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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Breaking News: Fiji's former president Ratu Iloilo dead

BAINIMARAMA SUPPORTER: Ratu Josefa Iloilo making the critical changes to Fiji's 1997 Constitution.

The man who helped Frank Bainimarama consolidate (some might say unwittingly) his illegal power, Fiji's former president Ratu Josefa Iloilo, died this morning  in a private hospital in Suva.

Coupfourpointfive has been told the 91 year old was apparently admitted two weeks ago and that has health has been failing since.

Iloilo was president from 2000 to 20009, and aided the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama by abrogating the 1997 constitution. 

The abrogation was hugely controversial and resulted in Iloilo being widely criticised and to claims he was senile and was being used by the regime to do its dirty deeds.

The above picture has become famous for the illegal abrogation in 2009.

Bainimarama toppled Laisenai Qarase in 2006 and assumed presidential powers following failed attempts on Iloilo's part to mediate a solution between the two men.

Iloilo went on to grant Bainimarama immunity for the coup and to appoint him Prime Minister. 

And while he carries the title Tui Vuda, it's unlikely he will be  remembered with respect - perhaps even understanding - because of his decision to support Dictator Bainimarama.

The court of appeal had ruled that the 2006 dismissal of Qarase and his cabinet, the dissolution of Parliament, and the 2007 appointment of Bainimarama as interim prime minister were illegal. 

Iloilo was ordered to appoint a caretaker prime minister to dissolve Parliament and call elections, though Bainimarama and Qarase were barred from being selected. 

Instead, he suspended the 1997 constitution the following day, reconfirmed himself as president under a "new legal order," nullified all judicial appointments, and imposed Public Emergency Regulations.

Bainimarama, who had resigned following Iloilo's abrogation of the constitution, was named as caretaker prime minister and reappointed his previous cabinet.


VeriBau. said...

RIP Ratu.

Anonymous said...

About frign time.

Anonymous said...


mark manning said...

I Agree VeriBau
One should not speak ill of the dead.
Rest in Peace.

I don't know, but do believe that he was taken advantage of over a number of years and influenced by what may have seemed sound arguments to an aging mind.

I sincerely doubt that he was fully aware of the truth surrounding the lead up to, or any other facet of this latest coup d'etat.

This man, your last legal President, was from a bygone era, and ruled in a merging , mixed and evolving Democracy.

That is my personal appraisal from what I do know and have seen and heard.
But I'm sure that it is minimal at best and that there may be other information forthcoming now that he has passed.

I do believe and have for a long time now, that this may be the death that will prick the consciences of many Fijians and that it could well bet the catalyst which will compel Fijians to say that enough is enough, and take up arms against Frank Bainimarama and his illegal Regime.

State of the nation said...

The legacy:
# serious human rights abuses
# a profoundly declining economy
# rigorous censorship of the media
# draconian Public Emergency Regulations
# ban on all political activities
# the promulgation of draconian decrees
# compromised state of the Judiciary and rule of law
# interference with the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions
# trumped up charges being laid against critics
# increasing militarization of the civil service
# very concerning lack of transparency and accountability in the affairs of the interim administration
# increasing repression and intimidation
# Fiji’s increasing isolation from the international community
....this is the contribution of the 2006 coup and the fools who supported it!!!

Jake said...

Hail to the Commander in Chief.

He now lies in the bosom of his marker.

May his soul find eternal peace.

Rest in Peace you have served you country with distinction.


mark manning said...

I'm not arguing, but just trying to clarify some points here.

In the beginning days of the coup of December the 5th. 2006, Frank Bainimarama had the President under virtual house arrest, as not even his own Clan were able to get access to him to return him to his Village.

Personally, I don't believe that the President ever helped consolidate Frank Bainimarama's power, except either under duress or in the belief that he was doing the right thing for all Fijians.
Anything the President did at that point in time, was in response to information fed to him by Frank Bainimarama and his Regime, despite the President's mental state being under question !

The day the President purportedly Abrogated the Constitution, and I emphasise " purportedly ' because he didn't possess the Legal Authority to do so, it was noted on that day that the President was reading from a script, supposedly prepared by Frank Bainimarama and his Regime and it's supporters.
It appeared to be obvious to everyone, that the President was just going through the motions so to speak and that he wasn't compos mentis but was in fact, non compos mentis and probably had been for many months if not over one year.

Just who the true Author was of that Document, is yet to be exposed !

