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Monday, January 24, 2011

Qarase and Bakani charges consolidated and Lasaro pleads poor health

QARASE ON THE MAT: FICA forging ahead.

Developments in two major cases today. The bigger one is the decision by the High Court to allow the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption to consolidate the  charges against former prime minister Laisenia Qarase and former NLTB general manager, Kalivati Bakani. 

In agreeing to the request, Justice Daniel Gounder said the charges involve the same funds Native Land trust Board funds and it was his belief that both would still get a fair trial.

According to FICAC, Qarase as the Minister for Fijian Affairs and Chairman of the Board of Native Land Trust Board, did an arbitrary act by gazetting the Native Land (Trust Funds Investment) Regulations 2004 outside his powers to give the Board unfettered powers to invest trust funds.

He and Bakani are each charged with seven counts of fraudulently transferring the ownership and control of Extinct Mataqali Funds - to Vanua Development Corporation Limited and Pacific Connex Limited. 

In the case against the four Methodist Church Minsters, today's hearing was adjourned because of the medical condition of Manasa Lasaro and Tomaso Kanailagi.

A cardiologist has told the court Lasaro the long sessions are not good for his health. Kanailagi also missed court because of medical reasons.

Lasaro, Kanailagi and executives Reverend Ame Tugawe and Reverand Tuikilakila Waqairatu are jointly charged with organising and participating in a meeting despite the Public Emergency Regulation. (Original sources FBC and FijiVillage)


Anonymous said...

ratu said.
its nice to charge these guys like qarase,bakani,lasaro/others.
why dont you charge bani,ag,ministers and others for committing treason.
our police forces is a bunch of loosers and lamu sona .
who sucks up to corrupt bani and the king taliban ag aiyaz.
time for the fijian /indian to stand up fight these corrupt bastards.

Jake said...

It’s only a matter of time now before the flood gates open that may or may not sink the stalwart of the SDL party.

The sad reality is all of those who benefited from the Qarase government directly or indirectly would now pay this man nothing more than lip service they have so far left him to carry their burden, have they no shame.

They were and is vociferous against the Bainimarama Regime then and now however let’s how far they are prepared to support Qarase for the mendacity and duplicity the emanates from these people knows no bounds,

Listen up you guys yes you all know who I am referring to wherever you are time is upon you to do the righteous thing and go back and give this man you undivided support.

I may not have much time for Qarase but I respect this man for who he is.


Anon. E. Mous. said...

Trust the rest of the world see's this for what it really is?

Treasonous dictator persecuting a democraticly elected leader.

Radiolucas said...

Wow. No matter what sort of "evidence" they pull for this one, if they are found guilty the whole world will believe that it was a kangaroo court.

Frank and his mates are truly stupid. Everyone said it would come back to bite them in the arse. There is no way anyone will believe their version of events because they shut down all independant media - the trial will be a joke.

In any event, isnt it a bit rich for a dictatorship, that ignores the law and constitution AT WHIM, prosecuting our former elected leaders for doing things that they would do without batting an eyelid?

Hypocrisy much?

mark manning said...

No matter the outcome, God will be Frank Bainimarama's and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's ultimate Judge !

Anonymous said...

ratu said.
where are the chiefsthat were part of sdl party.
all jumped ships and join bani/taliban ag govt.
where is the loyalthy from our fijian chiefs,church,vanua.all gone.
i feel sorry for qarase,rabuka,others fijian leaders all forgottern.
flp leader mahen chaudary been still supported by indian farmers/flp supporters .
even he crooked them of millions.
we fijian are divided .

Lord's name in vain said...

You're such a dork, Mark Manning. Leave God out of it.

Anonymous said...

The charges that Qarase and Bakani are being charged of is quiet revealing in itself. If the military had not done what it did in 2006, would we the people of Fiji have been informed of what Qarase and Bakani did? I don't think so, Please do remember the saying that this is a double edged sword, it cuts both ways, don't be naive in condemning the military when the elected leaders themselves are wrong. The military at least, is currently looking to the needs of the people, slow as it may seem, but it's getting there. The elected government promised so much during their elections campaign but produced no results.

Leone said...

