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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

65 people killed in Christchurch earthquake

The New Zealand prime minister John Key says 65 people have died from today's 6.3 magnitude quake, that struck just before 1pm.

Mr Key revealed the devastating news a short time ago. More deaths are expected.

The mayor of Christchurch Bob Parker said on television a few minutes ago people should prepare themselves for 'significant' numbers of death.

Civil Defence authorities say they will be working overnight to rescue people still trapped under buildings.

Christchurch was hit by a massive seven point one quake last September and has been wracked by aftershocks since, including a 4.9 one just before Christmas.

The city is home to a big Fiji community. 

About 80 per cent of the city is without power and the phone lines are said to be jammed so they may be having difficulty reaching family and friends to let them know they're okay.

Coupfourpointfive will bring information as it can.


Anonymous said...

Bula from Grog Session

Our heart goes out with the tragic deaths of the people in the NZ earthquake.

while i am ashamsed to say this to the world that Frank (PM of Fiji) during the usual grog session with the "boys" made the comment

" oh that serves the NZ bastards right - now they see what they try to preach to us - god has made them run for cover themselves"

Then turns to the bodyguard " ask sharon smith to issue a press statement sending our condolences message to the bastards" and chucks away.

Today i felt ashamed of being a solider !

Anonymous said...

This where we see our true friends and natural allies. Fiji on the other hand is a neighbor always quick with their outstretched hands looking for something for nothing, quick to demonstrate their arrogance and roofer anything of actual use except as human shields in sinai. This is a neighbour we tolerate and have to help pay for their constant teething problems with human rights and democratic freedoms. Fiji has the benefit of a self indulgent regime that will take eight years to entrench their own power and feign some interest in democratic governance but claiming the concept is all too hard for locals to understand and need to bullied to get it right, the military way.

Anonymous said...

to Anon Feb 22, 8.28pm ... sorry to say that you just realising what the rest of Fiji & the world realised long time ago! UNFORTUNATELY VOREQE DOES NOT HAVE A HEART AND WAS NOT NATURALLY CUT OUT TO BE A LEADER. HE DOES NOT HAVE THE INTELLECT NOR DEPTH TO KNOW WHERE & WHEN TO SEPARATE POLITICS & BEING HUMAN - HE IS A 2 FACED COWARD!!! No matter how bad things are or a person is, nobody has has the liberty to wish death on anybody, not even your own enemy because you never know the consequences of having your wishes granted! QARAUNA VOREQE, ERA SA VOSOTI IKO TIKO VAKADEDE NA LEWE I VITI ... o kalougata tiko o iko ni levu na lewe i viti era sa tamata vakabulai, that is what is keeping you alive, DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FOR GRANTED!!! NOT EVEN LIFE!!! REPENT VOREQE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah, blame the quake on FB !!

Really , you guys ...

Manuqalo said...

Who would've thought that developed countries would experience what 3rd world countries go through. My sympathies to the people of Christchurch and their extended families in NZ and abroud.

Anonymous said...

Our condolences to the people of Christchurch and NZ during this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you and our prayers are for you. Not surprised at Baini's comments, thats typical of him.

Anonymous said...

According to Jake,New Zealanders deserve it because of their government's refusal to recognize his messiah,Bainimarama.

Design Architect... said...

Talk already about rebuilding - suggest before commencement powers that be undertake comprehensive investigation into current building - design & construction practices - why some collapsed - others didn't?
Wisdom of rebuilding heavy masonary
cathedral sphire?

mark manning said...

@ anon 828 p.m.
I wonder if Frank would feel the same way, if one of his grandchildren was injured or killed in this earthquake !

And don't worry, we know that the thoughts and wishes of Frank Bainimarama, don't necessarily reflect the views of all the Soldiers in the RFMF.

It is Frank who should be ashamed, not you.

sara'ssista said...

How gracious of the dictator to offer assistance to NZ government given i am not sure what there is to offer, do they need a military presence in Christchurch?? I wasn't aware ther is surplus of Doctors and medical stff in Fiji to offer?? Perhaps he was wants to be President or Chairman of the relief effort......

Anonymous said...

what they need is PER and roadmap to recovery....it's working so well in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Please Keys be careful about the offer from the traitor.Anyone he sends could be a terrorist on a mission to conduct a coup there in Wellington.

Remember in 2006 when Voreqe called on corrupt New Zealanders to conduct a coup against their elected PM HC?

There is nothing genuine about what the Vuaka says because he always has devious ulterior motives.His ultimate aim is to export the coup culture around the Pacific.

If any NZ C130 pilots have spare time during the relief effort then please fly to Fiji and bomb Delainabua and the Vuaka into oblivion.Be good riddance of excess sewerage!!

Wrong product - wrong time. said...

While the rest of the worlds frantically attempts to rid itself of this form of oppressive goverment - Vore's attempting to export it. Think himself fortunate he's in public service - not commerce. Man's an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Whilst we in Fiji share the grief, anxiety and the mourning of our Kiwi friends, we would at the same time caution the Kiwi PM about the offer of the Illegal Fiji PM. [Not that the Kiwi PM is gullible!!]
Frank has the audacity to offer assistance after expelling the Kiwi Ambassador and running down both the Kiwi and Ozzie PMs and their countries. Furthermore, what assistance, by way of expertise can he offer? What experience does HIS army have in "URBAN SEARCH AND RESCUE"?
The only expertise that his army has is in 'SEARCH AND TORTURE' and 'SEARCH AND TERMINATE"!!
Surely the offer cannot be on 'humanitarian grounds' - Frank does not know the word - ask those who have been picked up by the army and humiliated, tortured and even killed.
To our Kiwi friends who have been affected - please accept our sincere condolences for the loved ones you have lost. May HE grant them eternal rest and may HE comfort you all at this very trying time. We share in your grief, we share in your concerns. May He grant you strength. You are not alone. We are with you in thoughts and prayers.
WE are confident that with God's helping hand, your resilience and your positive attitude you will be able to pick up the pieces and move things to a better level. We know you can do it - even against all odds!!
All the BEST, God bless, good luck and kia ora from Fiji.

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