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Friday, January 7, 2011

International Labour Office backs sacked teachers' representative

Fijian Teachers’ Association President, Tevita Koroi, was dismissed in May 2009 from his position as principal of Nasinu Secondary School. Koroi was suspended from his school in December 2008, after his comments at the launch of Movement for Democracy in Fiji (MD Fiji). He was officiating at the launch as master of ceremonies in his capacity as FTA president, which is affiliated to the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions, and made a comment that angered the regime.
In his comments he said it was two years since the December coup and it was time that Fiji returned to democracy and parliamentary rule. He also said that the interim government must take the country to free and fair elections as soon as possible.

GENEVA (ILO News) – The November 2010 session of the Governing Body of the International Labour Office (ILO) took a number of decisions regarding fundamental rights at work.

The Committee on Freedom of Association drew the special attention of the Governing Body to the cases of Argentina, Cambodia, Fiji, Panama and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The case of Argentina concerns allegations of a smear campaign against the Argentinean Building Workers’ Union (UOCRA) initiated by the authorities in the Province of Chubut, including the violent occupation of the UOCRA headquarters by armed groups, the destruction of property and computers, the stealing of documents, attempts to criminalize union activities, death threats and violent actions against its leaders.

The Committee urged the Government to ensure that investigations are carried out into all of these serious allegations and to ensure that the UOCRA can once again use its headquarters. It requested the Government to send its comments with respect to the proposal made by the complainant for a possible direct contacts mission that should focus its cooperation efforts on freedom of association in the Province.

In the longstanding case of Cambodia, the Committee reiterated its call upon the Government to carry out rapidly a thorough and independent investigation into the murders of trade union leaders Chea Vichea, Ros Sovannareth and Hy Vuthy. As for Thach Saveth who is currently serving a prison sentence which was imposed in a trial that was characterized by the absence of due process of law, the Committee urged the Government to ensure that he may exercise his right to a full appeal before an impartial and independent judicial authority. 

The case of
Fiji concerns the dismissal of a trade union leader in the public service education sector and allegations of ongoing anti-union harassment and interference with internal trade union affairs. 

The Committee observed that the allegations that Mr. Koroi was dismissed on the basis of a public statement he made concerning the organization of a campaign to return the country to parliamentary rule were uncontested. The Committee requested Mr. Koroi’s immediate reinstatement without loss of pay or benefits and urged the Government to refrain from any interference which would hinder the exercise of his representation functions in the relevant state forums.

The Committee took note of further extremely serious allegations of detention, torture and attacks on trade union leaders and requested the Government to respond in detail to the most recent allegations of restrictions placed on union meetings, freedom of movement and freedom of expression.

The case of Panama concerns serious allegations of murder, assault, acts of violence against trade union leaders and members, mass detentions of protesters, as well as violations of the right to collective bargaining, the establishment of a trade union by an enterprise and anti-union dismissals. The Committee, while taking note of the efforts made to arrest and convict those responsible for the murder of one official of the trade union SUNTRACS, deeply regretted that the relevant investigations into the other murders had yet to be concluded. 

The Committee firmly expected that these allegations would be concluded without delay and that those responsible would be punished. The Committee further urged the Government to send its observations without delay in respect of the allegations of injuries incurred to trade union officials, detention of SUNTRACS officers and the police attack on peacefully striking workers.

The case of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela concerns the murder of five trade union leaders and delegates in the construction industry and the alleged contract killings of more than 200 workers and union officials in the same sector, the criminalization of protest action and the persistent refusal on the part of the public authorities to bargain collectively. The Committee highlighted the importance of stepping up the criminal investigations in order to identify and punish the perpetrators and instigators of these murders so that trade unionists might be able to carry out their activities in a climate free from violence and fear.

As regards the detention of and criminal charges filed against workers for exercising a boycott, the Committee emphasized that the peaceful exercise of trade union rights should not be the subject of criminal proceedings. The Committee requested the Government to drop the charges against these union leaders and to ensure their release without delay and to amend the relevant legislative provision.

In the case of the Republic of Korea, the Committee once again urged the Government to proceed with the registration of the Migrants' Trade Union (MTU) without delay and to ensure that national decisions concerning the MTU’s application for registration recognize the principle that all workers may be guaranteed the full exercise of their freedom of association rights.

It also requested the Government to ensure that the Committee’s conclusions, particularly those concerning the freedom of association rights of migrant workers, are submitted for the Supreme Court’s consideration and to provide a copy of the Supreme Court’s decision once it is handed down. The registration of the MTU is pending before the Republic of Korea's Supreme Court, as the government appealed against an earlier court decision in favour of the MTU.