I think people a stupid,he has made a silly mistake,by trying to change the laws to suit his own agenda,and that is to steal money from the poor fijians not knowing that claws were there waiting for him to do the wrong thing which is now haunting him.Please if ur just anti regime and Frank than u had better jump out of this boat now bcause ur not welcomed,its better for you to jump now before ur thrown out,because this boat has another 20 years and Foreign countrys are starting to recognise it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

All you FB supporters here including Jake, you should read Ratu's post again. All SDL ministers & chiefs jumped ship. Now supporting Bani. So there you go Jake. You can't vote them out now. How cruel is that.
All you guys Jake,@Leone,@anonymous7:47, you have been deceived.
The only saviour for you is Democracy but as Leone suggests that will be another 20 years.But if the Chinese have their way then Democracy will never come.
Goernment has no more money.
Well Leone & Jake now you are in BIG debt to China.
If you are not careful, China will bring in 1 million Chinese (not hard to do) and turn Fiji into another Tibet.
Open your eyes Leone and see the truth. Bani doesn't care about you nor the people of Fiji. If he did, he would let them vote for who they want.But of course he doesn't and therein lies your problem.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.47 - The trumped up charges is the regime via FICAC clutching at straws to try and get Qarase to 'justify' their illegal coup. After over four years they still haven't been able to make any charges stick. And by the way 'we the people' who used to read censor free media knew all about this because it was reported at the time it was done, because thats what transparency is all about, unlike this useless regime with their thieving leaders who backpay themselves to the 1970's and hide their salaries using their relatives law firms.

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 7:47am

"Please do remember the saying that this is a double edged sword, it cuts both ways, don't be naive in condemning the military when the elected leaders themselves are wrong."

So your point is that dictatorships are wrong, but no more wrong than elected leaders who can be prosecuted? When would the sword swing the other way? When the dictator says so.

Calling anyone else naive is a bit strange if you are so oblivious to reality.

I am not against a fair and free trial but I doubt that that is what we are going to be seeing now - we have absolutely no way of knowing because the military have seen to it that they control all facets of government, including the judiciary. In any other country the government controlling the judiciary at whim would cause a rebellion.

But truly, that is only a mere sideshow, a showpiece for the destruction that the military regime is sowing in our economy and society.

The military have not delivered on ONE big promise they made when coming into power.

They made all this hot air about truth, justice and "cleaning up" but the bare truth of it is that they have been FAR FAR worse for Fiji in the short years that they have been messing around than another 20 years of Qarase could ever have been.

Open your eyes. Stop groping for your own personal justification - if you are doing so well under the military regime, perhaps give a few seconds of thought to those that are being marginalised and impoverished - Fiji used to be the hub and powerhouse of the South Pacific. Now we are stuck with the most incompetant government in our history and no end in sight.

Leone said...

Anonymous,your comments are just beating around the bush,ur assuming things that might happen in future which will not take place at all and ur pretending to be a good preacher by way of false allegations.Were fed up of all this right through this 4 years, ur trying to impress the fijian peole when you will not impress any judjing by way things are happening on the grounnd mate.....1,They have been resisting all your anti commennt all around and they have even demanded that there should be noo moore elections, please think................think

sara'ssista said...

@jake 'a matter of time?? how long does this process take ?? If it is so obvious and 'cut and dried' how long counld it take, justice , if there is still such a thing in fiji is certainly not swift. There is very real sense that this is being used to bankrupt, intimidate and/or distract opponents of this regime.

Jake said...

This case is sub judice and it would be imprudent to draw or suggest anything other than the final court determination.

I just hope the full extent of the rule of law albeit under the current domestic law which was not rendered obsolete by the process of constitutional reform.

Moreover it would in the interest of the nation that the authorities expedite this trail with the utmost urgency.

Quaere verum. - Seek the truth


Anonymous said...

@Leone. That's very funny. That Fijians don't want any more elections. I wonder which hole you were looking in? It must be so dark in there. Don't look to hard, cos you might see your own a*** smiling back at you.
Go and read Oliver Cromwell ...you might learn something!

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

"I just hope the full extent of the rule of law albeit under the current domestic law which was not rendered obsolete by the process of constitutional reform."

What are you referring to? What reform? What processes? Are you just picking words from a hat and seeing if you can string a sentence together?

Perhaps you refer to the arbitrary sacking and hiring of judicial officers? Maybe it is the installation of military officers to key positions in the judiciary?

Noone gets any prizes for guessing what the verdict will be: too much is at stake for the Great Liars to lose this one (again).

Anonymous said...

