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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fish hooks everywhere in the Renee Lal scam

It's looking quite messy behind the scenes of the  alleged $400,000 scam involving the Suva lawyer, Renee Lal, and former politician Ben Padarath.

Not only are some of the players looking questionable by the day (some of them can't even be verified by the normal channels so sketchy are their details) but they're related or connected to each other in some way.

The man accused of organising Lal's beating for an alleged $10,000 for example, Ben Naliva, is the brother-in-law of Losalini Seruitanoa, the personal secretary to Dilip Jamnadas - the senior partner in Jamnadas and Associates, the law firm that Renee Lal worked for.

Remember we said that Lal was locked out of her office by Jamnandas five days before her arrest and that Lal's husband had to retrieve her files?

Captain Naliva (who is possibly a major now) is from Rewa province and was Frank Bainimarama's main personal staff officer around the 2006 coup.

Naliva was rewarded in 2007 for his treasonous services with a posting as a United Nations observer in Sudan. On his return to Fiji, he resumed his role as henchman to master in crime, a job he remains in today. 

The connections at Jamnadas and Associates are also interesting - the former military lawyer husband of Renee Lal, Amani Bale, apparently does all of Jamnadas' tax returns.

We've also been told the FICAC spokesperson, Erica Lee, (remember the FICAC is supposed to be investigating this fraud) is the fiance of Dilip Jamandas' son, Karl.

No picture yet on Renee Lal but these ones are of Ben Naliva, in tow to Frank Bainimarama.


Anonymous said...

Ratu Said.
well done coup 4.5.
the police should investigate this case not ficac.
i can small a rat here.
freeman must be charged too.parter in the crime and was giving bribe.
no one is above the law.but this is fiji .some are above the law.

mark manning said...

Ben Naliva, another human rights abuser !
The United Nations must be desperate !

baiya said...

the name padarath is scum. mother, son and especially the slimy father.

Anonymous said...

how can murderer like Naliva took part at a UN peacekeeping observer in Sudan when he is killer and human rights violator in his own country and puppet of his master VB???????????WHAT R GUYS DOING IN THIS BLOGS SUCH AS THIS TO STOP THIS EVIL THING...I.E. WHY DID NOT ANYONE WARN UN ABOUT NALIVA AND VB????????????....

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you do a coup and run dictatorships.Every Tom Dick & Harry begin to do their own little version. Felix Anthony did it, John Samy did it, Mahen Chaudary did it,Tappoo doing it. Qoro did it Kaloumaira did it. Jamnadas doin it. Lal sisters doing it.
I bet even the kaisi in the village is doing it too.
What the arsehole, boci, Bainimarama failed to see is that what he did set of a whole chain of events.
And yet we see Lawyers get on this forum to try and defend him.
I wonder sometimes how well educated people can fail to see a most basic truism of life. (that Evil begets evil and Good begets good.)
It just shows that even with a Law degree , you can still be an evil bastard.
Here is the Lesson Mr Gates, Pryde and all you stupid Lawyers: Democracy is the only form of government that keeps this sort of behaviour in check.
Since you people hate Democracy and continue to support this Coup all I can say is you are ALL self-serving bastards. You have no respect for the people of Fiji. Ni yavu vootoolaki!

mark manning said...

A Law unto themselves !
Well, so they think !
I still don't understand how Indigenous Fijians are responsible for the destruction and ruin of the Fijian culture.

Leone said...

The good thing about it is that all corrupt practices will be exposed off.Anony and Mark Manning will surely be exposed later,wait for it, it should be coming your way,You canot ignore the fact that this is all about cleanup no matter how you hide ,you cant keep on running, its catching up with you

Anonymous said...


sara'ssista said...

isn't it interesting, 'Following the November 16, 2006, riots the TONGAN government was given the authority to use the military, police or any individual to maintain public order.

Dr Latu declared that despite the overwhelming powers that were given to Tonga Defence Services and the Police, there was not one incidence between 17 November 2006 and 2 February 2011 when that authority was used'.

