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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

MORE BREAKING NEWS! Nailatikau removed by soldiers

THE EYES HAVE IT: Bainimarama and Nailatikau (left) at Josefa Iloilo's funeral.

Reports are coming in that Epeli Nailatikau has been removed as president from Government House by soldiers.

Nailatikau's removal apparently follows the arrest last night of the former 3FIR Commander, Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara, in Lautoka.

Supporters say Roko Ului has been detained to deter any uprising as a result of the removal of Nailaitikau; Ulilakeba wields a support of more than 1200 royalist soldiers in the Fiji Army.  

Information given to Coupfourpointfive says the President was questioned on Wednesday the 6th of this month about the decree found at the Suva house of con man Ben Padarath.

We've been told Nailatikau was summoned to camp at QEB and kept in an interview room for four hours on the directive of dictator Frank Bainimarama. 

Coupfourpointfive sources say a letter has been delivered to the President to step down on the 28th of this month - in five days time. The letter came from Bainimarama. 

The president has not responded to the letter but tension is said to have already started to build with people of Ra pledging their support, together with the high chief of Rewa.

It's believed Bainimarama wants to have executive authority as President and to do away with the role of prime minister.


Anonymous said...

The army should get rid of bani and ag taliban.
let the people of fiji unite and fight these corrupt ag and pm bani.

Anonymous said...

Things are just gettin "heated_up" in paradise...
Awake from your slumber people.....

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's trying to do a Gaddafi - good luck with that one -
sooooo yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone praying.
God is answering our prayers.
The end is nigh.

Anonymous said...

Please Mr President.

Please grow balls and coup Frankie and ai-arse.

Please do this for our nation and our children.

You are our last hope and if you bow down to this mad man, we are finished as a nation.

Please please please do the right thing. We are right behind you.

Anonymous said...

If this is true, I am not surprised, I saw it coming as it was so obvious with Voreqe's body language throught the funeral of Ratu Iloilo plus with the President marching with the troops - that was signal all was not well!

TheMax said...

I'll cut the matter short for you guys. Roko Ului doesn't have support from the 1200 loyalist soldiers you mentioned here. In fact, the truth is most soldiers despise him. He was removed from his post for simply abusing his position and authority. So is Driti. These two were abusing their positions as senior military officers. There are other reasons why they were removed but none of them was about trying to remove Bainimarama. The simple truth is, they both can't because they don't have support at all.

The current military leadership has a vision and a goal to achieve and it's going to be very difficult to break their resolve. They've learnt their lessons from past experiences which resulted in the dark days of 2000 when a number of senior military officers at that time worked behind the back of Bainimarama to undermine his leadership.

If you look down through the years, none of the RFMF commnaders from Rabuka to Rt Epeli Ganilau was able to achieve for the soldiers what Bainimarama was able to do. Negotiated the RFMF pay to rise, allowances increased, etc, etc. In fact, Bainimarama achieved the almost impossible in terms of welfare for the RFMF and their families. This is why Bainimarama has very good support in the military because all the previous Commanders were all talk and no walk. Bainimarama talked the talk, and walked the walk in spite of the eenemies that surrounded him right from within.

Anonymous said...

Somehow I don't think Ului has the loyalty of 1200 soldiers. The only thing they're loyal to is the money!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 23Feb/9:05pm - How very true. I too picked that up. Not a single word was spoken between the two.
Well, our cries and prayes have finally been answered - things have now imploded!!
Driti, the coward that he is, has shown his true colours by turning state witness!! He has decided to jump overboard and abandon not only his officers and men, but the country as a whole for the sole reason of saving his skin.

Jake said...


You, Jake, Bai, Driti et al are all cowards

Jake said...


You dopy. If it is all about soldiers pay rise than you are a bloody idiot. Kiss Vore's ass.

Anonymous said...

The Max said...@9.53PM
Get off your high horse you ignorant person.
How do you explain all the corruption and the millions of dollars unaccounted for?
How do you explain that Franks Clean Up Campaign has come to nothing?
I know so many corrupt persons and scams existed before the Clean Up Campaign and I was so happy when Frank came and said he would clean things up.
Nothing happened and infact today corruption is so much more worse, its ten times worse.
So all the bullshit you spin is useless, why dont you just surf the net from your QEB Barracks and wait till your ass gets kicked to prison.

Anonymous said...