I just want to state a few ground realities for the sake of all. Fact A: Fiji is in the midst of the worst government we have ever seen. Fact B: We are fast becoming a failed state as we have no money. Fact C: the cost of living for the ordinary Fiji has more then doubled since 2006. Fact D: We generally can't do anything about it as our media has been castrated. Fact E: In desperation the regime is turning to governments much like itself China etc as most dictators generally do making the saying "birds of a feather" ever more pertinent. Fact F: We are fast becoming the BURMA of the Pacific.
Fact G: Most of us with half a brain vent out our frustrations on the few blog sites where we can stay anon.

The biggest question is what do we do about all this. Can we change anything? Can we change anything if we have an election now or in 3 years time? How many of you will leave the comforts of your homes and fight an election to ensure good people finally run this country. The problem with us kaiviti is that we are passive self absorbed morons who let others sway us in a second and then let them shove a stick up our .......se without blinking an eye. We also tend to let others do our thinking for us i.e. chief, politician etc. I believe for Fiji to truly change despite the current government we the people need to do some soul searching and start changing ourselves. Start thinking for once and put Fiji first. Frank will not last forever and we need to prepare ourselves for what is to come. There is no point in forcing one devil out and replacing him with another. We certainly do not want the likes of Qarase and Chaudhary to come back into the limelight. I believe that these 2 are part of the reason why we are here today. Fiji needs to identify true leaders and bring them out of the woodworks. Will the true Fijians please stand up
Is anyone their????

He's no Ratu,,, said...

@Anon 9:32.

For your information this blogger (ratu) is a Kiwi PR Indian posing as a Taukei.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:46 I'm Fijian and well established in my profession. I presently live and work overseas. I'm willing to help run the government say for 4 years (if that is what God wants me to do).My first condition is I want the Fiji Army to be dismantled and all their weapons be dumped in the deep blue sea in Kadavu next to that Blackhawk were no one can retrieve it.
When the time comes you contact me on this blogsite.My number: 16208036.

Jake said...

Radio Otiose.

Domestic law are statues of the British Empire which was enacted back in the nineteen thirties for the purpose of legislative equality across the dominions, this was and in most cases still is the governing document in some if not all of the commonwealth countries Fiji is no exception.

This document is the founding document on which most if not all Fiji’s laws are legislated.

The 1997 constitution with all its amendments is no longer in existence so what law is the Bainimarama Government and the judiciary functions under?

Considering the idiot that decided to turn Fiji on its head abrogated the 1978 constitution and all its amendments later the 1990 constitution so where does it leaves Bainimarama?

The 1970 constitution was amended and later revoked for the 1987 constitution so again where does it leave Bainimarama?
The answer lies in the 1936-39 constitution which was the basis for the 1970 constitution.

All decrees enacted are not plucked out of one’s anus but it must in accordance with a rigid base (Law) similarly like that of a house one needs a solid foundation.

So the rule of law in this particular case will extend to our friend.


Joker said...


It leaves Bainimarama and you in the gutter you dope. He ismaking his own laws as he goes along; he rules by decree i.e he rules by law as opposed to the rule of law. It may as well being plucked out of you twos anus for that matter.

Anonymous said...

@Jake;Unfortunately in this country Bainimarama plucks the Law out of his own anus. eg freeing the murderers of Rabaka because they were in the Army.
Shame on the Judiciary for having big anuses, being nothing more than Bai's yes-man.
If anyone thinks that is not the case then you are as blind as a bat or a complete moron like Jake.(or have you forgotten how they kicked that publisher out of the country despite a writ from the Law Courts being rushed to Nadi Airport.)
Either your head is well and truly stuck in Bai's anus or you have Alzheimers disease, Jake. Hopefully the latter.
The judges are just there for show.
So,get your nose out of your own anus Jake because all this proceedings are nothing but Bai tormenting people.
In future Jake please have some substance in your argument, because you're beginning to sound like a person without a brain. All you have is verbal diarrhea.It's what psychiatrists call "looseness of association". So please go get help.
By the way I'm not a Qarase supporter.I'm a freedom supporter.

Jake said...

A freedom fighter with a bila stuck in your rectosigmoid.

Yes I'd expect this sort of idocacy from half educated halfwits.

For if you read and make an honest attempt in understanding what was written than maybe you would have an argument.

They is no point in regurgitating what occurred for it wont bring back the dead but instead tarnish their memories.

Heres a thought find youself a spiked backed tortoise and ride it to worlds end.


Anonymous said...

"Bring back the dead".
I feel sorry for you Jake. Now you have "flight of ideas".
Please go to St Giles and get some medicine.

