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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beaten pensioner's story taken up by regional media

The story of the Fiji pensioner who was beaten by military goons after trying to talk to Frank Bainimarama has been publicised in Australia.

Tawake's beating last December was documented in a statutory declaration and revealed earlier this week by the Fiji Democracy Movement.

It made for poignant reading and revealed the arrogance and lawlessness within the military that is clearly condoned by the illegal leader of Fiji, Frank Bainimarama.

Cynics accused Tawake of manufacturing the assault to secure a visa or residency in Australia but as Coupfourpointfive reported, Tawake is already a resident.

Below is the link to the Pacific Beat story, which aired earlier today. It's understood Tawake is on the programme again in the next hour (6pm Fiji time), fielding questions from the community. 

Let's hope Tawake's assault (along with other recent beatings like that meted out to Sam Speight) gets the wide publicity it deserves so the world can bear witness to the crimes being committed in Fiji by the illegal regime.



Anonymous said...

With Tawake a lot of people were saying he didn't have any medical evidence as proof etc so I would suggest if Sam was beaten as badly as your article below suggests that pictures are taken as well as a medical report. As they say a picture is worth a thousand words. People in other countries need to understand the mentality of these animals in the military including Vore Bainimarama and what has happended to these two gentlemen will illustrate that clearly. Its time we started putting the pressure on these oppresive regime that uses force to oppose any differing opinions.

Dictators and Military Thugs said...

As we are witnessing in many other parts of the world, the noose is tightening on dictators and military thugs. Coup collaborators and supporters of the human rights abusing regime in Fiji such as the illegal AG Khaiyum, the illegal CJ Gates, the illegal SG Pryde and the chief censor and junta goebbels Fat Sharon have destroyed the rule of law and in their key positions have enabled the terrible abuse and murder of Fiji citizens to occur - they must not be allowed to escape when this terrible regime is crushed. They must be severely punished as a mark of respect to the families of those brutalised by the military thug cowards. People who support such human rights abusing cowards are vermin aren't they Croz?

Jake said...

Bai you good thing, your boys do know their job.

Jake said...

“Tawake's beating last December was documented in a statutory declaration and revealed earlier this week by the Fiji Democracy Movement”

The former is a fore gone conclusion riddled with inconsistencies I might add while the latter speak for itself now this Fiji Democracy Movement is driving their own personal agendas unfortunately this person is being used by these unprincipled sodomites.

What are we to make of these idiots behind this democratic movement well there isn’t much really because all one has to do is look into their past to understand the type of people we are dealing with.

These are societies rejects people that nobody wants or give any credence too except the Australian media only because these rejects hound the media with their fallacious stories.

They have descended to new depths with this revelation who can trust such idiots.

Boy I was born at night but not last night.

Long Live This Regime.


Anonymous said...

Tawake had pictures in his camera but was too frightened to have a medical examination done in Fiji. Even his GP in Australia who was Fiji born and visits Fiji every year was too frightened to give a medical report when he came back but he has now gotten one from another GP and also ABC has downloaded the pictures from his camera. That is why they have now reported the incident after obtaining conclusive proof to collaborate his statement. He is not a resident but and Australian Citizen.

SaRauta said...

Jake is too bloody thick in the head.

Leone said...

people that is not justifiable,any medical certificates or pictures done in Australia wouldn't be and shoudn't be valid in front of any court of law as it will be tempered with and will be to the advantage of the complainant alone and also that will be an advantage to the defence council in putting up a legal fight that will and should not fail

Jake said...

Leone you con man, tawa school.

Naomi Tawake said...

@ Leone so it would make more sense for Mr Tawake to seek medical assistance in Fiji, after he was beaten by the Fijian military? What makes you think he would seek any other aid or assistance at that time in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

This is totally news to me. Tawake. What beating. Doesn't even ring a bell. Now people especially conmen are at it again.