The President was not ordered to appoint a Caretaker Prime Minister, but advised to, by the Fiji Court of Appeal.

Correct me if I'm wrong please !

nayacakalou said...

Why are you guys defending the useless man?He was the President for over six years,with the same constitution only to abrogate it for three more years in office for the whole country to suffer.I would have to say to my tauvu,that he is rated above Cakobau as one of the useless chief of Fiji.

ProfessorPK said...

I would have to disagree with the sentence:
"And while he carries the Title Tui Vuda, it's unlikely he will be remembered with respect - perhaps even understanding - because of his decision to support Dictator Bainimarama."

Ratu Josefa Iloilo WILL BE remembered with great respect. His role as Tui Vuda was distinct or separate from his official duties as President. Although the legitimacy of the later years of his Presidency may be in question, the legitimacy of his position and title as Tui Vuda was unquestionable and will greatly be remembered by all Fijians no matter what political stance they may hold.
I am one of the many who might not have totally agreed with his actions as President. Still, he was a great traditional leader and must also be remembered for serving the people through the highest office of this state. Let not one or two seemingly wrong actions of this great man blind us from the good he accomplished for this and the region.

May the Tui Vuda, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, rest in peace.

And may God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

He was the worst president we ever had. Under his watch, the Army murdered people, they beat up women and he supported Army. And the Thugs are still running the country.
As for paying my respect for the dead? Would you pay respect to Hitler?

Anonymous said...


You are dead wrong.

As a chief Ratu Iloilo had traditional advisors, who knowing of his condition, his reputation and his legacy (before the coup) shouldhave told him to leave Government house and not be part of the debacle that we are facing now. Ratu Iloilo chose not to to do the right thing or his people wanted him to be in so as they or their vanua can get on thegravy train,

His legacy has been listed above by State of the Nation and I will add another one one- he has been actively involved in the destruction of the Fijian chiefly system and now the NLTB. And now that he has passed on this will be his legacy and since we are now all equals - moce jo. This is what you stood for.

Jo M

Anonymous said...

Ratu Iloilo lost all his mana by working with the criminals in the junta. Everyone who participated in the coup will be tried. Its a pity Ratu Iloilo died prematurely for justice to make a pronouncement on his treasonous act. But he will still be tried. Be it posthumously but ALL must be tried. Greed, ignorance, senility etc are matters for the court to adjudicate on.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.

Leone said...

People u got to respect the dead,he has done great for Fiji as president.Look at where we are today,Were exposing off lots of corruption and its activities.We must not forget that we had to fight for what we are today and we are proud that we have achived so much this far.If it wasnt for this man we would still have been tied up with this so called greedy politicians who only influece us with false promises in the thought of filling up their own pockets.the racial politiking of previous years has gone because of this man and I truely beleive that all that he had approved off was to Gods liking so may you rest in peace Ratu Iloilo,God Bess you

Anonymous said...

Ratu Iloilo was a fool who acted based on dubious advice to purportedly abrogate the 1997 Constitution.

The decision in the Chandrika Prasad case clearly stated that only Parliament could adopt or abolish a constitution. Neither the President nor Military Commander could therefore abrogate the constitution.

Furthermore the judges of the Court of Appeal in April 2009 gave Iloilo a path to follow in order to get back to a democratically elected government under the 1997 constitution. Using the Doctrine of Necessity he was to have appointed an interim government for the sole purpose of conducting elections under the provisions of the 1997 constitution. Instead he followed advice presumably by the military and others like Khaiyum and purportedly abrogated the constitution.

Well folks, the truth is that the 1997 Constitution is still alive today despite what Iloilo thought and the military thinks today.

Iloilo has passed on but we in Fiji need to get back to a democratic government. The solution is fairly straight forward. Restore Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi as Vice President as he has not resigned and still is the legal Vice President. Ratu Joni can then act as President and follow the path mapped out by the judges of the Court of Appeal in April 2009. This process can be completed within a time frame that ensures a democratic government is back in place within 6 months.

Come on Fiji, this is the time to apply pressue for the above process to happen. Otherwise the Eqyptian way will be the only other alternative for us.

Anonymous said...


Lucille1979 said...

He will be remembered in many ways by everyone in Fiji......someday it will be us too....Get ready Fiji...God is calling us one by one......

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I just want to know where were all you people when the first coups with Rabuka and Speight happened???

Werent there abuse of the most high class happening then, or was it just ok because those coups were in favour of Fijians? Such hipocrits!!!

