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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The DVD that scares Bainimarama

This is the DVD that led to vengeful military goons this week beating another helpless Fiji citizen.

It was compiled by the New South Wales-based freedom advocate, Suliasi Daunitutu, and is aimed at informing the ordinary Fijian, especially those in rural areas, about the corrupt ways and harmful policies of the illegal regime.

Many of Viti's ordinary folk, of course, are isolated in rural areas and removed from the grim realities of life under Bainimarama.

Daunitutu's resourcefulness obviously scares the hell out of Bainimarama, otherwise his goons would never have gone after Sam Speight.

There's nothing like the truth to unsettle, eh?

Click on the links below to watch the first part of the Daunitutu interview in 6 parts. We will post the second lot as we go. And please don't forget to pass it on. 

Meanwhile a quick summary of some of the things Daunitutu touches on for our readers who don't know Fijian:
1) He talks of Thailand and Burma and of how the military put democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi into house arrest, even though she won an election fair and square
2) Using this as a backdrop, he talks about the unnecessary public emergency regulations Viti has been forced to live under, the loss of media freedom and the illegal acts Bainimarama has committed to stay in power
3) He talks about what happened to Laisenia Qarase and how the SDL leader was deposed as prime minister but stresses that he's not a SDL supporter
4) He talks of how Bainimarama tore down the established judiciary to create his own law and has gone on to carry out many other illegal acts
5) He also talks about how Bainimarama is using FNFP to fund his and cohort's retirement and how the Dictator has allowed the money be siphoned for dud deals like Natadola
6) In all he discusses, he tries to explain the events in Fiji since 2006 in a way that is easy for people to understand and poses questions in a way that encourages them to think about the way ahead for Fiji.

Editor's Note: We will bring you details of the planned march in Suva next week to Free Fiji, tomorrow.

Daunitutu Interview part 1

Daunitutu Interview part 2

Daunitutu Interview part 3

Daunitutu Interview part 4

Daunitutu Interview part 5

Daunitutu Interview part 6


Jake said...

Who can believe such lies!!!!

Each of these no hopers are driving their own agendas.

What a sorry lot these losers are.


mark manning said...

How dare you tell the truth ! lols

Tiger Balm said...

Great work done by this man. The common Fijians don't understand what has happened to Fiji and this man's dvd tells them the truth.

Coup 4.5 said...

Jake - who you calling fwits? you getting carried away,bro-C4.5

Anonymous said...

thankx c4.5 for posting the dvds on ur blog, Suli mentioned a 2nd interview. any possibility of also putting this up? thnx

Jake said...

C4.5 editor.

No malice intended it was merely a figure of speech we are all Fwits in one way or another.


fiji loyal said...

the details would be appreciated now

Anonymous said...

Yes where can we order these DVD's,Next time I go home I would like to hand some out to family and friends.
WOnt be long before these discs are copied and passed on.

Anonymous said...

tik tik tok

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's Chinese loans/Bainimarama's legacy - long-term consequences of short-term gains!

You see, I hear, you fear, I know, we stay quiet, we bequeath, we chain, we shackle...the next generation and the next and...

Can we live with that?

Anonymous said...

Everything looks planned and orchestrated.

Claimed beatings on the same week.

DVD released then a March?

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon at 9.27pm@DVD has been out for several months. Current crackdown and beatings have been underway for several weeks. DVD posted DVD because of the beatings, especially that of Sam Speight, because it was over the DVD. You need to read earlier stories.-C4.5 Editor

Coup 4.5 said...

Others - will find out how best to acquire a copy that can be shared.-C4.5

mark manning said...

Anon 927 pm
Don't any of you know how to burn a DVD and copy the contents from one DVD to a blank one ?
I suggest that you find out and tell others how to do it and start spreading the news.

Jake, your days are numbered now !

Anonymous said...

So how can someone get a beating than fly out of Fiji within a day with a valid visa.

Am I missing something.

It all looks too perfect.

Apisai gets a beating then flys to Australia.

Is the Australian government conspiring with FDM to overthrow Bainimarama's government?

TheMax said...

@anoni 10:51

Little brains like you can anly think about conspiracy. You dik head Australia does not need to waste time conspiring about Fiji. They got better things to worry about.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:51 You still don't get it do you.
Bainimarama's government is ILLEGAL.
Bainimarama comitted TREASON.

I personally would like Australia, America and NZ to drop the bomb in Delainabua.
The country and its government must be given back to the rightful owners ie the people who voted it in.

Tiger Balm said...

@ annon 10.51pm - don't be naive, yes it would have been hard for Sam to get a visa but obviously a few strings were pulled. No conspiracy going on here bro.

Anonymous said...

LD songs quote "We take a lot of things for granted

One day it' ll be taken away

That' s when you' ll realize

How important it was

You never miss your water

Till your well runs dry

Give thanks and praise all the time

The wolf is always by the door."

It's time we stand up and take back our country from these thugs..GOD BLESS FIJI...

Anonymous said...

Does he think we are fools that we have forgotten who was siphoning funds in the Natadola deal?? This and Momi were all in Qarase's time thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Daunitutu' - Let me enlighten you:
01. Do not tell us what we already know!
02. You have rambled on and on
03. Sa sivia na tali magimagi!
04. Give us the solution [tangible] DO NOT BE PART OF THE PROBLEM!
05. You and your lot have lost ALL credibility.
06. Do not use the situation here for your personal gain. Sa rauta mada yalovinaka.
07. UNLESS and UNTIL you and your crowd can come up with the FULL backing of Gillard and her Government, the I would TELL you to refrain from further comments!! THANK YOU BUT NO THANK YOU !! Sa rauta mada na vakayagataki keimami tiko!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:27pm/10:51pm - Dont be afraid my friend, SHADOWS dont bite. Unless you know something I dont you did something to some you shouldnt have. Did you?