Jake said...

Annon @7.55.

There is only one medicine I take and it comes in the form of muddy water.

It cures all ills.

You may want to try it is renowned to cure ignorance.


Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

"All decrees enacted are not plucked out of one’s anus but it must in accordance with a rigid base (Law) similarly like that of a house one needs a solid foundation."

Which law would that be? All they do when they come across a point that they cannot get around is enact another decree to shortcut it.

That is not government. That is simply lazy, half arsed measures to excuse their own stupidity and illegality.

For example, what about that time they deported the Fiji Times editor? They did not do so on any legal basis - and when everyone complained, they enacted a RETROSPECTIVE decree. Childish and stupid. It is this kind of idiocy that is borne of their lack of planning, lack of foresight and single-minded behavior - all designed to keep them in power and silence all opposition or criticism.

Jake, you are another of their excuses. You really should be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

@Jake: Drinking too much muddy water. May be that's why your arguments are about as coherent as Leweni's.

Jake said...

Radio Otiose.

My friend have ever danced with the devil?

If not than come on over to the dark side there is alot to be learnt.

All that aside you may consider switching allegiance and become a psyop.

We can do with people like you, you have all the right ingredient.


Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

Read this carefully: it is not a question of allegiance but sanity. I don't want more money, power or fame.

I want peace, prosperity and freedom for everyone in Fiji. We should all be given an equal opportunity to be fulfilled and happy.

Anyway, I would rather eat my own ding-dong than throw in with Frank and the rest of the idiot brigade. Also, by implication does that mean you are "psyops"?

I would have hoped the regime has more money to spend, but I guess they have their own nests to feather at the moment.

Jake said...

Radio Otiose.

I would have thought most if not all Fijians are fricken insane.

Don’t we all share in the desire that someday our Fiji with it copiousness in wealth be shared equally among its people and not the few.

There is freedom among the masses with a little restriction which I am certain the people of Fiji don’t mind at all.

Subconsciously you know Frank doing a marvellous job for which you ought to be part of you may choose to sit on the fence and do nothing or you could make a difference not only for yourself but the nation.

You’d better leave that ding dong alone it could make you blind.


Anonymous said...

Radiolucas are you in Fiji men. We need to meet.

Most of our thoughts are very similar and we need to find people of kindred spirit to prepare for the future. Please let me know how we can be in touch.

Jake said...

Anon @ 9.02.

Drau lako sara drau lei fight sword mada.

Drau lei chuma mada.


NiNjA bOlLoCkS said...

To take everything out to a whole different aspect of this 'sharing of views' it looks like Fiji's going to be under a communist rule in the future, the way things are going; if there is a world war 3, yeah, Fiji's going to be fighting under the red banner. Do we really think China is donating ambulances and loads of money out of the goodness of its heart?? Frank better be careful with this one, though he may be the alpha dog here, on an international scale he's nothing but a pawn. China is a dictatorship as we all know and, Im sorry but, really? A dictatorship giving out sh*t for free? There is obviously a hidden agenda here, not trying to jump to conclusions all I want to say is that Frank better be careful with excepting such 'donations' and in such an oblivious fashion, it all starts with smiles and handshakes.

I'v been reading through the comments posted here and everyone has a valid point, weather they're for or against the government of the day. In my view I think that he has done some good things but also coupled with bad things, for instance making up laws in retrospect to justify his actions?? Who does that?? Awarding himself with a Visionary Award at the tourism awards? Wow, I mean, sure he has done some good, but is it really worth us suffering through all the bad things that come with it? Violations of human rights/freedom of speech, this 'my way or the highway' style rule he has forced us to succumb to and not to mention the military hit squads that he has set up to monitor the public. I mean no government is perfect, there is no such thing, weather we like it or not there will always be hidden agendas and facets of corruption, but this is what the media exposes and changes can be made from there. Sure there was corruption in the last government no doubt about that, but because the media was 'free' loads of it was exposed and brought to light. With the government we have now, the paper is mostly just for checking the super 15 results and weather.

So yeah, I think that he will never step down from power lest he face the same charges of treason as the people he put away from the last coup, no chance. Get ready Fiji...hope everyone knows karate...the chinese will be knocking on our door for assistance once the war for oil in Libya kicks off, France and Italy are there already...oil means money, and everybody likes money. Just to put things on an international scale. Feel free to comment on this, or forever hold your peace.

one love...