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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

False promises from Dictator Bainimarama to rule 'justly'

FALSE PROPHECIES: Promise to be just.
SHAKE ON IT: Plus prayers.
"Fiji's Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama had gotten advice from leader of the world wide Seventh-day Adventist church Dr Ted Wilson, who urged him to rule the country justly.

Bainimarama was pleased to have the Scriptures read and explained to him. Pastor Wilson recommended the counsel found in Micah 6:8 and urged him to rule justly, love mercy, and to walk humbly with his God.
"The primary concern of government is to serve and look after the people," the Prime Minister said. "The counsel from God's Bible is wise and I have listened to it."

And both leaders prayed together.

The world president also thanked the Prime Minister for providing religious liberty throughout Fiji. "It is a basic human right to allow all people the freedom to worship," Pastor Wilson said.  

Dr Wilson also visited with the President of the Republic of Fiji, Ratu Nailatikau. He gave both leaders a personalised copy of the book "The Desire of Ages" by Ellen White.

"Please do not put this book on a shelf somewhere," he asked. "Please add it to your personal library."

Both Fijian leaders encouraged Seventh-day Adventists to continue their educational and spiritual work with the people of Fiji. 

Pastor Wilson was accompanied by Pastor Waisea Vuniwa, the president of the Trans Pacific Union and David Gibbons, Communication Director for the South Pacific Division. record.net.au

Footnote: Micah 6:8 reads: "He hath shewed me thee, O man, what is good: and what doth the Lord require thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with God?"

Coupfourpointfive thinks a more fitting parable on this occasion is that of Jesus riding a donkey into Jerusalem, and how the people lay down their cloaks in front of him, and also lay down small branches of trees. Loved and respected, they sang part of Psalm 118 ... Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Blessed is the coming kingdom of our father, David. ...Psalms 118:25-26.

We say that despite his repeated claims he is saving Viti, Bainimarama is no Saviour, but an ass.


Peas in a Pod. said...

Wealthy international cult leader meets rich local tin pot dictator.

What is this guy thinking having a pleasent meet & greet photo shoot with this serial thief & murderer?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Bai promised to obey God's word. Let's see what he does today.
Will he lie to God too?

RFMF said...

We all at camp know that Frank is not a church goer.

He only came to the army month end church services only because he was the commander and he had to be there.

Frank from his early age did not have much regards to the church and he has not changed !

He was the one who ordered that police even take down all bible verses from the wall.

Anonymous said...

He is an ass....hahahahahaha laughed at that last sentence...lmao

Anonymous said...

Its very sad that these religous leaders are giving Bai the time of day considering what he has done and his unrepentant ways. UIt would have been better if they had asked him to seek forgiveness and repent of his wrongdoings instead of asking him to rule wisely. Bai is also not a ruler or King (although he might see himself as one)...he is an illegal PM and even if he was a legitimate PM it would be more appropriate to advise him to serve wisely as that is what elected representatives do...they serve the people. Asking him to rule the people and also be humble is a contradiction in this case.

Anonymous said...

Big kanaloto thief trying to talk of Christian values. Just give back to the people what is rightfully theirs (Freedom) and not yours as if its your God given property for your sole discretion. Give back what you stole at gun point.

Anonymous said...

If you recall, this photo was taken when he was visiting a village in Namosi. The Fiji sun reported that the chief of Namosi was very emotional that day. Someone asked the chief, why he was very emotional? He answered with tears and said, "Its the first time in history I see a swine riding a horse coming to our village, you know we are christians and this is the very opposite of what I am expecting." Remember the story of the demon possessed man of Gadara in Mark 5:1-13?. verse 12 said, "So all the demons begged Him (Jesus) saying, "sent us to the swine that we may enter them" 13. And at once Jesus gave them permission. Then the unclean spirit went out and entered the swine (there were about 2000); and the heard ran violently down the steep place into the sea, and drown in the sea." One of my friend told us that one of those swine did managed to swim back to land and now resides in Fiji. He is the one and only Vore. Baini. Marama. The Bible says; the devil is a liar and a deceiver. We must not waste our time believing in anything he says or promises.

mark manning said...

And what does that make the people who follow him ?

Leone said...

