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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Illegal regime too gutless to charge 'plotters'

Regime afraid a trial will reveal widespread fallout and corruption


Key evidence found at Padarath's house

The military regime is in a dilemma over whether or not to press charges against the staunch coup supporters and perpetrators who were conspiring to overthrow Frank Bainimarama, Aiyaz Khaiyum and their dictatorship administration.

The identification
of several key personnel who were an integral part of Bainimarama's regime but who are trying to overthrow him and his side-kick Sayed Khaiyum, was revealed last week after the arrest of con man, Ben Padarath.

Note that we reported that Fiji Labour Party stalwarts Poseci Bune and Felix Anthony were taken in along with Padarath. 

The former Attorney General in Mahendra Chaudhry's government, Anand Singh, was also caught in the sweep and we've since learned Singh was locked up for more than 10 hours late last week.

Top officers fingered
Significantly, though, the military's radar was also on Brigadier General Mohamed Aziz and former Land Force Commander, Brigadier Pita Driti.

Our military sources say certain documents were found pointing to a plot to overthrow the regime when military intelligence raided Padarath's home after his earlier arrest for links with lawyer Renee Lal and a Ghanian businessman.

The discovery led to intense grilling of Padarath and a brutal bashing where he received burns from hot water and three broken ribs. He was admitted to Colonial War Memorial Hospital where he remains a patient.

But military sources say Padarath basically spilled the beans in an effort to save himself and offered to be a State witness against those he is believed to have conspired with.

According to military sources, a list of names of whose who in the regime - as well as its staunch supporters like Bune and Anthony (both served the regime) Driti, Aziz and other senior military and police officers - was discovered in Padarath's Suva home.

President and lawyer implicated
Also found was a draft, three-page Decree with the name of Ratu Epeli Nailatikau as its supposed signatory, removing Bainimarama's regime, appointing a civilian administration and appointing a senior military officer as the new army commander.

Military sources say the Decree they found cited various reasons justifying the removal of Bainimarama's regime. According to the Decree, the following were the main causes of concern:

a) the regime's failure to follow former President Ratu Josefa Iloilo's plan of January 2007
b) excessive corruption including some details about Bainimarama and Aiyaz Khaiyum
c) economic deterioration and total lack of transparency and accountability.

Military sources have revealed Padarath told them the Decree was drafted by Suva based lawyer, Neel Shivam, who is extremely close to Aziz, and who has scored lots of legal work, thanks to the connection.

But despite what appears to evidence to charge, military sources say the regime has been advised to proceed with caution. It's been told not to press charges like conspiracy or attempted treason immediately, because the plotters were pillars of strength for Bainimarama's regime and pivotal in cementing its power.

Military sources say the regime has been advised that if the matter is brought before the Court, then the key piece of evidence against the conspirators will have to be the draft Decree. And if the contents of the draft Decree, plus the defence evidence of the conspirators is revealed, media exposure will embarass the regime. 

The sources add that damage to Bainimarama and the regime will be severe because details about his and Aiyaz Khaiyum's corrupt activities - and the regime's misdeeds and failures - will come from former allies, who once held key and strategic positions, but are now conspirators.

The sources say it has been decided that investigations with key personnel like Aziz and Driti will proceed cautiously, and they will not be grilled as Padarath and Co have been. 

The players: Dictator Bainimarama, Sayed Khaiyum, Mohammed Aziz, Piti Driti, Epeli Nailatikau (left), Ben Padarath (left) and Neel Shivam.


The noose tightens said...

Tik Tok....Tik Tok...

Like Mubarak, it is only a matter of time before the dictator Bhaini and his family are crushed...and Fiji like Egypt will be free again and have democracy and the rule of law returned. Watch collaborators khaiyum, gates, fat sharon and little boy pryde run for their lives...and the confused old facist from horowhenua...still trying to work out what happened in 1950??

Anonymous said...

Ben was not a bad boy after all.
He only got bashed because Bai saw that he could face the courts.
Well Bai, you can run but you cant hide. One day we will catch up with you and you will enjoy Naboro. No more cocktails there.

Anonymous said...

Neel Shivam should be sorted for once. Been a crrok for a long time. Ever since his Waikato days. Aziz and Neel own that medical centre in Rewa Street. Vinaka army.

Anonymous said...

