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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fiji workers shafted by new Wages Council

10 Wages Councils into One: Going Backwards. Or, how Bainimarama solves a problem of his own creation. By Professor Wadan Narsey

Fiji’s 10 Wages Councils have developed over 40 years of experience at trying to improve the wages of tens of thousands of workers who are not represented by unions, by annually adjusting minimum wages separately for each industry.

Since the 2006 coup, employers have managed to get these adjustments postponed, because the economy was not growing.  But now, supposedly to save taxpayers’ funds,  the Bainimarama Government has made a unilateral decision to merge all the 10 Wages Councils into one, which will set one national Minimum Wage.

Here’s yet another unilateral Military Government decision which is going to hurt the poorest workers of Fiji. 

There have been many such decrees and commands, as in price control (medicines and hardware) and education policy (school zoning, limits to fees, end of examinations).  Most measures appear sensible on the surface, but result in serious unintended negative consequences, which far outweigh any benefits.

Taito Waqa
The problem is that most of these Bainimarama measures try to treat symptoms, when the fundamental cause is the economic stagnation caused by the Military coup itself.

Some measures may be easily reversed when Fiji once more has an elected and accountable government in place.  But some policy changes, like those in education and Minimum Wages, may take the country years to recover.

Meanwhile, the current vicious media censorship stops any public discussion of these policy changes  being promulgated by an illegal Military Government and its arrogant functionaries, all experimenting with our people’s lives, without any accountability.

Bainimarama, Khaiyum, Bole and others, are now behaving like “normal” Ministers of Government, except that they are totally unaccountable and totally out of control.

The Origins of the 10 Wages Councils
Over the last forty years, Fiji slowly evolved towards setting different minimum wages for workers who are not protected by unions (some thirty thousand workers), in different industries, through 10 different Wages Councils. 

There is now one Chairman (Father Kevin Barr) who has been encouraged to make consistent decisions for each industry following the same methodology, supported by the Ministry of Labour Secretariat.

But, a few days ago, the Permanent Secretary of Labour, Taito Waqa, announced that all the 10 Wages Councils will be merged,  in order to save money, he claimed.

There will now be only one National Minimum Wage, which will supposedly take into account Fiji’s Gross Development Product and productivity of the workers, by some formula to be determined by economists, employers and other stakeholders.

Saving tax-payers’ money by having only one Wages Council Board and fewer meetings sounds so reasonable, don’t it?

But Taito Waqa totally ignores the historical and very sensible reason for the 10 different Wages Councils: which was to allow different minimum wages for different industries, given that they not all perform the same way in the Fiji economy at any point in time.

Some sectors can be doing very well (as the tourism industry is currently) and can afford moderate wage increases, while others can be under great pressures from international forces (such as the garments industry) and may not be able to afford even small wage increases (despite the increase in cost of living).

Having different Wages Councils has enabled different boards, drawn from expertise in the related industries, determine wage increases tailored for each industry.  Each Board has been able to take expert account of the health of the industry, the capacity of the employers to pay, the productivity of workers in that industry, the basic needs poverty line, and the changes to the cost of living.

Should any employers not be able to pay the increases ruled by the Wages Council, all they had to do was show their audited accounts to the Chairman of the Wages Council and obtain the appropriate concession.

But not a single employer has done that over the last two years.

No audited accounts but secret pressure
Instead, influential employers applied secret pressure on Bainimarama,  Khaiyum and Filipe Bole, to ensure that Wages Council Orders were postponed month after month.

And now they have succeeded in getting all the Wages Councils to be merged into one, with one minimum wage for the whole country.  We know what will be the likely results. 

To satisfy all the employers, the National Minimum Wage will be set at the lowest possible that can enable the worst paying industries, like the garments industry, to survive.

Of course, some struggling industries may be helped in the disastrous times that the economy is going through. But there will be some employers, whose industries are doing reasonably well (like tourism), who will now be able to get away with lower wage increases, and make larger profits.

The net result will be worsening standards of living the more than thirty thousand of workers, of whom more than 70% are earning below Fiji’s Basic Needs Poverty Line.

If the Military Government had been genuine about saving money, they could still have had one Wages Council, BUT still determine different minimum wages for all the different industries.  But, the real objective of the employers was to do away with the higher minimum wages being set for different industries.