It makes them even more hungry to fight corruption and its practices and weed out all like minded people

Leone said...

Never seen ever before,a horse riding PM in order to reach the people

TheMax said...

That makes all those who follow him ass oles.

Sa Rauta said...

It is interesting how one can use single scriptures to support their argument.

A verse that comes to mind is Matthew 7:22 the NIV reads "Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?'

Jesus replies:

"Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!'

So many here try to use the scriptures (prophesying) but the ultimate judge of who will be accepted is watching.

nayacakalou said...

When you are elected by the people,you owe everything to the people,and you are willing to listen to the people.If you were not, than,what ever you do is wrong and will never be accepted even if you are right.

Adult said...

When will Fiji become a mature country and get rid or religion?

In Fiji, nothing can be explained or justified without religion. This is really childish.

Philosohpy, the art of thinking, is what Fijians need. They have always been used to have someone else to think for them (religious leaders, politicians, ratus, etc.)

It's time for Fijains to become adults.

Sa Rauta said...

A donkey riding a horse! Its a miracle!

Tiger Balm said...

What an Ass indeed!

And yes one may ask what is this Pastor's agenda?

Unbelievable how media standards in Fiji has dropped ....the only media that printed it, Fijilive, has become an Ass too!

Esp since it's owner, Yashwant Gounder, has fled to somewhere in India, after FICAC started going after him for corruption.

And now his girlfriend runs the show there, no journalism experience, just shagging experience.

Anonymous said...

Peas in a pod is a dick head..SDA is not a cult..its based on the teachings of the bible and I would advise him to read the church fundamentals..before he makes any silly comments..the church leader is not wealthy as he thinks because the church has an organised financial system that funds its institution and he gets peanuts but god blesses him abundantly..how does he know that he is wealthy??..He leaves modestly in the states with his four daughters not in a mansion but a simple home that is paid by church members..Get your facts right peas in a pod cause as far as I'm concerned you are just one of those christians who have been mislead by the devil into thinking that sunday is a day of worship and has mixed tradition,paganism with christianity..

Donkey said...

@Sa Rauta

The versew you quoted certainly applies to you.

Anonymous said...

When you play with the pig, he will always have fun but you will only cover yourself in mud.

The irresponsible and insensitive actions taken by Wilson and Vuniwa in approaching and pandering to the tyrant Bainimarama, is against the will of the majority of SDA church members in Fiji and overseas. Similar to Methodist members, the SDA members bore the brunt of military brutality through raids in many villages around Fiji since 2006. Many members were arrested and brutalised and even murdered, most famous are SDA members Sakiusa Rabaka and Nimilote Verebasaga. Voreqe is where he is today because the crimes he has committed and all of his innocent victims and their families are yet to see justice. Both Wilson and Vuniwa are misguided fools should be kicked out of the church for colluding and abetting an unrepentant traitor.

Come on Wilson, what are you trying to prove? If US government does not deal with terrorists then what the hell does is this misguided status building exercise for? Worst still, why are you dragging the prophetess,Ellen G White's name into the trap of corruption, money and power being set by the “little horn” advocates in Bainimarama, Barr and Mataca? You are one stupid American who should know better by not associating with a traitor and murderer whilst in Fiji but doing your best to help the families of his victims. Your ignorance and pride only lends credence to the misguided participation of prominent SDA coup collaborators, Jim Ahkoy and Taito Waqa. It is easy to catch a plane back to a free society in the USA but it is the local church members who will have to live with the damage this episode has caused. Wilson should be arrested by the CIA for collaborating with a known international anti democracy terrorist and locked up in Quatanamo.

And what of Vuniwa? He is one dumbass and corrupt Kai Ra for misleading the church president. It is apparent that Vuniwa is a corrupt conman and hypocrite because he has conveniently forgotten about the full page denial he placed in the Fiji Times in 2000, distancing the SDA church of any coup involvement back then. It is clear that his hunger for power,recognition and money has led him into the trap set by Vuaka who is the advocate of the little horns in Fiji - Mataca and Barr. Viniwa's misguided actions will lead to many members leaving the church and church leaders should move fast to send him back to Nasukamai......bastard!!!.

Anonymous said...