Amazing given the commentary from Croz on how differently the countries have been treated by Aus, NZ etc , perhaps the governnment of tonga's own behaviour and attitude to using it's powers is the difference here ??

mark manning said...

Anon 832 a.m. & Leone
The United Nations was advised from as far back as the change over in Leadership there, and certain steps were made at the U.N. to stop further peace keeping deployments.
From the beginning of this coup, I personally petitioned and emailed the U.N. and various Governments, many times, advising them of Frank Bainimarama's record from as far back as 2000 and the Human Rights violations since December the 5th. 2006.
Did you ?
@ Leone
I advised the Fiji Police via email, through the Fiji Women's Rights Organisation in Fiji and directly, to make sure that they secure records against those responsible and under investigation for murder, torture and other Human Rights atrocities in Fiji since 2000 and before.
I also suggested they keep copies !

It's my understanding that copies were indeed made, that records were removed from the police Headquarters just before Frank Bainimarama and his Soldiers over ran the Fiji Police Headquarters early in 2007.

Too late Frank !
Your File is in safe keeping, awaiting your trial for Sedition, torture and murder and High Treason against the State of Fiji.

Also, I suggested to a few key players that records be kept of all atrocities against Citizens of Fiji and that Official Reports be made, if only for the records, so they can be retrieved at a later date.
As well as a suggestion that victims pursue Civil Action, once Frank and Co. are brought to justice.

What have you done, both of you, to help secure convictions against these people ?
And not only am I not Fijian, but I don't even live in Fiji either.

I encourage you to find email addresses of Prime ministers and presidents and organisations who might be sympathetic to your cause, and write to them.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is there have been "bent" lawyers in Fiji for a long long time.You will note the very best and honest straight lawyers did not apply to the corrupt regime to continue to practice.Pity,but yet another unseen cost,the sum of which is mounting by the day.I suspect the NBF loss of $150 plus million is now truly overshadowed by this continuing fiasco.this will be a burden for the grandchildren as well as the children of Fiji.

Leone said...

Mark Manning ur writting and complaining everywhere ever since 2006 but no one is able to help.They are turning to Frank to support him in answer to your complains,aire't you ashamed of yourself....?Its only Australia that has been lobying seriously and doing whisleblowing the world over but God has turned on him for serious punishment in allowing floods,bushfires,and catergory 5 cyclones to hit Australia.Are't you afraid.....?.Ok I,m warning you repent now before its too late.boci vula

Anonymous said...

Anonynmous 1.18pm, but who are these straight lawyers, name them plizz?

Anonymous said...

Bet Shivam, Aziz's puppet will be shitting his pants. Guess who part owns the Rewa Street Medical Centre with Aziz?

4R Electrical gets big contract in Vanua Levu.....why?

Anonymous said...

@Annon 5.44pm
I have a lot of examples of Straight Lawyers:
Kaiyoom, Samims sisters, Amahni Bhale etc...By the way,they are LAWYERS anyway...they are taught how not to be straight...and they can surely apply that when they want to....Se vacava au lasu beka?

TheMax said...

Adi Leone is one big masi polo. He has got brains the size of a peanut and fart spews out of his nostrils.

Siga Vou said...

Well if you want to know the straights you can discount Gate, Acraman, Pryde, Kaiyyum etc, they're the queers!

mark manning said...

LOLS @ Max
yes Leone, from his colourful language and empty threats, sounds like one of Frank's boys from the camp !
All piss and wind and no substance !
It must be hard to feel so insignificant !

Anonymous said...

@Leone, Australia still gives millions of dollars aid to Fiji. This money is helping your poor relatives in the village, whereas the Fiji Military is just helping itself.
The problem Leone is you have 2 eyes but they are blind and 1 big mouth that doesn't seem to have a brain connected to it.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Erica Lee who uses her position in FICAC to threaten her sisters ex-hubby out of a divorce settlement? Very bad erica, all peas in a pod.i wonder what your connection is in all this as you work with Charlotte Peters as well. is it a love triangle?? More to come...........

Jone Tuiipelehaki said...

Just to clear the air here. Erika is not engaged to Karl