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Friday, January 28, 2011


Suva lawyer Renee Lal was arrested this morning (Friday) at Nausori Airport while trying to fly out to New Zealand to avoid being entangled in a scam involving prominent players in the military regime.

Lal, who is married to former Republic of Fiji Military Forces lawyer Amani Bale, is currently in custody at Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua. It is not clear whether the military or police arrested her.

But military Sources have confirmed that Lal allegedly swindled $300,000 belonging to a businessman named as Freeman, from Ghana. Freeman is the brother of former University of the South Pacific academic, Nii Plange, and is doing oil and gas exploration in Bau waters.

Renee Lal is a partner in the law firm of Jamnadas & Associates is Freeman's lawyer.

According to military sources, Lal's arrest is just the tip of the iceberg of a major scam involving the senior players of the regime.  The illegal activities surfaced when Freeman was arrested by police late last week and he opened his mouth and implicated Renee Lal and others.

In a case of No Honour Amongst Thieves, all perpetrators of the scam tried to dob each other in. Freeman has been trying to contact military dictator Frank Bainimarama to clarify his role in certain matters but has been unsuccessful - he's apparently being blocked by Brigadier Mohammed Aziz. 

Aziz, who is on leave and who resigned from boards recently, is now believed to based in the Office of the illegal regime's Prime Minister. 

Freeman has been trying to contact Bainimarama because Renee Lal has been using his name and that of regime's Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to divert attention from her. 

It has also been revealed that Renee Lal has an intense, intimate relationship with Aiyaz Khaiyum and has free licence to use his name to make unscrupulous deals.  

Also in immigration custody is Ben Padarath, who set up the deal between Lal and Freeman. Padarath is known to be close to Pita Driti.

We will reveal further details in due course.


Radiolucas said...

Shit me. What is it with the Lal girls.

I heard some bad things about another scam Renee did for property in Suva a while back - the town will be abuzzing tonight.

But if she and Aiyaz really do have a thing going on, I doubt that she will come to any strife - after all, he could just commute any sentence to another home detention.

Anonymous said...

wow...great movie....food for thought for our current regime....invite hollywood to come and buy our scripts an make movies...give fiji some royalty in US $.....we have so much real life drama...what a shame...we could turn this into real cash...and we wont be taxing everyone and everything.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, want to fancy! this what happens. But Amani must be regreting getting married in this unstable, show off family. Ask Mac, he'll tell ya!

Anonymous said...

Like I said, God is a wonderful God and the truth will always come out in the end. You cannot twist it. You cannot bury it . You cannot suppress it. One day when you least expect it, it will reveal itself. And the relevant truth for us is Voreqe's boat is heading for one great big shipwreck.
Where's Leone and Jake? I thought these two were defending this Regime to the death.
I'm sorry boys, you two are on the losing team. Better eat some humble pie and realise that the only way forward for us is to uphold Democracy and the rule of Law.
Wow! Talk about self-destruction.

Keep praying my brothers, the end is near.

Anonymous said...

Wow @ the unscrupulous beady-eyes lawyer! Keep digging and get to the bottom of that stinking rot...

Anonymous said...

i know the true story . this story 50 % is the truth and the other 50% is a lie. But its good to have it that way to make the story juicy and hot for more people to read in.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
Lawyers are liars.the saying in overseas.
Its said that freeman and others got conned by ben /renee..
well what goes around comes around.
People wanted to be a smart ass.

Jake said...

Anon @10.57.

Lako sara lei caita mada nomu Ratu.

Radio Otiose.

There is nothing worse than bruits.

If information you have is cogent of further investigation than it is your duty to inform the authorities.


Anonymous said...

It is interesting to note that the illegal AG left on Thursday (the day before the arrest of Lal & others) for overseas. The official statement issued after he had left stated that he is on a tourism marketing trip to India and China.

Maybe the illegal AG was aware of the arrests, and took the trip for other reasons like checking on his account balances offshore.

We will have to wait and see if he ever returns.

Anonymous said...

The Lal sisters were big time show off. Both of them. Bet others invovled with the investor like Neil Shivam and Bhavana will be counting their days til they get arrested as well. Well over due Rene. I saw DJ having a jolly good time at Bad Dog last night in celebration....and shaking his Fong Fong lol!

mark manning said...

The biggest law breakers, are the Law makers, is a poplar thought too !

Anonymous said...

It's great that this blog has been set up in response to the heavy censoring of the media but it would be good if the reader could rely on it for quality/fact based articles much like the media it is seeking to replace rather than sensationalised articles which seem to read like fantasy rather than fact. I can't comment on the accuracy of this article as I don't know what is fact and what is fiction but it seems to be highly speculative other than a scattering of facts. As an information source, it might pay to publish only what you can establish particularly if you are making such negative statemetns about people that live in such a small community. Clearly from the other comments to this article, most in Fiji have already concluded guilt and the knives are out ready for blood - so much for innocent until proven guilty, not to mentioned unbiased media...

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@6pm Sorry to offend your sensibilities but this is accurate. It was known to be accurate when it was printed and has proven to be more so since.-C4.5

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