The look in the Vore's face says it all - he is a WORRIED, SICK and PATHETIC man who is now really scared of his shadowsOr maybe I am wrong, in that he misses holding Driti & Co's hands - just for assurance.

Brazil Payback. said...

This mean Aziz's Brazil gigs off?

Viti Military Moves. said...

Known colloquially as

Joker said...

Here goes the monkey republic...only in Viji

mark manning said...

Boo !

Anonymous said...

Anything close to topple is now gone, unfortunately.

Thanks to those prominant idiots from Auckland who thought to start spilling the beans of the purported plot to coup 4.5 well ahead of the execution has f...d up not only the plot but also the poeople who were party to it.

When 4.5 thinks thi swas a story to tell and ran ahead to show I told you so, they fucked it all up for everyone.

This is what is the blog for fighting for democracy ...Ha...

Coup 4.5 allowing these to run and not writing those that they do not like have caused these people to be treated well at the military camp.

Thank you the two bocy's from Auckland who think talking corruption about the boys in the mids of maybe plot, and the democracy blog writing them all has costed Fiji another 10 years.

Vinaka..and please write this comment if you have balls.

Anonymous said...

Bai is indeed running scared, so as his conspirators. Once he's ousted, Ayiarse and all those who profited from this illegal government should have all their assets seized, bank accounts frozen and every single cent be taken away from them before they book into Naboro for a long earned vacation. No more cocktails but plenty of cocks.

Keep The Faith said...

And so it begins.

TheMax said...

@ the anti-Frank crusaders

How long will you guys keep on deluding yourselves? The least person that is worried is Frank. Frank's is here to lead tis country to 2014 election. The only thing I want to tell you people is that stop wasting your time spreading lies, rumours, fantasies, etc. You'll only get yourselves go mad in the head.

Joe said...

There still is time, Frank. Do the right thing. Firstly, get rid of your AG, his decrees are similar to his stinking Sharia laws. Secondly, re-engage with Aus & NZ and work out an acceptable way forward to democracy with the proviso of an immunity from prosecution for yourself and the RFMF. The great statesman that we lost recently, Ratu Iloilo, had visions for his country and its people, hence he abrogated the constitution as a result of Aus judges coming up with a 52 page judgement within 24hrs which would potentially have seen LQ back in control with his draconian policies. The hole you have dug for yourself is growing deeper by the minute. If you ignore it, may God help you.

vosanawai said...

good stuff chaps. keep up the info flow.

Anonymous said...

The guy in the front looks so worried while the one at the back is so relaxed.
Wonder what's bitting the worried fulla?

Anonymous said...

"The wicked are like the tossing sea....There is no rest for the wicked" says God. (Isaiah 57:20 - 21).
Yes, how true this verse is. The wicked Bai is forever looking behind his back wondering who is holding the knife.
I wouldn't be surprised if it is the other Ben that will finally stick it to him. "You too Brutus".
What a circus!

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows a rat will say anything to save his own skin... Ben threw the hook - and you all swallowed the line and sinker.

Anonymous said...

TheMax...I bet you'll supporting the ass Bai just to get by. You'll be drowning in yaqona when Bai and his cohorts are arrested...the only one deluded here is you, book yourself into St Giles before it's too late, and make sure you take your medication when you are there.

Maximum said...


You are the one deluded maxie girl. Frank is so suspicious that jumps at his own shadow.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The background to the coup plotting began back in early 2010 when Baini decided he wanted to purchase a SMART bomb. He put out feelers when he was in NY for the UN meetings but was told in no uncertain terms by the US that he would not be sold any weaponry of any sort. He then went off to China to see if he could get it there but the technology for it was still in development and he couldn’t take any risks with using undeveloped technology. On his return from the China trip he met with the ‘Big 3’ at the time, Aziz, Driti and Ului and informed them that he was unable to attain the bomb. Driti then asked him “but Sir, why do you want a SMART bomb, we don’t have any aircraft that is capable of delivering it?” It was said Vore flew into a rage and screamed at the officers “You know very well I’ve got several Ministerial portfolios that require intelligent decisions and I only barely managed to pass Fiji Junior, and I’m planning to appoint my daughter and other close relatives to positions they don’t have the qualifications for!! I need the SMART bomb to explode in my house so we can all get smarter!!” and with that it was said he stormed out of the meeting. Driti then turned to the other two and said “Boy’s lets coup this idiot!!”

Vafoolings - TGIF!

Stealth. said...

