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Sunday, January 30, 2011

More dirt on the Renee Lal and Padarath scam

More on our earlier story on the arrest of the Suva lawyer, Renee Lal and a scam involving prominent players in the military regime.

Lal is accused of swindling $300,000 from a businessman named Freeman, from Ghana -  the brother of former University of the South Pacific academic, Nii Plange, who is conducting oil and gas exploration in Bau waters.

Lal is a partner in the law firm of Jamnadas & Associates is Freeman's lawyer and the two were brought together by Ben Padarath, who is also in custody.

It has now emerged that Freeman was arrested by police on his return from overseas last week and that he was nabbed following a complaint by Padarath who told police that Freeman was HIV AIDs positive, and was spreading it.

Padarath clearly wanted Freeman arrested; Freeman, quickly spilled the beans from there.

We have also been told that Padarath's partner, Charlotte Peters - a former reporter with Daily Post and Fiji Sun and now employed at FICAC as Media Officer, has been suspended from work as well.


  1. Looks like Padaraths chickens have come home to roost. Lol.

  2. It looks like the same Charlotte Peters who was Ben Padarath's partner for sometime.

    More like a love triangle with one hugely offended loser Ben attempting to dob in his love rival.

  3. Dirty mongrels of a feather flock together! Pimping and prostituting themselves has always been their mantra.

    As for that Ben Padarath he came out of prison (false medical excuse plus mother's influence) far too early after he wnet in for killimg his passenger with his reckless driving. Justice is catching up with their evil doings. About time.

  4. what I thought Rene was married to amani.wedding done with huge pomp and ceremony at the Sheraton. So Peters was fighting for him with Peters? Omg!

  5. Only an illegal loser regime will believe a loser conman like Ben Padarath.

  6. Spread the word, not the disease !

  7. The question is, how should we treat the traitor Voreqe and parasitic conman, Padarath??

    I suggest that Voreqe and Padarath be stripped naked,tied together facing each other and placed in a cool-room indefinitely!!!

    Maybe someone in this forum can enlighten me on how they will react and the subsequent outcomes.?????...bastards!!

  8. Fiji has never learnt their lessons yet.

    All coup are recipes for real corruption, nepotism, creed & power.

    More coups for Fiji to come...

  9. Gotch ya Ben!!!! Bite the bullet boy!!!! Your now insignificant and piece of shit uncle Driti gonna save you???? Va cava????
    You f...ed a lot of peoples' ar..s - NOW it is your turn to be f...ed good and proper you scumbag!
    Your day has arrived Mafato!!!!

  10. After being stripped naked and placed in the cooler, they should be made to play 'Adult Games' between themselves.'! For both of them, "shafting" people is THE thing that gets them off and has been the order of the day, and do they enjoy it - pure ecstasy for them. So, you 'encourage' them to "shaft" each other and see how it feels to be on the recieving end!!!!

  11. Poor Mrs Peters, cant see the corruption from within her house. Well lewaj, its back to O's...Ben has the mouth, gift of the gab, im sure he make a good pimp.


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