The Committee noted with satisfaction developments in a number of cases, including the reinstatement of over 200 dismissed trade union leaders in Peru and the agreements reached in a number of the Colombian cases following the Government’s recourse to ILO contacts missions. (International Labour Office statement)


mark manning said...

The dictator Frank Bainimarama and his sidekick, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, need to understand in no uncertain terms, that no man is an Island and that the International Community and all it's powers, will be brought to bare upon the Regime as the Democracy and Freedom fighters vow to up the ante in 2011.
Make no mistake, the pressure will be unbearable for Frank and his cronies as we begin our campaign against this illegal and immoral band of thugs, thieves and pathetic Soldiers of the RFMF, without whose help, the Regime wouldn't exist.

Anonymous said...

This misguided coup certainly has earned an international reputation for its viciousness and murderous intent.The ILO is another reputable organisation that has blown the lid off the idiot Bainimarama's claim to the free and fair society he claims to be creating.His regime is already dead in the gutter and this verdict is just another well deserved kick in the head.

Voreqe may con all the idiots up in camp, he may con some of the minority in this forum but he certainly cannot con the citizens of Fiji and the international community.There is absolutely zero credibility in his words and he really believes his own shit.

How can these IMG traitors claim to be the best thing for the country and its workers when they stole their jobs in the first place? This coup stinks because innocent civilians like Rabaka was murdered by Voreqe so that he can be the most misguided wannabe PM in Fiji's history.This guy is just a plain criminal trying to outrun the long arms of the law.

Justice will prevail Voreqe, and I will be one of the 800,000 other citizens of Fiji who will cheer when the trap doors of the gallows swings open...bastard!!!

Anonymous said...

Another very public and international humiliation for the traitor and murderer,Commodore Katukatu.As they say in Fiji," e sai kurikuri ni da"

What a pity when the OR's are trying to do a good job in UN peacekeeping and then they have misguided,inept and corrupt wannabe officers and failed politicians like Bainimarama, Leweni,Mason Smith,Naupoto, Ganilau, Nailatikau, Serulagilagi and others sending their reputation down the sewer pipes to the Kinoya treatment plant.

Voreqe and his IMG has no class and no credibility because they are all a bunch of corrupt parasitic losers.Forget about jail because we demand the hangmans noose for these traitors.

Up the Ante said...

It is time to up the ante on this evil corrupt regime. They and their supporters need a taste of their own medicine. All those involved - and their families who have been filling their pockets - must be brought to justice swiftly and without any mercy or compromise. Seize all their assets, long gaol terms for perpetrators and those involved in the junta in any way, and capital punishment (public hanging) for the perpetrators.

mark manning said...

Name and shame those who have benefited from the illegal Regime !

Jake said...

The Australian idiot has once again lost his sheep this zoophilic drongo may have sniffed dingle berries a little too long for it has distorted his somewhat limited grey matter.

Has he forgotten Bainimarama is not only an Island but he is the Island for Fiji will not be allowing back on their shores any pedophilic activities sort by denegerates.


Anonymous said...

I have said it before and I will say it again - FOR VORE AND AND HIS SWINES, IT IS PRESERVATION [AND SURVIVAL] MODE!!!!
For him personally, it is preservation - for his swines it is survival.
Preservation because of the murders and atrocities he has ordered and commited, for his swines it is money in the bank and food on the table.
Where and when will it all end? NEVER MAFATO!! NOT AS LONG AS THEY ARE ALIVE.
The catch word for them is - "THIS IS THE WAY THE WORLD SHOULD BE"!!

Anonymous said...

The VORE is a lunatic. He has no sense of direction, no respect for one and sundry, lacks depth, lacks good basic manners, thinks that when he claps everybody jumps, the Chinese, like him are God sent. The Provinces that presented their 'i matanigasau' he THINKS are now supporting him - THEY ARE SAYING IF YOU CANNOT BEAT HIM, JOIN HIM. He is living in his own world. HELLO, COME REAL.
The masses did it to their chiefs, they did it to their Colonial Masters, they did it to Rt Mata, they did it to S M Koya, they did it to Jai Ram Reddy, they did it to Bavadra, they did it to Rabuka, NOW they are DOING it to him.
He, in all his ignorance does nor realise that they are now also SHAFTING [Liumuring] him.
Keep SHAFTING the PIG people.
'ONLY IN FIJI' - se vakacava?

Anonymous said...

How cares about the idiot Tevita Koroi. Good riddance of an SDL corrupt mouth piece .

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