Note that some tourist resorts who have been making good profits still lay off the allegedly “casual workers” who have been kept as “casual” despite years of employment.

Father Kevin Barr in tears
Why was Father Barr, the Chairman of the 10 Wages Councils, seen to be in tears on Fiji TV, while responding to this draconian decision by the Military Junta?  

Father Barr sadly related on TV that he had not even been consulted on the decision, despite his being the Chairman of all the 10 Wages Councils.

Hopefully, Father Barr now knows that Bainimarama, Khaiyum, and Bole, all care more about the views of employers than they do about the thousands of poorest families who depend on the Wages Councils to protect their standards of living, or the Charter principles that they hypocritically claim adherence to.

Barr and all the other “do-gooders” who joined the coup bandwagon in 2006 also need to rethink their support for the 2006 treasonous coup.

Because it was the 2006 coup which has resulted in employers pressurizing Bainimarama to remove the 10 Wages Councils.

Bainimarama’s coup and minimum wages
Had the economy been growing healthily, the employers federation would not have bothered to put any pressure on the Military Government, as many good employers pay better wages than that required by the Wages Councils.

But the Fiji economy has now stagnated for four years after Bainimarama’s coup, largely because investments (both foreign and local) have dried up, following Bainimarama’s military decrees seizing private company’s assets and military decrees stopping certain cases from being taken to court.

Without economic growth, incomes have not risen in nominal terms, and fallen seriously in real terms because of inflation,  worsened by the devaluation and increase in VAT this year (to counter falling Government revenues).

Many employers’ profits have been reduced and would be reduced further were they to pay the minimum wages ruled by Kevin Barr’s 10 Wages Councils Orders.

But instead of showing their audited books to the Wages Council Chairman to justify why they cannot pay the wage increases, they have simply taken advantage of the current slump to convince Bainimarama to throw away the 10 different Wages Councils altogether- effectively “throwing out the baby with the bathwater”.  As employers have done many times in the previous forty years (see my study for ECREA Just Wages in Fiji.).

Civil servants collaborating with coup
One sad result of this Military coup is that our civil servants are now all too ready to justify to the public what are essentially political decisions made by illegal Military Ministers.

Why did Taito Waqa (PS Labour) make the spurious claim that the Wages Councils were being merged in order to save tax-payers money?

This Military Government has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of tax-payers’ money and continues to do so.  Merging the 10 Wages Councils may save a hundred thousand dollars, but effectively reduce the incomes of the poorest workers by millions of dollars (and increase the profits of employers by that amount).

As Barr has often stated, it has been employer pressure that drove Bainimarama’s decision on Wages Councils, not the saving  of a hundred thousand dollars for tax-payers.

The PSC Chairman, Jo Serulagilagi, should explain to Fiji tax-payers why civil servants like Taito Waqa are callously justifying political decisions by the Military Ministers. When will he tell civil servants to go to go on record and state that a particular decision is a political one by the Minister, and let the Minister take responsibility?

Similar charades are also going on at FNPF, with Aisake Taito (CEO) refusing to make public the recent studies that show the non-sustainability of the Fiji National Provident Fund.  Taito also continues his spurious claims in every Annual Report about FNPF’s adherence to transparency and accountability to FNPF members.

Now a “Normal” Government!
Keep reminding ourselves that this Military Government has totally departed from its original coup justification- establishing electoral fraud, weeding out corruption, ensuring an honest and accountable government, with no military person ever profiting from the coup.  We can see now that these claims are blatant lies.

Now it is “Government” business as usual. Except that unlike elected Ministers previously, Bainimarama, Khaiyum and Bole have multiple portfolios and apparently multiple salaries paid through a private company (not denied). 

The only facts being made public, usually by Khaiyum, is any fragment of data that can put a spin on Government performance, such as tourism arrivals, presumably also the result of Khaiyum’s leadership on tourism drives up North (does he not trust Tourism Fiji and Jo Tuamoto?).

Bainimarama and Khaiyum embark on a phenomenal number of costly international trips (all Business and First Class, of course) - far more than ever done by any previous legal Ministers - except that the Bainimarama Government is totally unaccountable for the costs, or the activities being engaged in, allegedly on tax-payers’ behalf.

Bainimarama and Khaiyum are enjoying themselves thoroughly, dishing out our tax-payers’ funds (for roads, bridges, water, housing, etc), buying and selling tax-payers’ assets, or borrowing hundreds of millions adding to our Public Debt- as all legitimate elected Government Ministers have done in Fiji for decades.