Coup is never OK - whether it is by Rabuka, Speight or Bainimarama. But I would say if there is justice in the public system without democracy in the country, then so be it.

mark manning said...

@ Anon 9.58 am
I concur with what you are saying.
The late president's mental state was only known by a few and it seems that many disagree that he was affected by either his age or his own perception as to just what the honourable thing was to do in his position.
Imagine all the influence around him at that crucial time !
He was isolated and no one quite knew if he was compos mentis or not, during that time of isolation from the public at the beginning of the coup.

But have no doubt, those who used and influenced an aging man in ailing health, will pay the price down the track.
Sins of the Father rings a bell !

I suggest here, that things need to be put into perspective and that no open man can be blamed for all of Fiji's woes.
The community, to me at least, seems divided, confused and at times, self centred as each pushes its own agenda !
And you all know what I'm talking about !

Anonymous said...

@Leone, so you are proud of what you've achieved. More corruption at FNPF, FHL, FSC,Fiji Police, Fiji Army etc etc. Guess what. These people were installed after 2006 by Bainimarama.
Leone,it is obvious that you too have no insight. ( Just like your alter ego Jake). You are so f****d up in the brain, it's not funny.

Old Man's Burden said...

It is very sad that this old man, manipulated and pressured by evil coupsters such as khaiyum and his lackey bainimarama, should have gone to his grave with such guilt. It is even worse that none of the suppressed and heavily censored Fiji media have had the decency to announce his passing.
Khaiyum, Bainimarama and their supporters like gates, pryde, sharon goebells and parasites like coup apologists walsh have a lot to answer for. Fijians will certainly celebrate the passing of this evil cadre.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Iloilo was a sad old man, bent and twisted by the people around him, who if they really cared for him would have advised against the action he did take.

I'm sorry, but the reality is he will not be remembered kindly.

It will be up to his kids and his people to turn Fiji's (mis)fortunes around - IF they dare.

Anonymous said...

A sad and sorry group of Presidents stretching back to and including Mara.Pity the Fijian people never saw what was done in their name in the interests of family aggrandizement.One day the people will understand the connection between this group and the long term decline of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, -[11.24am -7 feb]; we were there with you in Rabuka's coup of 1987, Speight-2000 and Baini's 2006!. The only significant difference between the 3 were the varying applications of Justice. Whilst all were military sponsored, the only one that seemed to have a fair dealings(in terms of the rule of law), against the perpetrators, were George Speight's coup of 2000. Rabuka managed to appease and were won the support of the Fijian Chiefs whilst Bainimarama is still desperately applying all the legal tricks to avoid prosecution with the help of taliban Aiyaz and his Shameem aunties!. We agree with you. A coup is a coup and likewise all perpetrators be dealt with the full brunt of the law accordingly. It is for this truth that Bainimarama and his coyotes are running away from. They seemed to be winning some legal battles but certainly not the War!. The truth is staring hard at their face and the katukatu spîrit down the cassava patch is already engaging come that day of reckoning!.

Anonymous said...

The former Fiji President does not deserve any state funeral or anything f...n good corrupt as Baini and his gang.

Leone said...

Anuni we might go on accusing each orther but that will not change the fact that Fiji was just as lucky to have encountered a brave man, man of wisdom and chief for the people,its hard to find man of his calibre as is one who choose to ignore evil over light and we should thank him ,may his soul rest in peace

Leone said...

Anuni we might go on accusing each orther but that will not change the fact that Fiji was just as lucky to have encountered a brave man, man of wisdom and chief for the people,its hard to find man of his calibre as is one who choose to ignore evil over light and we should thank him ,may his soul rest in peace

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.24. I have been asking the same question. It hurts when the stick is shoved once backside but when the stick is in ones ownhand hand it is OK. This country has a lot of of hypocrytes and so does this site. The fact is no coup is good. Historicaly no country in the world has ever prospered under a military government and the end result is usually blood shed and lots of it. I just pray that this country does not boil down to that to restore democracy and good sense eventually prevails.

God bless Fiji and its people and may god allow our former president to rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

There goes another illegal puppet.
Sega sara ga na vakaisaisa!!!!

Anonymous said...

May he rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.58am
I agree constitution is still alive, no matter what others say.

An institution can take a decision to abrogate the constitution which they did, the decision of which has not yet been tested in court.

