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Friday, February 18, 2011

Fiji's gang of thieves put on a fine show but can't hide the cracks

UNITED AND STRAIGHT UP? Hardly. pics FijiLive

The mourning and the farewells for Ratu Josefa Iloilo ended as they started - as a charade.
Remember, we had broken the news the 91 year old had died but it was 36 hours before Frank Bainimarama 'officially' announced it and the Fiji media were allowed report it.

In the past 11 days, that's pretty much been the tone of the mourning and tributes, with the country bitterly divided over the leadership of Iloilo. 

The regime has insisted the former president was a Great Son of Fiji .... an extraordinary leader, while many of us have rallied that he was, really, just a Great Mate of Bainimarama. The sort of mate that turned a blind eye or was all too happy to fall into line or slink off quietly when he'd been dicked over.
The charade continued right up to the last hours. As Iloilo was being laid to rest at Naburenivalu in Viseisei on Thursday, one of the headlines that morning was 'Forgive Us: Vuda pleads for Church Pardon.'

Made in a traditional ceremony by a village elder, the pardon was aimed at putting right any wrong Iloilo may have done in 40 years of serving the Methodist Church. In reality, he should've sought the forgiveness of the people of Fiji.

Today, that mistake was compounded with the new Tui Vuda - Ratu Eparama Kitione Tavaiqia - urging villagers to work together and support whoever is in Government, just as Iloilo did. 

The regime's hierarchy, has of course played the biggest pretence of all, maintaining a united front of support for Iloilo, putting on a 21 gun salute, turning out for the service and burial in their military best, despite deciding to hold their Cabinet meeting earlier in the week. (Did anyone spot the megalomaniac Sayed Khaiyum at the proceedings?)

But the kinship within the hierarchy is the biggest fallacy of all. The regime is wracked with division and corruption, despite the seemingly upright behaviour of top military personnel at this week's state funeral.

SUSPICIOUS: Who to trust?
And Frank's not as unaffected as he'd like us to think. He's jumpy - take a look at that photo of him, looking suspiciously over at the camera.

Warm with the knowledge the newbies in his line-up are probably toeing the line, it's the sour but tired old guard who have it in for him, that gnaws at him, even with the failed plot behind him.

But that's to be expected. For as we all know, true rest for the wicked only comes in death.

IN TUNE? We think not.


  1. In the TRUE military custom, THE senior officer ALWAYS sits and marches on the right, whilst the the junior one is ALWAYS on the left.
    The above pic and also the pic in the dailies shows otherwise.
    Is the Vore so arrogant? Is he so cheeky? Is he telling us something?
    Maybe then again, ONLY in Fiji. Only when he is calling the shots.
    When I was in the military, I was always reminded to 'fall in to the left' of my Corporal who was senior in rank to me!!
    I wonder why Nailatikau did not have the guts tell the Vore to 'fall in to my left'??!!
    Need I say more??

  2. Study lead photo closely - note absence of ambitious 2nd tier Young Turks? Age of 1st tier current leaders?

  3. @ Anonymous 9:14PM

    Very true.....and just to add to your spot-on observation......the same goes for Aziz who is definately junior to Naivalurua in 'The List' but has nonetheless still fallen in on his right!

    Sota ga na lecai ka!

    Era kila ni ra Junior, ia era qai vakalecalecai ira.

    Real Officers who went through the mill and earned their commission know their place........unlike these rag-tag, dad's army clowns.

  4. Fiji military monkeysFebruary 18, 2011 at 11:04 PM

    Was there enough bananas for these fijian military monkeys? Where is the head of the military dancing girls khaiyum? The sooner indo Fijians totally run the country the better it will be.

  5. Frank's fear in his eyes is because his conscious and subconscious mind, are now aligned and the reality that is, is !

  6. What a proud bunch of toxic wastes. They are not worth the uniform they are wearing.

  7. Yes bro! that is the Military Custom of the service originated from the British Isles,Fiji military I think now are adopting China, Indiian, and the Russian M/Custom Which change the protocol of the Commonwealth PRIDE......

    C'mmon Belo Vula!! have pride on your Regiment.............

  8. Well I have never seen so many blunders performed by the RFMF during this state funeral. It speaks volume of the lack of depth, lack of understanding, abuse of protocol, you name it ... when there is illegal leadership all these happens, it is speaking for itself. Discipline, dignity, class is far from this regime and its current leadership at the military.
    The biggest blunder ever in the history of Fiji is to see the president marching with the military, eventhough he was a former military personnel but as the president you DO NOT MARCH WITH YOUR TROOPS, YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO BE THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF, well since they illegal anyway, what can you say ... sakasaka ga, leca i ka, rairai ca, sa curu uciwai kecega na ka e caka!!!

  9. time is coming for you all to stand up and ans in the box of fiji high court soon.
    they just there to show the support for the late ratu iloilo.

  10. Oooooonnnnnnn Parrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaade !!!!!!!!!!


  11. @ anon 848am
    you don't suppose for a moment that they were there for their own self aggrandizement ?