In any authoritarian regime - instability seems unthinkable - except at the moment of upheaval?

Anonymous said...

Spare a thought for prime collaborator Gates. He is high on the list for treason and he should know better.

Anonymous said...

"Top officers fingered"..Guess Baini Marama is the one doing the deed. TheMax must now have a loose Azhole after all that.

Radiolucas said...

Frank will spend the rest of his life looking over his shoulder: it is only a matter of time before the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the one in the back is thinking,"I want to have Voreqe's job and all I have to do is to knock him off..too easy...I will bide my time for the right moment to assassinate him"

TheMax said...

@ Anonymous, Maximum and all other anti-Frank bloggers

You guys have been trying since 2000, 2006 and then 2009 to get rid of Frank yet time and time again, every single person you've mentioned who could get rid of him have been either sidelined, terminated, thrown in jail, etc, etc, etc. You wonder why?

I come to this blog and read all sorts of gibberish, made up news, lies, distortions, propagandas, fantasies thrown all over the place to demonize and belittle Frank. Yet, at the end of the day, he always come out the winner. You wonder why?

The answer is simple. Not only Frank has the core support of the whole RFMF with or without Driti and Roko Ului, two of the guys you people have been bragging here that will take him out, what he is doing is just and good for the country.

The narrowness and shallowness by which you guys view Frank and what he is trying to do and the reason why he is doing to rechart Fiji's direction is mindboggling. The ultimate goal in what Frank is doing brings Fiji from sliding back into cannibalism days right into the 21st century. After all this is done, the new Fiji will be a progressive multi-racial and prosperous country.

Just mark my word, that day is here but it will be much more clearer once we have election in 2014.

Anonymous said...

Photos show all these cowards in green look worried and so they should be because at the moment the greatest individual risk is coming from amongst their circle.

There will always be a disgruntled collaborator willing to rise up and get rid of the competition, that's the nature of gangsters where the law of the jungle rules.

SaRauta said...

I feel sorry for blokes like Driti et al for being taken for a ride by da Vore. I guess when you are selfish you cannot see past your nose.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1.30.

Also generic code of practice amongst military everywhere.
Think bubling cauldron - rising cream? Only deterent that prevents military takeovers everywhere - is the fact that in most countries (democratic ones - US ANZ UK etc included). Is that the gain - is not worth the risk

Anonymous said...

leave the rest , just see what's happening in muslim world-baini coming to end

Jake said...

It is beyond the realm of belief that such jiggery-pokery ought to be taken for gospel.

The maleficent mind knows no bound in fact its like cancer once infected its very difficult to contain.

It appears these anti Frank sodomites are all playing the same tune give it a break guys.

To put your guy's weak mind under undue stress could have a detrimental effect on your psyche.


mark manning said...

If you take Frank's personality into consideration, you can only imagine that the fear in his eyes, could also be a look of consternation in the knowledge that someone doesn't think as much of him, as he does of himself !

fiji loyal said...

this lot might've failed but there'll be another one rising. no one but dummy jake and co and those on the take want VB

Viti First said...

The Max@1.20pm - If your Frank is so wonderful, how come we don't already have the new, progressive, multi-racial propserous country that you spout about? Why do we have to wait until 2014 to enjoy such luxuries, eh? Frank has had four years plus to create this bullshit utopia of his and all we've seen is himself, the hierarchy and their chosen friends filling their pockets. Wake up, mate or head back to camp and find another poor victim to bash.

Radiolucas said...

@ TheMax

"Since 2000..." What ARE you talking about?

We only criticised Frank when he committed treason against our elected government, abrogated the constitution, removed all our public liberties and flushed our country's economy down the toilet.

"every single person you've mentioned who could get rid of him have been either sidelined, terminated, thrown in jail, etc, etc, etc. You wonder why?" No, actually. Noone wonders why - Frank is insane and paranoid - by his words and actions he has attempted to silence all opposition to his rule and intimidate those who criticise him.

Having the people fear the government is rule by tyranny. But he is afraid of everyone for good reason: he realised that the treason he committed can so easily be repeated to remove him and then used as justification against him.

It has been FIVE years since this idiot started waving his gun around and despite all the pretty words about him attempting to "rechart Fiji's direction" all he has done is appoint himself to positions of power, neglect his own self-appointed jobs and corrupt the entire system of government as his own private army.

NONE of this reality is distortion or propoganda.

