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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Aziz business dealings under the microscope

Leaks of conflict of interests and corruption in the business dealings of one of the illegal regime's key military figures, Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz, keep surfacing and resurfacing.
It's been revealed that:
a) Aziz borrowed $2.5 million from Merchant Finance while he was chairman of the company and still on the Fiji Holdings Ltd board. The money was used to build his wife's medical centre in Rewa Street.

The work was done by 4R Electrical, a Ba based company owned by Rishi Kumar, the president of the Ba Football Association. 4R Electrical is the same company that is under scrutiny for the work they did for Fiji Pine.

b) Friend Sanjeev Pal's wife was given a $500,000 loan by Merchant Finance, which was used to buy a home. Pal was running Hunts Travel before it shut down a few years ago.

c) Like former FHL CEO Sereana Qoro, Aziz double dipped - he was paid by the illegal government and received a board fee as well.

Sereana Qoro was accused of using Basic Industries bungalow while claiming her house was being renovated. She also reportedly has a homestay on Ovalau Island.

d) It's claimed Aziz, former employee Aiyaz Muza (the worker who got the golden handshake and car) and acting FHL CEO, Nouzab Fareed, made multiple overseas junkets and reportedly ran up thousands of dollars of credit card bills in Singapore, Dubai and India.

e) It's also claimed that excesses included 10 Indian staff staying at a Holiday Inn for more than 8 months at a daily rate of $200 during the BP Oil deal. An extra room was apparently hired for the use of Fareed, Aziz and Muza.

f) A businessman has also told us he was offered a business loan but was told he'd have to pay 10 per cent in kickbacks. He says he was told the loan would guarantee access to FHL tenders, government and military tenders. Says he was told the tax breaks would be arranged with Bainimarama, Sayed Khaiyum and Aziz.

Coupfourpointfive revealed this week that Aziz was one of the military personnel fingered by the regime in a plot to overthrow the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, last year.

Military sources revealed the plot came to light after con man Ben Padarath was interviewed over fraud dealings with lawyer, Renee Lal, involving a Ghanian businessman.

Evidence was found at Padarath's Suva house but the regime is in a dilemma about taking action because a trial would reveal the widespread scale of corruption and fallout in their midst. 

When Aziz resigned from the FHL board last month citing 'personal reasons', he used the same line Bainimarama later used when he said the investigation into FHL had wrapped up: 'Let's just leave it at that.'


TheMax said...

More will come to light and no one should be suprised. Its the way to clean up coruption military style.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see that the FHL set up by the BLV for the 14 plus Rotuma provinces have been abused by these Muslims who are fly by nights..

Even the new Cement Chinese investor/ factory in Walu will cause the FHL cement basic industries subsidiary to be getting less for the shareholders/provinces..

PM should wake up and get this people out as they are trying to weaken and abuse the resources of Fijian institutions as evidently shown in the FHL saga now.

Anonymous said...

Vuaka is losing sleep; tossing around in his bed wondering how to get rid of Aziz.
I bet Aiyaz told Vuaka not to touch Aziz.( Muslim brotherhood).
Looks like Mark Manning is right, the "Muslim Brotherhood" are taking over and Vuaka and his green termites don't know how to fix it.
In Jake's own words, they have been well and truly sodomised.
Hallelujah! God moves in mysterious ways.

Anonymous said...

As a former staff of Merchant Finance I know that we never lend for property acquisition or building, the Company focussed on machinery and motor vehicle finance. When did this all changed?

Anonymous said...

And the dumb Mataivalu ni solisona think that they are doing something great for the people of Fiji.

Na ulukau ga na ulukau - Dou tukuni Khaiyum duri do tukuna tiko oratou vamalua sir.

Jake said...

The mass dissemination of fallacious articles are designed to raise the ire of the unsuspecting especially those with limited mental capacity.

The truth is there no such thing as corruption within this regime however post 87 up until 2006 the entire nation of Fiji was corrupt on a grand scale.

Frank is working tirelessly to eradicate the mass infestation of corruptive practices initiated by both Rabuka and Qarase.

At one stage in Fiji even the unborn child was corrupt that’s how morally reprehensible society has become and all we hear is the rights of people wanting to return to continue their dastardly and pilfering ways.

Such vile practices were the norm under Qarase’s government is slowly becoming the thing of the past Fiji is on the move for the better where honesty is being instilled back into society.

Open up your eyes you crooked little ones for the gravy train you all rode is now abandoned.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5;26 You are right, These soldiers are so stupid, there's corruption happening right under their nose by their fellow soldier and they didn't even see it.
What's more they don't know how to fix it.
Like Max and Leone and Jake they will say that they are cleaning out corruption.
What these 3 ulukau fail to see is that the soldiers themselves brought on this corruption
Kena ca gona na "no school".
Ni yavu sotia ulukau.
Sa dina ga na ka sa volai tiko. Kemuni kece na sotia, ni sa sotia ga ni solisona.
Solisona tiko vei Aziz kei Aiyaz.
Qori, ni sa qai boidada tu.

It's time for you soldiers to realise that Vuaka is an evil person.
Jesus said that you can judge a tree by its fruit.
So please soldiers, look at the fruit. Very bad fruit.Either tell Vuaka to step down or you all resign.