And this is now the fifth year of their manipulation of hundreds of millions of tax-payers’ money, without a single Auditor General’s Report being made public.

And now the Bainimarama/Khaiyum Military Government will convert the 10 Wages Councils into one, and set one Minimum Wage, hurting the tens of thousands of the poorest workers in Fiji.

Who gave Bainimarama, Khaiyum and Bole, the right to change Fiji’s Minimum Wages legislation? Themselves, of course, armed with the guns we tax-payers gave them, for our protection.

Democracy advocates focus on Bainimarama and Khaiyum as the coup leading lights.  But there are others whose critical support enables  the Bainimarama Government to continue destroying our country: the senior military officers, the former military commanders, the many powerful businessmen, the principals of the accounting, auditing, and legal firms who are making tons of money from this Military Government, and those citizens and residents who have accepted board positions and provide public legitimacy to this military government. Let us not forget them.

Our meek Fiji citizens can expect many more years of costly illegal manipulation of the Fiji economy and taxpayers’ funds, according to the personal agenda of Bainimarama and Khaiyum, and their business mates and other coup supporters.


Anonymous said...

An excellent article by Professor Warden Narsey! Unfortunately it won't see the light of day in the Fijian media where it should rightly be published to let the people of Fiji know the truth. It is coup apologists like Barr who encouraged Baini during the early days of the coup who are no literally crying foul! Another one bites the dust following the many before him. Enjoy it Barr, you of all people should know that you reap what you sow!

TheMax said...

Too bad no one in this military regime has got enough of that grey matter between their ears to understand this analysis.

They are too full of shit to be conviced, let alone read it.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey has nothing better to do than just crticise the Government. He is an academic with no commercial sense.Has he ever run a business in his life? If what he says about high profits being made by businesses and these businesses not paying high wages, why dont you and your academic gang who think you guys are so smart start some business and put your money where your mouth is.
The Chairman of the wages Council Father Kevin Barr, has proven so many times that he is not a neutral person as a chairman. His intentions are clear and noble in fighting for the poor and asking for ridiculously high wages but he needs to be realistic. Once aagain he is the Wadan type acedemic or some bush economist who has never run a business in his life and has lived on handouts from NGOS. Comon guys, if it is all so easy, set up businesses and create employment and show everyone how to make a fair return on investment. And than lets see what tune you sing to.
And for Father Barr, go to China, Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, the workers there needs more guys like you

Radiolucas said...

Father Barr will just have to join a long list of disillusioned pro-regime supporters. A sad reality for a lot of people we know.

We are right to remain angry with these ex-supporters - they have enabled the regime to do this to us all and they should be ashamed.

Confused Father Barr said...

What part of the fact that this is an illegal regime and a criminal cabal do you not understand Father Barr? Do you know what a coup is? You supported this coup remember? You supported this illegal regime remember? You are part of the problem not part of the solution.
You have let the people of Fiji down. You have let the children of Fiji down. So go and say a few prayers and beg forgiveness you fool.

Daurai said...

Another good one Wadan. But I wish you would stop calling this bunch of thieves and criminals a 'government.' They are not, you know. They are a military regime or junta, call them right. As for Barr, he is a nasty paedophile in sheep's priestly cloth. He should be thrown in the max for the inmates to bung his alimentary canal

Anti collaborator said...

Now Father Barr. You have embraced the devil. Now you will have to ride with him. Remember Pierre Laval (The Vichy French Prime Minister) who collaborated with Hitler. If not look it up and read. He who lives with the devil will die with the devil. As did Pierre Laval,

Go Abdul... said...

Easy fixed - transfer all unemployed into Abdul Khans' Sugarland. Apart from Tait & Lyle EU contract - FSC now negotiating forward sales Australia - Japan.
All mention of 4 Elephants in Mills & current Board forbidden. Way too go Abdul.

mark manning said...

Frank and Co. are only worried about their own bellies and wallets !

ex Fiji tourist said...

Extremely interesting comment by the green goon at 4:50.

As an acting lance corporal, this green goon leaps into print with an attack on academics who have never run a business.

Perhaps junior should think before it regurgitates the junta's tripe.

Maybe it should ask if any of his 'superiors' have ever run a business.