  12. I'm not a soldier or ex-soldier, so I thank you guys, commenting above, for revealing the abuse of protocol in the Fiji Army.
    I am a Fijian and I am very disappointed that my beloved country and its beloved military has been denigrated to such a level by selfish people.
    I look at those men lining up (in the picture) and I feel so sorry for them.
    How could they have stooped so low?
    Why did they give in so easily to do evil?
    In fact they are no better than Ratu Iloilo. They have also given in to do evil just like Ratu Jo.
    I hope and pray that one day our Fiji Army will again be led by Honest men. Men like Ratu Sukuna and Sefanaia Sukanaivalu etc. Men who were willing to sacrifice all (whether it is money or even their life) for the benefit their country and its children.

  13. Iloilo's lame contributionFebruary 19, 2011 at 1:32 PM

    Iloilo's comprehensive contribution to freedom and democracy for his nation follows:........ah...........um..........mm.......burp..........sweet @#$%^& all!!!

  14. "sooner Indo Fijians totally run the country the better it will be".

    Maybe? But wouldn't be as much fun.

    Indians got Bollywood - selected snapshots of life in general - Taukei got a continous free to air - 4 year - run each day no repeat comic opera with an absolutely brilliant cast + more twists & turns than a Cobra's tail.

  15. www all about counters bro...February 19, 2011 at 5:46 PM

    Congrats C4 - eat your heart out Croz - 100k Viti hits.

  16. "Anon 9:14" - ' The List' went out the door in Dec 2006!!!!
    It is now 'Their List" - drau bula!!

  17. Correction to the above about the junior officer standing to the left of the senior officer. That is exactly what is depicted in the picture. Ratu Epeli is the most senior and is indeed standing to the right and the rest are indeed standng to his left. The bit about Aziz standing before Naivalurua is because the senior service is the army then the police. Naivalurua is wearing a police rank and not an army rank so his position is correct. The funeral is military and police and prisons are not supposed to be part of it if we follow British customs but unique to Fiji from the colonial days the police and prisons have been part of it. For Ratu Epeli being on parade is his prerogative as Commander in Chief. He is always correct when it comes to military issues. If he decides to change a format of parade or dress he can change it at anytime as he is in that position so if he decides to go on parade as the ultimate respect to the Tui Vuda then no one can question that in his position as Commander in Chief.

  18. Me caka gona vakacava? O keda na kilai Nailatikau e da kilai koya vinaka - e viya raqa taka okoya na nona uniform ni General [soli wale].
    Kena i karua e na tabetabe tiko ga vei koya na gone ni Natena!![ Sa me kerau sake!!]

  19. Ratu Iloilo had a State funeral and not a military funeral...

    Hence Comander in Chief should have led on the right and Vore to be on his left as Pm's position and Commander of RFMF is both smaller than the position of Commander In Chief and that of the president.

    "The President's Army" should be the Protocol, not PM's Army.

  20. Correct that it was a state funeral and the military part was done by the military. If you take a good look at the picture the PM is really to the left of the Commander in Chief. Where in the picture is the PM to the right of the Commander in Chief? The top picture on this post and those in the papers all show the commander in chief as the right most person and next to him on his left hand side where his sword is, is also where the PM is positioned. In the picture in church the PM is seated on the right because the church has a specially prepared seat to the left and forward of where the PM is seated. Are we seeing different pistures or are we referring to the same pictures??

  21. It is indeed correct that it is a state funeral whereby the military plays that important ceremonial part and no other service does that part. It cannot be a state funeral with prison officers firing of a 21 gun salute.

  22. Always found it strange - mariner
    leading a land army?

  23. Bananarama is no mariner.

  24. why didn't they just all go and drink home brew under a mango tree in vuda? frank did not believe in all this chiefly bs. what has changed? maybe the army shud go and drink homebrew. after all that is all tyhey can afford if they had to pay for their own piss. lave maca everyone!

  25. if you want to know, this lot do the c;lean up campaign every day. when they wake up they clean their back sides. then they use punjas soap to clean their uniforms sparkling white. then they salute eyes right aye aye sir! and there you have it, the clean up campaign. se'u lasu?

  26. The Stomach says it all.
    Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni

  27. @ 416 mark, all in step !

  28. All the appointments of these people are illegal, even Frank has over stayed his original Commission.
    It really doesn't mean a thing who is marching next to whom when they are all illegal does it ?

  29. OK, but there's Mohammed Aziz in the front row. I thought you said he was a dissenter and had been got rid of? Can someone please explain?

  30. Look at them; grey hairs, bald head and grog belly. Silver on their hairs, medals on their chests, sword in their hands, lead in their pants. It does not matter how much you covered and decorate..a pig will always a pig. When you are led by a pig you will always end up as a pig - shit. Thats why Colonels; Saubulinayau, Raravula, Caucau, and others refused to support the coup led by Vore. When will you power hungry grogy soldiers wake up?