Kevaka ni vakamuri Vuaka tiko, e na sega ni dua na vanua vinaka ni na tini kina ( because he is a bad tree).
Ni sa na qai boidada ga vakalevu sara.

Delilah said...

OMG!!! It just gets worse.....

Anonymous said...

interesting in deed! ..tick !...tock !..tick !..tock!..its just a mmater of time when these things is going to be exposed to the whole nation..and this is the problem when you put someone in the wrong place at the wrong time..all you will get is corruption !...GO FIJI Go !!

Anonymous said...

The problem seems to be that EVERYONE in the Junta is making money from some corrupt scheme or another so to indict one is to risk all.An election in 2014 seems so so remote unless even that can be "managed" to return the present crew.North Korea like conditions loom ever larger,which is eminently in China's interests.China likes crippled dictatorships.:)

VereBau. said...

Peoples Charter - Road Map
co ordinates - perimeter 01 - Decree's 1 2 10.

Unless Goverment sanctified - all corruption within Viti is hereby deemed illegal & punishable by law.

God Bless Viti.

RFMF said...

all running for cover... there are rumors in camp after c4.5 has highlighted the corruption of Aziz which Driti was presenting in his case file to PM before he was sidelined - all hell has broken loose.

pm's boys were running around to see the "suspects" which usually is based on their coconut intel .

There is also rumors that AG will resign by month end !!!!

Anonymous said...

Lands ministry still remains quite corrupt. Nothing has changed really.

As for telling the RFMF soldiers that their bosses are corrupt, they can do no damn thing about it.

They are just on the payroll as much as the civil servants are on theirs working with the crooks of the past , current and future ones.

You see, this is why Indians are quite because last two coups, Indians were lamu sona because they can't run far and will drown in the sea because even most Fijian civilians would have joined to chase the Kai Dia's if they tired to topple the military.

But now this time for Fijian's to topple their own? At least they can run, dive in the water, row the bilibili but still they are lamu sona.

Please don't call us Indians lamu sona any more, because if we start you all will join with Vore and say our common enemy, kai Dia magai chinana!!!

Sa Sucu sa lutu...

Anonymous said...

Money is not the root of all evil, it's Muslims!!!!! The Jews prayed to Jehovah and God gave them the Holy Land and victory in every war. The muzzies prayed to allah and got chaos.All dictators must fall. Sooner or later they will fall, the peoples' will is stronger than any weapon.

Anonymous said...

you have been harping about khayums shady deals...nothing happened..the deals go on
you will now continue to harp about aziz....nothing will happen

tic..tok..tic..tok, the clock will keep ticking along...nothing will happen

Fair play said...

Anin@11.24 pm...hello? you think frank will take action? the fact he runs sloppy ship is why the likes of Aziz are cleaning out the shop till. these pirates acting like they are law unto themselves; reason is entire regime from top to bottom of their white military cuffs are divvying up the spoils of war between them.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:17 Bap re bap. I agree, time to lay low for a while.

Anonymous said...

Whatever you do in the dark will be proclaim from the roof top.(C4.5) The truth will always emerge. The truth will always prevail. The truth will always win. We who laugh last will laugh the loudest.

Anonymous said...

I never seen so many medals by the so called army watevers...next ptime round will have little boys around carrying more medals for them

Anonymous said...

Yes annon 7.57. I totally agree with you that "The truth will always prevail".

The division in Fijian was so much that we see that now that their own military don't trust them.

Also we cried the loudest in 1987 and in 2000, and are still crying.

Lets hope this after completing this 2006 round of soap opera, everyone understands their position loud and clear...

...and Rewa changes its stand to wanting a racial politics to continue in Fiji as that is where they get their strength from, but have lost it for the time being.

Anonymous said...

Noting new..Aziz stole money from the Regimental Fund during Ganilau's watch to finance his studies at Bond uni in Australia.He still has not paid back a cent.

The sad result was that all the soldiers were docked monies from their pay packets including funds abused by Ganilau,Nailatikau and other senior officers at the time.No wonder the government audtors were refused access to the books because of systemic corruption which continues to this day...bastards!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha funny picture of the three stooges who don't look to enthusiastic about taking part.

Nailatikau looks like his mind is at the TAB race of the day. Voreqe is worried that this his funeral could be next and his traitors could be anyone of the others. Naivalurua is feeling uncomfortable about appearing in public again to add evidence of coup participation for his inevitable Treason court trial.

Aziz is just the token Indian ordered to march by Voreqe's to present a misguided fascade of "multiculturalism" in the force.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon Feb 22 2011 1053am
Thank you Anon 10.53 I said; we who "LAUGH" will "LAUGH" the loudest, not you who CRIED in 1987 and 2000 and are still crying. God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.29pm, maybe this is why the place is cursed and still going in circles for the last 24 years as the cries of others for giving them misery has not given a too long laugh to you who laugh the loudest.

Maybe you cannot realise the cries of others had given others sweat earned money to help educate and upskill those who laugh the loudest.

Thank god that those crying were not Chinese or they would have been laughing the loudest!!

May God Bless Us All. Afterall we are a tiny nation with enough to go around for all of us!!

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