From what we can gather, the moronic military have overspent their budget year in and year out; this is not good business practice.

None of the green goons have any idea of generating an income source; they can only spend public money on their own selfish interests.

One only has to look at the downturn in the sugar industry to see the negative influence of green goons on business.

mark manning said...

Robbing Peter to give to Paul !

Anonymous said...

Currently my house-girl gets $10 a day to wash and iron for three days a week.With the minimum wage set at $120.00, I will have to send her home for good.

What is the conman Father Barr crying for? He was one of those who stole from the $10m taxpayers funds wasted on that stupid Military come Peoples Charter.Shameful how a crocodile try to be sympathetic,stupid Catholic loser.

I wonder what that other Catholic loser,Mataca is doing now? After all the shit he spoke about in the f..kedup NCBBF, he deserves to be send to jail for good because he gave a bad name for the Catholic church.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:50 You've criticised Wadan, which is fair enough, but you haven't mentioned which particular part of his article you didn't like.
Are you just one of those military people mouthing off again?
We are intelligent people that get on this forum and I for one don't mind listening to a counter argument. But if you don't have a point then don't waste our time.

Anonymous said...

What has happened to 'Jake' the treasonous COLLABORATOR? We miss his diet of tripe.

Jake said...

It’s a bit of a pity this article won’t see the light of day in ay main stream media but then again most main stream media would see the perforation in this cockeyed article.

I believe this tripe was written to placate to die hard anti regime snivellers.


Joe said...

Well said Mr Narsey. I wonder what the !@$%^&%$# from Horowhenua has to say about this. A few more brave men/women like this and we could have Egypt in Fiji. Unfortunately, it might be the only option. There will be no election in 2014, mark my words.

Anonymous said...

@Annonmous 4.50
Your criticism of Wadan shows the type of lies that have been going around with the businesses and accountants about the employment benefits crap....but you are not saying how much you are reaping Government of Tax claims, NLTB of low land rentals, Unestablished workers in the Tourism, Garment etc for more than 10 years so that you could LAY THEM OFF during off seasons etc,,,come on you can tell lies to people sometimes but not all the time. You are just smart in organising cocktails for every government that comes in whether illegal or legal to get your way through..but your ways are catching up with you because the People of Fiji now wants Freedom and Self Determination...most of you are not genuine Fiji Citizens because either you have a Foreign Passport or Double citizen holder and have been manipulating this country for over 40 years.. you side with whatever Government whether legal or illegal when it suits the agenda of your pockets..you immoral crooks

Anonymous said...

I thank Dr Narsey for putting the spotlight on opportunists who are continuing to sustain the illegal regime in Fiji. The coup cycle could be easily broken if enough loyal, honest, decent and law abiding civil servants say enough is enough and refuse to take orders and instructions from coup perpetrators.

It is important that we focus on these individuals who are obviously benefitting from the regime.

Take for instance Taito Waqa who was already past 55 years when his contract was renewed last year for another 3 years. Why was he treated differently from others who were made to retire upon reaching 55 years? This man shamelessly took advantage of the illegal regime to push through the ERP which in my view has severely diluted workers' rights in Fiji. What has happened to big mouth unionists like Felix Anthony?

And of course there are business people who have taken advantage of all coups from 1987 to push their agenda.

Dr Narsey has identified some people and we need to expose others, isolate all them and give give the cold treatment.

I am boycotting the Fiji Sun and Radio Fiji and urge all of you to do the same.

It is only through collective efforts like above that we can bring about an end to the madness currently in Fiji.

Joker said...

Jake the snivelling slum dweller is high on sea weed.

Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

"Perforation"? Why would you use that word when 'holes' is just as good? You really do love the gratuitous use of a thesaurus don't you? I bet you think using unusual language it makes you look cleverer than everyone else.

Anyway, since you are so derisive of Wadan's analysis, why don't you write something in response - rather than your usual verbal diaorrhea about how much you don't like the truth?

Give us the reasons as to WHY you believe that what is going on is NOT corruption and might be an example of good governance?

There should be one rule though: you cannot simply blame Qarase, NZ, Australia, USA or Aliens. Make an argument for why this military regime is GOOD for Fiji, if you can.

Jake said...

Anon @ 1.35am

Who are this faceless, nameless and gormless person?

