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Monday, February 14, 2011

Illegal appointees' parade of loyalty

Honour among thieves!
Illegal army commander Frank Bainimarama and cohorts turned out in full uniform today to lead the farewell for former president, Ratu Josefa Iloilo, the man who legitimised his 2006 coup.

Iloilo abrogated the 1997 Constitution and appointed Bainimarama prime minister.

Epeli Nailatikau, the current President, was also at Government  House today to usher in Ratu Josefa's body, where he is lying in state until tomorrow, (Tuesday), when he is moved to Viseisei.

Nailatikau was vice-president at the time constitution was abrogated, inheriting the presidential mantle when Iloilo was 'retired' by the regime.

Pictures: Avikash Chand, FijiLive


  1. Whitewashed tombs - white on the outside but full of SHIT inside.

  2. At Reinhard Heydrich's funeral, Hitler fiend sorrow too.

  3. Frank is even wearing his falsely acquired Order of Fiji Medal !
    How fake are these guys ?

  4. Not as fake as you Mark Manning.

    Do you still think Prophet Mohammeds birthday is the first public holiday of the year in Fiji?

  5. Will they have a full military funeral for Bai when he kicks the bucket? Better not!!!

  6. With the passing of one of Fiji’s greatest son’s it time to begin the healing process and Bainimarama must now show he has the perspicacity and intelligence to look beyond his prejudices and invite the only other person that has great acuity and regality to be our leader.

    Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi is the only remaining truley educated leader that has the mana to unify the nation and bring about the much needed peace among the citizenry of Fiji.

    Fiji must rid itself of that monkey on its back that is to say those extremists who are ill educated or are inebriated with power must not be allowed to be part of any future government this includes any living or partly living and or dead members of the SVT and SDL party respectively.

    Ratu Joni for President.


  7. @ Jake

    I think I just ate my hat in surprise - I am also a great fan of Ratu Joni - he would be a brilliant leader for Fiji - the likes of which we have not seen for decades.

  8. Did you know?

    When the full country and state ministers with the diplomatic corp were paying heir official last respect to the Former president has he lay in state at the government house -

    AG was in Ba - at the muslim function at Govind Park ( shown in yesterday Fiji TV)

    What disrespect !

  9. Parade of thieves indeed!

    Era vakalusia na ilavo ni lewenivanua... ra yavu kanabuta.. ra laki vakaicili kece na otela o ira na sotia butabutako qo... ra via vakaraitaki ira mai... vakasisila... rogorogoca na kena matabani... era vaka na matakau na nodra maji... ra yavu tinpot soldiers! eda via lua ni da raica na levu ni ilavo era mai vakalusia na kovea na noda matanitu... mai yaso... who the fuck chose u to control our government??? self-appointed army thieves!! wasting good money for the people on self-aggrandisement and show-off parade! dou rerevaka na lewenivanua, mo dou laki 1500 ena kena lai maroroi na Tui Vuda? raica mada e sega na lewenivanua e gaunisala... ka levu cake na hibiscus... dou nanuma ni dou dokai?? kena vakaraitaki ga ya ni dou sa maji kece na lewe 3000 na sotia... sega na lewenivanua... ya na kena vakaraitaki! dou rere, dou vakalekaleka taka na gauna ni reguregu, 2 na siga, dou nanuma dou buluti cei? 1 ga na siga e government house, 2 na siga e Viseisei... dou rere?

  10. I should think it extremely unlikely that a man of Ratu Joni"s integrity would stoop to give this regime any credibility no matter how one wraps it up as a service to the people of this country.If you lie down with dogs you get their fleas.And these dogs have many more afflictions.

  11. Jake should have a go at the Presdency.

  12. Bai looks like he is wearing his tennis shoe for the march! Must be those $2 ones that Mark Manning sends him to wear!!

  13. Jake needs psychiatric help if he thinks the Roko Tui Bau will stoop to an idiot who got rid of him in the first place.As Vice President back in 2006,Ratu Jone spoke the truth and condemned the coward Bainimarama for using the military to conduct a coup against the people.Fools like Chodo, Mataca, Barr, Driti, Teleni, Serulagilagi, Jim Ahkoy and others jumped on the corrupt bandwagon.Ratu Iloilo was silent on the issue because he was weak.