Chandrika Prasad case was a precedent that military commander cannot abbrogate the constitution.

But this time around the President did so, whether purportedly or categorily it does not matter.

Hence until such time the court rules otherwise, the constitution is deemed to be abbrogated.

Some people say this is treason, etc... But when an institution makes a law, if that law is inconsistent with the existing law, then that new law becomes invalid in process and invalid to the extent of that inconsistency. It is NOT treason unless it is done by an officer lessor then that of commander and president as these are part and partial of states machinery.

This is the case when there is a threat to send the boys behind bars when they are constitutional office holders.

Until this fact is accepted as the law or political compromise, cry fowl until the cow comes home.

So for this to be tested in court, one has to go past the "smart decree" i.e. cannot challenge the decision in court.

And for this reason the state of emergency continues to be in place, not for security reasons, but to give validity to challenge of the abbrogation.

At the same time, whatever the decision of the court if that ever comes to that, Jone Mandraiwiwi cannot take office only because he did not resign. This interpretation of law is kind a silly. I am sure anon 9.58 you are a lawyer.

Any office that has remained unoccupied for long term means that office position is no longer valid for the person who has been absent for too long. This would mean 6 months is generally termed as too long.

The other thing is sometimes people say, SDL or FLP will have to return to reconvene parliament. There is no such thing as reconvene parliament when they have been absent for more then 6 months. In that absence they have to getr fresh mandate as there ore others who are there that could be chosen instead by the people for the people.

With this mentality and attitude, would you joint a political party with such idiologies to help take the country forward?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:02, so you are saying that it's OK to point a gun at somebody's head and take over a government by force?
So its OK if I come over to your house and point a gun at your head and take your belongings.
Or is there one law for you and Bai and one for every one else.
Don't be such a dickhead.
With your long-winded explanations you have managed to convince yourself. Unfortunately for you, we are not that gullible.
We know what Bainimarama did and it was wrong. He knows it. Tell him to keep running because one day , my friend, we will catch up with him.
When we catch him, there will be no mercy. We will make sure he will rot in Naboro with George Speight.
I hope they bring back the gallows, because this man deserves it.

Anonymous said...

A humble and honorable gentleman whose career end in dishonour through the manipulation, deceit and lies of demon possessed hell bound Voreqe Bainimarama. Your days were numbered since the day you announced the abrogation of the constitution of the government of Fiji. The Bible said; "Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authority that exists are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resist the authority resist the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgement on themselves."(Romans 13:1-2) "Your throne, O God, is forever and ever; A scepter of righteousness is the scepter of your Kingdom. For God is King of all the earth. God reigns over the nations; God sits on His throne." (Psalm 45:6-8) "Righteousness and justice is the foundation of your throne." (Psalm 89:14) Though God is long suffering but He will never compromise His justice. Voreqe Bainimarama your days are also numbered, its coming.

TheMax said...

The former Presi will certainly be remebered in the anals of Fiji. But like others before him, their incompetance, coruption etc. finally catches up with them. When all the pomp and ceremony is mere memory, the real character of the person surfaces. In a nutshell he failed the country and the people of Fiji; when leadership was required of his position, he chose to become a pawn.

Coup 4.5 said...

To the Anonymous who asked for the comment to be deleted: Have been unable to find the one you're referring to, so if you see it printed please advise.-C4.5 Editor

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6.02pm.

The 'smart decree' is the only impediment to a legal challenge. In case you are not aware, the high court rules have also been amended to prevent amongst other actions, actions to determine the legality of the state.

But then would a fair trial be guaranteed given the compromised state of the high court.

The facts are that the high court has ruled in the Chandrika Prasad case, and the Court of Appeal has ruled in April 2009.

You do not need another court case or judges to state the obvious.

The Bainimarama regime is illegal, and the late Tui Vuda contributed to it being so.

No amount of misinformation will change that.

It does not matter if so much time has passed.

The truth is Ratu Joni was forced out of office. He left under duress and not voluntarily.

TheMax said...

Anon @ 10.22

A lot of spewing poison for nothing.

What is a chief? A mere mortal with some status that means crap, except to those who bestowed the position/title on him.

This one is kaput, finito, so what is all the fuss about? A dead soul is jest the same; a kaisi bokola (whatever that means) a turaga (or wanna be)rich, poor, strong, or weak...death levels them all to dust or stinking pile of shit.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12.12, in my anon 6.02 cooment I said I agree that the constitution is still a living document no matter what some may think. Have you disagreed with that, then it makes two of us dickheads. i.e. myself and anon 9.58!!

