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Monday, February 28, 2011

Confirmed: Roko Ului has vacated army quarters


Anonymous said...

What goes around comes around..Roko Ului is a con man..He has pocketed a lot of money from genuine investers giving them the run around..Now they are an embarrasment to the country and the military..what a shame..

Anonymous said...

Crocodiles eating their own...good riddance!!

Anonymous said...

Tucake tu na da!!!

This idiot should have listen to his father's curse for Bainaimarama on "Close Up"...e sega ni dua na matanitu nei Voreqe e na duri rawa baleta ni sivia na duka tiko kina"

Anyone see this bum on the street should spit on him and vaculaka me ciba...kaisi!!

Ben Nailva and Siwa Rabuka is next!!

Radiolucas said...

Rinse, recycle, repeat. Frank's "clean-up" propoganda campaign is in full swing. They really have no idea, no plan and no future in Fiji. Frank has to go.

mark manning said...

No honour among thieves !

Jake said...

Another luveni kailoma bleeding the system.

Whats the matter with these mongrels.

There seem to be no more people left in Fiji.

I ought to retun to Fiji and put the "H" back into honesty.


Jake said...

Radio Luka.

My dear friend I kinda missed you over the last few days in fact I was very concerned about your welfare.

With all these supposed beating occurring I thought you may have been one of them.

Just as well you are alright cause I was contemplating activating my sleeper cell there to extricate you from those demented thugs.

Well just clad to see you are among the living.


Anonymous said...

E ra na qase mai me vaka na lamusona ya o Rabuka. Sa tu na da ..sara qai kere veivosoti.!!!..Ra yavu veivutu!!!
Ra sega ni kila na cicivaka na matanitu. Caka tu ga na sensationalism. The words" million dollars" associated with this regime is becoming a joke. Sa kua so na lasu!!!...ni yavu baku. Who are you trying to fool. Your
regume Bainisona is coming to an end.Waraka namaka!!!

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 6:57

Too right. There is far too much filth on all of Frank's scoundrels.

Fiji will never be cleaned up until they are cleaned out.

Anonymous said...

God is answering our prayers. Hallelujah!
Keep praying my brothers.
I am very happy.
So much capitulation.

Anonymous said...

Baini has gone beyond the point of no return,now he is so worried that the same people who did the coup for him will overthrow him too. Good Luck Baini, what you have done will come back to haunt you

Anonymous said...

Worry nai karo Rokoluimuri,Peter Shin will bail you.

TheMax said...

Jake you can go back Fiji to masia na volo nei Voreqe.

Puf-Military said...

Isa someone pay attention to our resident troll - posts 6 & 7 - who is getting ignored and seeking attention. My sympathies to you

Manuqalo said...

We need a new leader who is wise, knowledgeable, God fearing and effective - I vote for Premila Kumar, CEO Consumer Council - she has a good track record.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Rokolui,go and find a real job and spend you own money on accommodation like everyone else.

The same goes to that bludger Bainimarama and all his other bum-chums who should get off their lazy asses and stop wasting taxpayers monies on their food,rent, vehicles and other freebies gained through this illegal coup.

When they are all arrested,they should be made to pay the people back every single cent they stole during this fraudulent and misguided coup.

Anonymous said...

No sympathy at all for this Roko Ului. He is getting what he deserves for siding with the devil!

Anonymous said...

Premila kumar another ag girls.
Husband jai kumar ftib trade comm in auss.
got all business for premila brother
karans exports.bureata street.
The real premila kumar ripping the fijians buying ivi/dalo/others on cheap prices for family business
.go look at their shop in bureta..

Anonymous said...

Tevita Mara like the Gadafi's and Hosni mubarak's of this world is getting the boot.

When will Rabuka ever pay for the downfall of fiji that he caused?

jumbo said...

all you pontificating windbags, please put your money where your mouth is and come to march this friday. let us liberate fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bani will not keep officer who dont support his taliban ag/him.
mara/driti/others should get rid of ag/bani.
now bani shut of Tui Cakau Ratu Naiqama in fiji sun today.
Bani is Muslim now with his ag..
all govt board muslims .read it .
all the chiefs should unite and vanua and march to president and ask for removal of bani/ag.

Radiolucas said...

@ Manuqalo

I havent met her but would vote for her anyday over the current mess we have today.

On another topic, it is interesting to see how the media and the government constantly have to consider and defend themselves from the rumors and truths coming from C4.5. For this, all you bloggers should be proud for not remaining silent.

Anonymous said...

Mutiny - failing to obey orders etc - but "accused of drug trafficking".