    Why should any a respectful chief like Ratu Jone join a desperate group of bokolas who think the only place for chiefs in Fiji, is around a grog bowl under a mango tree??

    Voreqe's junta is an amateurish in its approach because they have no experience,class or credibility...bastards!!

  14. Why do we need a President anyway?

  15. It is not if but when Ratu Joni is restored back to the Presidency in accordance with the 1997 Constitution and concurrently with the demise of the Bainimarama regime.

  16. Little known fact that although both are members of Kubuna - Bainimarama & current president forced Roko Tui Bau into exile in the Solomons. Roko's no great fan of the commander & crew - but a big fan of Viti - believe would act accordingly. Against this is that Bainimarama & cohorts are fully aware that Ratu Joni is the only one capable of getting Viti back onto the right track - therefore its not in their interests.

  17. Bainimarama isn't going anywhere. You can wish all you like, Bainimarama's leadership is here to stay.

  18. Another one bites the dust! Who's next? How many left?

  19. @ Turaga Naita
    I would only ever send Frank and Aiyaz, a silver bullet and white feather each.

  20. Been watching very closely these last few days and have observed the following:
    01.Momoedonu has been quoted as saying that all the 14 Provinces were to be traditionally informed after the Vore told the world that Iloilo was now history. Blunder No:1 - the vanua of Vuda does not have traditional ties to ALL the 14 Provinces.
    02. After the Vore did the honours of telling the world, Momoedonu has also been quoted as saying that both the Pressy and the Vore were to be traditionally informed.
    Blunder No; 2 - Why inform the Vore when it was the Vore who "officially" told us. He already knows, so why go and tell him? Furthermore, the Vore, protocol dictates would have "officially" informed the Pressy. Where is Momoedonu coming from?
    Blunder No: 3 - Why was Government House used for the so-called 'laying [ or is it "LYING ] in state', when Nailatikau is in in residence. Why not use the GCC complex or Borron House for that matter? This is the height of arrogance, disrespect and very obvious false grand-standing!!
    Blunder No ; 4 - Unless I am wrong, I saw on tv that the hearse had the Fiji Coat of Arms as its number plate. The man has retired and that number plate is reserved for the man who is in office!!!!
    Blunder No : 5 - When the ivakasobu was being carried out, only "Natena" was mentioned by the Military [soldier from Ra] time and again. I did not hear "Naisogolaca" even though the Pressy and the Vore, both in full military regalia, were standing together. Was this deliberate? Is the Military telling us something here?
    Of the 5 blunders mentioned above, THREE of them are a smack in the face for Nailatikau.
    I suspect that there will be more blunders in the next two days!!

  21. Why all the fuss about this dickhead. Waste of money - They should have just buried him at the old Lami rubbish dump dump amongst the trash where shit like him belong.

  22. @Anonymous 10:53 the biggest blunder is the Vore's cousin-brother, Attorney General,deciding to spend the day with his muslim jihadists in Ba rather than attend the Official function.
    If that was "i taukei", he would have got the sack straightaway.

  23. Vinaka for info..it shows the superficial world frank and his merry men are living in...sa veilecayaki tamata baleta ni sega ni rokova na vanua...sa na vakarau na veimurimuri yani kinai bulu2

  24. It is becoming ever so clear now, that Aiyaz is running the show and doesn't care for Fijian Culture or it's people.

    If the issue with the number plate on the hears is a correct observation, that it is reserved for sitting presidents and not retired Presidents, then does that imply that the late President was in fact still the Legal and current President and that the present one is an impostor ?
    And what does that mean overall ?

    One could surmise that the Presidency is in fact, now vacant, and could be filled by either Frank Bainimarama or Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum himself !

    What are the implications if this were allowed to happen, with the support of the RFMF ?

    What is next, has it all been planned from the outset, years before this coup was implemented and what are the real intentions of the Regime ?

    Where will it end, why do Indigenous Fijians continue to support the destruction of their own Culture, Economy and future prospects ?

  25. Even Aziz is wearing suluvakataga!

  26. Aziz should wear the sulu va toga

  27. Anon @ Feb 15,10.33pm ... I agree with all your points, may I add to your list, another blunder is the current illegal president Nailatikau dressed up in full military attire - sad case, he is all confused it seems. If he is in office as the president then all these ceremonial activities is being presented to him, it is unbecoming for the commander in chief to be marching with his men ... all joke huh? this regime has no clue about protocol, it is obvious they have no class!!!