The MAX. You did not cut it short. You tried to sneak in a pro Voreqe prop there- good try but we are not fooled. The previous Commanders of RFMF were professionals and honurable men. Frank is a power hungry perverted and ambitious miserable creature. His curse is a grandeur vision of himself!!! much a like a fool who thinks he is a genius. On the question of pay rise for soldiers, FRank was doiing that from when he was in the Navy. Frank is not capable of see the big and true picture of how a nation states resources is used and the implications when misused. Two examples:
1. For years we accepted the allowances and salries we reviced in Sinai and Lebanon, because we knew that there is only so mu7ch money and if the UN and MFO missions were not self funding the government will have to with draw the RFMF from these missions.
2. In the Navy Frank was only concerned about pleasing his drinking buddies and underminig other senior officers until he, helped by Stan Brown, his own Father and unwittingly by other senior officers managed to get to the top.

He has given the soldiers all the money they want quite oblivious of the repercussions on the nations finances. He has to buy loyalty!!! All dictators do that. Real leaders command respect and loyalty pretenders have to buy it. You must also not forget that Frank gets his cut as well most obvious example being the proverbial leave he paid himself. So the soldiers will get all they want (not need mind you - WANT) until the nation is bankrupt.

One indisputable fact MAX - THe Nurses under Kuini Lutua went on mass protest for better pay. They did not get it. Now the Nurses have just been given double pay - why? Because alot of Nurses are married to soldiers and the soldiers told Frank to pay up!!!

I dare you to disprove these Max

Truth Max, Truth only will prevail in the End!

Anonymous said...

You dickhead Voreqe did not negotiate anything. He approved all these increases in allowances by the power of the gun after December 2006.
You and your Mataivalu solisona are a burden to the people of Fiji and should be eliminated once and for all. Fiji does not need you bunch of bocis.

Tamata Ulukau - You think any Government would have approved all those useless payments to you dogs - Enjoy it while you can because when the money runs out you will all be rooting each other.

Anonymous said...

Leave by the gun and die by the gun ooooooppppppss...sorry gun maro each other at QEB

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:15 and 6:26. Thank you. What Max and the rest of the green termites don't seem to understand is that their pay has to come from somewhere. It doesn't just appear out of thin air. Either Tax Payers have to pay;
or Vuaka has to kerekere somebody. Either kerekere FNPF or overseas govt. Now can't kerekere from ANZ so has to kerekere China.
I heard the figure $300mil being thrown around (just to sustain the military).

What Max forgets and all the Ulukau in Delainabua is someone has to pay that debt and it's usually their children.

May be Wadan Narsey should give a "bean cart " lesson on Economics so that the Class 1 in Delainabua can understand.
eg how much cost of making Qulaqula and how much you need to sell one for, just to break-even. And what will happen if you borrow too much and can't pay back etc. The Bank might seize your bean-cart etc etc and what will happen if you borrow too much from China etc.

Anonymous said...

All you anti RFMF bloggers, please ensure that you use the correct language, it seems that it is the pro RFMF bloggers that respect the rules on this blog site. It is a shame when you belittle Bainimaranama and his soldiers you tend to do it here where they can't see you nor identify you. We all have our difference of opinion and I'm sure we're entitled to our views but it doesn't mean we should stoop down and use language from the gutters. Please comment constructively or otherwise just roll up to the QEB maingate and shout all the swear words you can shout in order to free your mind. Food for thought..

Anonymous said...

Queen Elizabeth would be severely embarrased if she finds out about abuses being conducted within the confines of the barracks that is named after her.

Why don't they just change its name to Bainimarama Barracks!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:15 You tell Ben Naliva to come and beat up those he has rounded up, infront of everyone at Sukuna Park , then we will come and shout infront of main gate Delainabua.
Sotia ni solisona. Yavu tamata lamulamu.

Anonymous said...

So much hot air on this site. Be careful you might generate an almighty earthquake.

Savasava said...

you can say bad words against the soldiers..thats your right..but dont forget that they are in power.

If you curse them ..you will be cursed

What comin out of ya mouth is who you are


Anonymous said...

hey why not lets talk about a few things that'll prick some people. I know of a list of people that have been through 2 of Bainimaramas daugthers Rubyanne and Litiana now theyre one REALLY slutty lot they are ... how bout it

Anonymous said...

@ 4:51 get out of the gutter. Your suggestion stinks. Leave them out of it.