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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crackdown won't deter next week's Free Fiji march

The organiser of a planned land mark march to remove the illegal leader, Frank Bainimarama, says the rally will go ahead despite the increased terrorising of people.

Suliasi Daunitutu says the march is geared at getting the military leader to relinquish the illegal hold he has on Fiji.

Daunitutu says people will congregate at Albert Park and also Sukuna Park next Friday. From there, the people will demand Bainimarama step down and the military withdraw.

He says once that is done, the Great Council of Chief will be asked to reconvene, and put into place an interim administration. 

Next week's march was planned before the regime's current crackdown, which stems largely from the discovery by military of what it says is evidence of last year's plot by some senior officers to overthrow Bainimarama.

Several SDL former cabinet ministers, including the former attorney general in the Labour Party government of Mahendra Chaudhry, Anand Singh, and Poseci Bune, also a former cabinet minister were subsequently taken in for questioning.

The politician Sam Speight was also arrested and beaten unconscious this week.

Daunitutu says Bune was arrested again yesterday and the SDL offices were also raided.

On his Matavuvale blog a short time ago, he said  the arrest and raid will not deter next week's protest and "our fight to liberate our country."

He says people have suffered long enough.

"Some have been hurt along the way, some, unfortunately have passed on, trying to tell the world the message, that Fiji needs help, like mataqali Rauluni.

"These tragedies, and hurt felt by a lot of families, must not be ignored by us who are carrying on the fight.  We must fight on behalf of the weak and cry out with loud voices on behalf of the voiceless.

"There is only 5 days left and if you are going to be idle, if you are going to wait till 2014, if you are going to bow to the demands of oppressors, "what will become of our image - which translates to country and freedom ?"

Daunitutu is encouraging people to find the courage to break and overcome their fears. "It takes tremendous amounts of courage to get past this wall, but once you are through it, you can change your life."

He's urging people to be at the Albert Park next Friday to tell Bainimarama and his regime the people have had enough and that they want a government of their own choosing.


Anonymous said...

GO for it guys.
we have my support and prayers.
bani and ag taliban have to go.
freedom freedom.
peoples power.

Jake said...

Again the mouth is engaged instead of the brain I would pay credence to this latest venture if these blighter make the first move.

Instead of sitting there in Australia directing traffic this is another case of where the leader, leads from the back.

Nobody in their right mind would show up because Fijians are very weak but they are very useful with their mouths.

Suli if you to effect change go to Fiji and put your money where your mouth is and lead the march.

Take along your freedom fighters there in Australia.

Hope your guys have fun marching.


Anonymous said...

Will you be there?

ex Fiji tourist said...


People power NOT green goon thuggery!

Imagine if a 100 000 gathered in Suva; the green goons would soon switch sides just like most of gadaffi's rabble.

My best wishes go with you so that the world can be rid of these evil creatures..

Anonymous said...

Oilei oilei....na jimoni levu...sa vosa me vaka sesei keda.

Naita Suli, de vinaka mo drau bau sara no mai...sa rauta na vosa vaka qaseqasea vaka na gata..

O i keimami na lewei viti kemami dei tiko ena toso oqo...

Meu tukuna yani vei keda kece sara..ni sa bula vinaka na Kalou..okoya na noda i drodro ena gauna ni leqa se taqaya...

lomani viti

Anonymous said...

DAUNITUTU - Yalovinaka, whilst you have very, very good and understandable intentions, we the people on the ground here in Fiji would sure appreciate if you stop fanning the fire remotely from Sydney. We too are freedom fighters here, but the atmosphere here is not conducive to do what you want us to do.
Frightened - NO! Concerned - YES!
We have our families and extended families here, and it is for their safety that we are not able to rise yet.
Why do you not ask your PM Gillard to diplomatically tighten the noose - slam similar bans on Pacific and MSG leaders and their people who covertly and overtly support this Idiot and similarly minded IG regime!!

mark manning said...

@ Jake
You are right, Fijians are weak and won't show up !
And you Jake are the weakest, hiding behind an assumed identity and not even prepared to divulge just who you really are.
No doubt some indian in Canada, blogging away !

But having said that Fijians are weak, once pushed that extra little bit, watch out !

Where will you be, you pussy Jake ?

Love of Fiji said...

Let us try the time is right

Anonymous said...

I am a fijian living overses ..just been to back for a holiday in Dec-Jan...did all what a local would do caught the local bus spoke to the pepople on the ground...the taxi drivers the best sorce off info and goss..all seems happy with the present gov...not a supporter off any of the gov after..1987..The people of Fiji deserve better.!!!!!!!!.