  28. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biketawa_Declaration

  29. Amazing how God works. In the GCC meeting held in Somosomo just before the 1987 coup, a young Ratu Joni spoke in support of Dr Bavadra. And now, as more and more people look for good leadership, the very chief who was rejected (Ratu Joni) for his views is being sought desperately to lead Fiji. So what goes around, does come around.

  30. Aziz,Aiyaz,Bai,tik tok tik tok .Aziz jokingly on Monday said he is getting ready to go to Nukalau,as his wife and children are all set with all they need in life.What goes around comes around as you have hurt some innocents and they all pray for your demise and all who were with you ,god will never forgive you all.

  31. Roko Tui Bau - wanted by everyone
    except those with most to lose.

  32. Anon 10;53/The Max/Anon 10;33[15th] - - Thank you all for your comments.
    Firstly, the fact that Aiyaz was in Labasa, speaks for itself. IT is me, me and ME - bugger the Fijians.They can wait - afterall I am controlling and running the country!!!!
    Secondly, Aziz is wearing the sulu like the proverbial 'fox in sheep's clothing'. Need I say more about these two mozzies?
    Thirdly, you are very true - Nailaitikau is THE head of state and THE first citizen. Furthermore, he is THE Commander-in-Chief.
    Have any of you seen her Majesty the Queen, as the Commabder-in-Chief march with the troops. Have any of you seen the US President, as the Commander-in Chief,
    marched with the troops? Have any of you seen both Rt Sir George and Rt Sir Penaia march with the troops when the were Commanders-in-Chief? Only in Fiji - where evrything and I mean EVERYTHING has just gone haywire!!!!

  33. To : Anon[10;35]/The Max/ Anon[10;33(15th) and Mark Manning.
    Firstly, Aziz is giving us a very clear meassage - my priorities come first, Fiji can wait. I am running this country.
    Secondly, Aziz is wearing a sulu to show us all that he is the proverbial 'fox in sheep's clothing'!
    Thirdly, Nailaitikau is THE Commander-in-Chief, THE first citizen, etc, etc - why he was marching with the troops raised a LOT of eyebrows.
    Her Majesty the Queen, as The Commander-in-Chief, the US President, as THE Commander-in-Chief, Rt Sir Goerge, Rt Sir Penaia and Rt Sir Kamisese, as THE Commanders-in-Chief never did it!!
    Nailatikau certainly raised a LOT of eyebrows.
    Lastly, not to worry Mark, that is exactly what is going to happen - the Vore as the Pressy and the Pig as the PM - brace for it my brother!!!
    As an afterthought, maybe Nailatikau was obliged beacause his "appointing authority" in the person of the Vore was "on parade".
    Nailatikau is a disgrace to us kai Tailevus, the Bauans and the Victorians [QVS].

  34. Just a correction on those Mozzie names the frst one chould be Arze and NOT Aziz.

  35. @Anon 6:01.
    Nailatikau is below contempt - rest assured - what he's inflicted on the Roko (exile)has - & will not - ever be forgotten by certain sections of Kubuna.

  36. Jake for Pressy, I say

  37. The last Parade for Frank and Co. !

  38. Mark Manning - you are so wrong there brother - THE last parade with be in front of the Almighty!!!! That will be the parade of all parades!!!!

  39. THE last parade will be THE parade before his Maker, where he will be Paraded naked like when he came into this world. He will appear less his Navy Whites, less his badge of rank, less his anquilettes, less his sword, less everything.
    ALL will be revealed at THE last parade.
    It is a pity that we cannot watch that Parade when it happens - I would certainly love to. I may even give evidence if given the chance!

  40. @ Anon 10:33.

    Don't over complicate it.

    They stuck a body in Nailatikau's
    Bure. Ni Moce.

  41. 'verebau' - Complicate what ? Sorry to complicate an uncomplicated issue for you!! No understand? No comprehendo? Sega ni kila? Nai jano? He! He!

  42. interesting indeed to read and try to put the pieces of infor together and imagining what could have happened today...thank God that we're still very much alive.!


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