Great comments by Anon 1:15PM - totally agree with that! Wilson should have done his background checks before associating with Bainivore. The only thing this has done is associate the SDA with this bunch of corrupt criminals.

mark manning said...

Wolf in sheep's clothing !

Anonymous said...

They should have found him a donkey to ride on, that way he will make an ass of himself. The Fijian running beside the ass was actually trying to lead the horse to deeper water so the ass would drown.

Where's the money? said...

Inside the book.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous that is critisizing the 2 church leaders wilson and Vuniwa has a grudge against the leaders of the church cause it is so obvious in his comment..He probably wants to lead the church too..what they did is just protocol and the stance of the church is always clear..and it is always..to listen and honour the govt of the day..Thou shalt not judge ..leave it to God..Sa kua mada na via dua na ka tiko va na lotu baleta na lotu e nona na kalou..e sega ni nomu..e sega tale ga ni noqu..e nona na kalou..o iko mo lewai iko mada ga yani..kakua ni vakalewai ira na lumuti ni kalou de o na qai ciba koso..ke ratou na qai cudruvi iko talega mai nasukamai na qai kemu ga na kalou ni draki..sa dri yani..

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.07,I am not a church leader nor do I hold any personal grudge against any of these men.However,it is my right to condemn their misguided actions whether they be Wilson,Vuniwa or the Pope. Especially,if their acts directly or indirectly lend credence to the harming of God's children and their fellow citizens.

It is true that the SDA teaches to respect the government of the day but this is a government that respects God and his people in return.Voreqe, Hitler,Pinochet and Pol Pot does not fall into that category and so does anyone who associates with them.And if the SDA leaders see it fit to pay respect to so called governments such as these who murder and torture their own citizens for greed and power then I do not see God's anointing there and they should be condemned as acting contrary to the word of God.

History teaches us that even God does not tolerate governments, churches and their leaders who turn a blind eye to injustice.Read your Bible slowly and consider how many times in the OT that Kings,Pharoahs,Prophets, the Israelis and their leaders disobeyed God? Even Jesus criticizes church leaders and the seven churches in the Revelation come under the microscope. The church of the 'Little Horn" is a classic example of the men of the cloth gone wrong.

You might learn something about wayward church's and church leaders and if we do be vigilant and careful then they will lead everyone astray in the wilderness for another 40 years.

Kua soti na vakarokoroko bullshit in the church because there is too much Pastor worship going on there these days. Church leaders end up thinking they are above the law and the rot creeps in. They end up going around doing what they should not be doing like these two idiots.You must be one of those who will overlook the sins of church leaders because of the misguided notion they are above the law of God. The Catholic church is learning the hard way after turning a blind eye for many years to rape and pedophilia crimes committed by the clergy.

If Mataca,Barr, Wilson or Vuniwa steps out of line then they should be condemned and if the church passes policies that condone unruly behavior then the church in question should be condemned.There is nothing wrong with the body of Christs as long as Jesus remains the head.Replace him at your own peril.

Anon, o iko sa hypocrite dina baleta o vakaceretakatiko na qaravi tevoro mai Nasukamai.Nanuma tiko na e sega ni dua na kaukauwa e tiko vei ira na Kai Nasukamai kei na nodra kalou ni draki.Na kaukawa kece e vu ga mai vus na Kalou mai Lomalagi.

Garauna, kevaka o vakacerei Setani tiko vakai Wilisoni,Vuniwa kei Vuaka, sa na tau vei iko na veimataqali mate ni vukavuka e delai vuravura. O ya na nona vosa ni yalaya na Kalou mai nai otioti ni tikini volatabu ni NT...sa dri yani..!!

wake up said...


Church is the root of all evils in Fiji, 2000 is not that far.

If Frank has little respect for it, that's good. Fijians need to wake up.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka vakalevu Anon 11:47PM... couldn't have said it better myself. How that interpretation that the church should always "listen and honour the government of the day" came about by Anon @9:37 really must be refuted. If governments of the day are not doing the right thing it is the duty of the church to make it known by taking a stand against it - not listen and honour. There are numerous accounts in the OT where God has used his people to speak against the Kings and rulers to tell them that what they'v been doing is wrong. If the current crop of Christian leaders can't do that than they should just sit down and shut up, not listen and honour or join the bandwagon as some of these church leaders are doing.