“Currently my house-girl gets $10 a day to wash and iron for three days a week. With the minimum wage set at $120.00, I will have to send her home for good”

This above piece about says it all pay somebody pittance and put boot in while paying, you ought to be a shame of yourself your odious behaviour is the very reason why there ought to be a minimum wage rate.

You cannot hire people and use them at your beck and call and pay them crap.

“What is the conman Father Barr crying for? He was one of those who stole from the $10m taxpayers funds wasted on that stupid Military come Peoples Charter. Shameful how a crocodile try to be sympathetic, stupid Catholic loser”

You despicable attitude is reflective of your parents now just because this man Father Barr is try to bring about some sort of just wages for the underclass of society it doesn’t mean you the right to besmirch him or his church.

“I wonder what that other Catholic loser,Mataca is doing now? After all the shit he spoke about in the f..kedup NCBBF, he deserves to be send to jail for good because he gave a bad name for the Catholic church”

Again the only loser here is your parents for having you; you are such a disgrace that the air we breathe is wasted on you, you parents should have done you a favour and got rid of you at birth.

Father Mataca is a very well respected leader something I am certain of you will never attain in your miserable life time.


Coup 4.5 said...

Jake, Radiolucas, The Max and others: Happy to keep the debate going but you'll need to refrain from the abuse and swearing for that happen. Rein it in, please.-C4.5 Editor

Anonymous said...

@Jake - I can only assume you're either rich or don't leave in Fiji after reading your comments on how much house girls are getting. What Anon @ 1:35 is saying is very true, there is no way people (average people not rich like Bai and Aiyarse) are going to pay $120 a week for a housegirl on the kind of salary we're getting. What this means is a lot of housegirls are going to lose their jobs, then what happens to them and their families?? You want to make such grand changes make sure they're in line with current economics and practical not some pie in the sky ideal which will cause more problems.

Stay on Focus... said...

Good call Pacific in the Media.

Like CW - above mentioned people think its about them.
(me myself & I).


Wouldn't be surprised if mentioned trio are actually one?

Sa Rauta said...

I agree with an across the board minimum wage set across all industries. 10 councils to set minimum wages across industries is a total waste of finances. The UK used to have 4 and have got rid of that has one and changed laws so that no more new councils can be formed. This was in 1993.

Trade unions should represent its members in collective agreements to negotiate wages above the minimum wages.

These Councils were old and in the UK were enacted in 1909 and abolished in 1986. The laws are archaic and need changes.

Most countries have a minimum hourly rate eg

NZ $12.75/hour
Aussie $15.00/hour
UK <18yrs 3.64 pnd/hr
18-20 4.92 pnd/hr
>20 5.93pnd/hr
China (Shanghai) US$35/week

Time for change:

As the saying goes - "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies"

Jake said...

Radio Luka.

Likewise why did you use the word “gratuitous” when needles would have sufficed and how long did it take you to search for such word?

Verbal diarrhoea did you say much like the pot calling the kettle black aye boyo.

Corruption I hear back your accusations up with facts Bai is incapable of such despicable acts how dare you.

Where on planet earth do you reside it seems half your body is floating around somewhere in ether because the world hasn’t recovered from the financial meltdown since 2007.

So it is imprudent to suggest that Fiji’s economy is immune to such economic downturn.

Now this fellow blames the coup for Fiji’s economic woes hang on a minute Fiji’s economy was already stressed prior to the coup as such the coup only exacerbated what was rapidly becoming a failed economic policy.

So let’s be truthful here no putsch is good for society or to the economy but I will reiterate this Bai inherited an inert economy and unfortunately it remains inert.

So you see this fellow wasn’t entirely truthful about his analysis.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dr Narsey for your very, very valid and balanced observations and comments, not only in this one, but all the time. Your critical [and rightly so] and analytical comments are very much appreciated and any caring and sane person like me ALWAYS looks forward to your comments. Like other bloggers, I too will now have to send my faithful housegirl home [ I have had her for over 20 years ] - I simply have no other option. I pity her, but I too have to survive. I simply cannot afford to pay her $120-00 a week. I beg the question - "Is it not better for her to get something instead of nothing?"
The BASIC reason for having 10 Wages Councils, as mentioned by Dr Narsey, is very valid and has stood the test of time. Just because the UK, Australia, NZ and other countries have minimum wages across the board does not mean we too should follow suit - all countries differ - economically, socially, politically etc, etc. What is good for the goose is NOT always necessarily good for the gander!!

