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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Officers gobsmacked at new energy drink venture of the wife of illegal police commissioner

Rank and file police officers are spewing at the latest business venture of the wife of the illegal police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua.

Mrs Naivalurua last week launched an energising drink to the Police Force Command Group, at the Fiji Police Academy in Nasova - a drink aimed at improving the performance of officers!
According to the police website "Mrs Naivalurua and company presented the fruit juice recipe with the demonstration of mixing the juice, providing officers with healthier alternative on their daily calorie intakes.

"Moreover, the presentation's main purpose was to enlighten the group with health tips on how to maintain their body to cope or facilitate the ongoing physical training and obviously upcoming Required Fitness Level (RFL) test.

"The RFL test ensures that all police officers are physically, mentally and spiritually fit so that challenges can be countered.”

Officers can't believe the importance being given to the Healthy Fruit Juice Campaign and the fact it's the second business Mrs Naivalurua is running in the prisons and police force, thanks to her husband being in charge of both. The other is the pot plants, which was revealed in an earlier C4.5 story.

According to some officers, the nepotism and corrupt behaviour is outrageous: "Imagine a glass costing one dollar for 4000 officers – two times a day or on every Wednesday, their sports day! Easy MONEY! And we thought Coke was good at coming up with a brilliant marketing campaign!"

Pictures: Mrs Naivalurua serving up her energy drink, (top), the presentation (top right), her husband blessing the drinks, (left) and rank and file officers grimly looking on (bottom).


Anonymous said...

ratu said.
police officers are getting fed up now.
cp and wife boss have to make his money like his pm/ag,others.all in business now and reaping tax payers of fiji.
police officers should go on strike and join force with army than they can win and restore law and order..
act now before your fnpf and tax payers fund gone. no salaries for all in fiji.

Anonymous said...

I think RFL is a good idea. Juice making and selling is very good idea. But I don't think a policeman should be forced to buy it.She's being entrepreneural and I think, that needs to be encouraged.
If you are doing something illegal (like stealing money from FNPF via kickbacs, like Aiyaz) or if you commit murder like Bai, then you should be in jail. But if you're just selling drinks, then why not.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Jan 15, 2011 9.26am - YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT BIG TIME!!! It is good to sell drinks, but don't you see that this is UNETHICAL? Kesa Naivalurua is taking advantage of her husband's position to impose on police officers. THIS IS WRONG AND UNETHICAL. It is corruption of power & when you are in a position of leadership there are certain things you cannot do - so you have to make a choice, you wanna be in power and just lead justly OR YOU WANNA BE A BUSINESS ENTERPRENEUR?

She can be both if she wants to but seek an alternative market (clients), because using the Police Force as her client is wrong and imposing on the poor police officers who have no say!!!


mark manning said...

Perhaps improved health amongst the Fiji Police may be of some use, especially once Democracy is returned and all illegally appointed personnel need to be rounded up, starting with the Police Commissioner !

But it does show the Military influence on the Fiji Police Force, a focus on health, not Intelligence or psychological well being.
All brawn and little to know brain makes for a great Soldiers in the RFMF.

Jimoni said...

Isn't it called conflict of interest.

mark manning said...

How condescending this must be for seasoned and legitimate Police Officers.

Anonymous said...

Wifey becoming a con artist too because she is a secret juicer appliance saleperson for Motibhai.

$1 per cup for 4000 officers x 2 times a day is a lot of money but this is peanuts when compared to the $150.00 per juicer that will be be compulsory purshased by all the officers.

$150 per appliance x 4,000 offers = laughter all the way to the bank.

BTW, Naivalurua has arranged a neat finance package of $600,000 allocation from the Police budget to Motibhai.This will have to repaid by the officers over time through salary sacrifice but wifey will be immediately recieving a neat 25% sales commission for a cool $150 grand.Not bad with the army,prison and navy yet to come.

Nothing surprising here with these traitorous IMG ratbags because it is corruption as usual.Voreqe has become an instant multimillionaire through his misguided coup and the rest of the crime families are just cashing in on another Mafioso type get rich quick scheme..

Naivalurua and wifey better enjoy this whilst it lasts because they will be drinking juice at Naboro for a long time courtesy of the Fiji Prison Services....bastards!!!

Anonymous said...

This kanaloto-duo really know how to milk the system while appearing as do-gooders.



Beneficiaries of all Fiji coups.

Fiji Police said...

The motibhai saga is 110% true and the force accountant has been told to allocate the 600k to the fitness areas.

Its high time that the PM takes action on this corrupt officer if he wants to gain back some respect from the force.

Anonymous said...

People of fiji should just shut up. If they do not have the guts to do anything about this illegal junta than good luck to them for what they are getting.

Keep The Faith said...

How utterly depressing.

There is only one thing that can be summed up from all their shenanigans -- they will get bolder and bolder in their thievery [while you, me and everyone else buckle under the pressure of price hikes to fuel, bus fares, VAT etc] because we remain silent.

NO ONE is openly condemning or challenging their stunts so they continue unabated thinking they can milk it for all its worth. And they will.

These are the same group of losers who deem it their calling to preach to us about corruption, mismanagement etc.

Anonymous said...

Talk about corruption and nepotism! No wonder businesses in town are going under....there's at least 4 shops where you can get freshly squeezed juice within 200 metres of Central Police Station. While you're at it why don't you force them to buy your vegetable roti parcels...in fact why don't you just open your Supermarket at CPS and take directly from the Officers salaries.

Anonymous said...

One day the sacred cow will die and then this IG will not be able to milk anything. Only the businessmen are feeding this IG with their company taxes and VAT. The end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Well leaving aside all th hoo-haa did any of you even bother to check why she did a demo?? no because the juice is not for sale, the demo was given to officers so they could do their own in their own homes. There is no such energy drink being sold in either the Police or Prisons. Before you talk come and oberve the facility and there is no such deal with Motibhai.


Keep The Faith said...

Um excuse us RauMan but if what you're saying is correct is Mrs Naivalurua a professional dietitian or health practitioner that qualifies her to DEMONSTRATE her skills/knowledge?

What would happen if one of these officers keels over after consuming a glass? Will she be liable?

The same principle still applies whether she's selling or demo-ing juice -- she SHOULD NOT be riding on the coat-tails of her husband and using a captive audience ie her husband's subordinates.

That is basic COMMON SENSE.

Jimoni said...

Unfortunately RauMan lacks common sense but heaps of tabetabe.