TheMax said...

@Woke up

You still sleeping dude...the root of all evil in Viti is the bloody useless RFMF.

Anonymous said...

Reading all of your comments are just plain stupidity. I dont know what you idiots are seeing in Fiji's development. Come on people stop complaining for once and get in there to help what this government is doing so we can get back to normal. This is what that pulls us back. You cant undo the past but we can make Fiji a future where our children can enjoy living in. Its about time we zip it and work for a better future. None else is going to help us but ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Same deal going on in the military with the "Commander worship" bullshit. Voreqe has brainwashed his men and anyone else who has a weakness for power and money.

These misguided fools flock to him like he is Gods prophet and their bullshit vakarokoroko behaviour places him on a false pedestal. After a while everyone around him are too scared to point out his faults and he thinks he is above the law going around doing as he pleases.

Remember,the test of God's messengers are in the fruits of their work.Vuaka does not fit into that category because he has lied, murdered,tortured,stolen and plotted evil again his fellow man.All these characteristics are not of God but of the devil.

Those who praise Vuaka and follow him should be warned that God will vent his fury against them and their generations. Turning a blind eye to the crimes of the Vuaka makes you even worse in God's eyes.

Beware because when he falls you will fall also.

Jake said...

@anon moci 12:48

You are the idiot and no one knows what you are on about. Go smoke some sea weed.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:48 - We could do as you suggest, put our head down and work, but then end up like Egypt, finding out after 30 years that life with Bai gets progressively worse until we can't take it anymore. Alternatively we could recognise that we are going nowhere now and do something now to change our future for our children. Unfortunately too many people think like you and not like those here on this blog, else Bai would have been kicked out long ago. I don't think continueing along Bai's path is going to get your children a better future, especially as he's putting his hand out for more loans because he can't pay off the current ones, and if he does somehow manage to get his debt refinanced that's your kids who will be paying all this off.


Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:48 - We could do as you suggest, put our head down and work, but then end up like Egypt, finding out after 30 years that life with Bai gets progressively worse until we can't take it anymore. Alternatively we could recognise that we are going nowhere now and do something now to change our future for our children. Unfortunately too many people think like you and not like those here on this blog, else Bai would have been kicked out long ago. I don't think continueing along Bai's path is going to get your children a better future, especially as he's putting his hand out for more loans because he can't pay off the current ones, and if he does somehow manage to get his debt refinanced that's your kids who will be paying all this off.


Anonymous said...

Like God used Gentiles in the past to punish the disobedient Israelites,he should bring in Sunday Law in Fiji to punish the SDA's for the stupidity of their misguided church leaders Wilson and Vuniwa.

How much money did fellow corrupt SDA's Taito Waqa and Jim Ahkoy put in their back pockets to go and tabetabe to the Vuaka?

Both Wilson and Vuniwa are damn fools for even meeting with this murderer and every SDA church member in the country are rightly pissed off with them. Both these idiots should be kicked out of the church and out of the country for giving a bad name for the SDA....bastards!!!

Radiolucas said...

@ Anon 12:48pm

"Come on people stop complaining for once and get in there to help what this government is doing so we can get back to normal. This is what that pulls us back."

Really? Because I thought it was the mismanagement of the government, judiciary and economy that was holding us back!

Everyone that tries to help Frank ends up finding out that:
1. He doesn't take advice;
2. He doesn't take constructive criticism;
3. He doesn't know what he is doing; and
4. He doesn't care - so long as he stays where he is, he is happy.
Seriously - you try helping him and you find out for yourself. It isn't hard - anyone can get a job for them - so long as you know that at some time, they will burn you to save themselves.

"None else is going to help us but ourselves."

Couldn't agree more. Now lets get rid of Frank, get a REAL government in power and try to bring Fiji back from this unholy mess.

Anonymous said...

Qori..tobo!!! Wilson should be a good US citizen and obey the law of his US government who at the moment cut all ties with this misguided traitor, Voreqe and his stupid wannabe government.

What is Wilson trying to prove meeting,shaking hands,smiling and taking photo with a conman? Seems like personal pride came in the way here so that he can go back to his country and boast that he met with a real coward,traitor and dictator. This is the thinking of a bloody twisted and sick mind.

