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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BREAKING NEWS - Mara, Aziz and Driti in custody!

Major developments in Fiji overnight - the former 3FIR Commander Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara was arrested by military in Lautoka.

Roko Ului was in the sugar city of Fiji to conduct Fiji Pine matters as board chairman. 

Ului is still detained.

Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz has also been taken in by military soldiers clamping down on a plot by Frank Bainimarama's one time henchmen and junior officers. 

Former close ally, Pita Driti, is the other officer who has been questioned by both police and military.

It's believed Driti has confirmed the information revealed earlier by his nephew, Ben Padarath.

Padarath, who is to appear in court, is said to have spilled the beans to military soldiers about the plot last year to overthrow illegal leader, Bainimarama.

He had offered to turn state witness.

Sam Speight is also still in military detention. Coupfourpointfive was advised late yesterday he had been released but we have been told today he is still in custody.

The family of the member for Tailevu North is particularly worried because he has health problems.

Speight's second wife was Ratu Iloilo's daughter, who died. He went on to marry Ana Kalounivale - widow of murdered CRW soldier Selestino Kaluonivale, who was brutally killed despite being off duty on November the 2nd in the 2000 Mutiny Day by Bainimarama's soldiers.

Sam Speight's son, Henry Speight, is Ratu Iloilo's grandson. He played rugby for Waikato last year and this year is playing for ACT Brumbies in Super 15. 

ESTRANGED: Roko Ului (top) Pita Driti with Bainimarama in happier times and Aziz (bottom).


mark manning said...

One should never shit in one's own nest !

Anonymous said...

I can sympathise with Sam Speight as a genuine opposer of this coup but not FLP stalwarts,Ben Padarath,Felix Anthony and those two ex military idiots.

What is with the FLP in Fiji?...Have they conveniently forgotten that back in 2006,they were also the prime instigators of this coup mess?

Chaudary,Felix Anthony,Vayeshnoi and other FLP fools were quick to jump on the bandwagon,praising Bainimarama and saying that the coup was the best thing to happen in Fiji.In addition,they argued vigorously that all the crimes being committed at the time were excused under the ,"doctrine of necessity?"

Now that the marriage is over and they have been thrown out,arrested and beaten up. They cannot run to the international community nor can they run to the Fiji public..in the eyes of the public.They really are such damn fools.

And what of the other idiots Driti and Mara? Same thing as the FLP in 2006,standing side by side with Voreqe,ordering the arrest and beatings of opponents to the coup, harassing the GCC and threatening the international community.And today,they are,running to the Indians for help to overthrow their former hero?

What sad and pathetic lives these traitors are living and please Voreqe,put them before the firing squad and save the public the expense of future Treason trials and jail time...bastards!!!

mark manning said...

The beauty of these attacks on anyone in the Community, shows everyone that no one is safe from persecution and false accusations.

Known military fact... said...

They eat their own.

Stealth. said...

Vore's next move should prove interesting? Not a matter for civilian juristiction (factis we don't have a transparent one).
Only option RFMF internal court marshall - what can possibly go wrong?

Don't say you weren't warned. said...

AUS foreign minister Rudd currently advocating stronger
UN enforcement of the "Rome Statutes".

Recommend everyone & anyone in RFMF study future implications of these international laws - impact on their career - living standard?

Anonymous said...

What gives them the right to just round up people at will and detain them?
Under what law or decree is that?
Vuaka and his green termites are nothing but a bunch of arseholes.
What the hell is UN waiting for?
There's a UN rep there in FIJI.
This is abuse of Human rights.
The UN should immediately stop employing Fiji soldiers and send them all back.
This is totally unacceptable.
Where the hell is the Police?
Only the Police have the right to detain anybody.
Are they lamusona too or what?
What are you doing Naivalurua? Go and round up these Army thugs.

Anonymous said...