Magdeline said...

Daurai and Anon @ 1.35am Do not make wild accusations when you obviously neither know Father Barr nor the Archbishop Mataca - both of whom are highly respected in and outside of the Catholic Church circles. Didn't your parents teach you to treat people like how you would like to be treated? Be careful because what goes around, comes around.

Anonymous said...

Magdeline - Please allow me to.
The bone of contention here is not wether it is the Archbishop or the Priest per se - the focuss and which has generated a LOT of discussion is the PERSONS - Mataca and Barr.
The fact that they joined the Peoples Charter bandwagon and other illegal appointments is very, very questionable.By joining they actually endorsed the ILLEGAL REGIME and all it stands for1111 The CHURCH, again, per se is SUPPOSED to be apoltical. The momement Mataca and Barr got on that train, anybody, and I repeat, ANYBODY should be asking questions!!
I ask you - Have any of the other MAINSTREAM churches got on the bandwagon? Obviously NO. Why? For the very simple reason that we know right from wrong!!!
So before you go shooting your mouth off, THIMK, THINK and THINK and do not get emotional.
In this forum one has to remain focussed and be constructive.
Have a nice week end.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with critisizing Petero and Kevin? Jesus said (in Mathew 7) that we should judge a tree by its fruit and to be very careful.
These 2 gave very bad fruits, NCBBF etc.
Bad fruit is bad fruit.
You cannot paint honey on it and make it taste better.
If it's a lemon it's always a lemon, no matter how much you try and convince yourself that it's a pawpaw.
The only way for Petero and Kevin to make it right is to confess to the people of Fiji their mistake.( and to confess to God too).
Anyway, what I'd really like to know is why a christian like Ratu Inoke Kubuabola went and joined these trees. (I know he is not catholic)
Can C4.5 chase him up please,so that he can write and tell us why he joined.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jake at least the $10 I pay my house girl for three hours a day was earned through hard honest work, can't say much for these losers in the IMG, including that conman Voreqe. You are lucky to have an opportunity in this forum to critically express your views, something your hero can't stand so don't throw your weight around here. I make no apologies about my comments concerning those two Catholic losers, Barr and Mataca. I am a Catholic but that does not mean ordinary people don't have the right to criticise leaders. Even the Pope is not exempt from criticism because it is our God given right to speak out when "men of the cloth" are acting otherwise. Mataca and Barr should be shot because their misguided and direct involvement has helped give this coup life. Who is Barr trying to con saying this coup is good for Fiji? That is crap because while they were sitting around that corrupt NCBBF talking and being paid high allownaces, sipping expensive wine innocent citizens wwere being murdered, tortured and forcibly removed from their occupations, followed around day and night, driven out of the country, silenced and robbed of their basic rights. I am sorry, but all these coup victims and Rabka and Verebasaga need our help to bring all these bastards, including Barr and Mataca, to justice for their crimes. I have lost all respect for Barr and Mataca for they are like Voreqe, failed leaders who denied Jesus when it really matters, the Judas'!-Comment edited, C4.5

Anonymous said...

I guess you cannot critise Petero and Kevin because they are both bachelors/unmarried!?

Jake said...

Anon 10.15 am.

You claim to be catholic yet you are not defender of the faith whereas I am and as a defender of the faith all injustices are remediated first hand.

You may have your reason for wanting to denigrate these two highly esteem leaders but let me tell you this is not arena to air your gripes.

Take your concerns to people who you malign dont you think it would be alot more productive.

Dont worry about the dead worry about the living justice will will at some stage be served.

Pay the woman her dues.


Anonymous said...

What a pathetic pic of Serulagilagi - starting to look like Iloilo - gusu tere and the hagard look!!
Time to retire [tamani overdue]to Burerua me thinks Tailevu!!!!

Anonymous said...

Serulagilagi is a failed politician from Tailevu North.Somany times he tired to win his seat but failed because the people know him to be a conman and opportunist.

He stole money from the Rural development scheme under the SVT and used government funds to finance his failed cocoa and taro plantations.

This guy should be shot or hanged for his involvement in this coup.

Barr and Mataca should be given the same treatment too because they have brought shame to the Catholic church in Fiji.

Bainimarama = Curruption because his illegal regime is filled with too many individuals trying to line their own pockets.