Bugger off Wilson and Vuniwa, both of your have just taken the SDA and Ellen G White name to the bloody rubbish dump and you should be ashamed of your irresponsible actions.

Kua soti na viavia diplomatic bullshit ka drou lako me garavi ga nai tavi ni lotu vei ira na vavakoso.

Au kerei kemudou mai na Fiji SDA Mission mo dou caqeta laivi na kaiRa lialia qori. Sa vakamadua dina nai lakolako qo ki na Bainivuaka.E tovo butobuto ka veibeci....drau yavu luvenisala!!!

Anonymous said...

After reading all the stupid comments I have come to realize that the bible and what ellen white writes is so very true..In these last days there will be people that are always forever waiting to bring down the church and its leaders because of their insecurities in a forever changing world..You must all know that this church was built on the foundations of the bible and God will ask you all on judgement day..what you have said about these annointed leaders..E sega ni uro me damu nikua..Na lotu e ka ni veivosovosoti..Ni vosoti voreqe kei na ka e cakava baleta na kalou ga e na qai vakatulewa kina..sega ni o iko se o au..sa kua so na qasodrosodro baleta kevaka o na masulaka tiko mo nanuma me na sauma na nomu masu na kalou ..e na sega sara tiko ga baleta ni o cata tiko na wekamu..Sa laurai votu na nomuni comment na levu ni aimless sa tiko vei kemuni..Ni bau masulaka va na kalou me vakatauca na nona lewa baleta na vakilakila kei na viavia levu e na sega ni yaco e na dua na vanua..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:02.

Say somebody displayed a lack of simple common sense - wealthy cult leaders can be like that - met some.

Anonymous said...

First the Catholic church, now the SDA's!!
What is the SDA now endorsing what that idiot is doing to this country?
To the SDA's - please, yalovinaka, that idiot is beyond redemption.
If he, who was brought up in the Methodist church can do what he did to the Methodists, then do you people think that he will listen to you? It is all just a charade for him. Do not wates your time and prayers - he does NOT deserve it.

Anonymous said...

To the Namosi man - kua mada na 'crocodile tears' man - dou sa qai vakalialia koya ga vakalevu , ka dou sa ka ni veiwali vei keimami na vo ni vei yasana!! Dou yavu tamata liumuri!! Well, me caka gona vakacava, e sa liumuri o Tui Namosi - sa qai dou muri koya talega. Dou sa guilecava ni rau a mororoi koya o rau o Maj-Gen Rabuka kei na PM o Qarase.

Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the old saying - 'UCU POGO GA NA UCU POGO'!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:20 It is not right for us to stand by and watch people do evil things (eg the murder of Rabaka or the rape of FNPF) and not say anything.
There are poor people now who cant send their children to school because they can't get their FNPF.
It is Voreqe who has caused all these losses.
It would be un-christian for us to say nothing and do nothing.
Remember the verse Wilisoni expounded. It was Micah 6:8 and it says that we are to "act justly, love mercy..."
"Acting justly" doesn't mean that I see injustice and I turn a blind eye to it.
God says ACT.
He didn't say Pray or Fast etc, He said ACT.
So we have to ACT. Bainimarama must be dealt with. He is evil. All his ministers are evil. All their assets should be confiscated and sold, and all proceeds be given to the children whose families were directly adversely affected by this coup.

Jake said...

Radio Luka.

We the people understand your gripes with this regime however one must not stand on sideline and throw faecal matter the people will judge you by your actions and not your deeds.

So therefore it is imperative you cease all officious nuisances and make yourself available to this regime and work for the betterment of your people instead of thinking and acting for your own welfare.

Think of your fellowmen.


Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

"So therefore it is imperative you cease all officious nuisances and make yourself available to this regime"

As a self-proclaimed expert on what the military dictatorship needs, why don't you make yourself "available" to the regime?

I, like many others, could choose to join the military regime and try to take some of the free tax money that they are throwing around - but I believe that to do so is immoral and reflects terribly on your character.