TheMax said...

If people in Egypt, Lybia etc. can do it why not Viti. Suli may be in Oz but its people like him, who have the time and the guts to keep talking that often make the difference in situations like this.

Jake you are full of shit.

Anonymous said...

Typical Indian response from Jake.
Bhaiya, stop fanning the fire against Fijians because if you keep saying what you are saying then the Fijians (including the army) will turn against the Indians.
You be very careful what you say boss!

Anonymous said...

Jake's language tells me he is a kai viti botoboto also it takes one to know one. Jake is a case of self denial and confusion. As the indian at the shop said, "aqo kaibiti lialia"

Goes around comes around said...

The indian coup supporters are sounding more desperate by the day. Tik...Tok....Tik... ,Tok

Anonymous said...

Mai ni toso Mai ragone dua ga na domo let's remove the dictator, the international force are ready to support us.

Anonymous said...

@Jake - No Indian has ever been tortured to the point of death by the Fiji Army ever. But a few Fijians have; both civilian and also soldiers (CRW). All of them under Bainimarama.
So don't say we are weak because we have endured much under this evil person. (He doesn't deserve any of his medals and should be stripped of them.He is a blight to the good name of the Fiji Army and he is nothing but a piece of SHIT).
If there is anyone with a loud mouth it is you Jake.
Bainimarama is an evil animal and deserves the gallows. Justice demands that whatever he dished out should be given back to him.
He tortured people until they died so he too should be tortured until he dies.
You be very careful Jake or we will extradite you from wherever you are.

Tiger Balm said...

I applaud you Suli for being so brave and committing so much time and energy to fighting for democracy in Fiji.

There is something call people power and I suggest all of us in Fiji get up and move .....the protest march being suggested is peaceful so why should you be afraid.

And if you are then you should know that it is wrong of the regime to stop peaceful protests.

Wake up Fiji and start standing up!

I for one am prepared to die for this cause. Stop being lamu sona and do something! When did you stop being warriors!

Anonymous said...

We have been saying along that we are christians yet we let the devil control us... We keep praying for a better Fiji and our Good Lord will set us free.. Remember we are definetely towards the end of days where we will be tempted to do this kind of things

Anonymous said...

Sa kua la .... e wele o Suli vata kei kemudou mai Libya, ra na mai sotava na rarawa o ira na basika yani e Albert Park!

Think please ... is this what we want for Fiji! Imagine the repercussions this would have - to our tourism sector, for instance. If you really love Fiji than you would think before you leap.

BBQ said...

LOL @ex Fiji Tourist... 100,000!!!! Maybe if you gave free BBQ and grog. OTHERWISE, LUCKY IF YOU GET 10.

Anonymous said...

Hey suli i urge you to come down on friday and count how many people march with you. Dont worry about anything causa your dear gillard will come svae.you if anything happens. Common bro instead of telling others to risk life and limb please come over and lead the march

Anonymous said...

Hey suli i urge you to come down on friday and count how many people march with you. Dont worry about anything causa your dear gillard will come svae.you if anything happens. Common bro instead of telling others to risk life and limb please come over and lead the march

Anonymous said...

God will set us free .
We need moses to lead us to fight the battle.
Who will be the moses in fiji.
We need driti/mara and his army to stand up and fight for the truth /justice.
This taliban AG has bani in his hands.and controls bani.
Driti/Mara should put all the documents in this website.refer bani and ag corrupt practices.
We need the real clean up now.
I was taken in the camp twice .
We support the clean up but not a coup.

Anonymous said...

Hi Suliasi
I hope you have the courage to lead the march instead of sitting in your kushy overseas hideaway urging others here in fiji to take on the military. It is amazing how so called freedom fighters like you think you can make things happen here in Fiji by remote control. Please I beg you ,,, come over here and make a difference or just please leave us alone we dont need couch sitting freedom fighters like you stiring trouble for us here on the ground in Fiji.
Our lives are peaceful right now and we are paitent enough to wait for 2014. We dont need you creating uncertainty, fear, unstability for us, we have had enough of this rubbish. Please please please I beg you sir, Please just go away and leave us to fight our own fight our own way ... we dont need you

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@10.42 You're assuming he won't be there, let us find out for sure. And to the Anon who keeps sending the same message under a different guise, we get it. Tis clear you don't want the march but how about letting genuine debate take place.-C4.5

Jimoni said...