  31. Yes it is strange when one fails to understand that Bainimarama is the Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF). Under the RFMF is the Fiji Navy and the Land Forces otherwise known as the Army. The Commander Fiji Navy is Kean and the Coammnder Land Forces or Commander Army is Tikoitoga who both report to Commander RFMF which is Bainimarama. In the US, British, Australian and New Zealand militaries they have the Chief of Army or Land Forces, Chief of Navy, Chief of Air Force, Chief of Marines and Chief of Special Forces (SF) and they all report to the Cheif of Defence Force (CDF) in the case of Aus and NZ or to the Joint Chief of Staff as in the US. A person who is CDF or Joint Chief of Staff can either be from any of the services i.e Army/Land Forces, Air Force, Navy or SF. The current Joint Chief of Staff of the US is from the Navy which is similar to what Fiji has as the Commander RFMF. To say that it is strange that a mariner is leading a land army in Fiji is therefore incorrect because he is leading the Fiji Navy and Fiji Army or Fiji Land Forces which have their commanders who report to him just like any other military.

  32. The moment Baini manupilated Iloilo in January 2007 and had himself appointed Prime Minster, I knew for certain that as a nation we were very much SCREWED.

    A PM in military uniform!! Come on guys, what were we all thinking. Baini was a total failure as a navy officer and had never accomplished anything in his navy career other then being recommended to Army Commander by Ganilau and others since Baini was so stupid. They really needed a dump commander in the position.

    Surely no one in 1998-99 could predict that Baini was going to get power hungry and become a dictator.

    The moment a military man became PM in uniform, I knew we were in for a rough ride.

    Also, the whole military top brass, are thick, stupid, dump and incompetent. None of them has a brain and the average IQ is that of a class two student.

    I have worked with these men and god help us.

  33. The eyes say it all...suspicious of everything around him.

  34. To Anon - Boy you must be really blind or you do NOT know your 'Right' from your 'Left".
    Take another look at the pic inside the church!!
    Take another look at pages 24/25 in the Fiji Times [ Fri 28 Feb 11]!!
    The Vore is definitely on the RIGHT!! [TAMANI CALA LELEVU.]
    Futhermore, whether 'State' or 'Military' funerals, the Commander-in-Chief does NOT call the shots. He does not and cannot do what he wants to do. The Military and any legal Government are EXPECTED to respect and abide by certain protocols and traditions, both written and unwritten. Period.
    Have HM the Queen, the US President, the Ozzie GG, the Kiwi GG, as Commanders-in Chief ever marched at state funerals? - NEVER and they NEVER will. Why? Because it is just NOT done!!!!

  35. What gives at 6.21am@ Aziz has been implicated in a plot to overthrow Bainimarama but the regime has chosen NOT to do anything about it. See earlir Coupfourpointfive stories.-Ed C4.5

  36. If I have to recommend someone to replace Baini, I would chose Mr. Naivalurua.

  37. Yes youre right Anon, PM is really to the right in church as mentioned before and no one is fighting you on that. That has been explained. Post us the picture you mentioned in the Fijitimes because the picture on this post has the PM to his left. If you hate the PM say so because your hate and anger is making you blind.

  38. Time to get rid of the Fiji Military all together.
    Too many ulukau, viaviakila. All wanting to do the coup all the time.
    Too much hard work to form a party and compete in the election;Eh boys?. The boys are too lazy. Coup is easier.
    So lets all agree and lets get rid of the Army all together.
    Dump their weapons in the sea in Ono i Lau. (As far away from Suva as possible).

  39. Comrades, see third and last pic of the marchers, at very end of story-C4.5 Ed

  40. A piece on the powers of the Commander in Chief who will always be right. The late Tui Cakau, Ratu Penaia was confused as to who was his ADC as they all wore their apulettes on right shoulders. He gave a directive that all PSO's where theirs on the left. That has been always practised until recently. Only the ADC to HE and PSO to Commander RFMF wear their on the right whilst all other PSO's still where theirs on the left and that is unique to Fiji only. History has also shown that some orders of dress for the British have been directed as such by the Queen or King like the Navy not having their swords attached to their side. The commander in chief is laways right. He decides and can chanhe protocol when he wants to.

  41. @ Anon 6:25.

    Missed one - possibly dux?
    Now Col ADF & rising - KP.

  42. The Fiji military should wear their apulettes on their legs.

  43. Thanks C4.5 Ed, I think our comarade will now finally understand that the PM is to the left hand side of Ratu Epeli as depicted in the last pic of the marches. I think he just hates them so much that he cannot work out the side on which the PM is on.

  44. Ex and current Military - you're all the same, just like corrupt politicians, except players and victims change with whatever coup. So what're you harping about? Do you think we Fijians care - NO!

  45. Ive read down the line and it will not effect anything at all. All I hate about is were just talking talking and its getting really rustrating ,Why cant6 we have balls and do something that should be effective meaning action uh

  46. @Leone kua soti na blog. Nomu English sa rui veicalati vakalevu.
    Lako mada lai tei tavioka.

  47. Hahahaha@anonymous...sa qai lasa dina...Isa o Leone e dua vei ira na sotia...sa vakaraitaki koya ga mai....

  48. All the humpty dumpty's with all the Kings horses..Is that Mr.Natuva there..god he looks so corrupt..minister of public works..the roads are full of pot holes and he has bought himself a four wheel drive with personalised number plates..what a thief..in fact they are all thieves..look at them..pathetic bastards..


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