Anon 12.18am - Bombing Delainabua by whoever - a SILLY idea. Taking back control, country and government through the ballot box - now you're talking! Just keep in mind that the END, whatever it is, never justifies the means. We would not be in this God-forsaken hell-hole in the first place if the contrary was true!


FijiGirl said...

Is there anything these days that DOESN'T scare Bainimarama?
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:40, we don't want them to bomb Fiji. We just want them to bomb Delainabua especially their Weapons Stockhold.
Once their weapons are gone then we are all EQUAL.
I bet they'll talk then.
Yavu tamata lamulamu.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:29am, you and I both know that in the scheme of things, our problems here in Fiji are not of vital interest enough for 'them' to send 'their' bombers our way! In any case, if actioned, your proposed plea will destroy more than just their armoury. Contaminating the 'common' as well as harming the lives of the inhabitants nearby - not on!

We do not need to engage in a 'hot' war. We need to take them on in a cold war, one that will conquer their hearts and minds for that is really our target not their stockpile of weaponry. In any case, those weapons are redundant until and unless a person unleashes their firepower. Take their hearts and minds and the war is won. Isnt that how Mr B is effectively beating us now?

So, might is not always right, nor is it always the most effective!

What then is our option? For starters, each of those men in Frank's army belongs to a family, a itokatoka, a mataqali ...
Also, we are how many hundreds of thousands to their what - a few thousand? How many of our hundreds of thousands have had the courage enough to VOICE their disgust, outrage and revulsion at what is happening now? Fortunately, we all have an opportunity to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED this Friday! Then there are things like 'tools down' - we are more powerful than they or we ourselves realise! Smart strategy and organisation - empowered by 21st century technology ...

Let us help ourselves first before expecting to be assisted by others.

Freedom and equity and democracy will not be handed to us on a silver platter.

Are we hungry enough and smart enough to want and have these - yet?

We should know by Friday - wont we?

Leone said...

Ive seen this CD time and again but its not so intimidating to the people as it is on the orther side of the fence.Whats done here in Fiji is to correct all that he is talking about and I think its about cleaning out all the rot which had in place ever since the colonial error.The people of Fiji kn0ws to well whatFrank is trying to bring about

Radiolucas said...

@ Leone

The worst rot in Fiji is the rot spreading from the barracks. It even spread to parliament, to the presidential house and beyond.

When are you going to clean that rot out?

Leone said...

what rot is that Mr lucas ?, isn't it all made up rot from your blogs, come down to facts and report it please to the police or even Ficac,they will be pleased to find out what rot ur talking about.If ur genuine than you do it I,m challenging you to it

Anonymous said...

Vinakavakalevu Naita Suli,we need more DVD's sent to Fiji to break this illegal media blackout.The people are yearning for real news instead of the cosmetic face the regime put on every day.

Voreqe cannot lead because he is simply illegal..simple as that!!What OTHER WAY CAN WE EXPLAIN THIS SITUATION TO THE MINORITY ULUKAU BUMSUCKERS IN THIS FORUM??

What we have here is a hostage situation where Voreqe is holding the country to ransom...what other way can we describe it??

Of course he will hate refuse to listen to the truth because what he is doing is simply, WRONG,WRONG,WRONG!!

All those ukulaus in this forum who have their nose so far up Voreqe's cici should pull back and then maybe they can see the light.As if they do not have the guts like Suli to put his face in public then they should sogota nodra sona vei Voreqe and go and do something useful with their miserable lives.

Vinakavakalevu na qaqa Naita, keep it up baleta na dina o vakaraitaka qori e sa yacovi viti taucoko.

Next installment please because the people are crying out for the real news about this corrupt regime!!!!

Radiolucas said...

@ Leone

Clearly you havent had any dealings with the Police or FICAC. Under the military regime, any complaints about public servants or corruption by the people that they put in power are ignored. You just try it. Then enjoy the visit from the green goons in their trucks.

The biggest rot in the country today is the festering corruption that pretend to be our leaders today.

If you are so happy with the mythical "clean-up" that Frank says he is doing - why is there no evidence of this cleanup?

All the Military want to do is blame Qarase, SDL and foreign governments - they will never take responsibility for their actions.

Then YOU blame "colonial" powers (as if Frank's shit today could be the English empires fault? Are you really this dense?)

Now, everything corrupt gets swept under the carpet by the military - they want to try to hide it from everyone because they know they are responsible for it and the corrupt money trail leads straight to the top. Frank knows what is going on. He APPOINTED these kalavo to power!

We are not blind like you Leone, we see the greed and evil when it squats in front of us. We won't deny it or forget. We record what is happening because a reckoning will inevitably come.

You cannot ignore the truth Leone. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama...you made the people of FIJI suffer more...your days are numbered..& YOU will reap what you sow.

suasua nabulina said...

all the way Voreqe,,,election is youz again. Im in Fiji and i know you still gonna be the leader after the elcetion. If you wanna talk crap go to fiji, stop bucking like the dog laudulu

Unknown said...

Fuck off tu mada. Laki vakani ira mada na gone ra vacaca tiko mai muri ya....sivia na viavia vuku...