People have to risk life and limb at some stage as a price for freedom. The people in Egypt took about 30 yrs and in Libya about 40 yrs to figure that out.

For Fiji; even half of that (15yrs)will mean bankrupcy and poverty glore. So we may as well go for it now.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12.11
U R right. Thsi current fight is a Fijian fight and nothing to do with Indians. But they always will find others to blame and common response is to blame the Indians.

Only some 20% of Fijians want democracy based on supremacy. These are the players that have ended up in good government posts ever since 1987.

So until they are in control, it is alright, but as soon as they loose control, i.e. lose the key to NBF and FDB, they look for democracy based on Fijian supremacy.

Whenever Indians are referred to without respect and branded as coup supporters, that type of fighting for democracy is what we can do without.

As for Fijians to be lamu sona, so am I (Indian) BUT if in great numbers, that encourages and empowers as you feel that when trouble comes it will not be targeted at you but at the group.

However, when Indians first gathered at Sukuna Park in 1987 (I was there)for prayer meeting, they were chased and beaten by Fijian youths brought in by Fijian politicians.

When we marched in Auckland for democracy in 2000, there were hardly or handful of Fijians who marched with us for democracy to Fiji.

So bloggers please stop accusing Indians as coup supporters, but those who have decided to sit back and let the Fijians to lead fight for democracy for a change.

Afterall we did not have democracy prior to this coup as the 2001 to 2006 cabinet were not democratic.

So let Fijians to interpret the law as it suits them is nothing new that Frank and his boys are following the precedents put by purportedly legal politicians.

But to the marchers, remember army has purchased more then 1000 tazer guns. Be ready not for bullets but for the tazer guns. NZ drunked criminals can tell how that feels.

On this note I am lamu sona too! We are in the same boat!

Anonymous said...

Suli Daunitutu - Let me tell you something!
We the supressed people of Fiji are honestly NOW really and truly fed up with the likes of you, Waqatairewa and your lot in Australia.
We really believed we had something going when you people first came on the scene. We believed that there would be swift and decisive actions. We believed that we would be rescued asap from all this tyrrany, all this murder, all this torture.
It is very obvious that all you people want is attenetion and self-glory for your own personal benefits and gain.
We want TANGIBLE results not talk, talk, talk, yameyame. yameyame yameyame!! NO MORE, NO LESS!!
Please ask your atheist PM Gillard - can she do anuthing or not? If not then please leave us alone. Sa rauta mada na vosa, vosa, vosa. Keimami sa oca mai na rogo vosa.

Jake said...

Mark Manning.

Whats the matter Charlie aren’t you tired of being made an idiot by your Fijian bum buddies it is obvious like your fellow cowards you all clutching at straws just look at as that silhouette that you vaguely can see in the distance that is me.

I can be your best friend and also your worst enemy I am now certain all those years you playing with animals have left you demented you do know it is an unnatural act to be in love with animals I think the term is Zoophilia.

I knew you were sick but didn’t know to what extent.

Those Freedom fighters there in Ozzie don’t have balls to confront Bainimarama on their own but is common the only time this type of weaklings pluck up the courage is when they are in a group something that is inherent in them I think it is known in the vernacular as Lamu Sona or e sa bera ni soqo vaka vinaka nordra qanibulu.

Like I have said if this is anything like the march in Ozzie where they can only muster 15 then it can be concluded it’s a non starter.

I am right here in NZ actually in far north you can tell your lamu sonas there where I am.


Love for Fiji said...

The arrests of Bune and others is meant to scare and remind us that we're under military rule. But I think if we really want what we say we want - life without PER, true information from the media and elections, then we should be prepared to show this publicly. The march is an opportunity to do this.

Anonymous said...

"Love for Fiji' = Go tell Daunitutu that!!

Anonymous said...

Not to worry Jake! When the dust finally settles and thing's are all said and one, we will, one day know who our true friends really are. Maybe, they may be the Chinese after all!!!! After we fought alongside the ANZACS, is this the thanks we get? After all the blood that has been spilt, is the thanks we get?If that happens, then God forbid, the Australians and the Kiwis will only have to blame themselves.
It will be far too late then matey!!

Anonymous said...

