,u had better go see a doctor for you high blood pressure checkup,ortherwise ur days are numbered.You will not win anything out of this threads because in fact Frank is doing a very good job

Anonymous said...

The whole mutiny and killings are the fault of an inept and cowardly commander Voreqe Bainimarama.He will always be remembered as the commander who took flight as the tension rose between his men.

Ha,ha,ha, none of Voreqe's supporters cannot answer the question of why he ran for his life at the height of battle and left his garrison at the mercy of his troops.That is the 10cents question because 10c is the price of the bullet which will pass between his eyes after trial...lamusona katukatu bastard!!

Anonymous said...

@ reality 09:37 p.m., if the world you live is reality, then look for yourself man, the people of Fiji go about their daily lives, everything is normal, cost of living is increasing, so what, it has been for the past fifty years and coup or no coup, it'll increase anyway. You say we talk about things we don't know about, that we're not enlightened like you,well let me tell you, i live in Fiji today, and I earn $70 a week cutting grass around my Raiwaqa neighborhood and sometimes I get tips from my customers which takes my earnings to $120. I do my shopping, get the kids to school and pay my bills. The neighborhood is much more peaceful with the police and army patrolling the streets and I don't have to fear about thugs any more. My Indo Fijian neighbor gave me a piece of land on his property to plant some tavioka and vegetables and we're all living happily together. We don't give a rats arse if the US or UN DOES NOT ACCEPT Fiji, we'll still survive in this country, we have land, food and water and with Bainimarama's spirit of togetherness we can tough it out way beyond your lifetime.

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