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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

PNG job deal a golden opportunity for Fiji's lazy army

COUP BABYSITTERS:  Soldiers (above and below) serving the interests of a corrupt regime instead of working for the good of the country.

 Put them to work!

The illegal regime says mineral rich Papua New Guinea has asked it for five thousand (yes, that's right) workers for its its oil, gas, and mining industry.

The idea was revealed today by the illegal Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources, Netani Sukanaivalu, who told FBC News PNG has told it needs labourers and experts.

Sukanaivalu says the illegal government is going through the proposal but can already see the huge opportunities for Fiji - the thousands of jobs that'll be created and the income that'll be generated for the economy.

The PNG mining industry has raked in billions of dollars for the Melanesian government and Sukanaivalu believes Fiji can get a slice of the action.

We don't know yet how real the jobs are or when and how PNG will decide on the workers. It's certainly a lot of people to find but we think Fiji has a ready made group, the army.

We say the illegal regime should send the army to Port Moresby and let it do something productive for a change - some honest work instead of being Checkpoint Charlie's and at the beck and call of corrupt dictators and illegal attorney general's who can't  sleep at night without police or soldier's at their gates.


mark manning said...

Slow Military checkpoint !
So what does a fast Military checkpoint look like ?

Yes, that is a great idea, it will allow the Military to become productive and to engage in a money making venture which in turn will help the ailing economy of Fiji.

There are no common enemies in Fiji, so why not take advantage of this Golden opportunity which has the potential to turn the Regime's financial situation around and give the RFMF Soldiers back a feeling or pride and of being productive.
It must be soul destroying just sitting around the Island all day long and achieving nothing.

In all honesty, as much as I disagree with the coup and the soldiers support of the Regime, in the long run, having them earn some much needed revenue, by just be Fiji's saving grace.

Anonymous said...

LAZY ARMY?????? Coup Point Five, I think you've lost the plot big time!!! thank you for insulting the hundreds of men who have died or who live fighting to keep food on their families tables!

Have Guns Will Travel. said...

Got legs - not as silly as it sounds. Only problems being - RFMF
negotiating skills - how will Wantoks react when Kai Viti start shooting them?

Manuqalo said...

I just hope they'll consider the Vatukoula miners who lost their jobs, should they be interested in applying.

Anonymous said...

Sukanaivalu is an idiot by suggesting that PNG would overlook its huge unemployed line to give mining jobs to these criminals in green uniform.

The people of PNG should also be worried that the corrupt Somare will influence these foreign terrorists from Fiji to overthrow their elected government.They would abrogate the PNG constitution and install their very own version of Commander Katukatu,Wantok FellaRunFast.

Like Katukatu, Wantok FRF would then order a crackdown on all opponents and the seasoned Fijian FMF hired guns would do the job of murdering and torturing innocent PNG civilians.All human rights and civil liberties including the media would be banned.

Like Katutu's corrupt regime, a newly formed PNG IMG would be formed consisting of the most corrupt citizens,failed politicians and overseas con-men . They would then promise their citrizens an election in 2014 and then form a stupid PNG Military come Peopls Charter who would sit around sipping champagne and talking crap for the next 20 years.

When all the international sanctions kick in, the new PNG dictator would prostitute his regime to communist China and sink the country into debt whilst their resources were raped without benefit to landowners.

PNG Coup one will appear on the web and the PNG version of Jake would start barking for his master in return for a pat on the bum at night...bastards!!!

Fiji Military toilet cleaners said...

How many toilet cleaners do they need?

Anonymous said...

Good send Fijians SORRY I TAUKIs away to PNG and get chinese to come and breed in Fiji and what would they be called FICHINIANS

Jake said...

Never before in the history of Fiji where such opportunities have been awarded to the working class and the unemployed I believe we ought not malign this regime but instead vociferate our acknowledgements.

This regime is God sent for the last twenty odd years Satan flew over Fiji and had a massive dump thus infecting society with moral looseness hence the reason why it would take at least a generation maybe two to rid Fiji of this Satanic crap.

“Let us not listen to those who think we ought to be angry with our enemies, and who believe this to be great and manly. Nothing is so praiseworthy, nothing so clearly shows a great and noble soul, as clemency and readiness to forgive.” Cicero.

