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Monday, February 7, 2011

Bainimarama finally announces death of Ratu Josefa

BAINI: Paying tribute to Ratu Josefa - is it enough?

The illegal leader's announcement comes more than a day after Ratu Josefa died and describes the former president as a great son of Fiji and beacon of hope - is that the best he could say about the man who helped him get to where he is today?

Monday 7th February, 2011 4pm

Fellow citizens of Fiji.

It is with profound sadness that I announce the passing yesterday morning of our former President, Na Turaga Taukei Vunisei, Turaga na Tui Vuda, Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu Uluivuda.

My Cabinet and I and the Government of the Republic of Fiji extend our heartfelt sympathies to Adi Kavunono and family and the Vanua of Vuda on the loss of a great son of Fiji who served our nation with distinction.

Ratu Iloilo’s chiefly qualities and status endowed him with great wisdom and leadership attributes which ensured the stability and progress of our nation through one of its most trying times.  As President, he was our beacon of hope. 

This is Ratu Iloilo’s legacy, which places him amongst the ranks of our great statesmen. 

His strong Christian values guided his unwavering commitment to bringing unity to our nation and all its people.

In this regard, Ratu Iloilo promulgated the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress. 

The Charter guides our way forward as a nation. Government is committed to continue its implementation as a tribute to Ratu Iloilo’s aspirations for a united Fiji.

Government will accord the late Tui Vuda a State funeral. 

A Committee has been set up to work with the Vanua of Vuda to prepare, finalise and implement funeral arrangements, details of which will be announced later.

As a mark of respect, national flags in all Government institutions will fly at half mast from now until after the internment.

My Government and I together with the people of our nation join Adi Kavunono, the family and the people of the Vanua of Vuda in mourning the passing of the late Tui Vuda.


Anonymous said...

What is Voreqe trying to say in his silly speech? It is clear that he is directly implicating Ratu Iloilo as a willing participant in this misguided coup. Was Iloilo a willing traitor and criminal in everything illegal that has transpired since in 2006? Many people agree wholeheartedly that he sided with Voreqe during this coup only to get shafted by him later.

In reality Ratu Iloilo was a weak and failed President who was used as stooge to “rubber stamp” authority and give legitimacy to everything illegal that were transpiring during and since the illegal overthrow of democracy in Fiji. Voreqe and his fellow traitors raised his profile to that of sole arbitrator of law and order in Fiji culminating in the “legitimising” of the 2006 coup.It seemed Voreqe and Iloilo has got away with the perfect crime.

Unfortunately, that entire charade was shattered by the High court appeal ruling of the 2009 stating the real facts that the silly coup was indeed illegal.In his anger,Voreqe abrogated the constitution and Ililo became ever insignificant to his misguided cause.

Voreqe’s speech is a badly written piece of coup propaganda that attempts to elevate Ratu Iloilo to “martyr” status of the Fijian nation. He also tries to glorify the misguided and now defunct “Military come Peoples Charter” as the “Holy Grail” and perfect foundation of an ideal society. If Bainimarama is insensitive enough to manipulate the image of a dead man to further the aims of his misguided coup then he is really a mentally disturbed and f..ked up individual who should die by the firing squad.

Unfortunately, Ratu Iloilo will be known as an individual who was weak in moral judgment and because of that,the citizens of Fiji paid a terrible toll. He enjoyed the fruits from Rabaka and Verebasaga’s senseless murder,of many others who were tortured,of a society stripped of their rights and freedoms and a country deeply divided,in debt and ruled by a mentally disturbed dictator who is anti-Christ and anti-Fijian.

It is on behalf of his innocent victims that I speak with ease to say that Ratu Iloilo does not deserve a state funeral because he has never apologized for his failings. He may have escaped justice here but at this moment he is standing at the judgment throne of God with Sakiusa and Nimilote in the witness box pointing their accusing finger at him.

Bainimarama and his fellow traitors should be fearful because that day will come soon when they will face their maker in heaven and realise how futile their misguided coup has become.

Anonymous said...

Mate yani vuaka!!!! sega na isa.sega na kemu yaga, kana loto,kocokoco qai lawaki ca ke na i sau na mate.....hip,hip hurray.

Anonymous said...

another lie, both arse hole...

TheMax said...

Reality check...good riddance to...
rest in .....

TheMax said...