ANON 1.39 Well said. In Fiji everything bad that happens to the i-taukei race is somehow blamed onto the Indian population. The coups of 1987 and 2000 were blamed on the Indians. It was purported that we were taking over Fiji. The coup of 2006 yes blame on the Indians. The chief buys a brand new $250k Land cruiser with your lease money depriving you of village developments blame it on the Indians. Your kids don't do well at school because daddy and mommy are too busy drinking grog to supervise their children blame it on the Indians. Can’t afford the good things in life because you don’t know how to save and plan properly blames it on the Indians. Start a business and go Bankrupt because the whole bloody village eats for free from your store blame the Indians. Very soon the i-taukei will be blaming the Indians because they need to brush in the morning. When will this crap stop? The kaiviti need to look seriously at themselves. No amount of Democracy or Supremacy will solve your problems. You need to get off your butts shed of the cultural inhibitions you have and start working and planning for a decent life like the rest of the world. You have had political supremacy for 39 years since independence what have you achieved absolutely nothing. You are still generally poor despite owning all the land in this country. Your children still leg behind other races in education standards. Your villages are still dirty. You still occupy most of the cells in Naboro, Natabua and Korovou. I could go on and on listing the failings of the i-taukei but I think those who have a brain get the picture. I am no supporter of this or any other coup but don’t you think its time the i-taukei realized the wrongs of the past. Only by accepting true democracy can Fiji become the way we all want it to be. I find that most of the bloggist on this site are a bunch of hypocrites saying they want democracy and in the same breath want Fiji for I-TAUKEI only. I ASK YOU I-TAUKEI ON THIS SITE WILL YOU ACCEPT A KAI DIA AS YOUR PRIME MINISTER (ACCEPT CHAUDHARY) IF HE WON THE ELECTION FAIR AND SQUARE?. If you answer NO then you should not be on this website because this is about democracy and democracy is blind to color or creed. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:51pm, it is clear to see that the objective as per Suli and Waqairewa's 'education' campaign is working. The very fact that you are finding a voice to express your frustrations and disillusionment (though a bit prematurely I would venture to say) testifies to this. Congratulations my kin, you have been empowered. Now, use your new found power (knowledge) to do something constructive eg as 'Love for Fiji @ 2:05pm is entreating, join the PEACEFUL march on Friday and take some responsibility for how you want OUR BELOVED FIJI to be.

You want to be rescued from tyranny? You are truly and honestly FED UP? So what are you going to do about it?

The power is in our hands to do something about it. We can no longer expect to be always rescued by others nor must we bury our heads yet again in that debilitating 'hand-out' mentality that encourages us to shirk our responsibility. You and I have to take up the mantle ourselves for our freedom, for our equitable and democratic Fiji. Suli and Waqatairewa are doing their part, it is up to us to do ours!

The fight for all good things is never swift nor easy. It takes courage, foresight, good planning and devine guidance. So are you game, for the long haul?

Vosa Donu said...

Go for the March its called Kua Ni Rere Day March 4th

Anonymous said...

The fight is among the elite fijians.
just to sum up.power hungry .
40 years of ruling by fijian leaders in fiji.
where is the fijian in business sector.
the elite fijian got A grade shares in fhl and Vanua got B grade shares.
So why we blaming the indians and others..
Our fijian elite have conned us all the grass root fijians.
also our Indian leaders used the grass root indians.
We need freedom .We need united leaders to run fiji.No race base party/leaders.
FlLP and SDL are race based party.
WE need United fiji for all.
We are all gods children.god loves us all.

TheMax said...

Jake may you can give your address in the far north so I can come around sometime to see what Vore's dog looks like.

Anonymous said...

Yeah lets all go to church at the mandir tommorrow and bow down to shiva, on Wednesday we go to the mosque and bow to mohamed. What say after that we go to the punjabi church and learn how to wear the turban then we all march to the cathedral and say our hail mary, count the rosary, the gods love us no problem, the way the world should be beginning in Fiji. What say lets teach the world, hey folks.

Anonymous said...

Like always...they organise..we march..we get caught...they disappear and forget abt us!!! Daunitutu, we have come across your type b4 in 2000...please don't con us!!

Jake said...

So what is the difference between the extremist al-Qa'ida and the gutless Fijian democracy movement?

Well like the extremist al-Qa'ida the cowardly democracy movement expects someone else to be beaten or die for their pernicious ideals these are people who claim to be fighting for a cause however being the abject cowards that they are they won’t be there to lead.

They have since resorted to desecrating the Fijian flag have shown very little respect in fact tarnished the memories of those who fought and died under the same Flag who can trust such cretins.

They speak with fork tongues each concerned with their own self preservations with very little thought of their fellowmen people don’t be fooled by these demons.