That said we find within ourselves the capacity to not only forgive but beg for forgiveness from this regime and praise Bainimarama for the sterling job he is doing.

You the Man Bai Fiji owe a debt of gratitude.


Savasava said...

You all have the rights to disgrace the Military but one things you should understand is the Military is in power.

The Americans they said that their Military is the proud of their nation

The British says - without their Military England would not become a nation

The Israelis - look at their Military as a blessing in Heaven. Without their Military the State of Israel will not exist.

PNG/Solomon/Samoa/Tonga and other Pacific nations - their Military are weak that's why they are over ruled by Aussie and Kiwi.

Keep The Faith said...

What a joke!

As if Papua New Guineans (who's population alone smothers ours ie 6 mill (http://www.indexmundi.com/papua_new_guinea/population.html) and their unemployed populace would prefer non-citizens over their own?

It sounds like the treasonous green goons will be utilized to guard the premises and extend their tyranny from Fiji to the many local Papua New Guineans who are already opposed to the LNG developments: http://www.reuters.com/article/2010/09/28/exxon-png-idUSSGE68R00C20100928

Anonymous said...

I remember after Rabukas coup , he sent the army to go and do farming around the country side. The ones that came to Naitasiri (Naqali) ran away after 1 week of planting bananas. They said it was too hard.
Standing at checkpoints is all they're good for. All useless the whole lot of them.Kanaloto. Kanamoce.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Military do not know work - Only know how to vutu sona each other everynight.

Anonymous said...

Thats why we keep having coups because of the size of our military and their idle hands. Nothing doing so they try some new or should we say same old adventure of conducting coups. They will be viewed as the ones who disrupted the country for he last 25 years and destroyed its economy and resp[onsible for all the miseries we are now suffering. For goodness sakes who are they fighting against.

Anonymous said...

Get a job and wake to all bloggers' here, stop belittling the military because they're better than you lot put together. At least thay're doing something worthwhile here at home and we the people of Fiji don't mind one bit. Mark Manning, as your name says, stay out of Fijian issues because you're not Fijian. Let us Fijians deal with our own country because its ours so butt out.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 10:51 -
Anon 1:51PM please read Anon 10:51's comments on how worthwhile the military are.

mark manning said...

@ anon 151 pm
You expect me to respect your wishes, yet you won't respect your own citizens wishes !
As for my not being Fijian, your right, but when it suits you, you want our aid !
You can't have it both ways.
Anyway, I have only been very positive about the RFMF in my above comment !

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:51 It's our money that pays for the Military and we have every right to criticize it if we want to.
What worthwhile thing are they doing at home? Bashing people up . Is that worthwhile? How about losing millions of dollars by their unprofessional attempt at trying to run the goverrnment FSC, FHL, FNPF etc etc.
You are trained to shoot people in war.
There is no war in Fiji, so I suggest you all go back to the barracks and stay there.
Don't meddle in something you don't know.
Vores government will never amount to anything!

Stealth. said...

Exporting coup culture.

Sure as hell first thing any & all RFMF expat personel would do is immediately fraternize with their PNG counterparts - what military do. Thought what sort of political person would even consider such a dangerous & outragous proposal?
Then remembered their greatleader once proclaiming the US were not Pacific Islanders.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha..Jake talking about public forgiveness for his lover Bainimarama?

We agree but justice first!!! This coward must stand trial for all the crimes he has committed since 2006...be a man Voreqe..stop running for once and face the music. The test of your conviction will be revealed after 20 years in jail.

As for the useless soldiers,they should all be issues with cane knives and made to work on sugarcane plantations to repair the damage to the GDP this misguided coup has done...lazy useless bastards!!

Anonymous said...

@ M&M.

Don't let the ignorant & ill informed get you down - ignore their personal attacks - only wish to devert from the real issues.
Whilst I disagree with many of your points - never dismiss your intentions or commitment.
Keep on keeping on - marathon not a sprint. Ni Moce.

Anonymous said...

Jake, your saviour Baini Marama is starting to crumble and it won't be long before he has nowhere to run or hide apart from Naboro..you should join him there as his bed buddy.

Joker said...


Never before have the working people of Viti been fooled and taken for a tide on a massive scale. Thanks to Bai and his puppy Jake.

mark manning said...

@ anon 748 p.m.
the tortoise and the hair ?

