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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

LATEST REPORT - Nailatikau still at Government House

There may well be antipathy between Epeli Nailatikau and Frank Bainimarama but it seems supporters have been too hasty to tout the illegal president has been removed from Government House by soldiers.

New information suggests our earlier story, based on information from two sources, was premature.

We've now been told Nailatikau is still at Government House and that soldier's were visiting him about something else.

It's been suggested troops were presenting a magiti for Josefa Iloilo's funeral.

We'll keep you posted.


TheMax said...

He may as well join Iloilo.

Anonymous said...

Raru Epeli should get rid of bai and ag taliban now before they get rid of him.
Since he still hold the power of commander in chief.
god bless fiji and our people.
Free us from these ag taliban and bani.i pray.

Anonymous said...

Epeli Rubberstamp Nailatikau just the same as Iloilo.

Anonymous said...

Let the people of Ra/Bau,/Naitasiri/Lau/Namosi/Tailevu people combine and march to bani and ag taliban office and put them in the lovo pit.
This will show people power and the armies will support the people like in libya/others.
Come On Vanua wake up and march if you have the guts and put this people to task.

God's wrath said...

I'm not God to know what happens when we die but the unfortunate disaster in Christchurch has revealed God's wrath for those who don't fear Him. The grossly damaged Cathedral in the middle of the city was the haven for gay marriages. The openly gay minister in the Cathedral invited gay couples from Australia @ NZ for their marriage ceremonies. 22 people were in the Cathedral when it collapsed and they're among the listed 75 deaths. Reminds me of Gillard's statement before the spate of recent disasters in Australia when she said, she didn't believe in God. The lesson for us in Fiji is not be complacent, and, to continue with our respective prayers whether one is Christian, Muslim or Hindu. And to me, Iloilo was an example of a good servant.Despite what's said about him, he must have sought forgiveness for how else did he die so peacefully at the ripe old age of 90?

Anonymous said...

@God's wrath.. just shut your heap of religious crap up! So do you intend to pray to the same God who brought about this disaster? You are so stupid. Did it not occur to you that Christchurch is situated on two tectonic plates? Where is your logic? Stop bringing religion into everything, thats the other thing wrong with Fiji, mixing religion in with everything!
What is so wrong with gay marriage? What is your problem, do not judge! The cathedral fell because it is a 140 year old building. Only stupid religious gits like you would go and think of something else before using your brain and logic.
Take your homophobic principles some place else as they have no place in this day and age.

Anonymous said...

Bai good for nothing!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Gods Wrath - The god you worship sounds like a cruel god. Most of the people who died there were not homosexuals, so he or she is also incompetent. I'm glad I do not worship your god.

Truth Seeker said...

Check out intelligentsiya...

Military Regime Clarifies Visit to Presideny Yesterday

After fervent whispers yesterday that the current illegal and treasonous President, Rt Epeli Nailatikau, was visited by the military for purposes unclear, Leweni suddenly takes to his bugle the airwaves to downplay what transpired.

When the military see fit to put a spin on an otherwise non-event, we are now accustomed to being wary that there is much, much more brewing under the surface.

Fiji Military visits President
Thursday, February 24, 2011

Senior Officers of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces led by Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday paid a courtesy visit to the President His Excellency Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

RFMF Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni says the visit to government house was to express their support to the president who is their Commander in Chief.

Leweni says this is a normal tradition of the RFMF to visit the president.

The military accorded the same honour and courtesy to the late Tui Vuda Ratu Josefa Iloilovatu Uluivuda when he was president.

Report by: Apisalome Coka

Regime would not have reacted if there wasn't 'truth' in what you ran.

Anonymous said...

@Gods Wrath. You're an idiot. So what do you say to those people who were straight and were praying at the Cathedral? Please I think you're gay yourself and trying to deny it. lolz. Read about the tectonic plates in the Pacific and how it is shifting.

Enough with your bible bashing crap. I do agree with Anon 3:09pm comments above. Think about what you're saying you small minded hypocrite. Cast the first stone if you have not sinned.

Anonymous said...

God is a JUST God . ( unlike unjust people like Bainimarama, Gates and Pryde)
If we break His Law then we have to pay.(just like if you break any traffic law , the police will punish you with a fine)
According to the Bible, homosexuality is breaking God's Law, punishable by death or burning in Hell.(1Corinthians6: 9-11)

Interestingly any sex outside of marriage will suffer the same consequence.
That just about includes 99.9% of us writing in this blog.

The only way for us to escape this judgement is for a "sinless" person to take the punishment. And since God is also a LOVING and Merciful God, He sent His son Jesus to come and take the punishment.

A Christian is a sinner like everyone else BUT who has recognised his/her need for a Saviour (to take my punishment) and has ACCEPTED what Jesus has done on his behalf.

The second point is: in the Bible if people or a country continues to wilfully flout His Laws then He takes away His protective hands and allow things to happen.

This is the reason why 6 million Jews (Gods own people) were annihilated by Hitler.

Before that was the famous town of Sodom (whose occupants were involved in orgies of homosexuality) that was razed to dust by God.
From this town comes the word "sodomy" (which incidentally is a favourite word used by Jake in this blogsite).

So basically @God's wrath (the above blogger) is partly correct. And of course @Anonymous is right too that "Tectonic plate movements" was responsible. (just as in the case of Sodom and Gomorrah)

The important point is for us to pause and pray for the poor Christ-church people because the same thing could also happen to us. (except that God has been gracious to us).

However if you were to die today would you end up in Hell or have you taken the way of escape by accepting Jesus Christ.


(PS: Remember, God is a JUST God and Bainimarama will definitely not escape).

Anonymous said...

@ G..d's Wrath
Looks like you've stirred up the viper's nest with your comments,lol. poor buggers think in this day and age its okay to be homosexual. Shows the extent of the perverted sick world we live in today. Bainimarama, that would be the right direction in your clean up campaign. You da MAHN. Go get them.

Anonymous said...

Ratu Epeli just need to ask the vanua to support him to get rid of bani/ag taliban .
The vanua will support him.