What's that about?

Jake said...

The question is, is it rumors or is it truths maybe somewhere in between aye.

It is difficult in this current climate to discern the truths for every truth told there are million lies.


ex Fiji tourist said...

joke @11:35

The second line typed by the green goon is an obvious reference to the misinformation ministry.

Anonymous said...

No pity for this fool. Even if he did oust Baini I'm pretty sure he would hang on to power himself along with his fellow bludgers Ganilau and Nailatikau. These are the people who were instrumental in carrying out this coup and now being dumped unceremoniously by the mad dog Bai.

Jake said...

The question is how long will the junta last? The dictator and his regime are continually on the back foot. The slower the better to cook them properly. Isn't that right Mary?

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

I agree.

What is worse is that in all the little lies that we are told by the regime, the really big lies go unnoticed.

Like the "clean-up campaign" - the big lies that the military have told are sitting out in the open where we can all see them for what they are.

The good thing about a free media is that all opinions are given an opportunity to be heard. Censorship is obviously a stupid idea in this modern age as if an opinion is right, we are all deprived of the opportunity of hearing it: vice versa, if an opinion is a lie, we lose the opportunity of learning the truth.

The military regime's censorship reflects their lack of confidence in their government and leadership. They continue to spend their time denying our rights, brushing things under the rug and denying responsibility for their actions.

The regime's censorship is a hallmark of all authoritarian regimes and speaks volumes of the lies that we know about and the ones that we don't.

Anonymous said...

@Jake May be if we had Media Freedom , we might get more Truths than lies.
So, Jake why don't you tell your friend Vuaka to stop the censorship.

Anonymous said...

@anon 10.15,

Maybe instead of me going to Burata Shopping Centre to check out Karan's, maybe you are very wise and should go pay more for the evi and compete with Karan's.

You will get some govt support for 100% export - tax free maybe!

Everyone that are successful in running their business does not make it that they are all rip offs.

Job of trade commissioner is to support export and I am sure Premila's husband will give you same status as to the Karan's.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to say its not rumour anymore, Naupoto is now new chairman of FPL, Tropik and FFI. FPL had board meeting yesterday with Naupoto as Chair....Ului gone.

Sorry bro but you have been supporting the wrong crowd!

Anonymous said...

Latest word from Canberra is the government is concerned about its ex Fiji citizens going back on holiday to Fiji and getting beaten up by the military on suspicion of promoting democracy in the country.

It is also concerned that the regime has spies operating in the country to put the lives of these citizens in jeopardy. Many of these informers are ex Fiji citizens and recent migrants on protection visa who have slipped through the net through false pretense.

Canberra is very seriously considering slapping their new anti terrorism laws to cover these pro Bainimarama activities also as a crime and threat to national security.

This issue is currently being debated under closed doors and ASIO will be given the powers to conduct surveillance, raids and arrest pro regime collaborators within the country. Watch this space!!!

Fragmenting military said...

It appears the poorly led, unprofessional and discredited Fiji military is fragmenting. And the only war they are fighting is against their own unarmed civilians! Thank goodness these goons never had to fight a real war?

Anonymous said...

Pic says,"Hello,someone out there help me!!"

"I am feeling exposed out here on my own and I have this really bad feeling that everyone in the back of me already knows I am plotting to kill that bastard from Kiuva but they won't say it in my face".

Kaila mada!! "Parade...eyes front"..oi..man.. na dakuqu feeling really katakata now and i bet they not looking straight ahead now but at me"...vica vata talega na moto so vuka tiko mai".

"Hell, what should I do next?

"Should I just stand here and wait for the MP's to come up behind and handcuff my hands or should I follow that proven survival method of that bastard from Kiuva...katukatu i vei tavioka??"

"Isa, ke dua a vana na bokola ya me mate ena gauna ni yavavala ena 2001,kea a commander tu qo o yau...caiti iko Shane Stevens..poor job".

"Heck!!,mind back on the job and gotta keep cool now..I just remembered that I forgot my rifle in the mess..."

"How can I save myself now..I have to think of something fast?

"Ok set!!..My only weapon now is my rank and mouth...my muaimuri is option two"

"I will assert myself over these bocis in the back and shout at them to stand to attention,eyes front"

"Then I will say that Bainimarama, Naliva and Siwa Rabuka sexually assaulted Leweni,Tikoitoga and Suliano in the cell block last night..using rifle barrels too"

"Maybe the troops will believe me after all they are so doce to believe that lamusona ulukau from Kiuva". "Then I can order them to arrest those three and really give them the rifle barrels treatment..sega ni vavaselini"

"Oi, awa mada...what if they don't believe me and Voreqe finds out?"