Jake said...

It is fair to say Satan’s children have come out to play all hiding under the veil of anonymity their forbearers have taught them well.

If courage is to be had under these circumstances than for them the battle is lost because their ignorant mind is incapable of grasping fortitude.

They are spineless cravens.

Bainimarama will live on whilst these toads will flee to the nearest pond and bury their sad faces and the cycle of cowardice repeats.

Tis their MO


Radiolucas said...

@ Jake

Don't use "'tis" - unless you are in a shakespearean play makes you look pretentious.

What was the point of your posting? Let start again:

"Never before in the history of Fiji where such opportunities have been awarded to the working class and the unemployed" - Such opportunities for what? Lower wages? Higher unemployment figures? None of this is positive Jake! All Frank is doing is nose-diving the economy and laughing all the way to the bank.

"Satan flew over Fiji and had a massive dump thus infecting society" - Three words for you: Take. Your. Pills.

"That said we find within ourselves the capacity to not only forgive but beg for forgiveness from this regime and praise Bainimarama for the sterling job he is doing." - Forgiveness for what? For not giving him the job of supreme ruler of Fiji earlier? What did the people of Fiji ever do to deserve him? What "sterling" job is he doing? Stealing from the taxpayers? Ruling by decree? Sabotaging the economy?

"You the Man Bai Fiji owe a debt of gratitude." - You have an amazing fantasy life. None of what you have written relates to the RFMF, the article or any aspect of reality.

Anonymous said...

What? Send them to PNG to commit more atrocities?
These people are a sadistic lot and have orgasmic pleasure in torturing/killing innocent people.
Thank you, BUT no thank you!!
Me belong peace. You belong where?

Anonymous said...

Current Fiji Military - Biggest bunch of bocis ever put together. Think they are tough with guns in their hands - But put them in a real fight where others also have guns and the shit that comes out of them will be able to fill Suva Harbour twice over.

Boci ga na Boci - Kemodou na kaisi bokola - Mataivalu na vutusona.

Anonymous said...

Mataivalu ni solisona.

Anonymous said...

Sukanaivalu, please just concentrate on chewing suki! Why should you bother sending the army to PNG when you said earlier this month that minerals will become Fiji's top income earner....or is it another blooper from you like the kerosene find in Malake!

Anonymous said...

Its not a bad army - their are no bad soldier - only bad officers.

Respectfully suggest some of you people sit down and have a really deep think about what a soldiers ultimate function in any society is? Respect this.

Anonymous said...

Hey, wan tok Fiji - me no want niknik Fiji Army.
Me want katir Army - no Fiji Army!!
Fiji Army belong Fiji, stay Fiji.
No welcome here land belong me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, you pople are doing injustice to the words "SONA' and "BOCI"!!
They are worse than that - they are the SCUM of the earth!!!!!!!!

mark manning said...

The New RFMF :-


Anonymous said...

Anon Feb 19, 3;13pm - You are correct in saying " there are no bad soldiers, only bad officers".
For the fijian army, that USED to be the lingo when my uncle was in the army.
He now tells me that the 'badness' in the officers has now, very obviously, rubbed off onto the soldiers. They are now all sadistic, blood-thirsty, cruel, have no understanding and respect whatsoever for human decency,have no moral judgement, for them all is grey, it is NOT either black or white, etc, etc
The fact of the matter is that it has, unfortunately, rubbed off onto the Police who now chose to be aggresive, rude and blunt in their dealings with us, the very people putting food on their table for them and their families!!
After all the torture and killings by both the Police and the army, they have lost all the respectwe USED to have for them.

SaRauta said...

People did you know that Jake is Satans son

Anonymous said...

SaRauta kua na vosa vakalialia. O iko o kilai setani, o kilai Jake?O cei o iko mo cavuta tu so na vosa doudou va qori? O vakasamataki iko tiko se sega? Sa sega ga na ka vinaka mo tukuna mai sogota laivi yani nomu gob. Ke sega lako mada ga i valenivo lai coka mada me lako laivi na poisoni.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:11 Jake is indeed Satan's son. "Sa Rauta" is correct.
Read John 8:44 Jesus called some people "Satan's sons".
May I suggest you study that chapter in the Bible and you can see why Jake is indeed Satan's son.
Will you apologise to "Sa rauta"?