Ben always con his ways around.
time for bani to know people hate him and his taliban ag.
time for the rfmf officers to take bani/ag and trial them for treason.
enough is enough.
why driti/rololui/aziz .
ministers are not even happy now in the govt bec ag controls every one.

Anonymous said...

To the three blind mouse,Dri,Rok,Azi, whats going on?? You were ones Voqere's hand and mouth.Why against him again??? Why do you connect with Ben-the puff??
We are watching guys.

Anonymous said...

bani will try to become the president and his qori taliban ag ayiaz will become the next prime minister of fiji.
what a joke.

Torturing their own wounded said...

So predictable. The Fiji regime rats are now turning on each other and torturing their own wounded. Around the world we are seeing dictators and their families being distinguished. And we celebrate!
How long before coup collaborators and supporters like khaiyum, gates, pryde and fat sharon are rounded up and given the belting they deserve. Such people must take responsibility for the horrendous human rights abuses, intimidation and indsicrimate bashings carried out by Fiji military cowards under their watch. Don't you agree Croz?

Anonymous said...

For the Fiji Labour Party!!!!! Just stand your ground. You were with Voreqe in 2006, why wake up,when you should be sleeping. You dam fools.

Anonymous said...

Well, what have we here...what goes around definitely comes around! Let's see what happens these officers who have fallen out of favour. Will they get the same treatment they dished out to civilians at the camp? Too late it seems they've realised the error of their ways in following the madman Baini!

Anonymous said...

I thought the war started in 2000 by CRW when they as the unit started the crime. They were taken back into barracks on full pay hence rewarded, but unit closed down.

Then Ratu Inoke declared war on the State by masterminding mutiny.

These CRW soldiers breached the trust of being taken back on full pay and made 2nd attempt when kalabu is where mischief continued for having the trouble makers arrested.

That war is not completed yet. One man Frank -vs- RFMF, and rest of you put together...

Lesson is one commander one army.

Lord Haw Haw's blog said...

As usual, no mention of this in Lord Haw Haw's pro human rights abusing regime blog. The old facist only cuts and pastes fairy tales of regime propoganda and fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Army officer should get rid of bani and ag taliban.
The ag and his muslim cronies are assisting bani in his decree.shau khan and shahmeem sisters.
all taliban running fiji govt and boards.
they dividing the fijian people.
people power can get rid of them.
lets stand up and fight.

Anonymous said...

freedom freedom .

Anonymous said...

The UN nor any foreign county would come in to help you Fiji, you have to rise up and help yourself before outsiers come and uphold you. If they see you kai Vitis are not resisting then the outside world reads that you all agree to what is going on there. LEARN FROM THE EGYPTIANS, MAKE IT COUNT!!!

Anonymous said...

Driti, in turning state witness has now shown his true colours for all to see.
He has not only abandoned his officers and men, he has also abandoned this country and its citizens just to save his own skin. What a coward who is now cowering and shivering in his corner.Where is all his vakateratera? Where is all his gung-ho image? Did I not tell you Driti that "ONE DAY MAFATO"?
Well Mafato your day of reckoning has FINALLY met up with you!!
Be a man, taura vakatagane - meet it 'head on". Do'nt bacck off, do'nt be a poofter!!!!
If you can dish it out then, be like a man, take it too, you sadist!!

Anonymous said...

Driti kai Ra dont bow down to taliban ag/bani.
Ra people will fight with you. if you stand up for the Vanua.
Mai Na Mai.
Where is ratu Jone longavatu pls stand up and fight and lead fiji people out of bani/ag taliban bondage.
God will give you courage and strength.
Moses lead his armies .Come on driti/johnny do it for fiji and its people.

Jake said...

I Jake love Bai

Anonymous said...

Who cares - The Mataivalu solisona must be eliminated once and for all including Voreqe and all these other dogs.

Anonymous said...

ului & Driti stand up like a man we Fijians around the world are behind you. Go out there now and fight for our rights. I agree with the comment above the Mataivalu solisona are bum suckers including Voreqe.

Anonymous said...

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