It is as plain a truth as it can get - tell me what part of any of these accusations is distortion and I will show you a liar.

Propaganda is when you censor all media and try to make everything look happy and rosy while it flies down the shit-tube. Writing about the reality in Fiji on a blog is just that - why worry about it if it is all untrue (according to you)?

Seriously. Your delusionary ranting about how unfair it is that we complain about your best friend Frank is boring.

Noone with half a brain believes of your rubbish about how Frank has a magic plan to make Fiji a "multi-racial and prosperous country".

Frank only has one plan: to stay in power at all costs.

Anonymous said...

People, don't dignify The Max with any response. His Franks 2nd arsehole.

RFMF said...


Revelations from the ministry of Finance are being made that the soft loans from china totalling at least 300m have no offical paper trail.

weather this is an injection from China without its allies knowing its interest in Fiji ( like CIA injections into countries that world does not want US to support) - remains to be seen.

But one thing is certain that this monies are not from the Chinese Banks as there is no paper trail past 2008. Are we funded by covert china funds buying off our resources and alliance away from US, Australia and NZ?
A very dangerous trend indeed with these kinds of funds coming in whereby the government heads can make off with millions as there is no paper trail of the funds just like the former Egypt president.
You all might remember that in November 2010 - we have been rated 0 for non discloser of government financial statements to world bank.

Does this ring a bell?

very serious indeed .. stay tuned for more

SaRauta said...

Jake and Max should go and mix...under the toiletary.

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy, Oh Boy - I see in the pic that Driti is wearing the red tab of a General, yet he is wearing the badge of rank of a Colonel. Then again, ONLY IN FIJI!!!!

Anonymous said...

Driti - E cala tiko qori. Gold chain qai sega ni toro!!
De MATAIVALU NEI TAMAMU!! Sa rauta me sa "slack" vakalevu na mataivalu ni sa dou liutaka na "slack" na veiliutaki!!
Isa na mataivalu au a kila ka au a susu kina!!!

Anonymous said...

The days are numbered .run run away to china/arab before you will be hanged like other world leaders.
taliban sayed khaiyum the prisoners waiting for your ass.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@9.18pm Mate, the details revealed here are of a failed plot.-C4.5 Editor

VereBau. said...

@ Anon 9:18.

Good call.

Anonymous said...

The Max- Do you REALLY believe that we will have elections in 2014? Boy, you must have your head buried in the proverbial sand!
As long as the Vore is alive, we will NOT, and I repeat, we will NOT [SEGA/ NAHI] see the light of democracy.
In a nutshell, let me tell you once and for all, the real two reasons are:
Firstly, Naboro beckons and
Secondly, and more importantly, the corruption is too far entrenched and far too sweet to give up.
The idiot keeps shifting the goal post and will come with all sorts of excuses to keep putting the elections off.
Why do you think our neighbours/friends [Ozzies/Kiwis] are pushing him into the corner. The idiot is a coniving and lying coward!!
With his pea brain, he seems to think that we are all gullible and a desparado like him.

Anonymous said...

Hey, all you Grammarians, any of you seen OB Driti around in town lately?
If you have, then did he have his military BODYGUARDS with him?
Any of you have his mobile number ? Got a FEW things to tell him the sadist!!!!

mark manning said...

If a white man in Sydney is hearing rumblings of discontent from ordinary Fijians, from within Fiji, where before there was only praise for the coup, then wouldn't that suggest that all is not quite going as well as Frank and Co. suggest ?
I'm the white man by the way !

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark

I like all that you say and please keep it up!

However I want to let you know that for once you are wrong...you are not white mate...you are PINK.

No one is white, but people are pink those of a fair complexion...no one is Black, they are brown.

Get it right the next time.

Anonymous said...

mark manning - If you really are 'a white man in Sydney and hearing all the rumblings", and who is a regular commentator on this blog, then you must be concerned about what is happening to the ordinary person here.
If my assumptions are all true, then why do you not ask Julia Gillard to also slam ALL travel bans and sanctions on the other Pac Island countries who are overtly and covertly supporting this IDIOT and his bunch.
Lip service for us is not good enough!! Put your MOUTH where it belongs.

Perception is everything... said...

Will somebody please lend Driti a razor - book on military dress code (insignias)- some happy pills.

TheMax said...

Hey people Jake the sodomite is deluded... so don't take any notice of his incoherent ramblings.