The former Presi will certainly be remebered in the anals of Fiji. But like others before him, their incompetance, coruption etc. finally catches up with them. When all the pomp and ceremony is mere memory, the real character of the person surfaces. In a nutshell he failed the country and the people of Fiji; when leadership was required of his position, he chose to become a pawn.

As for Vore nothing he says will ever make him legitimate the big boci.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious from many of the comments that Ratu Iloilo's legacy will be forever tainted by his actions in support of the madman Vore. That some will speak ill of the him at this time and rejoice at his passing speaks volumes of the amount of anger and hurt that his actions as president have caused to some people. I guess at the end of the day you reap what you sow. It is a reminder to all who hold high office that there is cause and effect on your decisions that remain even after you're gone.

TheMax said...

I like the photo. Where has the smiling dude at the back gone to?

sara'ssista said...

This man does not come close to the ranks to fiji greatest statesman, he is tarnished forever and either he was mad and senile or just scheming and venal. The outcome is the same but i do hope it comes out that he was the former, and just taken advantage of by 'hangers on' and the military as a convenient scapegoat.

sara'ssista said...

this is the only way the others in this regime will avoid goal and punishment, the former president got off lightly. Look what happened to the former VP, over taking an illegal oath. Heaps of precedent.

Anonymous said...

This lovely man has led a very sheltered, protected and privileged life and therefore, was easily able to live to the ripe-old age of 91 (by Fiji standards).

RIP dear Mr. President.

What a terrible legacy said...

How sad to go to your grave having been president of a country while military with guns took over an elected government. This poor sad man was manipulated by treasonous cowards and has left this world with Fiji a pariah state internationally and just another two bit dictatorship. A divided nation going nowhere under a very poorly led military.

Anonymous said...

Jake says:

Boss, what will happen to all those people & stooge that were appointed by the regime and have been fired. Will they be trial, slaughtered, character assisinated, publicly humiliated etc etc like what you & the military had done to innocent executives & people.

lets be fair.

If you can't take them to task, then you VB should stand trial. followed by everyone else who was stupid enough to believe you that the coup was good for Fiji...No coup was ever & will be Good for Fiji.

Joe said...

RIP Tui Vuda. Your passing is a sad loss for all of us and a blessing for the dictator because you have gone to your grave and took along with you the truth, in relation to the 2006 coup, not that we are not aware of what transpired. You would have been a key witness in the treason trial that will take place in the forseeable future. May God bless you.

Leone said...

He is definetly the only president that has showed the true calibre of a president.The fruits of his being a true president is being acknowledged amongst the fijian people,they are for Frank and his development plans for Fiji.Because of Ratu Iloilo,s vision and acceptance of Franks Ideologies, the people are starting to demand for no elections in 2014,and dont forget because of his endorsement there is alot of corrupt activities being exposed

Tiger Balm said...

Bainimarama is only calling him, Ratu Iloilo, a great son of Fiji because the fulla allowed himself to be bullied by Bainimarama

mark manning said...

the corrupt practices are from the Regime !

Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace Ratu .
Time for Driti to be Commander Rfmf.
Frank -PM.
Qarase and Mahen Co DPM.
Aiayaz -Out.

Anonymous said...

NO! That failure Drippy needs his ass kicked back to wherever ole he crawled out from, thickheaded abusive monster.

Anonymous said...

@ Leonidas:
"the fruit" and Ratu Iloilo's vision- well we can see the fruit : more poor people; more children not going to school because parents lost their jobs. More unemployed; more crime ; more corruption
Great legacy indeed.
Leone, there is a verse in the Bible for you: Isaiah 5: 20 "Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil..." :24 their root (foundation) will become rot and their beautiful blossom will blow away as dust.
God is watching Leone, so don't say stupid things.

Anonymous said...

Due to his fraility and senility, Iloilo was incapable of making any decisions as Prsident.Voreqe and his misguided MSG made all the decisions for him which just confirms the adage...blind leading the mataboko...bastards!!!

Anonymous said...

Hold on a sec - am I missing something here.
1st question - Why would the Vuda people go and info the Pressy? Iloilo is now history - he has RETIRED - PERIOD!!
2nd question - Why go and tell the Vore when he was the one who told us all about Iloilo now being history
3rd question - Why go to ALL the 14 provincess when the Vuda people have no connection, NO connection whatsoever to some of Provinces?
It is obvious that the grand-standing and charading is now vey much entrenced in some peoples/vanua who love to make a mountain out of a mole hill!!!
Sa rauta mada na viavia!!!!
Mai yaso!!!! vei kemudou na noqu tauvu.