"Isa lei, sa na tovolea ga noqu option two..solisona vei ira se tekiduru i matadra..mosi vei au!!"

Anonymous said...

time for CHANGE!!! Fiji Ever Fiji...

Anonymous said...

At last - one army one commander.

Rabuka had broken that descipline, and Frank has restored that in the military ever since 2000 coup.

If we can have one military, we have won half the battle for future governance.

Anonymous said...

To Radiolucas - The "filth" was confirmed and really got messier when these current wankers in the form of the IG legalised the union in marriage of
"Adam and Adam" as opposed to "Adam and Madam". This is the point where things started to get 'BOI DADA'! And, let me assure you, it will get a LOT more stickyer and smelly - they thrive in the stickiness and smelliness - don't they love it!!

Anonymous said...

"accused of drug trafficking"?

Whats that about?

Anonymous said...

@ March 1, 2011 6:19 PM

So what are you saying?? Last time I checked, there was only one army, or was there? Problem was that they all were gutless so they had to bring in a sailor to lead them. Now they are all in deep ……

Anonymous said...

When Driti Roko Lui & Aziz were taken in for questioning at CID Headquarters last week, Driti spent the night at Central Police Stattion, Roko Lui at Nabua and orders from the Prime Minister to the Commisoner of Police was for Brigader Aziz to be released to go and spend the night at home!!!!!

TheMax said...

Bai's pet dog Jake is confused.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon Mar 2011, 9.04pm - it is obvious you do not understand the system used on how the army commander is selected. Outgoing commander (ganilau) makes recommendation to PM & endorsement made by President. Ganilau now getting the treatment he deserves, he recommended Voreqe hoping he was going to be the PM & Voreqe to protect him, and see what has happened - Voreqe became the PM, Ganilau never expected that! It is laughable!!! Lauti Ganilau na sui ni kena!

Unknown said...

winds of change from sahara to the pacific
bai ni marama is becoming paranoid he sees all his men as usurper to the throne

Radiolucas said...

@ a

Trues up. Uneasy lies the head that took his crown from the people.

The Oracle said...

@Anonymous March 1, 2011 11.04pm: The separation of the three (CPS, Nabua and Home) is a typical tactic used by police detectives (and by the Gestapo). It involves the separation of suspects in a given case, creating suspicion amongst all the suspects that one is telling on the others. Police normally do it by placing suspects in different cells and then interogating them separately. Once there is a confession of some sort from one, the other suspects are brought in separately and confronted with the allegations. This leads to each one trying desperately to clutch at straws to save themselves by revealing details which lay blame on the other suspects. So, yes, Aziz is not as free as he might think he is. Because he was allowed to go home,Driti and Mara now suspect he may have been the cause for their "arrest". Aziz, on his part, is wondering whether Driti and Mara implicated him in their own separate interogations.
It's a cat-and-mouse game played under the watchful eyes of the waiting bulldog who's looking to pounce once the opportunity presents itself!! Tikoitoga's public announcement that Aziz is still with the military only adds spice to the game with Driti and Mara now looking in from the outside!!! It typical Fiji fashion it's a case of: "I was looking back to see if you were looking back to see if I was looking to see if you were the one who liumuri(ed) me!!!

Anonymous said...

what goes around!!!!comes around!!!...

TheMax said...

As I said before, Rt Tevita and Driti were removed from the military for abuse of office, nothing else. They have been abusing their position for personal gain and therefore have to be removed.

The anti-Frank/Fiji crusaders on this blog are so desperate that they are believing anything they read or hear. It boggles the mind how gullible these people are.

Anonymous said...

AS I said in the very first comment that he had conned a lot of genuine investers..well he was the front up man for that amphetamine drug warehouse that was raided by the N.Z federal police in Laucala Beach a few years back and that they managed to hide it from the public before and after the failed clean up campaign..He pocketed a lot of money from the chineese..and renovated his home and probably hid some away..who knows what they are hiding now..Bai the man himself has shady deals with the chineese also..What a shame..

Jake said...


You know nothin other than "dau masia na dakai nei Voereqe."

Jake said...

TheMax as I said before you go and masia Voreqe's dakai.

MaxyJake said...

Jake and Max you go and masia each other's dakai.

Anonymous said...

Vakasisila na veika ko ni vola tu qoka............ yavu no church kece.

Anonymous said...

Sa uro mai na lomadra!........na kocokoco sa laurai i ke.