Just look at these people’s background wanting to lead you into your doom they say they want a return to democracy yes we all want this but not by these mongrels.

I would prefer young very well educated Fijians to take control of the country collectively among these miscreants they don’t have neither the educational background nor the knowledge to take the helm.

Dont be fooled.


Anonymous said...

Mataqali Daunitutu and Waqatairewa this is what you were born for; this is your destiny. E rawa vaka cava me dua na tamata qaciqacia viavia levu me mai vakaloloma ka vakatotogana tu e drau na udolu na lewei Viti.
o drau kila vinaka sara toka ga qori na vuna. Baleta ga na rere! ia o Jisu e dau vunauci ratou na Tisaipeli me ratou kua ni rere! E vica vata na gauna e cudruvi ratou kina me ratou kua ni rere. I e ratou rere tiko ga.
Sa qai oti ga na rere ni sa lako mai na Yalo Tabu ka sa qai mai vakararama taka na yalodratou sa qai yali na rere ka ratou sega ni rerevaka na ka ena cakava vei iratou na tamata!
E dua na siga e da na mate. Ke da rere se sega e dua na siga e da na mate. Na i rogorogo ga e sa na qai divi tu a ya - Se da solia noda bula ena vukudra na wekada se da maroroya voli baleta ni da rere.
Na nomudrau i colacola na gauna qo mo drau vakayadrata na nodra vakasama na lewei Viti kece sara - sega ni i Taukei walega. Drau kua ni madua baleti ira e ra kaya tiko mo drau lako mkai Viti mo drau mai liutaka na tayabe. Drau kaburaka ga nai tukutuku ni dian me ra yadra mai na lewe i Vit ka me ra taura lesu na nodra galala ka a solia na kalou. Me ra kila ni sa sega ga na galala ni vakasamasama vosa etc sa vinaka cake na mate. O Jisu a mai mate baleta meda galala nai lewei vuravura.
Me ra yadra mada na lewei Viti. Koya ga ya na ka e vakalatilati tiko - sega ni dakai, vei moku, veibuturaki, veivakarerei se cava tale.
drau yalodei ka yalo qaqa!

Jake said...

"Me ra yadra mada na lewei Viti"

Me ra yadra vaka cava na lewei Viti sa rui sivia na nodra mama yagona na butubututako vakai na vutu cici yavoki tiko.

The warrior spirit that was prevalent and in mot cases as celebrated before the 87 coup has given way to weakness and debauchery.

Now the warriors are busy touching their toes and whilisting dixie.

Sa maumau dina vei kumuni na luvei viti na lotu.


TheMax said...

O jake e dua na luveni dau vutu i cici, kawa ca.

The Oracle said...

While we would love to see a people's revolution and the ousting of the Bainimarama interim government, we need to be realistic.
Daunitutu's call for a march is bound to fall on deaf ears because:
(i) The people of Fiji have not yet reached that critical point where all else has failed and they have nothing to lose by protesting.
(ii) Any military crack-down on a mass gathering of protesters and any related deaths from gunfire will see our vital tourism industry shut down within days. And like Egypt, it will take some time before it can return to normal.
(iii) Sam Speight and the SDL's distribution of Daunitutu's DVD speaks volumes of a political link. The people of Fiji are tired of political leaders such as Qarase, Chaudhry and Beddoes. So, any attempt to return them to power will be destined to fail.
What the people of Fiji need is a new leader from within the ranks of the common people and until one is brave enough to take on that challenge and publicly stand up to Bainimarama and Company, Fiji is destined to continue under the dictatorship for a trying few more years.
It's time for the President to show if he is a true leader. Frank's so-called mandate was supposedly given by the high office. Ratu Epli Nailatikau has the power to change that mandate. And the time to act is BEFORE he is muscled aside, not AFTER.
Daunitutu, from his safe-haven in Australia does not have that mandate. His best bet would be to convince Nailatikau. Only then will you see a mass gathering of people.

Anonymous said...

@Jake. That is why we have a Judiciary to decide between right and wrong and give the judgement but you are supporting Bai for dishing out judgement in the streets; bashing people etc
You Jake are supporting lawlessnes.
If you support lawlessnes then you must be a lawless person.
Where is your brother Naivalurua?
Tell him to grow a spine and arrest these thugs who are going around bashing people.

Jake said...

We Indians are now running the country. Get used to it. When we say jump the military puppies say 'how high'.

Anonymous said...

@Jake I'm sure not all Indians are lawless like you.
You are just a dickhead.

Anonymous said...

