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Friday, February 11, 2011

Bainimarama buries FHL fraud investigation

More proof today of the illegal regime's prediliction for ignoring corrupt and fraudulent behaviour when it suits it.

Frank Bainimarama is quoted by FijiLive as saying the investigation at Fijian Holdings Ltd is over and that's where it ends.

FijiLive says Bainimarama confirmed to it the investigation has been done and that they 'have dealt with the culprits.'

Bainimarama is quoted as saying: “It’s done and let’s leave it at that,” refusing to say any more.

The FHL chair, Isoa Kaloumaira, and managing director Sereana Qoro 'resigned' last week after being busted for fraud.

But the irregularities went beyond them - the deputy chair, Brigadier General Aziz Mohammed, had resigned in January under the guise of 'personal reasons.'

Bainimarama's handling of the FHL fraud is typical modus operandi - bury all questionable and illegal behaviour and  relocate perpetrators to save face: Qoro and Kaloumaira have been allowed to 'resign' and Aziz has been brought in to where they can keep an eye on him until an 'appropriate' spot can be found for him.

Pictures: The culprits that Bainimarama says they've dealt with but who look as though they got away scot free: Mohammed Aziz (top), Aiyza Muza (second), Sereana Qoro (third) and Isoa Kaloumaira (right in bottom picture). 


TheMax said...

What else do you expect from a pea brain moron.

Tiger Balm said...

Baini ay ...only when it suits you say "let's just leave it at that".

Anonymous said...

Do the shareholders realise how badly their company has been managed by these parasites?
C4.5 can you tell us who actually owns shares in FHL and also who is the majority shareholders.

RFMF said...

well this is the reason why no investigations will be carried out :

Aziz knows all about the corruption on AG and PM and hence holds the Ace in his hands.

" If you expose me - i will open my mouth"


Anonymous said...

Well what else would you expect of an illegal regime that has committed numerous criminal acts and would want protect its own. It is one way of buying the loyalty of their cronies.

They are certainly being treated differently from Rokovunisei/Nemani, Vuetaki/Naiorosui and others who did very similar things.

I pity the shareholders of FHL who will have to bear the losses from this episode.

snuka supa fly said...

Well Isoa and Sereana, how does it feel to be called a common culprit? Whatever reputation you may have had has been flushed down the toilet for being in cahoots with the Evil One. You can relax and be happy, you are now just a common culprit and thief, just like the rest of them. Too late. Sa oti.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@1PM: Shareholders include provincial councils, the Native Land Trust Board, the Fijian Affairs Board, Tikina and village groups, Fijian co-operatives, individual Fijians and family companies. Go to the website and trawl through, makes for interesting reading and quickest way to get a handleon who's who and what's what http://www.fijianholdings.com.fj/ C4.5

Anonymous said...

Dark figures like Shivam & Aziz & Sen screwing money out of FHL. Shivam crook from Waikato days

Anonymous said...

So FICEKE was drudging up FHL records on Qarase that was decades old and trying to find charges to lay on him from years ago and for this lot of thieves Baini say's "we'll just leave it at that" after calling them "culprits"?? Where is the promised transparency and no corruption you?? Well obviously nowhere to be found as the only reason the coup was carried out was to escape charges and get rich!!

Anonymous said...

Typical irresponsible and idiotic response from Bai.
And this is why Economically speaking his regime will fail and fail and fail again.
I hope the Provincial Council reps go and tell the villagers what has happend to their money.
Sa maumau nomuni soli.

Anonymous said...

Where is the investigation report?? why are these people still 'culprits' when obviously nothing fraudulent was found - if there was indeed 'fraud', why is there no report and no charges?? it's just politics spoiling these people's reps.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 1pm - PLEASE go and read the company's financial reports for the last 2 years and THEN comment on competency

Anonymous said...

How did they deal with the culprits? why is THAT not reported??? maybe because there is nothing irregular to report...jus Frank barking up the wrong tree

Anonymous said...

@ RFMF - are you SURE there were NO investigations? I beg to differ my friend - they don't report anything that makes them look like idiots...

Anonymous said...

What culprits? The only culprits in this whole fiasco are Bai and his sidekick AG

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:45pm You must have been living under a rock. What about the millions they lost while trying to acquire Mobil? Even the bean-peanut-boy at the bus-stand would have told you it wasn't going to work.
What a bunch of retards.

Anonymous said...

Both the Az's [ Illegal AG and disgraced Brig ] know far, far too much about the illegal dealings of the Vore, that the Vore is being forced to 'look after" them.
This time, the Vore[vuaka] is forced to gel with the muslims and for their survival the mozzies likewise!!!!

Lateral Corporate Thinking. said...

Anon 9:45pm.

Wanna read about some real (scary) Viti business compentency?

Current Board of Fiji Sugar Corp oversaw the complete breakdown of a lucrative "growth" export industry.

When the extent of the damage both social & economic was eventually realised - instead of resigning - Board actually promoted the one person best qualified to advise (warn)them about such "tecnical" matters (but didn't) - person who oversaw disasterous Mill Refit program. By such strange logic did former Board member "engineer" Adul Khan become new guiding light of FSC.

Wait there's more!

Farce continues - although it can't fulfil existing contract with Tate & Lyle - FSC currently negotiating with Australia & Japan - for "forward" products it more than like won't have?
Positive thinking - or sheer unadulterated insanity?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11.19pm i guess you are also one of those suckers for sensationalism - buy everything the govt 'wants' you to believe - but they don't tell you anything when BAI screws up a deal