So instead, I am fighting for and supporting the people of Fiji in the struggle to regain control over our lives and future. It would be too easy for me, and many other people I know, to ignore our moral and ethical obligations to our people, our neighbours and to the future of our children. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Jesus died for Bainimarama too..who are we to judge..He came to this world to die for you and me..He is a forgiving God and a God of LOve..All I can see in these comments is a lot of hate and I think the whole lot of you need major help..and that is from phsychiatrics..Why drag down the church with those silly stupid comments..it just goes on to show what low level scum one goes down to when depressed..cause maybe they have lost all the priveleges they used to enjoy under democracy..well..you cant save the whole wide world when things arent going your way..just sit back and relax and just see where all of this will end up to..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon that was critisizing church leaders..Na kalou ni draki ga na kalou levu mai lomalagi koya solia mai na luvena e dua bau ga me mai mate na kauveilatai mo bula yani o iko kei au..kua ni dau levu na nomu vakilakila baleta ni ko sega dina ga ni kila..O rau talega na liuliu ni lotu ya e rau se tamata wale tiko ga..rau warai ni agilosi ia e rau lesi ka lumuti..rau sega ni mai kabuwacara vaka taki iko mo vosa tu mai vaka viavialevu..a cav sara mada mo mai via blog kina ni rawa ga vei iko mo lako ga vei vuniwa i Tamavua lai vakaraitaka vua na nomu rarawa..vakaraitaki ni tamata macawa na gaunisala o muria mo mai vakasewasewani taka tu na yacani lotu va na blog site va qo..Na kalou e na qai sauma ga vei iko na nomui vakarau..warai ni uro me damu nikua..sa dri sara talega yani..Get a life..

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:08 and 7:19 Yes, Jesus died for everyone but not everyone goes to Heaven .Some including some church leaders will be burning in Hell.(Read Mathew7:21 - 23 etc).
Some of the so called "lumuti" will be burning in Hell.
This doctrine of "lumuti" is an "old testament doctrine" and not applicable to the church.
The equivalent doctrine in the church is the doctrine of "gifts"
i.e. everyone is on the same level but given different gifts.
Therefore to elevate one person in the church as higher than everyone else is unbiblical and therefore a doctrine from Satan (1Timothy 4:1).

Many times in the Bible, Jesus tells us that we should make a judgement about peoples behaviour (eg to see whether they are wolves in sheeps clothing or a tree is known by its fruits etc etc).

So stop being stupid dumb christians and make a stand.

Are these people real sheep or copy-cat sheep? Are they producing good fruit or bad fruit?
Make the judgement!

Jesus wants you to make the judgement!

Either call that person a sheep or call him a wolf. Don't just stand there and say "Oh no we can't do that. He is a "lumuti".
What rubbish!

Too many christians sit in church and get spoon-fed rubbish from the pulpit and don't study their Bible and know the real truth.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 7:08 - We're not sit back and relax types who get nothing done in this world. When we see something wrong we take action - Evil flourishes when good men do nothing (or sit back and relax in your case). We think Bai is wrong and we think this Church leader is wrong in pandering to him and we'll make sure our voices are heard in this blog as obviously it won't be heard through the Bai censored media in Fiji. Agree totally with Anon: 1:07 - too much sitting back and relax and getting spoon fed and can't think for yourselves.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4.50 pm..People like you really dont end up anywhere but in Naboro like George Speight..In the church you end up like breakaway groups like build on the Rock and that recently money making breakaway group like Menaheim..Who gets spoon fed anyway..we do our own bible study to ask God to guide us in the right path..not to condemn people but to lift them up cause satan is hate and God is Love..

Anonymous said...

Looks like Anon 4.50 pm and 1.07 am have so much hate cause it is so obvious in their blog..I'm laughing my heart out at their intepretation of the bible..God is all about love and not hate..simple..never condemn people cause it might all come back to you..what goes around comes around..this is the perfect example of rebelious church goers who like to take matters in their own hands but simply would end up like George in Naboro..what a laugh..kerekere kua ni vaka waqaca na buka baleta oya na i valavala ca..vatakei na nomu cata tiko e dua e na tarova na nomu lako i lomalagi..Lets just leave it to God please//He will be the judge..zNot your smart verses qouted wrong intepretation of the bible cause it surely doesnt impress me but makes you sound like a major dickhead..