Come on fellow comrades. This is not about Indians and Fijians and let's make it that way. The enemy is out there looting in broad daylight and starving people of the basic human rights as he rules with the barrel of a gun. Let's use this venom and take the fight to Frank and Co instead of spitting it against Indians/Fijians. I must say as a Fijian, i have several indian friends who have stuck not only by me but also with hundreds of my other village people. Stop this garbage on pitting fijians against indians and vice versa. Let's target the main culprit.

God Bless you all

mark manning said...

@ Jake
that may be the case up until now Jake, but it is coming to close !

Anonymous said...

@anon 6.15 - you are absolutely right. This Jake who claims to be an Indian and saying Indians are running the country and being provoking is a fucked up idiot. He is either an outright racist or a victim of previous coup therefore malicious against the Fijians.

While Aiaz may be an Indian of Muslim origin, he is given the go ahead to do as he likes by the regime and he is only one Indian who is helping run the regime or drag the stay. but raceist comments should stop from both sides or go and fuck yourselves.

Savasava said...

Daunitutu kei ira era via tayabe - raica na ka e cakava na Kalou vei Aussie kei Christchurch, e vu mai na veivakalolomataki erau cakava jiko veikeda na matanitu lalai ena Pasifika - more natural disasters are coming your way ....

Anonymous said...

@ MM

Jake makes idiotic comment but the real culprits are tourist operators, certain Indian businessmen who are spoiling the image of Indians to the Fijians eyes just as Speight and Fijians bad image to the Indian eyes but this is the reality;

1987- Gujeratis Businessmen funded the Taukei Movement burning and looting in Suva in order to claim Millions in compensation while they clear their shops empty hours earlier. For example United Apparel (Solanki) was just a small garment factory at Kasabia Arcade (now Yatu Lau Arcade)but after all the claims have established the biggest garment factory in Nadawa.

2000 Same thing with Indian Gujeratis and the funding of the thugs to bash Suva up and later claim for compensation and control govt finance, which they could not do with Chaudhary; not bad for Tappos City and Motibhais Central City

2006 Hoteliers funded coup because of the Qoliqoli threat of the 1874 claim.Later certain Muslims cliques jumped on into the cause.

Ordinary Fijians and Indians including our Chiefs are just used....Vakaloloma dina se vacava? I know that God is going to pay.

You're right said...

Anon @ 12.58pm, you've said it!

Anonymous said...


Radiolucas said...

@ Anons 6:15pm and 8:38pm

I agree. I get tired of trying to explain to visitors why the coups are not a question of racism - the tired old Indian v Fijian debate is stupid because everyone gets along with eachother just fine - it is only lazy politicians and conniving conmen like Frank who use these excuses to justify their crimes.

Trying to generalise about eachother to find scapegoats doesnt help anyone.

Racism exists everywhere. But it does not decide our futures - Fijian and Indians need eachother and make eachother stronger as a people and as a nation.

Fiji would not be successful without the other. That is the reality.

Anonymous said...

I think the likes of Tui Savu,Pita Waqatairewa and Suliasi Daunitutu should lead the march...put your money where your mouth is so they say

TheMax said...

Jake your mouth is always full of something that looks like a sausage.

Anonymous said...

Many writers in this blog sounds like Indians who've got needles poking up their buttocks, they never thought of how their great grand fathers enater our shores, and less than 200 years later they want to run the whole country like their tliban brother Raiyaz kaiyum, their are 19 million people in Delhi alone, you cant move, you can't breath, you always look around you for thugs, robbers, or even suicide bombers, look at them here in Fiji, they think they are some body fallen from the sky to lead, they brought their foreign god to Fiji, that have ears but can't hear, eyes but can't see, nose but can't smell, legs but can't walk, hands but can't work, and what makes them talk so much, they are not any better? they taught us Fijians how to mistreat our wives, how to turn against our children, how to murder without reasons, use any weapon when angry, and now they messing up the whole nation, where ever they go they leave their mark behind and that meant curse, they use our soil for farming once they leave, they polute it and it has no effect, come on wake Fiji, if this taliban terorist government must go, and so as they. back to Delhi, the most poluted city in the world, hey if you want to stay in Fiji, sit back relax and shut up. because the Fijians are watchin and listening to your every word, think before you talk, you are not talking from India remember?? uh junta. I remember Butadroka once said to Fijian people, mark a business, that you want that belong to indians, because they will have to go back to whwre they came from, well its time now. make your way while the storm is still calm. God Bless Fiji,