Where in the article have I said that it is o.k. to point the gun and take govt by force? So this makes you dickhead too, because it is not o.k. to take govt by force, if they do not resign after High Courts summing up in Kunatuba case.

It is also NOT O.K. for the interim govt to not hand back power after Chandrika Prasad ruling after govt was removed by pointing guns!! Are you that gullible to be tunnel visioned and use law when it suits you and ignore when it doesn't?

When you use CP case as precedent, then not handing power back and walking scotch free is also the precedent sat for the Bai and Aias... hence application or interpreting law the old Pacific Way!!

I am glad that you dickhead will have no mercy when you catch him. Good on you. BUT he will not be in Naboro with Speight, because Speight is going to be a free man very soon and when he comes out you will see he has not rotted at all. Not even grey hair as he shaved his head remember.

I remember an article in media by journalist Frederica Elborne in early 2002, where it was reported that IG should be charged for treason for not handing power back after CP case and calling for George Speight to be freed, because IG had set the precedent of not getting charged for not resigning.

It also said reconciliation should start by forgiving those in Nukulau, and wanted Speight to be freed by reducing the charge to unlawful assembly and perhaps illegal possession of firearms if he had those at the time on his arrest.

Maybe you are a vindictive person and that is why this illegal govt has taken a stand for long haul, while you wait to get him, keep waiting until the cows come home.

And NO I do not support taking govt by pointing guns ever. Not just this time but all times. I think with my head and not with my dick...for your info

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10.22am; I agree with your comments that Tui Vuda should not be disrespected and his role as President has no relevance to his Chiefly Position.

Where were these people when he dished out his decisions as President? They should argue on the issues on jurisdiction of that office of the President and NOT on personalities when there is a mourning going on.

Let us show some respect and be above our pettiness. Breed within us love and not hate or we may end up pre 176 years of Christainity as Genes do play a major role. However it will not be possible either to get to that because 4 generations no longer have cravings of the past!!

However pro regime and anti regime supporters will not get affected about running away, because the pro regime supporters are running away since 1987 and have never stopped since so does no longer affect them. And Anti regime supporters are already running away since last 4 years.

However the point noted and hope people show respect or do not write during this mourning period.

sara'ssista said...

as they say, he was either MAD or BAD.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:53 Now you've labelled people who want justice as being "vindictive".
Your postings is full of crap.
Holding a gun against somebody's head is wrong and we don't have to wait for a judge to tell us that.
If you can't even make a simple decision like that then I think Law School has made you worse than when you went in.

Leone said...

Goodbye Ratu ur the only president with alot of guts and wisdom please rest in peace

Anonymous said...

@6.00pm, Yes we are waiting for justice since 2000 and also not the type some may support where those who were found guilty of the attempted mutiny got promoted to cabinet positions unlawfully and also others were founder members of SDL whose party gave away millions to buy votes.

Those who started the mutiny are the ones who should take responsibility for guns pointing at wrong direction and sometimes at wrong and innocent people.

When they went into mutiny, did they really thing that there will be no deaths on both sides? Some may be spontaneous and misguided ...military misadventure...

Law is law at each step and every step. Not when you want to choose to ignore if that is facing you.

Fiji needs political solution . not legal solution if we are to see a quick return to normalcy...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:18 I agree with you.
The only right political solution is an immediate return to democracy.
In order for democracy to survive, it needs a legal solution.
The police must be allowed to do their job without interference.
That is what the police were doing and investigating the CRW when Bai did the coup.
Apparently he was about to face the music.
But being the big lamusona he is, he did the coup.
And after that all the other big lamusonas followed him. Gates,Nazhat,Mahen,Samy, etc etc men lacking in principle and fortitude.
They are still there with you in Suva. Say hello to them for me.

TheMax said...

Good bye Adi Leone you need a rest.

nayacakalou said...

@Anonymous....you said it right.The only right political solution is an immediate return to democracy,and Iloilo was the only one person with the key.That was the only chance for Fiji,and for him to sit there,for Bainijidamunivore to tell the chiefs of Fiji,to go and drink home brew under the mango tree is disrespectful.The a......ole was the commander in chief and he should sack Bainijidamunivore,but he chose not to,so all he wanted was for us to suffer.For the comment,the big lamusonas,I believe the only lamusona person was Iloilo and that is what he is.